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Blue Pegasus [Take 2]

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Despite its reputation stemming mostly from the beautiful and fashionable men and women in it, Blue Pegasus is a powerful guild which is kept in high regard. Blue Pegasus puts its priority in helping their members achieve their goals, believing in supporting their pillars rather than raising their ceilings. While the reality places people who are not always traditionally "beautiful" within the confines of Blue Pegasus, the guild would argue that with you. They find beauty in the natural drive that their members have to improve and further themselves, and they will constantly use everything they can to aid their members. While this sometimes leads to a spread out and sporadic guild, the members will always come together when their home needs them.

Notorious for their diplomatic nature, members of Blue Pegasus prefer to solve conflicts non violently and expand their influence using cultural and economic means. That said, they are in no way pacifistic and will readily take up arms to defend themselves or an ally, using every ounce of the power they spend their lives nurturing, to seek a swift, decisive victory instead of drawn out war. Speak softly, and carry a big stick.


  • The user may not take any Bad Quests.

  • The user is not allowed to break any of the council-set laws or do any actions that would be considered detrimental to the safety of the country of Fiore.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Blue Pegasus to others for as long as they live.

  • The user may not harm other members of the guild. Rivalry is fine, but should they forsake the entirety of the guild for their selfish desires, consequences are in place.

  • The user must never use former contacts met through their being in the guild for personal gain.

  • The user must try to look at their best always and dress properly. When you look at your best, you will motivate yourself to behave at your best as well.

  • The user must constantly strive for self improvement. There are no walls, only plateaus to overcome. Take no shortcuts, for there is no greater power than that you develop yourself.


Blue Pegasus' base is a single block, square building composed of very massive, pink bricks, with a pair of towers, approximately the same height as the building itself, dividing the facade in three sections, with the side ones being slightly taller than the central one, which is topped by a railing and has its central part composed of pink, flat stones; this part is topped by a railing, which, almost below it, has a golden-framed, shield-shaped sign bearing Blue Pegasus' symbol in various shades of purple. The arched entrance, possessing two large, arched handles, is topped by a peculiar balcony, with a dark window with an intricately decorated frame sitting behind a glass railing with a metal frame in the shape of arrows jutting outwards. Topping the building is a large dome with a light blue tiled roof, ending in a series of small pillars holding up an additional, tiny dome. Sprouting from each of the building's sides is a mildly large, stylized feathery wing composed of stone, in reference to the guild's theme. The inside of the guild is consisted of three floors. The first floor leads into a stylish pub and lounge, decorated with many different types of fancy and elegant furniture. The second floor and third floor are a mix of things commonly seen in hotels - rooms, lounge areas, and even small libraries and studies.

After the recent renovations, Blue Pegasus has built a large residential annex with luxurious features, rivalling those of a lavish hotel. This allows any members and their families to make their living comfortably inside the guild. The annex additionally includes a large outdoor area with a swimming pool, where the Guild Members throw regular parties


Cool in her countenance and charismatic, Alisa Vollan has long been held as a jewel the ‘crown’ of Blue Pegasus, and perhaps the mages of Fiore as a whole, and even before she stepped up to the position of Guild Master she had certainly proven that she was worthy of such a prestigious position. Charming to a fault, there is no one like her who can quite measure up to this woman’s ability to turn a phrase to make the people close to her feel special or thrilled, and for a long time she exploited this talent to win and perhaps even break no small number of hearts across the country.

Beneath all of that the girl showing a real sense of grit and dedication to her sense of justice, tragedy early in her life has given this amazing amazon a passion for the pursuit of righteousness and a strong intolerance for sources of evil, demons especially. Famed as a hunter of devils, despite her usual composure this is a clear indicator of a far fiery character that bubbles beneath the fine façade that this fantastic femme presents and steadily she has learned to be less guarded about this warmer side to her character to show a much stronger sentiment of sincerity with her effortless and ever present sense of enchanting allure, making her an even greater threat to the chastity of the people around her.


  • Heartbreaker: The holder gains the Unyielding Endurance ability.

  • Casanova/Femme Fatale: The holder gains the Eye of Intuition ability.

  • Socialite: The holder can use Thought Projection.

    Pegasus Abilities:

    Name: Unyielding Endurance
    Rank: D-S
    Mana Cost: -
    Requirements: Heartbreaker
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: N/A
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user can negate a spell they observe clearly once it comes within a 5 meter range. The mana cost to negate a spell is double the amount that is used to cast the spell they are negating without the target's Intelligence being applied to it. The cooldown is based on the rank of the spell, according to the cooldown regulations of the forum, and not the cooldown of the actual spell.

    Name: Eye of Intuition
    Rank: D-S
    Mana Cost: -
    Requirements: Casanova/Femme Fatale
    Type: -
    Element: -
    Range: N/A
    Cooldown: -
    Duration: Instant
    Effect: The user can cast a copy of a spell they observe in the thread. The spell cannot be trained or added to the user's list of spells, and can only be cast for the duration of that thread. It must be an exact copy of the spell executed. The mana cost to copy a spell is double the amount that is used to cast the spell they are copying without the target's Intelligence being applied to it. The cooldown is based on the rank of the spell, according to the cooldown regulations of the forum, and not the cooldown of the actual spell.

    Name: Thought Projection
    Rank: S
    Mana Cost: 500
    Requirements: Socialite
    Type: Supplementary
    Element: Arcane
    Range: N/A
    Cooldown: 7 Days
    Duration: Sustain
    Effect: The user closes their eyes and enters a meditative state in which they disconnect themselves from the world around them. The user then creates and conjures a projection of themselves elsewhere in the world, where they are capable of hearing, sight, and speech only. They cannot physically interact with the world around them, meaning they cannot attack or cast spells, and can be dispelled by S-rank damage. For the projection to succeed it must be somewhere they have either been before or someplace someone close to the user is present.


Level 1:

  • Christina: The user has access to a mobile location called "Christina", the signature aerial ship of blue Pegasus. The guild master can relocate Christina once per month, allowing guild members to rp in that location.

Level 2:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 10% discount in the shop on magics and items.

Level 3:

  • Armée de l'air: The signature Aerial Ship of Blue Pegasus, the Magic Bomber Christina allows members of the guild to respond swiftly to attacks on themselves or their allies. This allows them to reply to conquest attempts or guild raids regardless of their current location, without having to exit their current threads. When using this ability, the user can only post in those specific threads.

Level 4:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 20% discount in the shop on magics and items.

Level 5:

  • Shop Discount: The user gets a 30% discount in the shop on magics and items.


  • Alisa Vollan: Guild Master

  • Daiko Flayme: Heartbreaker

  • Manzo Mattori: Casanova

  • Sophia Serena: Socialite

  • Noel Raion: Member

  • Raymus Kouris: Member

  • Lee Nakamura: Member

  • Atani: Member

  • Jin Tatsumi: Member

  • Razeluxe: Member

  • September Vollan: Member

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