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Booze and Hookers [Jikan]

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Fala has never been to an actual bar, but she was given some advice on what to wear and what not to wear. Apparently, wearing skirts is bad because it attracts attention and has men touching you. No one better touch her! She will make them her bitches tonight if so be it. Her black long hair grazed against her naked back as she wore a red beautiful slit dress with an opening in the back to reveal her shoulder blades. Her black dress shoes pressed against the path towards the bar as it was on top of the hill.

Walking in, she looked around to see people playing poker, drinking and some women who were all over people. What kind of place was this? Did Tempris know about this place? She felt like the child will burn this place if they saw it. Fala on the other hand was more curious as she went forward towards the bar table. Her hand pressed against the stool as the cushion was plushie and red, just like her dress. She sat on it, brushed her hair away from her shoulders, and looked at the menu. There were so many choices for the woman to choose from.

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Jikan was used to the rowdiness of a late night bar. Her years of solo travelling after leaving home gave her ample opportunities to get to know some of the people who made up of the night life. Wether it was camping by a lake or stream, under the shall of a vibrant tree, or reserving a room for a single night in a inn or pub, she was happy to be off by herself, following her own free will, only being ruled by her own self conscious mind, and technically whatever rules the town she was staying in at the time had, whatever. She found herself relaxing in another pub this night, after a long day of being outside, unsuccessfully looking for her brother and doing random tasks for the people who lived here because, well she needed cash. Cash was always needed; food, sleep, the billing for the stuff never ended, if only I did not have to eaaaaaattt.

Jikan was sitting down at the bar counter, thinking about her never ending need for cash. Her Auburn hair, free, loosely trailing down her open neck to her upper back. The dark color clashed with her blue sundress she chose to sport. She did not care, she was all about comfort, if she had to worry about her hair, half of her attire would not be available to her. Her hand on a nice cool glass of iced tea as she gently placed her cup back on the counter after taking a sip. A minute or so after, a black haired women arrived into the bar, a quick look around before she made her ran and sat down on the seat cushion a few open spaces from Jikan.

Rambunctious noises was starting to be heard behind them, looking back, Jikan saw a trio of men swing back and forth singing, drunkenly, arms over each other's shoulders. Happy hour was starting it seemed.

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She puckered her lips as she couldn't think about the options. She always had to choose and go right away. The fact that she did not know the options made it even harder for her to do so. Fala played with her black hair as she gazed at all the bottles. Out of nowhere, she listened to the voice next to her. They were talking to her, telling her what to get. Maybe she should listen to the voice, "I'll have an Aunt Roberta!", she happily spoke and clapped her hands excitedly. Her purple orbs watched the bartender make her

She watched as he was making her drink, she turned her body to look around to see a bunch of hussies with drinks. Some even were laying on a table trialing booze down their naked clean leg. She shrugged it off as she heard her drink clinking down against the table. "So, a bunch of 'workers', huh? Any hot guys perhaps?", she questioned. To be fair it was more of a joke since all she sees are women. She was interested in both in a way. She has so far as seen only one other female here. She was a redhead, cute, but was she accepted by the Pink Llama sama? Fala went and grabbed her drink, chugged it and asked for another before walking towards the red head.


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The bartender did not give a surprised look at Fala's question. The bluntness of the lady before him was common from his experience of...people who liked to get straight to the point. Anyhow, the man just gave a deadpan answer as he cleaned out a glass as he took a second to talk to her. "That depends on your taste lass. The ladies get here early, as you can see. The fellas show up in an hour or two after them".

On the lower end of the bar, Jikan had decided to turn around so that her back was facing the bar. She was sitting with her right hand resting under her chin. She enjoying herself and the sight before her.
A bemused expression on her face as she chuckled to herself as she watched the lively trio goof of. Jikan had not noticed Fala approaching yet, and still facing away from the bar, she called out to whoever was managing the bar and food behind her in a joyful voice, "Hey, I'm ready to order. I'll take that pasta dish with that baked chicken, add some extra sauce and meat in there for me to for me will yea??". Reaching back and turning around, Jikan lifted up and took another sip of her delicious ice tea. Out of the corner of her, she saw a black haired woman dressed in a red slited dress walking her way in her direction. It appeared that see was approaching Jikan directly, but she wasn't sure, she could just be heading to something over here for some reason. Jikan looked at her using the left corner of her eye, the lady was not ringing any bells of recognization of back home or her times traveling. If the lady indeed approached her, Jikan began speaking with a slightly raised eyebrow, "Hello there, can I help you with something", she spoke in a cool calm voice.
A few seconds later after Jikan spoke, a lady would flip into the air, slipping on some spilled beer. Landing straight on her booty as her nearby friends around her laughed lightly.


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Fala smiled happily as she gripped onto a chair. She ignored what was going on, between the girl slipping, the people laughing and the men thirsting over every woman. She respected the people who don't come here for a piece of ass. Her Lord Pink Llama sama will get mad if she was like that. She still did not know why. "Do you mind if I sit with ya?~ I'm still new to this whole place,". If she said yes then she will sit across from her. Sometimes people feel weird sitting right next to a stranger. She winked and smiled, "How about I buy your drinks in exchange for your company, mm?~", she cooed and then waved, "I'll buy whatever she's having and then a few of my own," she told the bartender.

He nodded and went back to making the drinks. The Waitress came back and gazed up and down at both of them as if she was comparing, "Not interested sweetheart, but how about ya get me some spicy wings, a bowl of ya sweetest fruits and ... that's it,", she gave a nice smile and the woman goes off with her order. Fala's attention then went back to the woman in front of her. As soon as it did though the doors were opening to reveal...

Her companion, Frosch. "Dear lord..." she mumbled with her eyes half-closing. "Hai dere!" Frosch spoke in their cutesy voice. They tilted their head up to see the red-haired woman. "Hai, are you a friend?" they wondered curiously.

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It seemed that the black haired woman was indeed heading to Jikan. The question of that matter was resolved when she grabbed the chair next to Jikan. But why? Jikan would just have to socialize a little to find out. She saw no issue with her sitting with her, with a shrug Jikan responded to her "Eh, sure go ahead, take a seat". So she is new around here like me, doubt she can give me any useful information about anyone who...or not here then. Jikan was trying to feel the girl out, most of the time people did not just come up to people for no reason, especially at a bar. Either they were after taking someone home, or trying to run a scam. Well, unless they were really drunk, then you got lucky you would get a social drunk. The question of that became more suspected to Jikan when the girl winked and smiled at her. Ah...so she's after that then? Jikan looked at the girl more, looking at her fit and her face. Well, she is cute, body fitting nice in her dress, and got a pretty nice face. Ughhhh, I'm not really in the mood though. Well...I am bored, I could use someone to talk to a little.

She took the last sip of her iced tea before turning towards Fala and giving her a response. But she had already gone and called the bartender. Ordering more drinks for Jikan and herself. "...Sure". She had expected to give a response before the dranks started coming, but oh well. She wasn't going to get drunk off of ice teas anyway, and she wouldn't mind getting some free and just enjoying herself.

Then the Waitress came back and gazed her up and down, oh boy not another one...imma need to start getting a spray bottle... . "yea....no. But, still would like that pasta dish with that baked chicken, thanks", Jikan cooed with a soft smiled as she rested both of her hands under her chin. The waitress continued to go off to take care of the orders. And then some kind of creator came through the room. Wait...is that....another exceed!?!. After the exceed asked Jikan their question she just blinked for a few seconds. She looks at exceed, then to Fala, then back to the exceed. She shruged, "that has yet to be determined, but, ya friend here seems to be starting on the right foot". Jikan extended her hand, the bartender dropping another delicious iced tea in here hand, with a glee and smile, Jikan took another sip.


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Booze and Hookers [Jikan] Frosch13

Frosch looked between her and the girl she was sitting with. After they answered Frosch felt like sitting in their own chair. Due to them being super short, one could only see half of their face. They cutely kicked their feet like a child on a sing while swaying left and right. Finally, the drinks started to arrive so Fala could start drinking. "What guild are you from?", Frosch innocently asked while Fala's purple orbs gazed towards the red-haired girl while drinking. It was a curious thing to ask, but as no one knew, Fala could not think - literally. Her Demon blocked all her conscious thinking so she acts out of whim.

Taking her first drink she waited for them. "Frosch, go see where the food is since the drinks only came," she insisted while picking up a toothpick to put in her mouth. "Okay!~", they saluted cutely as they waddled off to the kitchen. Her attention went back to the girl, "Are you from Fiore?", she could be so she asked. If she was then she could be the perfect tour guide depending on the guild she was from. She remembered what Gunter has said about having a team as she was going to be one of the leaders. She just had to find the names of the people. Having a nice time was more important right now though.

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Jikan looked as the small, talking, cat, thing, made its way over to the sitting next to Fala. The cute animal hopped into their seat only to have their face halfway to the height of the bar. ....and in a frog suit?? Jikan was not sure what she was seeing here, but, she was sure looking forward to finding out. The cat was almost child like, kicking their feet in an innocent relaxed manner, really no place at being in a bar in her opinion, however, appearances could be misleading after all. For all she knew, this cat, Frosch, could be a really tough cat, urgh, person. And maybe ranked too? There was no telling how old they were after all....or their gender. She had no idea if this thing was a male or female.

When the rest of the drinks finally came, the cat once again spoke out. Appearing to be quite the social butterfly. "Oh nah, I am not in a guild. I kinda got my own thing going on and being tied up with a guild's rules and stuff would get in my way". After giving out her answer it seemed Fala was becoming a little impatient, Jikan could not blame her. She was ready to eeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaat. Fala had sent Frosch out to get an update on the food, hopefully, it would arrive soon. Being a wizard required nutrient, vitamins, calories etc etc. So with a salute and hope out of the seat, Frosch was on their way.

Jikan turned her attention to Fala's question after watching the small cat walk away on two legs, still not used to the sight of a walking, talking cat. ....Where could she get one??? Was that possible? "Oh, aren't you the curious person? Well, if you really want to know I suppose I can tell. I blend in a little bit here but I am not from Fiore, I am from Minstrel. But, since we're asking questions, I think it's my turn. ...How did you get a freaking talking cat???".


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Booze and Hookers [Jikan] Frosch14

Fala listened to how Jikan wasn't from any guild. She shrugged and continued on with her drink. After her own question and listening to the answer she chuckled, "I met them in Bosco. They were on a boat that was on its way back from Joya to Stella and then finally Bosco. Apparently, the adults wanted to eat it so a kid dressed it up in a frog suit so the villagers wouldn't eat it. They sent it off to a boat without knowing where it went and well... here we are!~" Fala spread her arms out to express that they were here. They lowered themselves while she went back to her drink, "But even while it explained that to me, they were happy as ever. I don't think it can really think for itself," Fala itched the side of her head.


Frosch wandered off towards the kitchen with its' cute face derpy as ever. Their smile was happy, eyes beady, and looked around. They randomly bumped into a woman and looked up to her. "Hai dere, Frosch is looking for a woman's food? Yes. She ordered fruit and wings. She likes her sweets and spicy - like her taste in her women and men," Frosch blabbered cutely. It stepped back away from them and then wandered more in the kitchen ignoring the stares of the woman. Finally, it shined, the platter of fruit and hot wings on the side. "There you are! Frosch was looking all over for you," it spoke and tried to reach for it. Slowly, Frosch got on their tippy-toes but was still too short.

The same woman from earlier picked it up and nodded for Frosch to follow, "Okay!~" it agreed.


Fala looked over as she heard the little squeaks of Frosch's footpads. Her body twisted to look behind and saw that the woman was finally coming with her food. The woman put down the platter and gazed at Fala one more time before going back into the kitchen. "Finally, some food! Good work Frosch," she spoke before then realizing there was a paper underneath the bowl of fruit on the platter. Quickly, she grabbed it to read it. "What in the...", she mumbled. "Frosch told her how you like your people spicy and sweet. Bitches be leeching," Frosch spoke quietly as they leaned towards Fala. They picked off a fruit and nommed on it cutely like a panda or Koala does to leaves. Fala's eyes go back to Jikan, "Any more questions?~", she asked.


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My lord....just how hungry do you gotta be to eat a cat? ...they so small, you not gonna get much food from them anyway. Thank goodness for that kid though. But the story was still so...odd. Jikan blinked at Fala's words, "Oh...that's.... quite the adventure for little Frosch. Glad they made it out of there good". Jikan thought for a moment, "Wait, why do you think it can't think for itself? I don't know, maybe they just optimistic or something?".  Jikan laughed at the thought internally. Sure, optimism is possible, but she kinda doubted anyone would find a positive about people trying to eat them and having to dress up in a frog suit to escape. "....Then again...maybe that outward appearance is just their coping mechanism".

A few moments later Frosch had returned, with food! At least, with Fala's food. As Frosch hopped back into their seat Jikan gave them a short soft wave to welcome them back. Jikan thankfully only had to wait a few more seconds before her food came out with a sizzle. The male bartender from earlier was bringing it out for some reason. "Sorry for the wait". "All good, thanks". The plate was smoking from the heat of the juicy chicken and delicious pasta, but before Jikan could begin to get into it, she was Fala scrapping about, taking a piece of paper from under her bowl. Confusion was held by both of them. Then Frosch answered the question to Fala's inquiry with an answer that Jikan roar with laughter and almost spill her drink. "HAHAHAHAHAHA", she laughed a tad bit too hard, leaning down against the counter with her head down briefly before lifting it up with a smile bigger than she was showing since the start of their conversation, her teeth actually showing.  " Oh...my, spicy and sweet huh? I suppose those type of people are, appetizing". She laughed in between words. "Bitches be leeching", Jikan covered her mouth as she chuckled lightly. "Well. I suppose I do have more questions for you, Fala right? You asked if I was in a guild, are you?", she cooed. She had to spend more time with these two while she was still in town...they were simply delightful.

In the background the door had opened, a series of men of the night entered the bar. Comfortably taking seats, some among the ladies that were causing a mess earlier, others by just others to be with the "boys, and a few decided to stick by themselves.


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She tilted her head innocently as she was clueless yet she was not. She knew exactly what she was being asked yet she then remembered something. After the events with Gunter and what was supposed to be her guild - it was not. She had no tattoo yet or at least not a guild one. She gave a half-assed smile and chuckled, "No,~ I prefer to be free till I find where my memories are. I don't even know who I am nor what I am. I just live and act accordingly without thinking. It's why I'm so blunt," she honestly spoke and chugged down her drinks.

"Perhaps..." she smirked and finger gun to her, "We could be friends!~ I only have two so far - Frosch and Tempris," she introduced their names but nothing about them. That was not her business to tell. Frosch just likes agreeing to things and following Fala. Suddenly, loud music started to burst as there was a stage on the other side of them. The curtains opened as the motion of the song was slow and had a slithering rhythm. As people were watching and drinking a woman came out with the whole amazonian get-up; cheetah pattern bra, panties, and the typical snake going all over her body. The snake just followed the woman's rhythm and all the men and lesbians were being fed this seduction besides herself and possibly her new friend.

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Jikan was surprised by the last statement from her new bar buddy. It came blunt and simple, naive and innocent even. After all, who just asks someone to be friends when you become an adult? Even more so in a bar, when meeting for the first time. Jikan began to wonder if this lady was a little tipsy. She had not seen her drink much since getting here but maybe she had a few glasses somewhere else. Maybe she was up to something...or just really goofy and silly. That finger bang just added at her thought of unsureness. She did chuckle at it though. "Sure, we can be acquainted-friends I suppose, I need someone to show me around Baska a little anyway. Could use some company". And hopefully, get some details of something else.

"Ah, just doing your own thing. Free to find your~~ wai,t what??. Memories? Did I just hear you say that you do not have any memories of your past???". [/color]Jikan was flabbergasted by what she just heard. A person who actually has no connection to their past, their history, their character. Having to start over from scratch. She found herself doing a double take at the woman, a belief that she surly should be jesting, hoping to get a rile or shock out of her. Maybe she would play along in the conversation to see how long Fala would put up with this act. "uhhhh....that is an odd situation you got yourself in. But, how does that make you act without thinking??

Jikan took a chug of her drink after speaking. Just in time for the show to start apparently. A woman came up with the full get up of, well like she had just skinned an animal and was wearing it in celebration....while showing off the goods. Bra, check, panties, checked, thank the lord. Oh and a SNAKE. This one was definitely going for exotic. Jikan had to notice her, the outfit stood out so much and the noises people were making were hard to miss. She kept eating and enjoying her food, all while an amused, and slightly judging eyebrow was raised. More amusement was sure to be had for the night.


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She continuously began to be obnoxious as her mind just could not comprehend anything as her consciousness did not exist. "That I don't know how to explain since well... all I know is my all-mighty Pink Llama sama thinks that the conscious mind has no point to it. So everything I do and say are all out of instinct," she gave a large grin and then ordered more drinks.

She could drink constantly all night if she wanted to. She nodded, "Nope! No memories at all. It's just me, Frosch and my Lord," she looked positive over this and did not mind it at all. Not being able to think made her not care for other's feelings too much nor her own feelings for that matter. She was just some machine that acted on a whim or on someone else's control. Frosch was literally some derpy little cat-frog that also did not think much as they were Fala's 'Yes' friend.

They followed orders and even lets her throw them around. As she was talking, the lady with a snake started to slowly dance as the scene went from: From Dush till Dawn. She went around the area as she attracted all stares while the night was here in reality. Time really must have gone really fast since they did not notice, or just forgot when she came in here. The woman's hips were wiggling as the snake was really chilling. What exactly was going to happen now...? She swore there was something along the lines of....

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You wanna try me? Test me? Alright...let's go.

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Jikan's lips mouthed words, sounds, syllables, of something to come to existence using her voice. She sighed, then proceeded to fully turn towards Fala with her index and middle fingers pressing together under her nose against her closed mouth as air blew from her noses as she stared straight at Fala, she would hold for a few moments. Then point them towards Fala joined as she spoke "...Llama Sama? ....Tell me more of this all-mighty Pink Llama sama". Jikan was really beginning to wonder if she was actually talking to a secretly mad woman, her persona felt like a younger child, but the stuff she was talking about were starting to get...out there. She waved at the bartender as they took Fala's order, Jikan was gonna need a little alcohol today after all.

An all-mighty Pink Llama sama, when she thought about it, it was not that far off or really anything crazy sounding. Their world had magic after all so anything was possible, but worshiping an animal? That was something else, an action Jikan did not believe she had ever seen in her time out in the world. A rare first for her at this stage of her young wizard career. This no memory thing was more of an interesting concern. No memory, and by the sound of it, no thinking ether. In other words, Fala was all 'no-filter. She would be the worst person to tell a secret too or private information, in other words, someone who could not hide information from Jikan, that much. But also, the chances of her holding information she wanted was slimmer now, who would tell a none thinking person data that was supposed to restricted if they could not keep it safe from the majority ears??

Jikan took a second to notice the night life around them, the woman danced with the type of sway that caught a majority of people's attention who were in the room, besides Fala and Jikan apparently. They were eating her up, loving her act. Some a little too much, a few of the men and woman were attempting to join her in her routine, some of them doing it in the degree if Jikan would say that their hips did indeed lie.

"Wait, you mentioned someone before. A Tempris?? Who is that??". Jikan would then look at the cat-frog, curious to see what they were up to as they had been pretty much silent since they had come back with the food. FOOD. Jikan had forgotten her food, with a slide of the hand, she picked up her fork once again, scooping up a new section to eat.

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