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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo]

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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo] Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 8:38 pm

VSeika had arrived in Baska shortly after leaving Oak. His return to Era was side tracked for now with the train being delayed due to a small issue with the engine room. With the announcement that they would be in Baska for at least two days until they could get someone to fix it, he had decided to go into town and get some missions completed to go under his docket.

The market bustled with activity, various shops and merchants were up and open that morning to get an early lead on any potential shoppers that might have been out. Amongst all of this activity stood Seika as he perused the quest board, the various flyers all asking something or another. It was one in particular that happened to catch his eye however, the bright pink flyer waving proudly in the wind. The request seemed to scare all of the others away from it as there were no others near it. Shrugging in resignation, the young man would snatch it down and read its contents, it couldn’t be that bad to do honestly.

The trip to Fernando’s was uneventful which was a sharp contrast to the boisterously flamboyant man that had greeted him at the door. As always Seika answered each inquiry about himself with a single worded answer before asking about the request itself. The man seemed to take a small bit of offense at the lack of interest in his wares or himself, but Seika didn’t care about any of that. If he were honest, the man’s entire persona was just too loud for his liking. Receiving the money and several requests for certain fabrics, he would promptly vacate the shop, eager to get the request over with so that he could move on to the next, he only had two days after all.



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Stepping back out onto the back alley market street, Seika would turn and move towards the main market itself. He vaguely remembered seeing a few fabric merchants back on the main road when he was originally arriving to check out the request board. Glancing back down at the sheet of paper in his hand, he wondered if all of this fabric was actually necessary. Shrugging the thought away, he would step into the main throughway, the sounds of the bustling market greeting him fully. He blinked as he acknowledged the fact that in the time he had been in the back alleys, the market had reached a good deal of activity as several large groups of patrons moved about from shop to shop collecting various goods and trinkets. The young man would disregard these groups entirely, instead moving towards one of the few fabric merchants at the market and pulling up the list of fabrics requested for that day. The merchant only had a few of the requested linens. Seika wasn’t too surprised about this however, he knew it wouldn’t be that easy to finish the mission.

Leaving from the merchant, he would go down the list, moving towards the other merchants. He slung the rolls of fabric he had already received over his shoulder. Glancing back down the list he mentally ticked off the ones he had received so far. Seeing he only had a few more fabrics to go, he was quietly thankful for the fact that the first merchant had so many options that matched his client’s requests. The rest of the fabrics were equally as easy to find, the few cloth merchants that were around had the remainder of the requested fabrics. With the load of colorful fabrics in tow, Seika would return to Fernando’s boutique and offload the wares requested. Quietly accepting the payment for the mission, he would turn and leave to head back out into the marketplace. There were many more quests to do.



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