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Battle of Muhuictlan

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Battle of Muhuictlan Empty Sun May 30, 2021 4:47 pm


Battle of Muhuictlan

Mzuma nearly fatally wounded Wilhelm at the Battle of Muhuictlan. A wounded Wilhelm had to be rushed to the capital to get the best treatment available in Bosco in order to survive. The surgery was successful but it left Wilhelm bound to his bed till he recovered. Unable to move, Wilhelm had a lot of time to think about the future of Bosco and his ambitions. While bedridden, Wilhelm received a lot of visits from his younger sister Hildegard. She'd tell Wilhelm stories about her campaign and in return, Wilhelm would give her strategic advice. Eventually, Hildegard almost managed to convince Wilhelm that giving the different people of these lands a moderate amount of autonomy would be good for Bosco and that it shouldn't mean the end of a strong unified Bosco. Based on his experiences, Wilhelm warned Hildegard about the possibility of insurrections when the bit of freedom they gained was no longer enough for them. After nights of discussions, Wilhelm and Hildegard came up with a solution. Should Hildegard succeed and Wilhelm recover, Wilhelm would become Supreme Commander to ensure that Bosco would never fall apart due to reasons internal nor external. Till then, Wilhelm would assist Hildegard with strategic advice from his bed.

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