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A Lovely Surprise

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

A Lovely Surprise  Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:36 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had traveled to Stella for personal reasons. Some of which he wanted to share with the woman he had grown so close to. Since last, they saw one another she ventured out for an assignment leaving a topic of conversation at its peak.

A small vacation was in order., in one of the most romantic places he could think of. Away from the strife of Fiore. The wind mage sent her a message through the guild to meet him in Stella when she was able, and when he received word of when she'd arrive he had begun making preparations. Tonight he wanted to tell her something that was lingering on his mind.

The city was filled with towering buildings and interwoven streets. Lacrima powered the lights keeping the pollution minimal. A lake nestled near the center of the city that was built around it. Barges lined the middle of the lake with lush green fields surrounding it, filled with people. Citizens rushed back and forth on the barges setting up rows and rows of tubes and lacrima.

Kaz sat on the ledge of the tall hotel, looking out at the city covered in darkness. The only light illuminated from the soft glow of homes and the lakeside restaurants reflecting in the water. One by one they all shut off.

The hotel room was on the top floor with an open-air deck. Small lights dotted the railings that circled the terrace. A wall of glass housed the bedroom and small kitchen. Curtain trapped down, giving privacy to the already unseeable rooftop getaway.

Plants outlined the roof. Vines trapped over the side, like waterfalls of flora. Kaz unstrapped the bands of his armor and let them flop to the sides. His shoulders slouched back as he laid down with his hands behind his head. His eyes shut with ease. Darkness and silence filled his world for that brief moment. And all he could think of was her.

It felt like such a fleeting amount of time for them to know one another but he was already taken with her. It was hard to believe it happened after such a swift reunion. And after having turned into a vampire, he had given up any thought of having a child...but she had reignited that thought.

Light flashed against his eyelids. They squinted tighter, then relaxed. The firework show had begun and each distant bang left a trail of colors in the sky that radiated a soft glow on his eyes. A wind washed over his body but the night air was still warm. He wondered what she had been up, and where her journey had taken her.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

Karisa gazed at the mirror as she saw how different she was. Her hand pressed against her cheek to feel the softness of it and to make sure she was really awake again. She felt like she couldn't show herself as tall as she was so she did the only thing she could do. Instantly, she used her magic to make her younger to the point where she was shorter than she really was. "This is normal, right?", she questioned herself before looking at the rest of herself. Her brown eyes gazed into themselves to the point she saw Eris with her on the left side of her view. Quickly, her view snapped back to herself to see her outfit. A simple white shirt that went against her curves and a U-opening. Due to the intense heat, she wanted to wear shorts that went a little above her knees, revealing most of her long legs.

"We better get going. Loverboy is sure to be waiting,~" Eris teased and disappeared in purple smoke. She pepped talked herself about how she had this and gulped nervously before leaving her room, docking from the boat itself. Her fingers grasped onto her bag as she didn't carry much with her on the way.  Karisa obviously will go shopping since this was a new Country for her. Stella was beautiful and the dresses here were quite dashing. Sadly, by the time she even got to Stella, it was nighttime as the places were closed. Was Kazimir still going to be awake? Her heart went into a panic and she started to Jet lag spell her way there.

Instantly, she got to the hotel that the letter instructed her to go to. "Talk about 'In no time," Eris scoffed as she appeared beside her in her purple smokey aura. Her purple hair was like the stars as it sparkled with black, purple, and some white specklings within it. Her golden eyes gazed towards the door while arms crossed against her chest. "I will enjoy my night out here for a bit. You enjoy yourself," she rolled her eyes and disappeared forward into the opposite direction she was going in. After getting what was necessary she went into the elevator to go to the top. Her eyes gazed at the paper with the top 'penthouse' code and pressed the numbers.

As she waited for the final ding, she messed around with her bag to get out her brush to brush her hair, but it was too late. The door opened to reveal the place. Slowly, she stood up straight and gazed around amazed at the beautiful designs. She walked in quietly and dropped her bag by the entrance till she then looked towards where vines started to lead towards what seemed to be the room. The flowers, the vines, the design of the glass were all so beautiful, but what made it even better was how they could see the sky from the bed. Thankfully, with how quiet she was Kazimir didn't hear her come in. Karisa approaching slowly, stepping over the stuff on the ground and finally close enough the lean against a column that held the ceiling up. "I see you got comfortable without me already,~" she teased him with an ever-so-sweet smile. Her eyes sparkled with happiness as her head tilted up to look at the sky that flashed multicolored lights. It looked like thanks to her magic she was able to get here right on time - even without knowing this was going to happen. Her body felt tired, but she continued to stand up while enjoying this with him even while he was still laying on the bed. She surely was different from when they last saw each other, but no matter. It won't matter to him, right?

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stirred to the sweet ringing of his love's voice. A smile drifted across his face before his eyes opened. "Just keeping it warm for you," he replied and opened his eyes to see a tall woman, with brown eyes that were both the same color. He cocked his brow and shot to his feet. The unknown woman seemed familiar as well. He titled his head, the robe he wore still flowed open, exposing his chest as he forgot to seal it around his body, still taken aback by the arrival of a stranger.

"I'm sorry do I," he said and inched closer to the person. The hair was different, the face was different, and the color of the eyes. He stepped closer still, but something in her eyes seemed passionate. And the way she stood reminded him of Kurisa. She was the only one that had known of this location. But maybe she was abducted? Maybe this was her magic? Conflicting thoughts battled back and forth.

He rose his hand defensively. Papers and curtains rustled in the room as the wind swirled. His hand slowly lowered and he kept his distance from the intruder. "Where is Kurisa and how did you find this place?" He asked but his eyes still searched the woman's questioning if the person was actually Kurisa herself. The presence felt the same, but what if it was an elaborate trap.

He clapped his hands releasing a gentle breeze that let his sense reach out to the world around him for any movement. "You came alone," he responded as he felt not even a rogue extra heartbeat around the area.

She was wearing what looked like casual wear wrapped around the contours of her body. Something that wasn't meant for combat. She also had to have had the code to get in. The wind mage settled on only two options given how odd her magic was to him and what it could do. It either had to be a version of her from a different time, or someone had taken her out, in which case he was in for the battle of his life.

Fireworks burst in the air as the two faced each other. Neither of them in a battle stance. Kaz hoping it was Kurisa in a different form rather than an assassin.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

The air was feeling crisp between them as he was seeing her in a different manner than normal. Did he not notice her? Usually, people knew who she was within seconds even if she changes her appearance. She leaned against the nearest wall with her lips frowning, letting the small amount of wind pass by. Her eyes were losing it's shine as her lips gave a small smile soon after. He questioned her and was prepared for a battle. Normally, she would have flinched due to her past abusive day that lead to where she was now, but she knew him better.

Maybe it was that and the fact that she no longer cared. If things did not work out in the end then she had one last path to walk to. This wasn't going to make it repeat that feeling though as she knew how this could have been if they were in each other's shoes. "Am I a sexy assassin at least, Kazimir?~" she purred softly in her voice. She looked at his beautiful eyes and down to his chest for a second, going back to his face. "I hope my new appearance due to my last adventure does not make you feel any different, my love,~" she spoke in her soothing and breathy accent while her fingers pressed against the bedframe once she walked to the opposite side that he was at.

Slowly, a shadow hovered over Karisa and two eyes that were the perfect impersonation of suns. Swiftly, Karisa put her hand up and waved her away, "It's fine. You may go do what you please for the night still," she chuckled softly, and instantly the shadow slowly sank into the floorboards. "You can say that I am alone, but as you know I am never... truly alone.". She gazed up at the sky filled with fireworks. Her black raven hair, long enough to touch her own ankles shined like the abyss with the glimpse of stars.  Her eyes were filled darkened with a small crease of brown and silver. She felt lost in the beauty of the sky as Kazimir was still being skeptical. "A beautiful night for assassinations, amiright?~" She joked around with a sweet giggle.  

#5Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
The woman casually leaned back against the wall. At least for now he could tell she wasn't here for battle. The wind mage lowered his hand as the wind died down around them. A tickle ran down his neck and goosebumps prickled his skin at the alluring and familiar purr that came from Kurisa. Her wandering eyes told him more and more that this was a woman he had become close to, but she was...different now.

"I couldn't ask for a sexier assassin to come for me," he smiled and ran his hand down the foot of the bed as he crossed to the other side. He looked over the new appearance, confused. "I promise. I was taken by your appearance before and you still have all my attention now," he ran his hand around Kurisa's new waist. her dark hair flowing down around her back and brushing over his hand.

He stepped back as a ghostly figure appeared. His eye squinted at the being's sudden arrival. "Uhm...what was that?" He pointed at the floorboard the mysterious shape vanished into.

His love explained about being alone and not at the same time. Her past was still a cloud of intricacies to him but he knew she dealt with many...personas. "Ah," he nodded at the explanation. Karisa looked up at the stars but Kaz kept his gaze on her. The new raven long hair and a statuesque body. Her eyes were even different now.

"Yeah...I suppose it's a beautiful night for a lot of things," he replied with a hint of mystery in his tone as his mind drifted to the importance of being here. He stepped behind her and held her close. "Sorry I didn't recognize you at first. What happened on your adventure?"

"Seems everytime we reunite something new has happened with you," he joked.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

Her cheeks flushed pink as he agreed on her appearance being 'sexy'. She didn't say it because she wanted him to agree, she just wanted to make a joke! Her gaze went away but soon gazed back as she felt him closer to her. The rushes of warmth she could feel were radiant like the smile that he gave every time they meet. He was a beautiful man that she finally felt a bond. They will be together and he accepted her as she accepts him. She accepted his back embrace while snaking her own arms against his, her hands holding onto his strong ones.

"My adventure?", she questioned back and took a deep breather, smelling his scent and the fresh air from the sky. A small hint of smoke could be smelled from the sulfur and gunpowder. The lights were worth the smell as they were beautiful in her eyes. After claiming her anxiety she spoke softly while leaning against him into his arms. "It was really different... I traveled thousands of years back to figure out some problems that I solved, some past lives and visited a domain of a Greek Goddess.".

"You wanted to know what that was?... Well..." she turned fully to gaze at where the shadow sunk into the ground. Once again eyes pierced a pair of golden suns. She became a solid form as she was humanoid with her lower half gone; had long purple raven hair, and a curvy body. Her aura was a black-purple misty smoke as her lower half was just that. "You called for me?", she questioned coldly and smirked. "My, what do we have here?~" she purred teasingly. "This is Eris, Goddess of Discord - in case you thought it was just some person named Eris...," she nervously spoke and then sighed. Karisa turned around to gaze at him now. "I am Eris now as she lives inside me..." she spoke softly while her dark eyes burning inside his.  She gulped and slid a hand against his cheek softly, "In Seven I am a Goddess, but I wish to stay just me here, with you," she softly said as Eris gazed at both of them and chuckled. "What a sickeningly loving couple. I'm disappearing again," she left it at that and disappeared after a wave goodbye with the back of her hand. It made Karisa chuckle as Eris was now stuck inside her - forever as she was stuck with her as well. Karisa was stuck being Eris... forever.

#7Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He delighted in the small flush of pink that invaded her complexion from the compliment. He held her and felt his own rush of intimacy as her arms snaked around his and held onto him. Her body was shaped differently but in every way, it felt the same as holding her always did.

A pause hung in the air as she thought about her adventure. Kaz waited patiently and took in the sweet scents from her body and the soft flow of her hair next to him and flowing over his chest. small bursts of light from the fireworks highlighted the room with spurts of a romantic glow. He held her waist firmly as she leaned into him.

"Thousands of years?" He spoke with a subtle surprise. He knew her magic was capable of a lot but it was still hard to fully grasp the magnitude and difficulty of living with such a power.

"So you saw who you were before. I suppose all who you are now," he titled his head, remembering the personalities she harbored within. "How did you need up in the domain of a goddess?" he was both concerned and shocked by the idea.

Kaz gave her space as and took a step back as a pair of golden eyes emerged from the ground, followed by a wispy body. He looked back at Kurisa when the strange ghost-like woman spoke so coldly. perhaps all spirits had a cold demeanor, he thought of the difficulties with his own, until the lady purred sweet sentences.

"Oh. I'm Kazimir. Kurisa's boyfriend. So you're a goddess? Well... that is something new. Nice to meet you. Wait...Goddess of Discord??" he replied with a cocked brow and concern shimmering on his face. That could mean all sorts of pesky things.

Karisa placed a hand on his cheek and eased whatever worry he may have. "So. You transcended from being one of the strongest mages in the land to a goddess. Another voice living inside. Will you be okay," he asked concerned about the many voices and what duties she would have as a deity. Nonetheless, he placed his hand on hers at his cheek, to bring comfort to combat the nervousness ringing in her voice.

"The goddess of Seven," despite his worry he met it with a small laugh while keeping eye contact. His words were filled with warmth, "I should have expected nothing less from the woman I love. don't worry. Goddess or not. All that matters at this moment to me is us."

The spirit left and Kaz chuckled at the reaction. "That will take some getting used to. Tell me though. What sorts of responsibilities does a goddess of discord have," he spoke and held her hand to lead her to the balcony.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

She giggled, "Yes a thousand or more years, Kazimir.~". Her eyes gazed at him adoringly as she loved every feeling he was giving her. The man was wondering something most will ask and she answered, "I freed all my other souls and she had an offer to make. I took it and fought her to be gifted her reward.", her voice was soothing and soft as her head leaned against his body. Did he find it funny that she was now a goddess? His tone sounded sincere to her so she found warmth from his answer. "As no matter what you are, I will love you always," a sweet smile curved upon her lips and gazed at her hands that were entwined with his.

There was still that news she wanted to tell him about.  She will hold her tongue for the moment as he escorted her towards the balcony. Her eyes were more lit by the fireworks and her free hand was gliding against the smooth wood of red. Her eyes watched his every move now as she found amusement from this. Her black raven hair could be seen as a little purple from the light from the sky as the moon was hovering over them. Karisa stayed close to Kazimir, heart pounding as she then gazed away finally before answering him.

"Well... in return for the things I said earlier - as you know, I gave up my own body. Not only that, if she so desires to cause chaos with my body and soul then I have to obey. Other than obeying, I do whatever I please. So far she has been more of an asset than a problem," she explained and faced forward so they could meet eye to eye. The area meant nothing to her as she just wanted this, being with him. There were no dragons, no demons nor angels causing problems nor any wars happening for now. It was just them on this balcony with the fireworks booming colors within the sky. She loved gazing up into his eyes so her tall height would make her feel awkward. She thanked herself for making herself shorter - her normal height before changing. "So, Kazimir~ What do we have planned tonight?~" she purred as she rubbed her thumb against his hand.

#9Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Her giggle set a flutter through his heart that raced a warmth through his hands and fingers. Kaz thought about the other souls and what it meant to be free. Where would they have gone and what did it mean for his lover. "So it's just the two of you? Was it difficult to loose the others?" He asked, but felt if she had come this far she was probably glad to be more whole.

His hands squeezed hers as she voiced her love. He snuck a soft kiss beside her hair and onto her cheek. "I love you too," he finally said aloud.

The hair that flowed down her back was a different shade and outlined in purple hues. A look he had to get used to but was as beautiful as ever, no matter what form she took. The sway in her walk was unmistakable, even with this new form. He looked back with a small smile, knowing she was exactly the same person he had loved from the start.

They stopped their walk, beneath the moon and the bursts of colors that filled the sky, casting neon lights that sparkled along the balcony. Small lacrima torches burned dimly, only enough to give lit between the fiery explosions in the sky.

Cause chaos...he repeated it in his mind, and shrugged, "I suppose I've caused a good bit of chaos in the world myself," he replied. Although he hoped that it wasn't going to be anything too destructive. In the end, he was fully confident that Karisa has the power to deal with it.

"Seems like you have everything under control. And if you ever need me. I'll be there," he said, and his mouth ran a little dry, thinking about the time to lead in. She purred her next question about what would happen next. Kazimir ran his hand through the back of his hair and looked down and then away with a sheepish smile. He turned his back slowly to her and ruffled his jacket.

"Well... Nothing too extravagant," he said. His mind raced with what he would do and what would happen. The wind shifted directions ever so subtly before he took a breath and stilled his heart. He had to just dive in.

"It seems that you have a new body now. A new life and a new start at who you are and the path you are on..." A gust of wind whipped from over the balcony and swirled around his feet, billowing his clothes all the way up to his hand.

He turned back around, "I was thinking we could enjoy a new life together. A little more seriously," he said with his hand open and a small ring balanced on a spiral of wind. T burst of light reflected on her hair and shimmered across her face, catching Kazimir's words in a second of halt, delighted in the idea of a thousand years with her.

"Will you marry me. Even for a thousand years or more," he added the last part with a sideways smile and light in his eyes.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

"A little bit as one of the souls turned out to be my biological mother and the other an ancestor in Seven. It was worth it though to see them get a happy ending so they can rest without hate in their hearts," she said in her usual soft tone, but it was filled with sorrow. Her first and only friend was Ana, a voice and shadow. To lose her was like losing your childhood friend that was by your side all your life. Sure her smart mouth and evil thoughts were there, but it was the actions of others that made her that way.  The kisses he gave were sweet and small, but overall it was what she wanted. Kazimir offered himself if she needed anything in which she too offered herself, "Will you arrive as fast as the wind to the call of your maiden?~", she teased.

The area felt still, something felt more serious as she listened to him speak about how she had a new body, life and he wanted to enjoy one together - a little more serious than they were currently. Her eyes sparkled as a string was struck from her harmonious harp strings. Before this, his back was turned towards her which made her curious about where this was going. Was he hiding something to where he had to hide? Karisa was partially worried and the other part was literally thinking a million things that it could be. Her eyes watched him turn so they were face to face. Her eyes shined as a ring was revealed sparkled from the lights around them. Her lips slowly opened to create a small gap in surprise.

She was surprised by this as this feels very sudden. Even if that was true she had her own sudden news for him as well. She did not have much time to think as her automatic answer was: "Y-yes! I will!", she was eccentric to the point where she embraced him without thinking. Her face hid against his left shoulder as she embraced the warmth of his love against her body. She didn't even care what the ring looked like as she was happy that they belonged to each other. She then remembered that she had her own surprise and stepped a few steps back. She tilted her head to gaze up at him and twiddled her fingers nervously. "Th-there is something I need to tell you as well," she blushed pink while her thoughts were on the subject of marriage and also 'this'.

Remember when we talked about children?...


#11Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"hmm," he softly replied, thinking about how odd it would be to have someone's mother residing within their body..."Wait...does that mean that your mother knew about...us?" he asked with a flash of embarrassment, hoping that that persona was at least more dormant than the others. As she continued to speak, his face shifted to a more serious and dear tone, "It is good to hear that they can finally rest. It must be a great relief for you, knowing they are at ease. How did you take learning about the family connection," Kaz continued.

A smile stretched the sides of his lips at her teasing comment. "Perhaps even faster than the wind. For my maiden," he gave her a loving squeeze and a playful kiss to the cheek. He thought she may have thought something was wrong, which only added to the pleasing surprise garnered by the look on her face as the ring was revealed. It gave him her answer before she could even speak it and all the anxiety he felt, melted away within her expression.

"Wonderful," he replied with a small gasp of air, happily startled by her sudden embrace. He wrapped his arms around hers and rest his face next to hers as she nuzzled into his shoulder. Despite his many relationships in the past, since coming to this country...this was the first time he had ever gone this far, and yet it felt like one of the easiest decisions he had ever made.

He pressed his body close to her. His hand rubbed the slender contours of her shoulder, with her heart beating against his still chest. He was happy that no matter the turmoil of the world...they still had this moment. Until she stepped away and began to fidget.

The pink blush adorned on her face, told him that no matter what it was, it at least wasn't bad news. "What it is my love. You have nothing to be bashful about with me,"


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

The kiss on the cheek was cute, enough to make her lightly blush the color of a pink rose petal. She stayed still while her fingers did all the work. She did not like taking people's time so she took a deep breather before releasing the words out of her soft lips. "I completed the experiment. As in it was a success," she smiled bashfully to him while gazing up into his beautiful hues. She felt like she should be more specific so she grabbed onto his soft strong hands with her own and pressed his palm against her stomach. She leaned in closer to him as her heart was beating hard. She was nervous in telling him, but at the same time, she was happy.

"I'm going to have them soon..." she whispers softly as her head is resting against his chest. Her free hand was on his upper right chest as her head was on the left. Her eyes closed nervously and smelled in his scent. After becoming a dragon slayer she could smell his scent from meters away and always had to reassure herself on things. Karisa was excited to have her family as they were going to get married, have two of their own children alongside her two others from her past marriage. She hoped Eta was going to be alright with this. What was next was perhaps find a home for the family, but that will come within time as the guild was really not true housing for a family.

#13Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"hmm," Kaz mumbled at first, unsure of what she meant, but certain that it couldn't be...that experiment. Her soft hands took hold of his and floated through the air. The closer his hands came to her stomach the wider his eyes grew as realization sipped into the forefront of his mind. Thoughts and emotions stormed within the mage, fueled by questions. The most predominant was how...but for the first time in the curious mage's life...while it was amazing to be able to give life to a being born from a vampire, he didn't care as much about the how, as he was happy that it simply was.

He swallowed, with a ringing of passion as she pressed in against him with her hand on his chest. "Soon? How?" he asked and it struck him all at once. "Time," he whispered back in regards to her ability. He brushed her hair to the side and cupped her face, to turn her gaze once more towards his own.

"What a wonderful thing. Thank you,"
he said and pulled her in for a proper kiss to solidify their engagement and his joy at hearing about her pregnancy. he scooped her, lovingly in his arms.

"I couldn't ask for anything more than this," he said as he knelt down and kissed her stomach. "There is so much to do now," she could tell his mind was already racing with thoughts of living arrangements, how things would work with their guilds, and what kind of baby it would be. All his thoughts escaped his lips in rapid mumbles.


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She bit her lip nervously as she listened to each and every word. "Mmm,~ new years.~" she purred to him. Soon their lips met as she released her lower lip from her canine to give in fully. Her eyes widen in surprise as she felt him go down to his knee to kiss her stomach. Her face blushed a pure red as she felt embarrassed. "K-kazimir,~" she purred once more anxiously. "We should probably plan a day or at least what kind of guests.." she spoke quietly as her hand combed through his long hair. It was so soft and he was precious. The wind felt amazing against her skin as she felt the coolness sweep off the heat she was feeling.

There was a downside to her experiment though and having these children. Karisa will have to be careful in the facts she speaks as well as her new diet. Out of nowhere, her stomach growled which for Kazimir would be against his ear. She gulped nervously as she backed away and gazed away. "I suppose we should get some food prepared among other things," her eyes gazed into his as she offered her hand to help him up, shyly. She felt weak all of a sudden as she felt like her back wanted to give out. Between her 'size' and being pregnant, the weight was taking a toll on her spine. She stayed strong though, faking how she was at the moment while her black eyes that were filled with stars could not stop gazing at his beautiful feats as he's everything she has wanted. She was finally going to have it after all these lifetimes...

But when it happens, what will happen to her?

#15Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
He looked up from bended knee in time to see the red that had taken over Karisa face. There was something about the little stutter when she said his name, that sent a feeling of excitment and yearning through the wind mage, to the point he could feel warmth trickle into the tips of his ears. he closed his eyes, enjoying the blissful touch that ran through his hair, before hearing her speak about planning a day.

"Planning a day...before or after the young one is born?" He asked and thought about the guest list, and how relatively short it would be. Most of the people he had grown close to overtime were either dead or missing. He held back the sad thoughts, behind happy eyes that crinkled in the corners. "Well, I think the only people on myside would also be people that you know. Small world and all," he added with a chuckle.

"Oh," he replied at the loud gurgle that vibrated his ear. "Sounds like a good..." he began until he realized he was so caught up in asking the question he had forgotten to set anything up for food. he gave a sheepish smile and took her hand. He cleared his throat, "As for getting something to eat. I, uhm.. wasn't sure what you would want so waited for you to arrive so we could order together or go somewhere if you'd like." He placed a hand on her back, unsure about how to help a woman that was pregnant. He also only ate one thing for sustenance now, so his ability to choose food had faltered.

"You know if you need anything at all... you only need to ask," he said.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

He was so charming in his own little ways, it made her smile with joy. The two were becoming official, having children and she should be happy, but she feared that the same thing will happen. He'll disappear and when he reappears, he'll be with someone much younger than her afterward. It was a silly common fear of course, but it was one that was understanding in her own views due to going through it already. "Maybe during New years?~ It's quite the party in one, don't you think?" she giggled with a hand against her lips to cover. Her eyes gazed straight into his with glistening orbs filled with love and warmth. She blushed forevermore as he listened to the sounds of her stomach. It felt embarrassing to her, but overall she somewhat enjoyed it.

Slowly, she stepped back to offer her hand to help him back up while speaking, "I wish to just order food to eat here, watch the view with you," she gave a soft genuine smile while her dark abyss eyes gazed into his beautiful soft blues. She will always be able to get lost in them as they remind her of the sea. Something she secretly feared and something she deeply had a love for. "Come, my love~ we shall order somethings," if he stood up she gave a swift kiss against his jawline while nuzzling against him. This was not before she leaned into him as she wanted to give him a clinging embrace. A flaw she had as her heart clung onto the thing or person it needed the most to feel alive.

#17Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"New years," he repeated, thinking about the fanfare of it all. Any day was alright with him. "Sounds like a good time of year to have it," he answered with a smile back up at her loving gaze. Not even the starlit night and fireworks show matter much anymore.

He took her hands and pushed off the ground to stand beside her. "Alright then. A relaxing evening here with just the two of us it is then," he said with a nod, happy with the answer. It reminded him of their first outing together. it didn't seem like so long ago but so much had happened since then.

"hmm," he let out a small hum as she embraced him, once he was to his feet. He didn't mind how affectionate she was. He ran his hands across her back, giving her slow gentle rubs through the contours of her body and up to her shoulders.

"Whatever you want," he replied and kept the idea of him feeding to the back of his mind. He couldn't risk feeding on her, and what impact that may have on the child. He kissed her cheek and gave another squeeze, "This way," he would lead her to a small lacrima phone she could use to place the order along with a menu of items. If she looked over the menu, Kaz would snake his arms around her waist and hold her from behind, trailing her neck with small kisses.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

The feeling of fingers going alongside her back felt calming, ticklish yet good. She could close her eyes, lay down and rest while feeling this. She purred softly as she wanted this to last forever, but alas she had to order food as he escorted her towards a small lacrimal phone that she tends to never use. Karisa was old fashion; letters. She loved to have letters written and be written yet many people now use technology that did not exist many years ago. Her fingers pressed against the hardened buttons to turn it on and started to look at what they had.

Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his arms wrapping around her waist to hold her close to him. His kisses were distracting, but she liked them so she had no intentions of saying anything. Her blackened abyss eyes that had a tint of brown gazed over the screen once more as she used certain buttons to click on things to order. Him being a vampire was surely cheaper, but in her heart it made her feel bad that she was going to eat and he was not. Her eyes cornered to gaze towards him, She wanted to know what he was thinking and perhaps someday she will. Slowly, Karisa put down the phone to the side and snuggled into him, "It'll be here in an hour. What do you wish to do while we wait?", she wondered. "Do you wish to feed?~" she teased as she moved her hair away from her neck. "It won't do anything bad. I made sure,~" she purred once more. What does she do exactly was something she refrains for speaking as it was a special diet she tends to do when she is alone.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir missed whatever it was she ordered. It mattered not to him, as it would be a waste to know anyway. although as time passed and he forgot what food tasted like, it became a much easier burden to carry. But it never bothered him to be around her while she ate. After all, it was what humans do. His mind wandered to what activities they could do while the meal was on its way. Until she teased him with a fiendishly delightful thought. Her hair fell away from the smooth skin of her neck. Memories of the instances before and the ecstasy over it flashed over the wind mage's eyes.

His mouth opened but he hesitated, thinking of the child and her pregnancy. She purred a sweet secret to him. He had no idea what methods she had used or how it was possible but he trusted her. If anyone could have found a way it would be her, "If you're sure," he asked once more and if she agreed, he would lean in, pulling her body against him. Fangs pierced her delicate skin. A small prick of pain at first. A deep exhale wafted over her neck as Kaz, leaned in more. His arms snuggled around her with euphoria gripping him, but he never took more than was needed. Or that she desired to experience. "Thank you, my love," he whispered only for a moment before sinking in gently once more, his hands massaged the sides.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

She smiled gently as she felt the tickling of his long hair going against her smooth skin. She soon felt his lips against her neck as his teeth sunk in. She felt pleasure out of this for sure, perhaps more than him. It was some sort of passion as he felt her as he was quite delicate with her. He wasn't aggressive with her as she has heard other vampires were with others. Her blood was only his as he was only for her. She was happy to be here with him and Karisa will make sure to do whatever it took to make him comfortable, happy, and faithful with her.

The Sevenese Goddess wanted nothing more than her family and him. If they could go off to some other world with just them and maybe people that were like their family she could live happily ever after. This was reality though, such a thing could not happen. For now she will embrace this time with him. "Mmm, K-kazimir... it tickles a little,~", she blushed and gave a sweet smile while cornering her eyes to gaze at him.

Soon enough she heard the door, "Did you want me to get it or shall you?~", she purred. If he went to go get it she sat back on the bed comfortable as she felt the cold sheets against her smooth warm skin. If she went to get it then she slowly got up and made sure he sat down to wait. Slowly, walking to the door Karisa opened it up with a happy smile, gathering her bag of food and her drink to end up closing it. Locking it up she finally goes back to Kazimir while gazing more at him than where she was walking.

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Kazimir Seiryu
She embraced him as he sunk his teeth into her neck. A loving gesture that reaffirmed she felt the same ecstasy as he did. He was always surprised that id never really hurt her and in fact had the opposite reaction. No one else had ever responded this way, nor had he ever fed on anyone in such an intimate way.

His breath got heavier, and his thoughts were invaded by nothing but her and their time together. it was almost surreal after everything that had happened that he was finally building a life with someone. And they were both immortal now so his fear of watching his lover die before him was erased.

A smile came over his face as he pulled back from her words and kissed the spot he had been feeding at. "Sorry," he said with a sly and warm smile. The little blood droplet from her neck was wiped away with his kiss.

"They may be a little off-put if they saw blood on my mouth," He rubbed the back of his head while responding to her question. She left the bed and as Kazimir stood up she stopped him and left him on the bed. The mage watched every sway of her body that went to the door and back again. Her gaze never left him and he locked onto her.

"I always feel a little guilty feeding off of you, and enjoying the feeling I get from it. What do you want from me," he asked while laying his back against the headboard of the bed, awaiting her return.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

She gazed at him with her abyss-colored eyes with a sheepish sweet smile from her glossy lips, "What do I want? That should be obvious, my darling Kazimir,~" she purred and spoke calmly. Her hands grasped onto the food still till she got on her side of the bed to put it on the nightstand now. It was obvious, right? Her heart was beating quite a bit as she had her back towards him. Slowly, she sat down on the bed while slowly twisting to gaze at him, but quickly she turned comfortably with her back towards him once again. This was real, right? All he wanted was her loyalty and that was it? Her eyes wandered to the corner as she was thinking. "What about you? Is there more you want from me other than my loyalty?~", she teased.

She lifted her leg on the bed so she could scoot back so her own back was against the headboard. Her head turned to look at him, her long beautiful hair covering her chest and part of her left side. Her long bangs hide her left eye as she looked at him in question. "We're getting married, having children, I have hoped there was your eternal love and loyalty within all that," she teased once more with a short chuckle before grabbing her non-alcoholic drink to take a drink. A small smirk on her lips as she continued to look into his eyes that reminded her of the lost jewel of the ocean.

The more she thought about him drinking someone else's blood, the more it actually made her blood boil, but her expression stayed soft and calm for him.

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Kazimir Seiryu
"hm," he replied with a smile at her response. She sat with her back toward him. The wind mage slid up to get more comfortable. Instead of giving him an outright answer, she asked him the same question. "I guess it depends what all comes with Loyalty," he teased back, thinking about how one could be loyal to so many different degrees. But all the while he knew she meant love and compassion and that was all he could ask for in return. "But what I really mean is," He kissed her shoulder. "I feel bad for drinking your blood so often and not being able to offer you anything in return for that."

Kazimir glanced at the non-alcoholic drink she sipped on and remembered her mention of being a heavy drinker in the past. A tiny and endearing gesture that he appreciated about her. Although her desire to drink alcohol was in some ways more wholesome than his need to drain blood.

"Eternal love and loyalty. You had that well before the marriage and children, my sweet. You are everything I could have wanted. Especially someone willing to put up with my call to work and wander, " he joked about his past that took him all over the land and from multiple organizations.

"There is...one thing I have not spoken to you about yet," He looked away for a moment and pressed his hand onto the bed. "When we fought the dragon...I..." Darkness poured out around his hand like a mist that was impossible to see through and it formed into a makeshift shadow of the mage.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

She gazed at him from the corner of her eyes as she listened to his sweet words. Her smile was genuine as her body leaned towards him. He was comfortable and right now she was weak. Her eyes felt droopy as everything was draining her. Her arms felt suddenly like noodles, her body was like a doll that could only lean against the closest willing body to her. Did he have secrets he was willing to speak up about? Was this secret going to harm anything in any way? "The dragon... The draconic? What about her, m'love?", she spoke sweetly and soft while giving a soft yawn.

If she saw her ever again she was going to let Eris crush the draconic's face in. Her dark thoughts had no bounds when it came to territorial. She hoped that her inner self wouldn't come up at all. Her arms slowly snaked around his body as she snuggled up against him, feeling his cold body with her warmth. She loved feeling the cold as her body was a heater. Karisa wanted him to explain she her eyes closed while fingers from her left hand drew circles against his chest. Rather or not it soothed him, it definitely soothed her conscious. "We have eternity tonight, take your time in explaining,~" Karisa purred while enjoying herself and him being right here with her.

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Kazimir Seiryu
He smiled and looped his arm around the yawning lover that leaned against him. It was a tender moment that he was able to easily share with her, even in the beginning. "Yeah, it was during that battle with her," he added and snuggled her body closer to his. The smell of her hair was a soothing scent billowing around them. It was funny to think about this sweet and simple moment they shared and them being the same people that fought against an elder dragon.

A comforting embrace came from her arms around him, making this talk even easier to have, knowing she was with him through and through. The warmth from her body radiated through the coldness he exuded from his own. Not only did he drain her blood but also reveled in the warmth she brought to his body and his heart. The blood he drained from her, swirled its way through his body and gave his dead heart a quick beat.

"hmm," he mumbled in delight as she drew circles on his chest. He let his hand fall onto her hip rubbing his thumb along her waist.

"Well... sometime during that fight. The dark magic that she used against us," he took a deep breath.

"Some of it invaded my wound. I didn't think much of it at the time, but I could feel the dark magic melding into who I am. I spent weeks after that with nothing and suddenly dark wisps began to trail from my body. I eventually harnessed it and gained the ability to cast dark magic," he rose his hand. Darkness wrapped around his body and the wind mage turned invisible for a moment and then returned as the dark wisps vanished.

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