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Tempris D-Rank: Baska Outskirts - Talking Skull

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Tempris D-Rank: Baska Outskirts - Talking Skull Empty Sat May 29, 2021 1:02 pm


Tempris warned around the outskirts as she was instructed by the client. She was to retrieve some heretical skeleton from a graveyard because it had life or something stupid. She really did not like this whole thing but she needed money. There was an item she was saving up for which would greatly help her in her battle to save the world. Until then, she had to settle for helping these lowly sinners... but hey, they at least didn't make her go around asking people to model for some stupid designer. Tempris really hated that guy.

She had a Black cloak covering her head and dress. Underneath she had on a dark blue veil with a gold cloth over her forehead and a simple short sleeve dark blue vest. She had on black boots with black socks and there was a hook on her back to hold her sword which was mostly covered by her cloak. Lastly, she had on her black plague mask. She did not want to be recognized though out the night which is why her clothing was so dark. Of course, once she took her sword out, that would rune her disguise... giving she left any witnesses.

As she wandered the outskirts, she came across a graveyard that held all the traits listed by the client. Filled with tombstones, dark and heretical, dead oak tree in the corner which housed a murder of crows that never slept... okay maybe that last part was just something Tempris imagined but still, it was a creepy place. However, there was one defining detail that one could not overlook. The place was covered with Zombies. Also, there was a... figure standing among them.

Tempris creeped up to a stone wall and poked her head over it. The figured turned out not to be a human or a living thing. It was a Lich, or skeleton. She did not really know the difference. They both were creatures which should be cleansed from this world. Well, at least nobody would be upset if the heretical walking corpses' disappeared. Tempris climbed onto the wall and pulled out her sword. Then she jumped down and toasted every zombie in a fluid motion. Soon the whole graveyard was burning in holy fire and the only two "living" things, if you could call a skeleton living, was Tempris and the chattering pile of bones.
"Howdy uhh... mister? I dont know what you are."
"Salutations little girl with a flaming stick..."
"Im not little... unless, you want to be a pile of flaming sticks!"
"Oh, my apologizes... Um please. I'm peaceful. Just trying to enjoy my jolly time among friends... or what use to be friends."
"Dont care. You will come with me whole, or you will come with me as just a head. I just need proof you can talk and im sure your heretical magic doesn't need a body."
"Fair point... umm, I'll just come with you."
Tempris huffed, disappointed she didn't get to strike it down. She returned the skeleton to the client and got paid.

WC: 500/500

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