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The Horde

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#1Fala † 

The Horde  Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:06 pm

Fala †
As she was leaving Godfrey's place, she gazed at Frosch who was hop jumping onto Fala's back to catch a ride. "Where to next!~ Frosch likes helping," they told Fala. She laughed quietly as she picked up the paper from her own pockets to see who was next. It looked like a skeleton boy was next. She still had some questions for the man as the things she had to do were questionable. The thing was a little adorable though, like a puppy! Fala loved puppies as well as a lot of other animals and beasts in general. It was hard to hate animals.

They were just so innocent and some could not even think for themselves, just like Fala herself. She was unsure on what this quest was going to be about. The only thing she knew was it was from Cain. She has heard that the 'worst' missions and people to help were from Oak so why did she have a bad feelng about this one? Fala could not think of the details so she went with Frosch to meet the demise of whomever their problem was. Fala's purple eyes gazed towards the outskirts of Baska where the fields were as open as they could be.

She wished to be able to compare some other city within Fiore, but she did not know any. Fala did afterall wake up in the mountains in Seighart without a memory to trace back. Fala could be anything, but for all, she knew she could belong to a horrible family or even a really good and wealthy family. She doubted the latter since she woke up in rags and had nothing on hand. What kind of wealthy family would let their daughter disappear anyways? If she could think of anything, it'd be all of that.

The Horde  Wannap10

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#2Fala † 

The Horde  Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:07 pm

Fala †

Pink Llama sama thirsted for death so maybe this quest will quench that thirst. Her heart was confused, but her actions continued on. She saw the zombie horde getting closer to Baska itself as they were hungry for whatever they ate or due to the loudness of the city. She walked forward and Frosch gazed up at Fala in question. "W-what is Fala going to do?", it gave a worried face as she then replied with a 'I don't know'. What was Fala supposed to do? She did not have any weapons anymore, Frosch was useless in that aspect and then her eyes finally caught the attention of some travelers. She saw two men, a woman and a child.

The group was going the opposite direction of Baska as if they were leaving. She told Frosch to catch their attention and drag them away towards any traveler who is walking away from the City. "Okay!~" they made a happy smile with their derp face. Quickly, Frosch ran off to yell at some Zombies who then followed her companion. She watched as Frosch went towards that very group she saw earlier and with that, she too twirled about and went towards her own horde. This had to be done so she went and dragged a few zombies to campsites as people were having some sort of vacation within the woody areas. It was a perfect place for unfortunate things to happen. After she was done, Fala went to get Frosch. In the middle of the area, she found them waiting, sitting on a rock. "I hear screaming," Frosch spoke in a creepy childish tone. She gazed towards the corner of her eye and then back at Frosch, "Alright, let us go back to Cain," Fala spoke hesitantly as she then walked off to get her reward from Cain.

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You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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