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Rising Sun and Setting Moon [Odin]

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Hitomi looked in the mirror of her new room, provided to her by the Rune Knights. She was dressed in the usual page uniform, though it fit her kinda snug because of her body type, something they said they couldn't really do anything about. Frowning as she pulled at the drab uniform to try to get it to fit a bit better, in the end, she gave up and left her room for what would be the closing of another chapter in her life.

Rushing out into the bustling street, Hitomi quickly moved in the direction of the Dungeons where criminals were placed. She ignored the men who tried to speak to her and pushed them aside stating that she was on " official Rune Knight " business in order to get them to go away. It didn't take long before she was talking to a guard about seeing a prisoner who was on " high alert ". He was to have no visitors and those that did want to visit him were to be questioned if they weren't a member of the Rune Knights. It was lucky then that She was now a member of the Rune Knights and so was let in without much hesitation, it also helped that she had a letter from Schichiro himself, though forged as it was. Walking into the dungeon her heart sank as she ran up to the bars that held Odin. She told herself that she would be strong during this encounter but he was all she had known that was good in her world. He was a constant guardian and at one point god to her.

Lord Odin... Her words came out as a whisper, hushed and strained as she felt herself sinking into old ways. She couldn't bare to see him like this but she knew she didn't have a choice.

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Jail. Who'd've thought it would ever get to this. The invincible Wizard Lord, the undead Lich that was Odin Morningstar, locked up with the rest of the rabble. Of course, his cell was likely one of the highest levels of security available, and it didn't really seem like there was anyone else here with him which left him fairly bored. Initially, he'd have one random guard approach with food, likely something put in place generically for prisoners. Once they realised that Odin didn't actually need sustenance, and he could literally just be left in his prison cell without any outside interaction, they quickly chose that option. They didn't want to risk his escape, and likely it would only be possible if someone else got here. After all, the cell itself was using magic dampening technology, meaning he wasn't able to access Greed or his copied spells, and he had been stripped of his armour and weapons, giving himself very little with which to act on.

So you have to understand how strange it would be for the Lich, who was permitted no visitors and not even given food or drink, to hear the echoing footsteps of someone approaching. Would it be Shichiro, here to boast of his victory? He didn't seem like the type to do so, but capturing the Lich had likely boosted his reputation within the knights. Perhaps he was even a Kingsguard now, something Odin himself had almost become once upon a time. However, it wasn't Shichiro that approached. It was a woman, one whom Odin did not recognise at all. In fact, if not for her words he wouldn't have had any idea how she was. Only one person used the title Lord, and only one would say it the way she did.

"Genevieve?" The Lich approached the bars of his cell, curious about a great many things in that moment. It was rare that anything surprised him now, but questions required answers. "How did you manage to get in here? You need to be careful not to end up in one of the cells next to me." Chuckling lightly, he would then continue, "Damn it's nice to hear someone else's voice. I can only amuse myself for so long."


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Trying her best not to place her hands on the bars her heart sank even further into the pits of her stomach with each question he asked. She felt like she was holding a knife behind her and was about to stab him in his non-existent heart. Stepping back a bit she took a deep breath and steadied herself. She didn't want to start crying as she spoke but she wasn't sure she could keep it all together at this rate.

Yes it's me, Lord Odin...But I have to ask you not to call me by that name any longer. I go by Hitomi now, apparently, it's my birth name. There is a lot to catch up on regarding that actually but let's get all your questions answered.

Stepping forward and taking another deep breath she felt as if she was stalling the inevitable. She didn't want to tell him she was a part of the very same organization that placed him in this dungeon.

Don't worry, I won't be placed here. I'm a part of the Rune Knights. After losing against Shichiro and by some sort of luck or fate meeting my mother's side of my family. I couldn't stay as a dark mage. Actually, there are a lot of reasons I couldn't stay a dark mage. I love you in more ways than one, and as much as I had come here to tell you that this is the last time I can see you...I'm not sure I would be telling the truth.

Without her realizing it tears began to well up in her eyes. She didn't want to be here, she wanted things to go back to how they were. The future wasn't always clear but she never could have seen this happening. With the loss of Asmodeus, everything seemed to have spiraled out of control, and for the first time she thought that maybe the demon had placed a curse on her.

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With a new face, just as it was last time, came a new identity, one which Odin was heartbroken to admit he did not recognise. Hitomi... it truly was a beautiful name befitting the woman before the Lich. Someone he'd once known better than he knew himself, and someone who was stepping away from him and changing everything. Odin had to be informed of the new situation but, after having lost the fight and trapped in the prison cell, the Lich who had once become accustomed to the loneliness was scared for its return. He was thankful, in that moment, for the skeletal face he possessed. It betrayed none of his emotion and yet, in that moment, he had to be stronger than he had ever been.

"A knight?" If nothing else, the words were said with a joy that Odin had forgotten he could feel. In that moment, regardless of who the rune knights were and what they stood for, he was happy that she was safe. She would be provided for and be able to move up without the constant need to look over her shoulder. That was something she needed more than anything, more than Asmodeus and more than Odin.

As she finished her words, Odin noticed the tears start to form. The idea of saying these things, of doing these things, was harder for her than it ever would be for him. The pain and sadness he felt would be multiplied tenfold for her, and not even Odin would wish that upon someone. He looked out at her, the bars separating them being almost poetic for the people they had now become. She had said her piece, and Odin's words could only seal the deal. There was no use mincing them, he simply said what needed to be said.

"I hope we meet again someday. I look forward to meeting the woman I know you'll become, Hitomi."


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Her tears fell silent but she felt like she was making all the noise in the world. She didn't understand why he didn't sound more upset. She wanted him to be angry with her, to be disgusted that she choose the side that threw him in the dungeons, she needed to be met with some sort of punishment. His response nearly crippled her as she wiped the ever-flowing tears from her eyes. Hitomi didn't even know what would happen to him after this was all said and done which only made her hurt more. She didn't want to leave, she wanted to preserve this moment in its only little bubble, she knew once she walked out of here she couldn't return but her brain just wouldn't process that.

Getting rid of that damn demon was easier than this. She would have probably made this even harder than it already is.

Pulling up a chair she placed it in front of Odin's cell and sitting in it, the violet-haired woman found herself placing her face in her hands for a moment before turning her gaze back to the Lich. She knew he didn't feel anything but they really could have given him something to wear. She always saw him as such an imposing figure and though that didn't stop her from still seeing him that way, it was slightly diminished no thanks to him being in the dungeons.

Asmodeus dropped me at your feet and you took me in without question. I never told you anything about my life before that day and you never asked. It was the same for me, I didn't ask one single question about your life..

It was a wonder she followed the man as blindly as she did. Because of that demon whore Odin was really all she knew and all she wanted to know. He was her gateway to the freedom she enjoyed and the new world experiences she gained and learned about. She felt safe around him and though she had never seen him do anything bad his deeds rang loudly across the land, something she chose to overlook because she loved him. Now that she thought about it this love was probably partly due to Asmodeus's influence but time really played a part there as well.

Asmodeus dropped me at your feet and you took me in without question. I never told you anything about my life before that day and you never asked. It was the same for me, I didn't ask one single question about your life..

Wiping the tears from her eyes once more she took in a deep breath to steady herself. Crossing one leg over the other she leaned back, pushing a strand of violet hair away from her face. Small signs of nervousness all surfacing as she thought perhaps they should start from the beginning with each other before the inevitable end.

It's funny to think how little we actually know about each other, but we love each other all the same. Knowing what I know now I really feel like my whole life as Genevieve leading up to you has been a lie. I thought I was born in some religious backwater village and that my parents died leaving me an orphan with no other family, but that's not true. All my years growing up in that godforsaken village where they were willing to burn me at the stake due to my Demi-Human blood and to cover up a pervert priest's lie... I had a family who was looking for me and lo and behold they found me not too long ago. Better late than never right?

Her tears stopped falling and she chuckled as she felt a weight lifted off her shoulders. She never got to speak to anyone about what happened to her growing up and she never got to share the joy of finding part of her birth family. If she had to do this with anyone she wanted it to be with Odin and this seemed like the perfect time for it all.

It was weird. That whole encounter. Apparently, there is magic in the world that tells you who you are related to just by looking at them. It's how my Grandfather found me. I didn't believe him at first but he proved his case in another way and here we are today. My life has been altered quite a bit and had my mother stayed with her family I'd have grown up so very, very different. I feel like I've got years of catch-up to play.

She had so much to tell him, but she didn't know how she would even explain it all. She didn't wanna seem long-winded but her life had gotten so much more tangled up that she just couldn't keep it all to herself, besides she thought if anyone had to know it might as well had been Odin.

I hate this cell... Couldn't they had given you better accommodations?

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Life had been so much easier when Odin had been lacking any emotions or connections beyond random guildmates in Grimoire Heart he'd occasionally go on missions with. He hadn't needed to feel any kind of betrayal from them and, if he did, he wouldn't have cared because they had been merely acquaintances. He was not ready for this today, not after his defeat and imprisonment. It was all happening at once, and he really wished he could be saved and granted salvation by HER like the last time he had felt this way.

Hitomi went on about their relationship together: how Odin had protected her despite never knowing her before and taking on Asmodeus' request without a second thought. He didn't know her, and she didn't know him, however it wasn't quite as gracious on Odin's part as it was being made out to be. "I took you in that day because I was already in search for a demon. I wanted Eternal Nightmare to possess wild and unique magics, a lot of which would be incredibly powerful, and I knew demon soul could deliver. It was only afterwards that my fondness for you grew." Today was to be a day of truths after all.

And yet, despite that, it seemed that everything Odin had previously thought the case for Hitomi was false, not least of all her name. She wasn't initially an orphan from the religious village that tried to kill her. She was from elsewhere, and had an actual family. It made Odin wonder if he still had any family, but he knew they would want nothing to do with him. Not even because of his sins, but of the sins of his parents.

"It's a relief to hear that you're life has improved so much. I'm happy for you."

The words sounded sarcastic, but the tone was anything but. Odin was truly happy to see her doing well. And now she had another family. Between her biological relations and the rune knights, she would be safe, even though it was possible she'd never be able to see Odin again. At least, not in this capacity.

Hearing the remarks at his cell, Odin now chuckled and felt the mood lighten, even if that wasn't the intention. "I wouldn't say no to a better view, but you have to remember. To loads of the knights here, I am THE enemy. The big bad. I think the only reason I'm still alive is because they haven't quite worked out how to kill me yet. It'll be an interesting day when they do."


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A pang of hurt settled in her chest. Not knowing was better than the truth sometimes, but she quickly bounced back when Odin was finished. In the end, it was true, she had much to thank Asmodeus for but no matter what that demon was still a detriment in her life. She had a lot to say, much more than she thought she would ever but the words kept getting caught in her throat. Her time was up and she knew it, the guards said they would only allow her so much of it to start with but she was sure they were being generous now. Her eyes bore into Odin's, trying to capture the last moments they would likely have together, to tuck it away in the back of her memory only to remember later on and cherish. Maybe they'd cross paths again one day, but she didn't bank on it.

The only door leading out of Odin's cell area opened and a flood of light came rushing in causing Hitomi to stand up. A Rune Knight of a higher ranking than her own signaled for her, letting her know her time was up. Hitomi gave a nod to him and he stepped back out, allowing her a few more moments. Seems I've run out of time. I never knew how hard a goodbye was until now. So I won't say it. Hurts too much. Giving Odin a warm smile she got as close as she could to the bars of his cell.
I love you, Lord Odin, I'll see you again someday. With those words left to linger in the air she backed away from the bars and walked out of the only door that led her here.


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"I love you, Lord Odin, I'll see you again someday."

In that moment, Odin thanked all of the Gods that existed for his skeletal form, for it ensured that Hitomi could not watch him cry. And cry he would in that moment, as he felt the pain of loss once more, feeling the gravity of the duo's final time together. She left shortly afterwards, and once more the Lich was left in the darkness, alone with his thoughts. His magic unable to be felt in that moment, his eye only granting him the power of sight. He was as naked as a new-born in that moment, despite his incredible strength. His durability came from Greed, and that had been stripped away from him.


Hours, perhaps even days later would be when Odin received another guest. This time for sure he expected it to be Shichiro, or even possibly some other Rune Knight that he'd met in the past without even realising it, but it wasn't. A small man, clothed only in what looked like standard prison garb, skulked around in the darkness, his movements nearly invisible and his steps all but silent. If nothing else, it explained how he had managed to enter the area where Odin was being held.

"I know what you are!"

"At this point I feel that's fairly obvious. And who are you?"

He didn't even get a reply as the man slipped through the bars, magic sealing anyone within but not stopping magic on the outside, although it meant he wouldn't be able to escape. A small shiv was pulled from who knows where, prompting a small chuckle from Odin. This man, who from his expression clearly wanted to kill the Lich, was about to be his salvation.

"Come on, you can't kill me without giving your name. You look like a prisoner here too, maybe I've heard of you?"

As the man thrust the knife into the Lich, Odin feeling his skeletal structure crumble beneath him, he only heard one word from the man.


And, in Odin's final moments alive, he had only one thought. It wasn't of Nastasya, Hitomi or even HER.

Yeah, never heard of you.



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