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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #2 Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:08 pm

A satisfied look was seen on Jikan's face as she looked down at the ringed out tournament fighter. Jikan wiped her hands as she walked out of the ring in victory, knocking the dust off of her hands as she moved with satisfaction. The next round of combat was soon on its way, with Jikan sitting down and relaxing, waiting for her next match.

From the matches that she was watching, the next match would be mutch more of a challenge in comparison to the last round. The fighters she watched had a lot more skill, a lot more power, and more importantly, had a lot more common sense and awareness. As it turned to Jikan's turn, she walked back onto the stage as the same time as her next opponent was.

This opponent was a young teenage girl. She was barefooted and was dressed in bandages wrapoed around her arms and legs. From that physical sign and her match that she saw brief glances off (she dozed off for a nap) the young lady was a fierce speedy warrior. She was young but she had a warrior's spirit and fighting prowess that put some of these men to shame. Jikan did not think of herself much of a 'true' fighter, but she believed that she could take care of herself in a hand to hand fight, at least better than the average person or martial arts practitioner. But, she may be over her league here facing this one. It did not matter though. Jikan was here to win, get some money, and experience. And she would fight and push herself past this obstacle just as she had done in the past.

The bell rang and both fighters inched closer in the ring, moving slowly forward toward each other before getting into striking distance of each other. The first strike came from the left hand of the girl, a straight jab that slid against Jikan's right forearm. After knocking her arm away, Jikan returned the attack by stepping forward and throwing out a kick from her left leg. The leg smacked against the lady's cross X guard, being pushed a few feet backward.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #2 Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:31 pm

The brown haired teen landed on her feet, a bunce in her step. She quickly ran up to Jikan after landing on her feet and gathering her balance. Throwing out a combination of kicks that ended with a front push kick. An attempt of blocks and dodges was Jikan's response, the last kick landing best out of all of them though. Hitting Jikan on her chest, pushing her backwards further towards the edge of the ring. Jikan rubbed her chest, ugh....that is gonna leave a bruise in the morning. That is gonna suck... .

The girl was unrenlenting, yelling as she charged forward to Jikan. Jikan would meet this charge, running forward and throwing a punch that would smack into a strike from the girl in a clash. An exchange of punches ensued from the two women. Trying to pressure the other into losing momentum, changing position with each punch thrown and taken in an attempt to take space and gain the ground advantage of being too close to the stage's edge. The girl caught Jikan off guard, getting a punch through her guard, pushing her close to the edge of the ring. Jikan lifted her left hand up and wiped the slight smug of blood that was dripping from her lip, her face still stern. Jikan charged back in, getting her own blows in, a strike to the gut, a kick to the side. The teen warrior took these blows, they hurt, but the girl was strong and still in the fight. She threw out another kick, but this time Jikan ducked under it, "got you now!!!". Jikan reached for the girl's leg, gripping her leg in the air and her leg still on the ground, with a yell, Jikan tackled her forward, shoving her left shoulder into her stomach before pulling backwards and tossing her back. The girl was not ready for this, and worse yet, they were close to the edge of the ring from Jikan's side. The girl flew in the air, landing outside the ring in a tumbled roll.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #2 Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 9:28 am

A sigh of relief escaped Jikan's body, tension from the combat she went through. A triumph smile once again came upon her face.  Jikan still had pent up energy and excitement inside for the exchange of moves from the match. This time, Jikan exited the stage and offered a hand to her defeated opponent to help her up. The girl accept and got up, albeit a little unhappy about her loss, she was still a good sport about it. The girl had Jikan's respect, she had strength in her blows and grace in her moves. But she could not sit and chit chat with the girl for long, it was almost time to fight the champion after all, and she was not about to let herself enter a tougher fight still rolled up from her adrenaline, she needed to settle down and focus.

It was time, standing in front of her was THE large man. The one that was called the strongest of the strong in the city. The crowd chipped with the excited cheers for their Champion, much more than the cheers given to Jikan during her fights or approaches to the stage. Sweat ran down her face as her eyes traced every muscle that came together and formed his massive arms. Yikes.... She didn't want to fight that, well more take that. She imaged how much a punch from the guy would hurt. However, she had a mission to complete. The man, on the other hand, was in complete glee. He was going on as if everything was status quo. Flexing, riling up the crowd, living it up. He was so confident that he was gonna win yet again. Jikan's face just blushed red. He was....fit. But even if she was going to lose, she was going to at least make him work for it.

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JIKAN C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC #2 Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 9:28 am

The bell ranged. Jikan ran forward to the man who just stood there. He smiled and steadied himself, waiting for Jikan to reach him. His hands positioned in front of his body. Jikan lunged forward throwing out a series of jabs to size him up as soon as she got into striking distance. The champion warrior patted away the punches that Jikan threw, he then extended his right arm out, the bulge of his biceps closing in on Jikan as the man threw his weight into a closethine. Jikan ducked as quick as she could, thankfully the man's arm swung over her head, missing her completely. The speed of his attack causing Jikan's long black-red hair to swish and flow in front of her face. While down, Jikan through out a side kick aimed at his lower stomach, causing a slight groan to be forced out of the man and make him kneel down to a knee. The man was fire though, his will not shaken. Rasing his arms high, the man dropped a double axe to Jikan's left shoulder, causing her to fall directly to the ground, a package of air leaving her. The man then grabbed a hold of arm while she was down, then proceeded to drag her to the edge of the ring, lifting her up, he was planning to throw her out of the ring! But Jikan resisted, squirming and fighting all she can to prevent him from starting his attempt. Using her agility, Jikan moved like a snake, getting free of the man's grip, she rolled down the back of the man and coiled her arms and legs around him, tightening her as she could. Striking with her elbows, she pushed him forward before letting go and jumping off of the man.

The victory was hers. She returned with the trophy and prize money to the client and was given her payment. Next time, she hoped the event would allow magic, she was so excited to see how strong that man was using his magic, she could feel that he had more power within him, much more power.

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