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Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro)

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#1Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 6:54 am

Jove Augustus

Yes, again.

Jove was back on the streets, his recently broken arm mended by healers within Reiner's group and his health continued to be monitored by elder members of the mercenary troupe he had worked with alongside Esperia. Their work together had been short lived, but in that small amount of time he saw several things which drew his attention. The vampire seemed just as physically capable as Venus, a woman he had met previously in Hosenka. Beyond that though, the vampire he worked with to protect the caravan contained an amount of mana and magic proficiency that put anything else he knew of to shame.

It made him contemplate if it was also paralleled by Venus. Were all vampires such powerful beings? It raised as many questions as it gave answers, and he wouldn't come close to resolving them any time soon. After all, he was still in this foreign land, aiding a foreign man in his attempts for a foreign throne.

It made no sense to Jove that the Rune Knights were helping to establish a foreign power. He understood the need to forge alliances and ensure diplomatic futures, but he also understood how much Fiore needed help at home. Why send so many resources abroad?

As approached the meeting spot for his next day of support, he looked around for the individual that he was supposedly working with this time around. Apparently it was another Rune Knight, and would serve as his first time meeting another Rune Knight other than himself. He didn't know the mans name, nor his appearance, but he assumed he'd be the only person who didn't look like he was from Bosco.

#2Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 9:59 am

Shichiro Uchida
From a distance away, Shichiro could be seen walking towards the intended meeting spot for the next task he would carry out under Reiner's name. He hadn't met this person before and was quite used to working with his cousin so it'll be a tad bit strange and refreshing to see a new face. Still, he'd prefer hanging out with his cousin than working with strangers any day of the week but at least the Knights are getting some recognition for their services. Standing out, Shichiro wore his normal attire of a yellow shirt, navy blue pants and black shoes. He had a massive, two meter shield he wore on his back as it was quite heavy for him to carry with two hands.

Accompanying him was his faithful companion, Lily Panther who had been silent for the most part. He wasn't very talkative but when push came to shove, he was very reliable. With that, Shichiro arrived at his destination wondering who would be his party for this excursion for today. A man had stood out to Shichiro as if he were waiting for something or somebody. Deciding to bank on it, he approached the individual. "Hey, are you my partner to carry out the request for Reiner?"

#3Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 10:34 am

Jove Augustus
Jove turned to the man who had approached him. He took in everything he could about this mans appearance, from the shield on his back that was as tall as a man to the creature who followed alongside him. He carried himself with confidence, chin tilted slightly towards the air and shoulders rounded back. Jove guessed that this was either his partner, or was someone of importance in the area, and he was given confirmation just a few moments later by the question that he raised. Jove knew nothing other than the fact that he was going to be working with another Rune Knight, but now he could put a face to it.

"Yes. My name is Jove. It's a pleasure." His voice was rich, deep, and carried with it the same bored tone it always had. "I've been informed that you're also a member of the Rune Knights, but I didn't catch your name yet." He pulled his pack of cigarettes from his pocket, taking a single stick and placing it between his lips before lighting it. He'd offer one to his companion too, putting it away after he chose whether he wanted one. Once introduced, Jove would acknowledge him and ask his new companion to lead the way to their job.

#4Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 11:41 am

Shichiro Uchida
As soon as the question left his lips, the man in question had responded by confirming his suspicions to be true. This man was indeed the Rune Knight he would be working with on this little excursion for the day. Giving a slight nod in response to his question, he'd then follow up with, "Ah, is that so. Well, the name's Shichiro. Shichiro Uchida. My friends and acquaintances call me 'Shi' for short, sometimes Uchida." After giving his name to the man, he noticed him pull out a box of cigarettes, taking one and placing it to his lips. The man had also offered one to Shichiro, who raised his right hand to wave it away while saying 'No thanks'.

Despite his personality, you'd think he'd be the type to smoke but he couldn't really stand the stench of it. He didn't mind if others around him did though but enough of the small details for now. Shichiro had wondered what the task for supporting Reiner would be this time around. He already assumed it was escorting some merchants from point A to point B as per usual but decided to ask Jove here since he had been at the location before he arrived. "So, what's on the agenda for today," he asked.

#5Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 12:41 pm

Jove Augustus
Jove took a deep drag while using a loose match to light the end of his smoke, hearing Shichiro ask him about the task at hand. Holding his breath deep in his lungs, he turned away and raised his head before exhaling fully. The cloud escaped from his mouth and trailed up above the two, missing his partners face for the most part.

"Apparently we have options this time. I guess they're trying to make sure to keep us around longer."

Up until now the tasks had been simple and straightforward, even if sometimes unexpectedly dangerous. Helping to move boxes, or aiding in the guarding of a caravan, or something along those lines. Yet there had never been an illusion of choice in their work. The people showed up and were directed to tasks, as what would be expected from volunteers.

Recently, however, one of those who were in line for the throne apparently had been defeated and combined their power and authority with another camp. That made those who remained in the race, such as Reiner, much more careful with how they treated their extra help. It was the crunch time, and they'd do anything to win.

"We can literally go around talking to Merchants in order to convince them to join Reiner's side. Or, apparently there have been some individuals from other camps waiting outside the city gates and giving Reiner supports a hard time. If you'd prefer, we could try to find and deal with them."

#6Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Wed Jun 02, 2021 1:18 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Letting the man take his drag from his freshly lit cigarette, Shichiro decided to use this time to reach into his pocket for a Kiwi. This made his companion's eyes light up for a second, as his partner lifted the Kiwi up. Shichiro chuckled a bit, thanking Lily Panther for being so simple. He'd peel it for Lily before handing it off to him. Lily had taken the fruit with glee, munching on the succulent fruit, a bit noisily before climbing onto his back and making himself comfortable between Shichiro and the shield. With all that said and down, Jove had informed him of the happenings around the area they were in.

According to Jove, they had options this time around as there were multiple events going on at once. First, Jove had told them they could go around and speak to merchants, convincing them to join reiner's side in this time of the race to the throne. Shichiro thought about it but he wasn't exactly known for his social abilities. It seems like Jove was more suited to handling those kinds of things so he figured he'd be able to take care of it should they have to deal with it. He'd be there for support. The second event was much more up his alley since he was more for intimidation and muscle.

With that, he decided one which of the two he wanted. "Well, let's deal with the rowdy individuals at the gates harassing the Reiner supporters first, after that, then we can go around trying to convince merchants to join Reiner's cause," Shichiro had said. It was an easy choice after all.

#7Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 1:18 am

Jove Augustus
Jove nodded as Shichiro responded, watching the companion of his worship the fruit that was placed into its paws with glee. He didn't smile, but the lines in his face softened and his shoulders noticeably relaxed. Something about seeing this creature so happy acted as a relaxant to the businessman. Considering Shichiro was bringing the beast with him even on jobs like this, Jove figured that it was likely able to be utilized for combat, but right now it just looked like a normal pet that was overjoyed with the gift from its owner.

At that point, he turned his attention back to Shichiro and nodded, turning and beginning to lead the pair towards one of the town entrances. As he walked, he continued to whittle down the cigarette in his hand until it was low enough that he felt comfortable flicking it onto the ground. As he stepped on top of it, the bottom of his foot sparked bright like a fire had been formed beneath of it. Once his foot moved, any traces of the cigarette had been completely incinerated.

Before long they were at the gates to the city, and as they stepped out Jove looked around and took in the complete lack of life. "I don't know if we should just walk along the roads or look through the nearby woods to find traces of encampment. Apparently the harassers stay nearby."

#8Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Thu Jun 03, 2021 11:18 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Now that he has made his choice, Shichiro figured his new companion would lead him to where these events are happening and surely enough, he did. When Jove began to lead the way, Shichiro followed his lead. They had gone towards one of the town entrances in order to deal with the situations mentioned previously by his partner. At some point, he watched as Jove finished his cigarette and flick it haphazardly, stepping on it to put it out. At least he was thorough enough to not burn the entire place down by putting it out himself. Back to the matter at hand, Shichiro had begun to observe the area around them as they walked.

Eventually, they had made it to the town's entrance to which Jove had asked Shichiro for his advice on the matter. He said he wasn't sure if they needed to walk along the roads or search the nearby woods. Shichiro wasn't fond of being lost in new lands so he made a suggestion. "Me and you will follow the road in front of us while my companion will search the nearby woods. Even if he gets lost, he'll find his way back to us," Shichiro had said. It was their best option for now as he was assuming Jove was also unsure of the lands.

#9Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Fri Jun 04, 2021 12:58 pm

Jove Augustus
Jove nodded, looking ahead and beginning to walk. His sunglasses reflected the light with their green tint, protecting his gaze and making it easier to look into the distance despite the sun being out before them. As he walked down the dirt road and silence enveloped them, the rune knight decided that now was as good of a time as any to try to get to know his fellow knight. "So why the Rune Knights?" He didn't bother to mince words, nor did he try to build up to the question with small talk. He was never one for speaking just to speak, and figured this was a much better way to get to know his companion.

Besides, it wasn't as if they were extremely on guard. The companion that Shichiro possessed, though Jove knew nothing of its capabilities, was still a form of beast. Their senses were often times heightened many times over that of a human, and even with a Mages heightened awareness beasts were nothing to scoff at. He was certain that any sort of attack would be warned of well in advance. Besides, it wasn't like he was one to drop his guard. His eyes still scanned the treeline and the road ahead, his ears straining for the telltale signs of footsteps in their surrounding.

#10Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Fri Jun 04, 2021 3:26 pm

Shichiro Uchida
And with that, the plan was set into motion. Since his companion understood the human language, he didn't need to say it again or instruct him any further than that. Turning his head towards his companion, Shichiro just gave a simple nod before his companion, Lily, responded with, 'Roger'. Followed by Lily hopping off of Shichiro's shoulder, scurrying off into the nearby woods in order to scout for the two rune knights. With Panther Lily gone, Shichiro had managed to follow Jove when he started to walk down the  road in search of the rabble that was causing the commotion.

As they walked, Jove had asked Shichiro a straightforward question to which Shichiro had a straightforward answer. "Why the Rune Knights, that's an easy one. Money. I like obtaining money to fuel my hobbies. Tracking down and hunting bounties is the fastest way to achieving said goal. I plan to use it to fund my own projects one day. used to be a mercenary and before that a blacksmith," he said as they walked. Shichiro wanted to ask him why he joined the Knights when suddenly Lily Panther had quickly returned as he left. It seems he's found some of the troublemakers and lured them back to their current location.

Returning back to Shichiro's side, Lily had pointed to the small group of people following behind him angrily, saying they were definitely the group they were looking for. "Well, it seems my companion has found them, what should we do from here," Shichiro had asked his partner. If it were up to him, he'd start just hitting them immediately but if Jove wanted to go about it a different way, he wouldn't be against it.

#11Jove Augustus 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Sat Jun 05, 2021 2:01 am

Jove Augustus
As Jove turned to the rapidly approaching Lily Panther, Shichiro asked him how they should handle it. In just the brief time, it felt as thought this knight was a bit of a kindred spirit. Neither of them found discomfort in silence, and both of them seemed to be in the Rune Knights for honestly mundane reasons. Neither had aspirations to be some big hero, or unreasonable expectations about the life they'd chosen to live. Shichiro seemed practical, reliable, honest, and straight forward. If they'd had more time together, he'd perhaps even be a good friend.

Jove tilted his head to the side and buckled his knees, dropping round six inches from where he had been allowing an arrow to fly past where his face had once been and into the forest behind them. "Well, it doesn't seem like there's any misunderstandings here." He stood straight once more.

As the bandits poured onto the road, Jove and Shichiro made quick work of them. The fight was, in all honesty, overwhelmingly one sided. Once again Jove saw the difference in raw output between him and his partner. It seemed every time he met Reiner he was met with yet another monstrosity.

Yet now their job was complete, and they were free to go.


#12Shichiro Uchida 

 Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Shichiro) Empty Tue Jun 08, 2021 12:38 am

Shichiro Uchida
Watching Lily panther lead the ramble towards them, both Shichiro and his partner, Jove had taken care of the rabble in an instant. It sort of felt good to him as some sort of stress relief. With that out of the way, it was time for them to go their separate ways.Lily Panther had returned to Shichiro's side climbing up his body and relaxing between his back and the shield. As usual Shichiro returned to the last spot in which he would try and ask around for the occasional odd job or two to earn a little bit more money on the side. He didn't have much luck so he figured it was time for him to move on from this place.

With that, Shichiro decided he would use this time to take a break and see what the food was like here in Bosco. It wasn't an ideal place since he was just in a relatively small town but he figured he'd start with something anyway. he'd feed his companion along side with him and so, when they were both done, Shichiro decided it was time for him to head out as well in order to take another job in the name of Reiner.


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