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Bruma Bhaltair

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Name: Bruma Bhaltair

Age: 25 - June 20, X766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Spellhowler

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Back of Left Shoulder - Cyan

Face: Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova - Drifters


Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 lbs.

Hair: Pale Blonde

Eyes: Gray

Overall: Bruma bears the form of a slim woman with pale, seamless skin that one can almost mistake for porcelain in appearance. Her hair, meanwhile, is a shade of blonde that shares a similar whiteness as her skin and has very rarely ever been cut shorter, giving it an elongated appearance similar to that of a flowing waterfall. At her face, the waterfall naturally gives way to the piercing glare of her eyes which share the same ghostly color palette as the rest of her body. Even her lips appear to lack vibrancy in their hue, giving her the deceptive appearance of someone already passed.

Having grown up as something similar to tribal royalty, Bruma lacks many of the well-trained muscles one would expect to find on any hardy Icebergian. Her arms are thin, her hands are petite, and her wrists are delicate while her shoulders have a gaunt appearance about them and her neck shares a similar thinness. Further down, she possesses a modest bust and a flat stomach while her legs appear slender and long. Typically, she drapes herself in fur clothing—especially cloaks, boots, and gloves—with a white arctic theme. On very rare occasion, she can even be found wearing a hat.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Bruma tends to carry herself with a mix of melancholy and apathy that finds little pleasure outside of her obsessions and desires, with a few exceptions. She does not find much enjoyment in beautiful sceneries, hobbies, or even most people. Even those she does like don't tend to illicit a smile from her, save for her husband on occasion. She makes no attempt to conceal her lack of interest or sourness and consequently, she often comes off as grumpy and harsh, though, she does indeed possess the capacity to reel in her attitude and feign excitement when it suits her end.

Having grown up among barbarians, Bruma has acquired some particular outlooks and feelings that might seem strange to someone from most other parts of the world. She does not view violence as a moral evil in most circumstances, believing something should be yours if you can take it from someone else. She perfectly accepts the idea of revenge killing for being slighted, and she expects others to consider the fact when dealing with her. Additionally, she thinks it's perfectly fine to subjugate another person for whatever resource they might produce. Most of these outlooks do not come into play in regular conversation, but they do give a glimpse into her moral framework and what might go on in her mind.

Despite the coldness of her personality, Bruma has a surprisingly tolerant leaning after having seen how much different the world is outside of the cold, dark mountains of Iceberg. Though careful to always think them out first, she has no qualms about trying and accepting new ideas to her own benefit. It has provoked an innovative spark in her that is constantly looking for ways to better herself and her standing, as well as that of her husband. For this reason, she values the obtainment of knowledge and will fiercely pursue and make use of any of it for her benefit.


  • Baked Goods: Freshly baked goods—bread, sweets, etc.—mean several things to Bruma. They remind her of her husband and the passion he has for his craft. In that sense, they also provide a nostalgic value. They remind her of the reprieve that the warmth and taste that such delicacies can provide from the harsh coldness of the world. They are a break from long travels and weary days.
  • Furs: Furs are much alike to baked goods to Bruma. They remind her of a loved one while giving her comfort and warmth. For this reason, one can often find her draped in fur clothing, especially white, arctic furs.


  • Coldness: Despite her origins and magic—or perhaps because of them—Bruma has a disdain for colder temperatures and climates, having lived through and seen what endless coldness can do and further cementing her appreciation for warm food and clothes; therefore, she must be very unhappy should a situation require her to use her magic.
  • Noisiness: Bruma detests people who are extra noisy and rambunctious, as well as noisy places such as large crowds or public events. Although she can certainly tolerate those sorts of environments, they do indeed test her patience and make her more irritable.


  • Vengeance: Having lost many loved ones to a single individual, Bruma is determined to avenge their deaths in violent fashion. No surprise, she fully believes in trading an eye for an eye.
  • Protection: Bruma wishes to ensure that she never suffers the same tragedies of her past and will constantly try to improve her circumstances and standing, as well as those of her loved ones. She is fiercely competitive and somewhat single-minded in this regard.


  • Failure: Bruma fears the prospect of failing those depending on her as she feels she has done in the past. Where as her desire to protect and support her loved one drives her, the possibility of blunder ending in tragedy haunts her.
  • Betrayal: Just as much as she fears failing her confidants, she fears them purposely failing her. She is therefore careful with whom she places her trust.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Oddr Frost

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Enhancement: Body Defence

Magic Description: Oddr Frost is a type of frost magic originating from the Oddr Mountains of Iceberg. It is capable of producing a vicious frost that can be used to weaken the body or even the mind through debuff spells. The frost can conversely be used to heal the body instead and may even utilize ice to force bones and limbs into their proper place while the cold temperatures of the magic act as an anesthetic before the frost properly heals the injury. Additionally, the magic can use the frost to produce large quantities of ice and snow for the use of offensive and defensive spells. Lastly, the magic has various utility potential and is thus capable of supplementary spells. All spells belonging to this magic make use of cyan-colored magic seals.


History: Bruma Bhaltair—born Bruma Bjornsdotter—grew up as the only daughter of a barbarian chieftain in the harsh Oddr Mountains of Iceberg. Her tribe, under her father's leadership, enjoyed as much prosperity a dumpy little village in the mountains can enjoy, which isn't much. They subjugated and extracted tribute from the other, smaller villages and cottages in the area; this tribute often took the form of furs and farm animals, which proved far more valuable than any coin in that area of the world. For that reason, Bruma spent her childhood draped in much finer furs than the other children in her village and always had a seat at the chieftain's table during the village-wide feasts.

Though the only daughter in the family, Bruma had three brothers (each from a different mother), and they each practiced their craft as warriors and raiders. Eager to keep his only daughter safe, the chief of the tribe kept Bruma well away from anything having to do with swords and axes. He suspected she would prove far more valuable in a future marriage deal than as a warrior, and he therefore worked on improving her in other ways, such as hiring a local mystic to show her how to paint her face.

Early in Bruma's teens, her father enlisted the services of a seer in the area to tutor her daughter in various subjects, ranging from foreign languages and writing to local religious traditions and magic. Through the seer, Bruma learned to use frost magic in a limited capacity, primarily learning applications in which to use it for ceremonies rather than for combat purposes. This years-long education would eventually pave the way toward crafting Bruma into the idea bride that her father could use when the time presented itself, a time which would arrive violently at the village's doorstep as she entered early adulthood.

A large group of men arrived in the area one fateful winter; more than a mere group of raiders, they formed an army searching for warmer parts of the mountain with more fertile—or at least more valuable—land to call their home. The surprise attack on their territory proved apt for overwhelming Bruma's tribe and in a sue for peace, her father married her off to the opposing chieftain. As a dowry, the invading tribe received a large chunk of land they could settle. Additionally, the marriage ensured a binding peace that would prevent either side from raiding or attacking the other.

Despite the circumstances of the marriage, Bruma found herself smitten with her new husband Eric. As he and his men built a humble village from the ground up, she kept him entertained with company and conversation, though, it might as well have been the other way around with his charm which far exceeded most other barbarians. The feelings evidently proved mutual as Eric took great care in crafting their room to Bruma's liking and specifications. At some point, even adorned her with an extravagant fur cloak that looked as if it cost more than their hobble of a village. Truly, he treated her like a prized jewel.

A few years later, Bruma's father passed away. As was tradition, the land that her father controlled was divided between his three sons. The eldest son, however, decided he would have liked own all of it. He raised up a party of men, trespassed on the middle brother's land in the middle of the night, and murdered his kinsman. After this incident, war broke out between the eldest brother and the youngest. At Bruma's behest, Eric also entered the war with his own tribe on the side of the youngest brother as retribution against the kin slayer and with the understanding of gaining more land.

The war had its ups and downs over the next several months but took a turn for the worse one night. The eldest brother's forces managed to sneak past the defenses of Eric's men and assassinate him before tearing the village apart from the inside. Bruma and a few others fled with their lives to the youngest brother's stronghold. The elder brother soon arrived there too, however, with Eric's head on a pike and put the settlement to siege. Know his fate, the youngest brother resolved to hold out to the very end but not knowing what his brother might do to Bruma, he smuggled her out of the settlement with the aid of a somewhat charming baker who found his way from Fiore.

Bruma swore vengeance for another day as she departed with the traveling baker for a journey that would last a good while. She eventually even found herself remarried.

Reference: N/A

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