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Heist Disguise [Quest]

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Heist Disguise [Quest] Empty Mon May 31, 2021 2:35 am

The night was starting as Fala had shit to do. Some person named Neal wanted her hot attention, but was he even hot himself? Meeting at a dark alley was quite and mighty suspicious as that was where most of the bad stuff happens. She shrugged it off as she was sure her lovely Demon Lord, Pink Llama sama was going to protect her if anything bad happens. Fala flicked her bangs away from her pretty eyes that sparkled like purple saturn where nothing else could compare - unless you're Uranus. Meeting up with Neal, they started to talk and would talk so much that he talked over her sometimes.

There was no possible chance to asking questions. He wanted to inform her that she will have to go to several local merchant stalls and steal some items for him to use as a disguise. What kind of damn weirdo needs a woman to steal shit so he could disguise himself? What was the whole point of it? She rolled her eyes and started to leave so she could see what all the stalls had. Maybe she could make him wear a dress and a female wig. That'd be funny, right?

Sadly, he made a list of do's and don't's as she was not allowed to get anything feminie. Of course a quest will want to ruin her fun. First stall she decided to grab what he firstly asked or which was a mask and a hat. Did he really need both? He could just deal with one and go without the other. This hat was pretty ugly so maybe it would not be missed. Her eyes then gazed to see if there was a mask that could perhaps go missing without it being actually missed. There were some options, but she felt like the one that was tan to dark brown was the best choice.

She snatched that one without being really noticed. Sighing, she went off to the next one, twirling about innocently to the second stall. She just wanted to have fun, but this mission seems boring as heaven. She took a sudden stop as she looked at some cloaks. There were some shiny red ones, some with icons of famous people and then some dirty dark ones with a tare on it.

That seemed fine. She quickly grabbed it and went off to the second location to see if she could find a black tracksuit? She questioned the person's fashion sense, but she went to go grab it instead and next she went for the shoes. Some shoes from the last stall looked nice the last time she saw them. As she walked towards it she was approached by some Rune Knight who was suspicious of her. Her eyes looked at the guy's eyes and then towards the direction she could run and then back at the rune knight again. Quickly, she jolted off to the other side making the guy think she was going to run in the direction she was looking at. Once she lost him, she gave Neal the crap he wanted and then rewarded her.



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