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Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:42 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin found his way to a faithful church in Stella, among the people. He dropped his merchant bag and sold various goods to the clergy in exchange for a warm bath. The water washed over him with ease and he relaxed into its depths. When he emerged he pressed his shoulder to the wall and leaned in to overhear the clergy speaking. “We can’t take another hit like that. People are starting to shift their faith. The church was even…” The clergyman’s voice trailed off in sorrow.

“What happened to the church,” Jin asked as he emerged with his shift in his hand, body only half dry. The two that were speaking exchange looks. The younger one bowed and walked away while the older one stood in the hall. “One of our churches was burned to the ground by some of those that pledge loyalty to Brunhilde.”

Jin shook his head in dismay. The war had even come to this. What a detestable time. His hand gripped the corner of the doorframe. “I am sorry this war has torn your country apart. Let me help rebuild it.”

The clergyman raised his hands. “No no. I couldn’t. If you helped us it would be the same as.”

“The same as standing against her. I offer no support to that heir. I have a path that rivals hers,” Jin replied with a steely look. The clergyman gulped but wasn’t about to turn away aid. Jin took the directions from the clergyman and slid the shirt over his shoulders. At the door to the temple, the young priest stood. He held a radiant spear and extended it to the light mage. He then dropped a small bag on the ground. “Your spear and some food. Thank you. it's not much. But we are thankful.”

“It’s perfect,” Jin replied and grabbed the gear before checking the map one last time.

#2Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:42 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He walked out of the area with a spear in one hand and the bag in the other. The church was a few days' travels to the south and he was almost more acclimated to traveling around Bosco and Stella than his hometown. He pulled his hood up and tightened the straps on his merchant backpack. On the way out he saw two men stand up from opposite sides of the street. The crowds were sparse and the food trucks even more so. The two men tailed him towards the gates of the city. Jin peeked over his shoulder but the two were still behind him, keeping the same pace.

Once outside the city, Jin whirled around and pressed against a nearby wall. He heard the rapid scatter of footsteps rush in his direction. He stepped his foot out swiftly and a boot collided with his. A man tumbled over onto his back and a second man stumbled to a halt.

“Why are you following me,” Jin asked.

“We know what you plan to do and you won’t get away with it,” The man still standing snarled and unsheathed a wand. Before the man could point it at Jin, the light mage flung his spear loose and battered the man’s side, sending him to the ground. The second man, already on the ground, scurried to his feet. Jin drove the spearhead into the man’s foot. He howled and grasped the bleeding wound. “Leave these people alone and keep your faith out of their land,” Jin replied and raised his spear once more with a flourish. The two gathered themselves up and hobbled down the street and back into the city with revenge hanging on their faces. With a sigh, Jin turned back to the road, knowing those two would still be a problem later.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:44 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The old church was a few days' travel. Jin pushed up the dirt road. The sides were covered with wagon parts and ragged cloth. He knelt down and ran his hand across a small groove in the ground. The spotty indentations of wagon wheels led further up. Beyond a small turn in the road was a church with no roof. Black scorch marks ran up the sides. No windows protected it from the rushing wind. Glass shards decorated the yard and the once clean prayer rooms. The altar outside was spilled over onto the ground. Incense sticks were squished into the earth.

Jin ran his hand, threw his hair, and took a deep breath. The merchant bag slid off his back. A few people draped in robes stopped. One carried a bundle of stones in his hand. Old brick and fragments from the walls that toppled in from the fire. The other pushed a wagon of wood toward a small tent, ready to dump it on a larger pile. A third man emerged but was wearing jeans and a dark shirt. Sweat was beaded on his head.

“I heard what Brunhild did here. I’m here to help rebuild your church and support your faith in the region,” Jin stepped closer as the man with the wagon and the man in jeans looked at the third. They all waited for his response.

“It won’t be easy but we are welcome to have you,” He set down the bundle of damaged stone and dusted it off his hands. “I’m the head of the ministry here.”

Jin shook the man’s hand. “I’m Jin. What do you need me to do,” the light mage answered.

“Well, right now we just need someone to help clear out the damage. It was pretty recent. And then fix the altar so we can at least begin giving sermons outside again.”

#4Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:44 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin walked into the broken church. The paintings were burned, half of them laid in piles of ash. The statues were warped by the intense heat that scoured the holy site. The smell of burned flesh hung in the air from those not quick enough to escape the fire that washed over them. Jin placed a hand over his mouth, holding back the knot in his stomach that threatened to surface on the marble floor. The mighty church of illuminian reduced to this. He was not overly religious of a person but if it supported his efforts and helped Hildegard then he would stand against what was happening here.

The man with jeans on handed the light mage a broom and nodded. It reminded him of the strength of the spear that he left leaned against the outside wall.

“If you need anything, the wagon with provisions is out back. You are welcome to pitch a tent next to ours,” the man added and walked off while wiping black smudges from his face. Jin swept the inner sanctum of the church. Hours went by as the quartet of workers removed the dirt and grime from the building. Ashes flung into the air. The bristles on the broom wove through the piles like a tsunami crashing onto a beach and shoving anything out of its way. Clouds of ash wafted from the church steps. Jin stood within the ash cloud coughing but never stopping. Shards of glass and cracked pottery flew from the open doorway and smashed into piles of ruined art and ceramics. The priest frowned at the loss of their history but knew it was needed to move on.

Jin patted the priest on the shoulder and together they moved the large pile further away and dumped them into barrels to be carted off.

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:45 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin smeared his sweat on his sleeve. A hard day's work put behind him. The sun began to set on the group. Jin picked what remained of the glass shards from the windows and looked over his shoulder. The priest and the man in jeans were hauling something from the wagon and around the church. The light mage gazed at what they were doing and squinted. It was a large rectangle barely an inch thick with two wooden stakes protruding from the bottom. He leaned on the side of the building and waited.

The two men slammed the stakes into the ground and on the count of three, they hoisted the large sign upward and jammed it deeper into the ground.

“Advertising,” the second priest spoke and rested the wet rag he was cleaning with over his shoulder.

“What,” Jin asked.

“We are having a service tomorrow. You’ll meet the rest of the team then. We are bringing them up here to remind them that Brunhild is not the way and we will not be silenced. Thanks to you this place will be in shape enough to have them use the church, even if it will be an open-air service.” The priest smiled and handed Jin a bottle of water.

“Can’t wait to hear it,” Jin answered and held up his water bottle then downed half of it. The priest retreated to the campfire where the other two had joined in. Together the three began to pray. The leader gestured for Jin to join but the light mage waved it off with a smile and finished pulling the glass from the windows.

The sun-blessed the ground as the fire of the camp sat with small embers. Jin rose as the clergymen were already setting up a small altar and a pulpit within the church.

#6Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:46 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The priest stumbled. The altar faltered in his hands and wobbled free. Jin rushed forward and clutched the top of it, slowing it down just enough for the priest to regain his footing and place it all the way up.

“Good catch,” the priest said and pointed toward the sign. “They should be on their way. Can you greet them when they enter?”

“Easiest part so far,” Jin smiled and walked beside the sign. He finally looked up to read it. ‘Brunhild is not the way. Follow the path of the True Divine. Never forget your roots’

Jin tilted his head back and forth. It was a little on the nose but what better way to get the message out. “Oh,” Jin exclaimed and lifted some wooden boxes from his merchant bag. He set up a small table and laid out some bottles.

A group appeared around the corner. Some of them were dressed in farmer's clothes with baggy tan pants. Others wore dirtied armor as if they were former warriors or knights. The mix of people grew one by one and numbered ten in all. At the front of the group was a priest whose only defining feature was the symbol of the divine that he untucked from his shirt.

Jin waved, “Welcome to the service. Please if you are injured or know any, that is, take these healing potions.” Jin gestured to the stock he laid out.

The knight scuffed, “So this is what our old faith has come to. Hacks and con men selling snake oil.” The new priest that led the group frowned and shot daggers with his eyes at Jin. The light mage bit his lip and then rolled up his sleeves.

“Alright then,” he scanned the group to see one with a cut above their eye. It was only barely healed, not even a day old.

#7Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:47 pm

Jin Tatsumi
He clapped his hands together and rubbed them in prayer. A yellow magical circle appeared around his feet. The group stood back with shocked expressions. The Priest’s eyes darted back and forth at the magic display. The trio from the day before all walked out of the church. The head priest lowered his hood.

Jin extended his hands toward the man. A light bathed the man. The farmer raised his arms and watched the light dance around his body. His hands drifted to his forehead. His fingers ran across the wound as it was healed by the light.

“You’re a mage,” the new priest said with surprise in his voice.

“I belong to a guild in Fiore. I’m a healer and have decided to give my services to this church until it is back on its feet,” Jin decided as he spoke. He was never one to think things out too far in advance.

The farmer clasped Jin’s hands and thanked him. “If there is anything I can do for you.” Jin held the man’s hand back. “Just spread the word that this land’s religion is still strong and won’t fall.” The farmer nodded and the new priest guided them toward the church. The knight apologized to Jin and drank a potion. He flexed his arm as if it had been stiff for ages. The broken bone partially mended itself.

Jin helped the people find seats inside and the head priest began to preach about the importance of the faith. Jin smiled and stepped toward the doorway. The priest shot him a quick smile and Jin replied with one of his own. The light mage stepped outside to see two men walking up the path.

“Welcome to Church,” Jin trotted down the steps and approached the two. As he got closer his pace slowed.

#8Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:48 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin’s eyes opened wide. His hand reached for the spear on his back but there was nothing there. His head whipped around to see it a few paces behind him and leaning against the church wall.

The two men pulled out swords. “Now you’re gonna regret what you did to us. We’re gonna burn this faith to the ground for Brunhild. If you don't comply this is your fate.” The more burly man growled his words and charged forward.

Jin ducked the sword slash that ripped over his forehead. Strands of his hair fluttered away from the blade’s kiss. The light mage rolled across the ground and bounced back to his feet. The second assailant slashed downward. Jin caught his footing at the last second and lunged to the side.

The two men pressed forward and Jin kept dancing around their strikes. His teeth grit together, waiting for timing or an opening to launch a spell. He knew if he cast magic though then the people inside would know what was going on.

The mage rolled backward and grabbed his arm, casting a shield of light. The swords whizzed forward and clashed with the shield. Sparks scattered and Jin pressed his feet into the ground. His eyes glittered with the light from his shield.

Small faces peered from the window of the church. One of the people that traveled up the path pulled their hood down, revealing a young woman’s face. Jin pushed the swords away and nearly forgot about his spear.

The men exchanged looks and gave a flourish of their swords. Jin lowered his stance and held his shield ready. The men charged once more. Jin deflected one attack and drove a fist into the second man’s gut. The blow didn’t stop the massive missionary from hammering Jin with a double-handed haymaker. Jin skidded backward and clapped his hands together.

#9Jin Tatsumi 

Local Faith Rejuvenation [Sabotage: Brunhild] Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 5:49 pm

Jin Tatsumi
Jin erupted with a yellow light around his feet and a cascade of light magic poured out into the area. The men groaned in pain and fell to one knee each. The burly missionary pushed himself to his feet and reared back the sword in his hand. His muscles tightened and his knuckles turned white from the intense grip on the hilt. He hurled the blade forward. It spiraled through the air and struck Jin’s arm. The light mage spun as the blade sliced into his shoulder. Blood ran down his arm and his hand fell limp to his side. The magic was already cast though. The lightflooded him with health and sealed the wound. The blade dropped to the ground and Jin rubbed the scar that remained.

The first Brunhild supported collapsed on the ground. His breathing slowed but his heart still beat. Jin glared at the one that was left. The burly man stood back up on wobbly legs. His knees knocked together before stabilizing himself. He cracked his knuckles and spat blood onto the ground. A quick look at his comrade sent fires of rage into his eyes. His cheeks flared.

One of the priests rushed out and yanked the spear from beside the church. The burly man charged jin. The light mage readied his shield once more and planted his feet, he just had to evade. A glimmer of light came from the church doorway. The radiant spear stabbed into the burly man’s thigh and he crashed to his knee. The priest yelled for Jin to move.

The fires of the church were all Jin could think about and he launched himself into the air at the man.

“We are still coming. We burned it once and my allies will come to burn it again,” The burly man spoke his last words as Jin descended with a burst of light that sapped the life from the man. Jin landed, breathing heavily. The man toppled over onto the ground and the priests emerged from the church.

“Well, Let’s finish Service,” Jin smiled through the pain.


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