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A Lovely Surprise

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

A Lovely Surprise  Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:36 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir had traveled to Stella for personal reasons. Some of which he wanted to share with the woman he had grown so close to. Since last, they saw one another she ventured out for an assignment leaving a topic of conversation at its peak.

A small vacation was in order., in one of the most romantic places he could think of. Away from the strife of Fiore. The wind mage sent her a message through the guild to meet him in Stella when she was able, and when he received word of when she'd arrive he had begun making preparations. Tonight he wanted to tell her something that was lingering on his mind.

The city was filled with towering buildings and interwoven streets. Lacrima powered the lights keeping the pollution minimal. A lake nestled near the center of the city that was built around it. Barges lined the middle of the lake with lush green fields surrounding it, filled with people. Citizens rushed back and forth on the barges setting up rows and rows of tubes and lacrima.

Kaz sat on the ledge of the tall hotel, looking out at the city covered in darkness. The only light illuminated from the soft glow of homes and the lakeside restaurants reflecting in the water. One by one they all shut off.

The hotel room was on the top floor with an open-air deck. Small lights dotted the railings that circled the terrace. A wall of glass housed the bedroom and small kitchen. Curtain trapped down, giving privacy to the already unseeable rooftop getaway.

Plants outlined the roof. Vines trapped over the side, like waterfalls of flora. Kaz unstrapped the bands of his armor and let them flop to the sides. His shoulders slouched back as he laid down with his hands behind his head. His eyes shut with ease. Darkness and silence filled his world for that brief moment. And all he could think of was her.

It felt like such a fleeting amount of time for them to know one another but he was already taken with her. It was hard to believe it happened after such a swift reunion. And after having turned into a vampire, he had given up any thought of having a child...but she had reignited that thought.

Light flashed against his eyelids. They squinted tighter, then relaxed. The firework show had begun and each distant bang left a trail of colors in the sky that radiated a soft glow on his eyes. A wind washed over his body but the night air was still warm. He wondered what she had been up, and where her journey had taken her.


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@Kazimir Seiryu  -- ???

Karisa gazed at the mirror as she saw how different she was. Her hand pressed against her cheek to feel the softness of it and to make sure she was really awake again. She felt like she couldn't show herself as tall as she was so she did the only thing she could do. Instantly, she used her magic to make her younger to the point where she was shorter than she really was. "This is normal, right?", she questioned herself before looking at the rest of herself. Her brown eyes gazed into themselves to the point she saw Eris with her on the left side of her view. Quickly, her view snapped back to herself to see her outfit. A simple white shirt that went against her curves and a U-opening. Due to the intense heat, she wanted to wear shorts that went a little above her knees, revealing most of her long legs.

"We better get going. Loverboy is sure to be waiting,~" Eris teased and disappeared in purple smoke. She pepped talked herself about how she had this and gulped nervously before leaving her room, docking from the boat itself. Her fingers grasped onto her bag as she didn't carry much with her on the way.  Karisa obviously will go shopping since this was a new Country for her. Stella was beautiful and the dresses here were quite dashing. Sadly, by the time she even got to Stella, it was nighttime as the places were closed. Was Kazimir still going to be awake? Her heart went into a panic and she started to Jet lag spell her way there.

Instantly, she got to the hotel that the letter instructed her to go to. "Talk about 'In no time," Eris scoffed as she appeared beside her in her purple smokey aura. Her purple hair was like the stars as it sparkled with black, purple, and some white specklings within it. Her golden eyes gazed towards the door while arms crossed against her chest. "I will enjoy my night out here for a bit. You enjoy yourself," she rolled her eyes and disappeared forward into the opposite direction she was going in. After getting what was necessary she went into the elevator to go to the top. Her eyes gazed at the paper with the top 'penthouse' code and pressed the numbers.

As she waited for the final ding, she messed around with her bag to get out her brush to brush her hair, but it was too late. The door opened to reveal the place. Slowly, she stood up straight and gazed around amazed at the beautiful designs. She walked in quietly and dropped her bag by the entrance till she then looked towards where vines started to lead towards what seemed to be the room. The flowers, the vines, the design of the glass were all so beautiful, but what made it even better was how they could see the sky from the bed. Thankfully, with how quiet she was Kazimir didn't hear her come in. Karisa approaching slowly, stepping over the stuff on the ground and finally close enough the lean against a column that held the ceiling up. "I see you got comfortable without me already,~" she teased him with an ever-so-sweet smile. Her eyes sparkled with happiness as her head tilted up to look at the sky that flashed multicolored lights. It looked like thanks to her magic she was able to get here right on time - even without knowing this was going to happen. Her body felt tired, but she continued to stand up while enjoying this with him even while he was still laying on the bed. She surely was different from when they last saw each other, but no matter. It won't matter to him, right?

#3Kazimir Seiryu 

A Lovely Surprise  Empty Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:01 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stirred to the sweet ringing of his love's voice. A smile drifted across his face before his eyes opened. "Just keeping it warm for you," he replied and opened his eyes to see a tall woman, with brown eyes that were both the same color. He cocked his brow and shot to his feet. The unknown woman seemed familiar as well. He titled his head, the robe he wore still flowed open, exposing his chest as he forgot to seal it around his body, still taken aback by the arrival of a stranger.

"I'm sorry do I," he said and inched closer to the person. The hair was different, the face was different, and the color of the eyes. He stepped closer still, but something in her eyes seemed passionate. And the way she stood reminded him of Kurisa. She was the only one that had known of this location. But maybe she was abducted? Maybe this was her magic? Conflicting thoughts battled back and forth.

He rose his hand defensively. Papers and curtains rustled in the room as the wind swirled. His hand slowly lowered and he kept his distance from the intruder. "Where is Kurisa and how did you find this place?" He asked but his eyes still searched the woman's questioning if the person was actually Kurisa herself. The presence felt the same, but what if it was an elaborate trap.

He clapped his hands releasing a gentle breeze that let his sense reach out to the world around him for any movement. "You came alone," he responded as he felt not even a rogue extra heartbeat around the area.

She was wearing what looked like casual wear wrapped around the contours of her body. Something that wasn't meant for combat. She also had to have had the code to get in. The wind mage settled on only two options given how odd her magic was to him and what it could do. It either had to be a version of her from a different time, or someone had taken her out, in which case he was in for the battle of his life.

Fireworks burst in the air as the two faced each other. Neither of them in a battle stance. Kaz hoping it was Kurisa in a different form rather than an assassin.

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