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Name: April 30th | Seika

Age: 28 | 30/4/X763

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: Desiertian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Back of the right hand

Face: Ogun Montgomery - Fire Force


Height: 6’ 3”

Weight: 187 lbs.

Hair: Black

Eyes: Golden Orange

Overall: April 30th has dark skin, and black hair that is faded on the sides. Reminiscent of his Desiertian roots, he wears the hair that isn’t shaved in a tight set of dreads that rest atop his head. His facial features remain in a near constant stern look, though occasionally they will slip into a rather impassive stare that seems to extend far beyond whoever he is conversing with. His body is lithe and athletic, akin to that of an experienced martial artist. He tends to wear a rather drab set of clothes, usually some sort of colored plain tee and pants, however when on the job prefers to wear clothes that resemble those of a firefighter.  

Extra: N/A


Personality: A rather stern individual, he seems to take his job fairly seriously. He is considered by most to be a rather straightforward person, often giving one or two word responses to questions and inquiries. Due to this, he is often isolated from others, which is actually preferred by him. He has an extremely protective personality, oftentimes overextending himself when on the job to keep the many civilians around him safe. This often leads to him being rather upset with himself when he causes collateral damage due to his magic. Due to his upbringing in Desiertio, he is a rather religious person and can be seen praying to his patron saint before every battle.

In battle his personality flips just slightly, becoming more outspoken and battle lusted to the point of almost seeming like a berserker. He can be seen wildly attacking those he considers his targets without abandon, only considering the resulting damages after he’s completed the assignment. While his battle lusted state may seem to be mindless, his mind is often working in overdrive, taking in oftentimes unnecessarily large amounts of data to allow himself to make many judgement calls in the heat of battle. This sometimes leads to him seeming almost precognitient to his opponents when he seemingly changes a mode of attack or battle tactic in the middle of an action just to use the correct means to counter their movements. Due to this many of his peers often express their dislike of facing him in battle more than once, as the second battle ends up being more of a formal beat down than an actual fight.


  • The Sun: Having been raised in the Church of Sol, a love of the sun and it’s ever glowing radiance was instilled in Seika from an early age. He can often be found gazing in the general direction of the sun, never looking directly at it, but always at least facing it when he has a chance. He greatly despises the fact that his occupation causes him to cover most of his body from the sun and will take any opportunity to remove said clothing on his off time.
  • Combat: Considered by his peers as something similar to a combat junkie, Seika absolutely adores fighting. Occasionally finding himself in illegal boxing rings, Seika overwhelmingly prefers hand to hand and melee based combat over any magical fighting, however this doesn’t mean he’ll shy away from it. He often will use his magic to either cover certain weaknesses in his fighting style or to accent certain moves he is performing. Seika considers a battle sacred and follows several of his own mental tenants that he upholds in any battle that he comes across.


  • Dishonor: As stated above, Seika follows his own personal code of combat instilled in him over years of honed artistry and constant lessons from his mentors. Those that break these tenants are in his eyes beneath worthless and will often be subjected to a savage beating by Seika himself. This can sometimes put him at odds with those he’s aiding as they perceive his methods antithesis to his objective, however in his mind the only thing that matters is a good fight, and breaking one of his tenants and ruining what in his mind could be considered a good fight is as good as failing the objective to him.
  • Idleness: Being an extremely active person in the daytime, Seika absolutely abhors idleness and will often tap along with his foot or practice different moves that he’s learned or honed over the years if he finds himself with some bit of down time.


  • Unknown: It is unknown what motivates Seika currently. The far off looks and the ever so distant glare bely a greater sense of intelligence beneath the berserkers outward appearance. While he seems to follow orders for now, it is clear to anyone who pays attention that he does so only with the slightest hint of hesitation. The only things that seem to catch his attention for any period of time are the sun and combat, but who knows for how long that will continue to be.


  • Extended Periods of Darkness: Being a devout worshipper of the Sun, Seika has become familiar with and completely embraced the Sun as his savior and provider. Due to this he has attributed all of the sun’s light and brilliance to any other light source at least as prominent as a torch, considering them smaller fragments of a greater brilliance. Due to this however he can not stand being in large sections of darkness for long without feeling even the greatest bit of discomfort. The lack of knowledge and certainty that the dark brings creates a sense of anxiety and dread within his being that can only be fixed through use of his magic or being graced with the presence of any light source brighter than a torch.
  • Drowning: Being from a land of endless deserts, Seika has a good deal of inexperience when it comes to large bodies of water. Due to this he has a rather irrational fear of drowning in anything larger than a pool.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 4

Speed: 2

Constitution: 2

Endurance: 11

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Pyrokinesis aka Fire Magic

Magic Element: Fire

Magic Enhancement: Life Steal

Magic Description: Essentially any other Fire Magic, Pyrokinesis allows Seika to create and shape the concept and element of fire. This fire has the normal properties of any other fire aside from coming into being from essentially nothing.


History: Born to the shadowy society known as the Calender Initiative, Seika’s early life was filled with nothing but tests and misery. He was not allowed to know how his mother and father were, taken away from both and raised as part of Group C, he was groomed and molded into what the scientists thought the perfect warrior should be alongside his fellow Calendars. He was only given the name Seika after his pyrokinesis abilities manifested, giving him a wide berth of skills and abilities that he could hone and master.

Unlike most of the various groups under the umbrella of the Calendar, Seika’s group did not reside underground, instead existing under the guise of a battle monastery, excess want and need were quickly beaten out of the child until all that was left was the yearn for the next battle. His urges and wants were replaced with a need for the next fight, a need for the next challenge. The monastery also taught him to cherish his brothers and sisters however, never to deem them as challengers, targets or usurpers unless they were directly pitted under each other. These guidelines were paramount to his growth and shaped who he would eventually become as the boy slowly grew into a man.

The monastery he was raised at worshipped a vague yet prominent benefactor. Considered a sect of the Holy Sol, they were instructed to be devout worshipers, always to work towards the benevolent Sol. The Great Sun’s warmth was a constant friend and companion to Seika over the years as he bled and sweated all over the dusty courtyards between matches. It wasn’t until he had hit the age of twenty-one that he was allowed to finally leave, tasked with exploring the lands and spreading the word of Sol. His travels eventually brought him into contact with the nation of Fiore and the Rune Knights. Finding a sort of kindred, yet loose connection with the organization, he pledged his services to the group and worked to keep Fiore safe, if only until he received his next order.

Reference: I’ve been here essentially forever my guy. Go away.


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This character application has been approved.

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