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Karisa woke up in her room on her bed of white sheets, covered in a black and red blanket. She clenched onto her blankets and nuzzled against her pillow. "Afternoon, sunshine. It's time to be less boring~" Karisa heard a woman purr in her speech as her tone was mature and dark. She was confused by this voice as she literally forgot what happened last night, or was it yesterday? It then clicked making her rise out of bed. Her head turned to see Eris standing there, leaing against the wall of hers. The place didn't look like her normal room of bamboo and mahogany walls. These sheets also felt different now that she thought about it

What exactly has happened throughout the time she was gone? She slowly turned out of bed and scooted closer to the edge Her head tilted enough to gaze at her as her hand touched her face. She felt long hair tickle against her sides as even her hair got longer. What exactly has happened to her? She just got fully up and walked towards the window to gaze outside. She was welcomed by darkness and dead trees. There was no living plant life within her view. This had to be Dahlia. There were only a couple of places that was like this. Sighing softly, she turned away and swayed her hips to the wardrobe to grab a pair of pants and a crop top. Her choice of shoes today was more like army boots that are black. She twisted her body to gaze towards Eris who was cleaning her nails with a nail filer. Karisa 's eyes rolled and went towards the mirror to gaze at herself. Her eyes widened at the differences of how she now looked. "You finally noticed, mmm? Hahaha,",Eris spoke and chuckled.


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She shrugged it off and put on some earrings, her dress, and walked out. Eris followed along as she wanted to know exactly what humans did on a daily basis. Today she was going to go out and do some quests. Not to get stronger, but to help the innocent people within this gloomy town. Karisa did not see this place as a city due to the small amounts of buildings and residents. The weather outside felt good against her long black hair as her eyes of brown and gold gazed towards the tavern that will have the quests. She wondered what Eris expected out of today since she was unsure what exactly she wanted to do. She understood Chaos, but causing pain and strife to innocent people better not be in her list of all things.

Karisa's finger folded towards her to summon her staff to follow. It floated in the air an inch off the ground. She nudged her head to follow and it did. She started to walk out the door and was introduced to the darkness of the town. This town was like this every day as the sun rarely existed in these parts. She walked towards the town center to see if anyone needed any help, but what she got was something she did not mind doing. It was something she sort of prefered. Her eyes spotted a notice for anyone to go out in the woods and hunt down some werewolves that have been causing issues among the people here. It was strange to know that even this town did not want savage-like werewolves to roam around their living space, causing havic and harm to the people.

She listened to a dark chuckle right before speaking, "Oh, Karisa, but chaos is what we want,~" Eris purred and striked her a gaze. Kari explained that the chaos she was willing to do was not towards innocent people, but Eris scoffed.


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She went along anyways to play the little game. She flipped her dark raven hair with highlights of brown as she walked towards the woods. "We're going to destroy these things. Even if we have to destroy the woods." Her voice was hazy as it was like two voices were speaking at once. She went forward towards the darkened trees to gaze around for any signs. There could be any signs from; claw marks, foot prints that were a huge version of a wolves and more. The tall goddess went to feel the tree trunks with her soft nimble fingers, her flats were smashing against the grass and nose smelled the true nature of the area.

As her mind was going through wanders, she felt a little bit off from a touch of wood. Her feet suddenly stopped and head to eyes gazed at the trunk in question. She wondered what it was as she stepped closer. Karisa guessed it was claw marks, but was it from a werewolf or maybe a bear? All she really knew was that it was coming from a large animal. She lifted her fingers off from the tree and went towards the direction the path was leading her. Her eyes gazed at each corner while also watching where she was stepping. Her heart was pounding out of anxiously waiting to be attacked or perhaps it was the feeling of being watched by who knows what. The place was getting colder and darker as the amount of light she was getting was a small amount from the moon and stars.

Every so often she will only get a glimpse due to the fact the tree branches and leaves were hiding the sky. "If only you were a caaat.~" Eris spoke with sarcasm and fake pity.


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Kari rolled her dark brown eyes as she was a little annoyed at her. Enough was enough as she finally hit the point. She was hit in an open area as she was in a circle formation. A few people came out, a certain one stood out more than the rest. They were certainly the leader of the pack, right? She gave a straight face as they spoke to her in a rather hasty manner. The man was buff, stereotypical werewolf at that as he had his hands in his pocket and had that whole tough look on him. He did have to try to act tough for his boys now.

She was well known for a lot of things; killing people that she feels are bad, helping the innocent people and being a war hero as well. She does not believe in the fact that that was her past life, that was still her! She was still there in Crocus. Eris sliterhered against her right side as she leaned against her. She told her to calm down as the men then questioned her business there. Karisa sighed and explained how they were causing issues and she was here to put a stop to it. The men gazed at each other before then going in a defensive posture. Was this really nessaery? She flicked her hand and swayed her forearm in a swipe, creating a long arcane ray of lilac colored. It blew them away as it knocked them on the ground. One of them was about to get back up, but her fingerbang comet went towards the werewolf and put them down. She was sad she had to shoot down a dog, but some had to be put down due to endangerment issues of the people. Karisa flipped her long beautiful hair and turned away as she left to go back to Dahlia. Maybe she should just walk back to Hosenka after all.


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