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Marcello Bhaltair

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Marcello Bhaltair Travel11


Name: Marcello Bhaltair

Age: 25 - August 1st, X765

Gender: Male

Sexuality:  Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Adventurer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Upper Right Arm, colored blue

Face: Aether (Traveler) - Genshin Impact


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Hair:  Blonde

Eyes: Golden

Overall: Marcello has brilliant golden hair and bright golden eyes, sticking out sorely as people begin to notice his face in their every day interactions. Despite his short stature, he is muscular and strong, training himself to overcome his lack of magic. The face is deceptively soft when compaered to his peers, there is a regal austerity which sinks deep when face to face with him. His back is drawn straight and lips as well, shoulders back and eyes forward. He would appear truly like a young prince if it weren't for the occasional burn marks on his fingers and forearms. Communal ovens and open flames can be.

Extra: Left ear is pierced.


Personality: Marcello, despite his unusually cruel actions, is incapable of reconciling them. He experiences dissonance when thinking of his past, the world, and what his parents raised him to be. At first glance, he is a soft spoken and reserved young man. He acts seriously as most people already question his age, and therefore what he says. However, among close friends and loved ones, Marcello is relaxed and happy. Constantly on guard from manipulation and information gathering, the traveling baker openly rejects those who would welcome him, and refuses to be open until he can confirm who that person is. Unfortunately, the consequence is a rude demeanor.

His experience with the Merchant has made him more jaded and borderline paranoid. While he isn’t normally open about his suspicions, he knows when to share his concerns. This does at times take away from the experience of a moment, a good event happening, or a casual pleasure. Thankfully, his wife brings him back to reality, as he takes pleasure in her generally uninterested demeanor, as though it were a challenge to find something she did enjoy. It made it much more rewarding to see a smile light up her face.

With each passing day Marcello reaffirmed his need to be on guard, but at some point, he decided to be proactive about his approach. End the trouble before the trouble found him. He figured, anyone willing to cause others pain and suffering for their own personal gain, was more meat stuff than living creature. He doesn’t need to consider subtleties, as though Marcello was practically looking for any excuse to resort to the most permanent solution. He is a baker, so he bakes. And this altruistic young man seeks to serve man.


  • Baking Marcello loves a decently made Minstrelian Tarte au Citron, or any form of Lemon/Lime pastry. Tart and sharp sweets were his favorite, followed by Pain de Campagne, a country bread made of various wheats and flours, baked in communal ovens.

  • Quality Time He also very much likes clearing an obstacle towards a desired objective, or getting rid of a problem so he can enjoy time with his wife. He most enjoys eating with his wife and taking time to relax from the journey.


  • Loud Noises Marcello sincerely dislikes loud people and bustling environments. Anything that would bring someone to a startle is enough to put him on edge.

  • Unclear People: If he has to expend effort to uncover someone’s true intentions he grows frustrated, precious time and energy wasted to clear a potential threat. For this reason, he greatly dislikes anyone who isn’t clear and to the point.


  • Eternal Rest: Marcello seeks to live forever, and cannot accept death as a final permanence, or the judgement of whatever Gods may be. To protect his loved ones and and make sure nothing ever hurts them, and to be above those who see themselves as rulers, he seeks to become a God himself (or rather, the next best thing.) Despite being so young, Marcello has already grown tired of the treachery he's come across. He feels drained, but never shows it. He would like to find a respite, a place to rest, for a very, very long time, but only after achieving his first goal and saving the lives of all those he loves, especially his wife.


  • Divine Retribution: Marcello fears that his actions will earn him the scorn of some unsavory diety, or the self righteous ire of a wandering eye too bored with other forms of "self fulfillment". Dying would ruin his plans and ultimately make him "face the music".
  • Going it Alone: Another deep seated fear is losing those he has come close to. What could be worse than dying and failing to protect someone you care about? Living forever to remember it. He wishes to protect them and cherish them no matter the cost, including his own goals.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 10

Speed: 1

Constitution: 9

Endurance: 9

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: N/A Adventurer

Magic Element: N/A Adventurer

Magic Enhancement: N/A Adventurer

Magic Description: N/A Adventurer


History: 5Born to an aloof traveling merchant, and formerly wealthy Minstreli baker, Marcello Bhaltair quickly learned that shamelessness was the path to his desires. The young man grew up in a religious household running a baked goods shop out of home. Their father insisted on “goodness” at every turn, ironic for a Baskan native, and their mother “knew everything no matter what”. From a young age, his goal was to be well travelled and experienced like his father, who often retold questionable accounts of his travels abroad. They were just vague enough to stick a moral lesson at the end. But the lessons always left Marcello disheartened, for he wanted to know more about the Minstrelian baking traditions, the mountainous terrain of Iceberg, and the progressive advancements of Caelum.

Marcello wanted to visit the mountains, sail the seas, and make the most of his life like his father had. However, Marcello’s parents wanted their son to be kind and good, a model citizen who would uplift his community. Unfortunately, the community was not keen on someone with such high ideals offering their services so freely.  

If there was one thing his parents did right, it was instilling a moral compass so strong that almost every decision would come with hesitancy. Yet compasses are truly fragile things, and Marcello’s had never truly been tested.

A Baskan merchant grew tired of Marcello’s involvement in local politics, raising questions about resource usage to the council. Who did this boy think he was? If the Captain-Commander caught wind of any potential bribery or misplaced funds, it would have caused too much trouble to be worth.  So, the Merchant did what any Merchant would do: set a trap. His incoming shipment of baking supplies, intent on selling them to Marcello’s family, would be “stolen” suddenly before any transaction could take place. It would be a complete victory for him: The Merchant would make it appear so a young boy sent by his father would steal the supplies. Thus, tarnishing the reputation of the family, and forcing them out of their home. The Merchant would get rid of the nuisance and take their land as recompense.

Never one to avoid a chance to gloat, the Merchant arrived at Marcello’s home when he was alone. With four guardsmen posted outside, he revealed his master plan. He would offer no chance or bargain to him. The shrewd merchant’s figure was the epitome of decadence: sloth personified. Elegant robes and a pouch worth more than what it carried. All draped over the hunched back of an aging baboon. Marcello felt no qualm about what came next. He ordered the old man to send the guards away. But what surprised Marcello, was the lack of regret and feeling for what came after.
Savory pies were in stock all next week at the bakery, as Marcello said his goodbyes to his family, and set off on his first adventure at 23.

First heading to Minstrel to learn more about baking, Marcello travelled down the coastline, stopping at many a bakery hoping to pick up any techniques he could. While not staying for long, his experiences taught him a series of basic breads and techniques to expand upon his parent’s knowledge. Truly Minstrelian breads were the best he had ever had, and above all, makeable in almost any environment with the right tools.

Now a travelling baked goods merchant, Marcello had enough to be comfortable. He often rented space simply to bake overnight, within one nights stay he had made his money back and then some.  Never again was he in a situation like that of the Merchant. Marcello had learned to read characters so well that he avoided trouble prior to it starting, or, squashed potential issues before they became issues. Meat was meat after all, and when properly seasoned almost no one could tell the difference.
Certainly, every hearty meal was appreciated by those aboard the ship to Iceberg. While the Sitra were experienced in their navigation, a cold that ate the bones left the passengers huddled for warmth.

Their guide came from the Oddr Mountains, which was surprising considering the rumors. Ultimately, all but two others decided to go on the trek to visit the local tribes. Marcello had gone out of curiosity, and to learn of their cultures, hoping well baked Minstrelian goods and meat pies would be his in. However, the paranoia was evident. Golden hair, golden eyes?  It took a village feast to allow the guests a chance to eat with them, at the expense and labor of the guests of course. Slightly burnt and singed from the fiery open ovens and flames, Marcello finally sat down and got to know his rather intimidating hosts. Some songs, jokes and drinks later, the distrust had lessened slightly. Marcello felt at ease, and slept to the sight of an elegant woman, the Chief’s sister apparently. He dreamt of her.

Marcello awoke to his guide in a dying state, and the atmosphere more rushed than previously imagined. After realizing what was going on, he immediately sought to escape being no stranger to quick reactions and close encounters. However, the Chief grabbed Marcello by the nape, pulled him close, and asked him to take his sister, with him. Seeing that arguing would cost precious time, he said yes, and began what would be a lengthy and memorable journey. With time, he eventually married her.


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