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Pillows & Awoohs make for a nice life [Valerie]

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In the aftermath of the recent events at the Blue Pegasus guildhall Esperia had decided to take Valerie to the beach. Of course, the beach itself came with an additional benefit: the fact her lover would be wearing a bikini. The thought alone already made Esperia smile sheepishly as she had changed into her own outfit, which came in the form of a black bikini and string. Of course, the young vampire was quite a peculiar presence on the beach when one took in consideration her vampirism. Yet amusingly enough Esperia seemed entirely unaffected by it, rather, she was practically bouncing over the place.

Esperia snickered as she led Valerie to a nearby secluded cover, having carried a basket with some towels in it to place on the sand, and even a bottle with sunbathing oil, totally not with ulterior motives in mind.

"Darling~ The Azure Beach really is nice, isn't it? The people of Hargeon often try their hardest to make it all clean and maintain it like this. But then again, I believe the most beautiful sight on this beach is you~"

Musing with a sheepish grin as she placed the basket on the sand, she couldn't help but find herself oddly at ease despite the lack of protection of armor or weaponry.

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Priscilla Ivalice
Was this exactly the best idea? maybe it was more of the alone time between the two that always made this nice and she really did not know maybe other ways now that she married a vampire. It was not like she could cook or make other things like drinks for her. And also well Esperia chose this and wanted it to be just the two of them. It seemed the boy would have to another day to be taken to the beach, Gave her time to figure out how to prepare him for it.

It has been a while since she had been to a beach, But well a black Bikini with red strips would be adorn and considering she was not scared of what she had, there was not shyness when walking around in with what she had so to say. This was a heaven for Esperia.

It was entirely expected that Esperia would most likely have something in mind here, She did marry the vampire, she had a feeling what might happen here."I mean, I have not been to a beach in a long while now, It is a nice area as much as Hargeon as a place has been."The conversation started as they were heading to the place of Esperia's choosing.

There was a wonderful feeling seeing Esperia feeling comfortable, After all even if the werewolf was comfortable in her own flesh, it was nice to see she was too."A blanket huh? What else did you bring?"It was funny to point out but in some manner how this went might just be picked up in some manner, not that exactly noted.

Nonetheless it was starting to show how delightful quiet and nice being at a this part of the beach was for them. Did she ask what was in the basket?


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Indeed, her nature as a vampire made some things that were ordinary among a married couple, be impossible for them. For example, while Esperia could eat meals and drink, she no longer could taste any flavors from it, nor did she gain nutrients from it either. At first, it had been a depressing revelation for her, but Valerie's understanding and supportive nature made Esperia quickly adjust to that shortcoming.

It also helped that feeding like the way she did was both delicious, pleasant, and exciting in its own way, so it was a sacrifice she had accepted easily in return for what she received. The sight of her wife in a bikini outfit made Esperia's gaze soften as she hummed happily. "You look absolutely delicious~" Her eyes clearly wandering all over the place, her odd choice of wording was quickly caught up on, cheeks turning red as she quickly corrected herself: "Gorgeous I mean~ You're really beautiful! Well also delicious but you know what I mean~"

Esperia playfully flailed her arms for a moment to try to calm down the sudden panic she felt at the odd wording and nodded her head sheepish in return to Valerie's response about the beach.

The blanket was spotted, earning a playful chuckle from Esperia who pointed up at the sun. "A bikini-clad wife~ A scorching sun overhead~ Of course, I brought along some sun-bathing oil! Like those lotions that keep your skin from getting burnt by the sun~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
She was starting to wonder if her wife was hungry, So she no doubt had to ask right away."Listen Dear I know what I am, So are you implying you need to feed?"It was a good thing to pose right away, mostly because these kind of things were never right away in front of Hasani because it was most likely be dear inducing to watch your mother get bitten even if Esperia was always so gentle and nice about it, Which was a wonderful benefit.

Valerie would just settle into a sitting on the towel she simple just took Esperia by the hand and pulled her on to her lap."I would ask you to control yourself, However I know what I got myself into well enough by now."Even smiling about it, At least they could always find some way to enjoy being around one another, lewdness or not.

she would shift Esperia into a straddling position. Then she would take  both of her hands lean in close enough and gave Esperia two kisses upon her lips keeping her hands held by hers she would start leading them far away from either of their bodies, Slowly this could seem almost like Valerie might have been planning something.

But was she really up to something? maybe for the moment it just seemed she just wanted to give her own wife a few kisses."So in the end it is all love for you."in some manner it could easily cheesy, but it made them work.

Was the wholesome moment over? well it might have been, So doubt Esperia was slowly being winded up in some manner from all affection being placed upon her. So when Valerie did what she would be doing next it must have been a test to see what would happen.

Valerie would pull a move her wife normally did, by  there is she would stick her face right into her chest, mostly because teasing Esperia had it's own fun in this manner. The sun tan lotion would have to for a moment it seemed.


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Esperia's face turned scarlet red, shaking her head from one side to the other. "Nono~ I'm not hungry! I'm in a totally wholesome and romantic mood!" Esperia exclaimed as if she tried to deny the fact that seeing her lover like this did make her the different type of 'h'.

Suddenly being pulled onto Valerie's lap she smiled warmly at her lover, whose playful remark about controlling herself earned a playful pout that vanquished the moment their lips touched, hands gently interlocking their fingers as she basked in the affection and the joy of their kiss.

Even the encore came, another kiss following with more passion than the previous one, and when their lips parted the words spoken by Valerie earned a brief giggle from the vampire. "Of course~ After all my love for you is overwhelming~"

However, the sudden pressing of Valerie's face into her cleavage earned a soft gasp of surprise from Esperia, the teasing gesture earning a soft giggle from the vampire who raised one of her hands away from their side and tried to tenderly caress Valerie's head, fingers affectionately stroking her long hair. "I might be a lewdling~ but I'm your lewdling~"

Esperia whispered affectionately, even going the extra mile to arch her back slightly so Valerie could enjoy the soft pillowy sensation a bit more.

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Priscilla Ivalice
In some manner there had to be the remark of."Wholesome and romantic? Are we changing places now?"Could not help but laugh at this, But it was still nice to have it happen, Then again Valerie was bit a more dominate this time anyway.

Well it seemed true they were here for a more wholesome moment, Even if in reality in some manner she was the first one being slightly lewd."I am starting to understand why you enjoy this so much."It was fairly comfortable, Like well walking with your own set of pillows as the wife would say, Nonetheless after the moment was done.

After nuzzling where her face was for a moment. It was their continuing moment. Pulling her head away, Then she would just simply lead Esperia to lay on the blanket."Very well, you first then."This would be turned on Esperia first, Valerie picked up and had the bottle of suntan lotion on her hands."After all you are correct, it help to not burn in the sun."It was funny to Valerie because she assumed Esperia wanted to be the one to apply this to her first just Valerie was just making herself do it first.

"Back or front first dear?"It was interesting to see what would happen next, Because she had no idea in which she would choose at least however."Do not worry, You can deal with me next I promise."Even if it was not really a promise she needed to make it just was still how they were. Nonetheless waiting quietly Valerie was waiting to see what Esperia would be settling into first, Since well it was a wonderful thing that could be a bit playful in nature. Unless, well."Or do you want me to choose dear?"


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Esperia couldn't help but giggle at Valerie's remark about them switching places. It was true that Esperia usually was the more goofy and silly of the two, and also the more lecherous one, but she could also be very wholesome and romantic when the need for it arrived.

"Mhmm~ It's very comfortable to snuggle into them, especially when you are in the mood to relax and rest a little." Esperia hummed happily, talking as if she was giving advice on some sort of training exercise or something very natural and proper, rather than nuzzling your face into the cleavage of your lover.

Valerie's sudden decision to have her go first made Esperia blink for a moment in bewilderment, having not anticipated the intiative but soon started to smile once more as she went to lay down on the blanket, her torso resting against it while she turned her head sideways and hummed softly. "Back is fine~"

It seemed like a clever choice to catch her lover off-guard, but hearing the last question she couldn't help but muse teasingly. "Unless you want to enjoy some time with my front side a bit longer~"

It seemed two teasers could play this game~

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was all in food fun in the end, much like the beach trip seemed to be."Do keep in mind, I do still love the romantic side as well, Just shows which one i tend to be use too."no discredit to the romantic side of Esperia she stilled love it, she would not have said yes to marriage other wise.

But nonetheless it continued on in terms of conversation."Is that why you are rushing to snuggle as you do when I am laying down to rest?"She already knew that was the reasons, It was just more of that game they played."Here I thought it was because you wanted to see the face of your wife when she awakens in the morning."It showed she paid attention."But I don't judge whichever is the main choice."

"Oh it no, It you have chosen already, So it is very clear what side will be done first dear."So what exactly would be expected, The normal sound of something being squeezed out of a bottle,Valerie did also undid the top from Esperia as well since she was preparing. A casual topic would continue as she started."Well, I do think one day when he is able to talk a bit better, Hasani should be brought down here to start teaching him to swim, It will be a useful skill to teach him."Valerie would be summing up another reason to return here, as she will was applying sun tan lotion to her wife, starting with her back.


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Esperia couldn't help but smile briefly at those words, humming gently in response. "Of course~ After all, it's a lot more fun to show this side of me~" Esperia hummed happily as the inquiry about the snuggling came, which earned a sheepish snickering from the vampire: "A bit of this and a bit of that~"

A happy sigh escaped her lips as Valerie started to carefully apply the sun tan lotion, leading Esperia to muse softly. "It's best to teach him in a pool or a lake first, the sea can be quite unruly at times." Whispering gently she closed her eyes, simply enjoying the gentle massaging of the oil onto her back. It was a pleasant experience, to just relax and allow the worries of the world to slowly fade away.

"At moments like this, I truly feel blessed to have you and Hasani~ Well, of course during all moments but." She paused, trying to think of the best way to express things. "Most people that know me only see the playful lewdling, thinking that I live life without a care in the world. Others might think that I simply do whatever I want."

She closed her eyes and whispered in a tender voice. "Yet, beyond that there is so much more. I saw things, I know things that most won't ever understand. It's not even a matter of trying to explain it, after all there are some things words can't express. I try so hard... so hard to protect this fickle balance, and for what reason? Because some otherwordly entity chose me as one of the few to champion its cause?"

A bitter chuckle escaped her lips as she continued. "Nonsense, I'm not that privileged to be a chosen hero or savior, but if I don't do my work, then the peaceful future I want to create for you and Hasani will just remain a childish ideal, a promise bound to bring disappointment due to it never getting fulfilled."

She sighed, closing her eyes and smiled. "That is why at moments like this, despite being tired of the burden, that I feel a warmth that encourages me to hold on. As long as I have you and Hasani to fight for, I won't falter. Although I guess from now on I should include Lillim to that list, the girl seems to have grown quite fond of us and Hasani~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
It was a fair counter point to how Valerie had wanted to go about it."Hmm.. Fair point, I guess i am of the mind set to be close by and slowly show him the correct way quickly."Made her wonder if her plans were a bit too extreme, Then remembering for the most part up until the recent year she had really just only raised the little one by herself and only just took break never did once ask how something should be done."Maybe I should also ponder, If my starting lessons might be a bit too much to start with and to be a bit lighter."Then again they where both most likely going over things on there mind.

But then again they where for casual alone time, So maybe getting these conversations would help relax more, Or Valerie needed to figure out other things to try. Stopping for a moment and running a finger gently down your back. It seemed some advise was in order. cupping up her partners face to make her look at her face to face, With a content smile of happiness and a kiss on the cheek."Even if a goal in which is large, some of the small things carry gather meaning."It maybe was not the more in depth but in some ways it could mean something.

Then well Valerie did have to finish working on the back as she was continuing to the hips, in a normal playful manner, it was a chance for her to get a firm and yet gentle squeeze on the butt of her partner while she was finishing applying the lotion on her back."Speaking of our lovely demon daughter, Where is she anyway?..It has been a fair amount of time since I saw her last."then again if she showed up now, She would risk seeing one of her mothers almost entirely naked, But she still had to wonder anyway.

She would tie Esperia's top back together."Alright time to turn around so i can get the front."It lust left that thought on her mind where hopefully the little demon was safe.


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Esperia nodded her head slightly in response to Valerie's words, although there was a benefit to learning things quickly, it was an approach not suited for everyone, at least in her mind it mind had been better to start things a bit easier, after all children needed to crawl before they could walk, right?

"I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out together~" A soft gentle whisper escaped her lips, and as she voiced her thoughts the sudden finger that gently trailed along her back soon drawn her attention, followed by the gentle cuppling of her face as she looked up at Valerie, the warm smile and the kiss on her cheek made Esperia let out a content sigh.

"Those words make me feel more at ease than you imagine my love~" Esperia smiled in response, her arms gently wrapping around Valerie's neck as she whispered softly. "While most won't understand the meaning behind such actions, I do them with the purest of intentions in mind. But then again, I am bound to the role of a spectator, should I intervene too strongly there is the risk other forces will move. Forces that would endanger the balance way too strongly. And yet despite it all I still sometimes-" Suddenly feeling her hips grasped, the hands that squeezed her butt earned a sudden yelp from Esperia who turned around at last, her exposed upper-body accompanied by a faint blush as she snickered softly. "You don't have to worry about Lillim~ She is training inside the city right now. It seems she got fascinated when she heard some stories about the achievements of former guild mages from Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail.

With that said, she suddenly leaned upwards and pulled Valerie into an embrace once more. "I can't help but wonder if that squeeze of my backside was a hint for something~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
This all worked magically, well in some manner the magic thing was all Valerie wanted to do in this moment was keep her wife's mind busy from the general worrying thoughts she was having currently,The sound just seemed to make the werewolf laugh. Was her plan working.

So everyone in some manner was safe. now it was still time to continue distracting the wife.Either conversation would slowly shift in some manner, For once Valerie was leading the play and it was working in her favour."I do hope she does not get herself into much trouble while she is out and about, As well as remembers to eat something."So wholesome while they were going about their romance.

Nonetheless even if she was the one being shifted around right now, Valerie was making her point."The something is for your to relax."Which might be a fair statement while teasing your wife, well their way of teasing anyway, the lone cove was nice for that reason.

When she was pulled in, Valerie seemed prepared for a different way.Then general part of it was easily guessed after she was shifted."Oh no I enjoy the pleasant features of you darling whatever shall you do?"Laughing about it, only as they continued on with how they would be.

The embrace was wonderful was always, Then again, Even snuggling slightly in the position she was at, Even if she resting on pillows for a moment then placing both of her hands on Esperia's tights. So far it was just another moment."Your fair and smooth skin is nice to feel."It hopefully broke her worry and wonder of what was exactly on her mind. Eventually it would lead into Valerie just continuing her nuzzling as they relaxed.

Then she would mention."Whenever you are ready, lay on your back so I can get the front finished,Then it will be my turn."After all she could use a bit of the lotion to protect herself against the sun too for when they had prolong activity to it.


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Esperia giggled softly at Valerie's worries, explaining with a smirk. "Amusingly enough, despite her Obscura she is way more cautious and timid without one of us around, so I am quite confident she will stay out of troubles~ She also had a basket with sandwiches with her when she left in the morning, so she should be fine~"

"Indeed~ Teasing you is a very healthy and fun way to relax after all~" Esperia chimed softly as she leaned in to kiss Valerie's lips while letting her fingers trail to her lover's back, sneakily undoing the parts that kept the werewolf's bikini in place, and with her hands sneaking back to the front, it didn't take much imagination that with the playful groping her lover's bikini had been undone, and it was very fortunate this cove was not traversed by others.

"Of course~ Of course~ But I think a bit of creativity is in order~" A mischievous glint in her eyes and a trickster's smirk on her lips, she reached for the bottle of sun-oil and squeezed it upside down onto her lover's cleavage, quite literally covering her chest in the lotion after which she leaned back down onto the blanket and teasingly poked out her tongue. "How about using something else than your hands?"

Seems she clearly had something in mind~

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Priscilla Ivalice
So in some manner she is prepared in some manner."Well in the end as long as she will be okay, She is still some one i do feel i need to bare some responsibility for."her connection to the little demon girl was new but slowly it would build up, No doubt Valerie always worried about her even if their connection is new and just starting she was marked as a daughter to her, whenever she managed to see her anyway.

I some manner Esperia's ways of trying to be sneaky really did not seem to bother her too much, Then again in some manner it was to be expected in some manner. It lead the question of, After the kiss anyway."And here did not consider you were the exhibitionist type dear, even if it is case none can see us."Then again proven many of times, being naked did not bother Valerie in the slightest at all, if anything it was more just often than naught an at home thing because that was just what was acceptable notion by the public.

Good thing the humour was not lost either."I guess think about it this way, Save a bit of time for one side for me as well."It seemed if anything whatever hints Esperia was leaving she was getting indulged in that was for sure. It was time for a short cut on two peoples front, Just maybe getting Esperia to make sure to cover her back might be an interesting question for sure.

Nonetheless it seemed she was not using her hands anymore, more like her entire body so to say, Even to make it either worst or more fun for Esperia is when she had a chance she would take and hold on to both of her hands when she could.


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Now that was unexpected, while Esperia initially was about to teasingly remark on the exhibitionist joke, if anything she had done her earlier actions in the hope of trying to fluster her lover, an idea the clearly backfired when Valerie moved closer. "H-Huh? W-Wait are you-" But before she could even finish her sentence she felt Valerie's body pressing down onto her own, the situation more than enough to send the heat to Esperia's cheeks even as a vampire.

Squirming and unable to properly form a verbal response, the first thing that crossed her mind was that by all that was divine: Valerie's breasts were way too soft, not only were they shapely and fairly large, they had that perfect blend of firmness and softness when one tried to squeeze into them.

And now feeling those lotion-covered breasts rubbing over her own? It was more than enough for Esperia to be forced to do her utmost not to let out some embarrassing sounds.

That wasn't all of it of course, feeling Valerie's body rubbing and brushing against her in all those different spots, the close proximity of her lover's face to her own, the oddly pleasant feeling of the lotion spreading over her body...

"!!!" And then suddenly she felt her hands been grasped, a tender affectionate gesture that was quite literally the signal for her brain to overheat.

Of course, Valerie had likely expected it, but the moment Esperia suddenly pushed her head upwards, lips locking with her lover's own, that what followed was something that they would count themselves as blessed for not taking little Hasani along with them. For Valerie now had to deal with a vampire wife who was stuck in a lustful frenzy.


And afterward, as she was laying on her back on the large towel looked like she was seeing stars, her body twitching lightly as she muttered absent-mindedly. "O-Over stimulation is dangerous darling..."

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Priscilla Ivalice
Did she win this round they had locked lips a bit and happen was just normal the both of them, Then again it seemed she had to wonder if she needed to stop teasing her wife."Oh you were worried about that dear? Maybe next time I consider something achallenge I should hold back a bit then." She would mention getting up from her place since Epseria seemed to needed a break in some manner.

Then turning her back to Esperia she would start putting her swim suit back on seemingly being a bit more sure if anything she just did not forget her own attire in case some one had come by, any other situation this would not be a worry.

She then would sit down close to Esperia when she sat down lifting her up slightly and resting her wife on her right side, placing her right arm around her and giving her a kiss on the head."I will be nice and not do anything else like that today."could this still a slight joke? So far it was not because she was just sitting their and enjoying the moment.

They were sitting alone, at a beach cuddling up to one another it was relaxing,If anything it broke away from the large amount of lust fuel desire they took time for. Since Esperia had not done much it seemed fitting to just a finger lightly across one of her right legs with the right arm she kept slightly around her after placing her here.

Even if Esperia done anything else she had to wonder when she would come back to reality, after all her top was still not tied up where she had already put everything back on, Hopefully she would return to normal soon.


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For a moment Esperia couldn't help but rest on the blanket, panting softly and attempting to recover from the bliss of the earlier experience. Even now her mind was still shrouded in pure bliss, a look of delight on her face as she muttered those words, and then finally snapped back to reality.

Sitting upright her gaze lowered to the side, her undone bathing suit waiting to be put on again, but the feeling of her wife snuggling against her, the innocent tracing of her finger against her leg making the vampire muse with a hint of mischief in her eyes. "At least you cleaned up the mess you caused. Even if the cleaning up was.... an amazing experience of its own~" Teasingly poking out her tongue as she put on her outfit again the vampire sighed happily, just nuzzling closer against Valerie for now.

"That truly was a divine experience my love~ A bit of an overkill near the end, but it was fun, and judging from that smile on your lips it was a experience that made the two of us happy~" Giggling softly she gave the werewolf a kiss on her cheek after which she continued. "Tomorrow we can take Hasani for a trip~ I know a small peaceful lake inland, not that far from Hargeon, we can teach him a little there~"

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Priscilla Ivalice
With that joke it seemed as always."I just know how to get a job done. After all I caused it too."Then again a casually relaxing moment it was not, These kind of sitting were what people normally stride for."No matter the cause of it."Avoiding the fact she just kind of did it all by herself, it was pretty entertaining.

It seemed she also had a plan for after all of this too. while she was talking about her plan and giving her a kiss on the cheek Valerie would just take hold of Esperia's right hand with her own. Just for a moment.

It seemed even if comfortable Valerie would eventually put up the missing swim outfit of her wife."As much I always love see every aspect of you, Anywhere else might be a good area to linger as you are."So she would just start at least putting Esperia's top back on her again.

Nonetheless her plan was good."Oh, I do like the idea of that plan, it is private and good sounding for what is intended."It was wonderful moments like this that made them a good working couple. Just could not help cracking a joke."However, what we chose to do here, sadly can not happen."which was a general given, which was already expected however there was more to it."Because I don't think you have the energy for such a situation."just the laugh about it was always good, It felt healthy in the end with how they were.


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A mischievous snicker escaped Esperia's lips at those words as she started to regain her senses, slowly getting herself dressed again as she was helped by her lover. "Mhmm~ I do try to behave like a good mom around him~" Teasingly poking out her tongue at the jest she was helped back onto her feet, and gently wrapping her arms around Valerie she nuzzled a bit closer against her wife. "For now we can enjoy our peaceful vacation~ Afterwards there are some things I'm hoping to look into, but for now we get to enjoy this wonderful time together~"

Indeed, and to her that was more than plenty, for after all the adventures she had experienced a pleasant break from the harships of reality seemed like an excellent way for her to recover. But still, she did know that time waited for nobody, or at least almost nobody. There would be a time she would have to act once more, for that was the pact she had made with the world on the day she became one of its chosen. A price she had paid for the great power that was bestowed onto her as a result. Even now she could still feel the lingering concerns of the future in the back of her thoughts.

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Priscilla Ivalice
Yes the wonderful cuddling and quiet moment. it was always the magical fun part of how they were."Indeed, After all we can only relax so much before we do have to consider working on other matters."So it just seemed maybe Esperia was just trying to continue to distract both herself and Valerie.

So maybe that was just it, They needed to casually rest for the moment until they knew what they were going to do next. So better question now to ponder what would she do next while they were talking.

So she would just reposition Esperia to be laying on top of her while continued to talk, After all Valerie did have her time to be there, it was nice to change it around. She also would not stare Esperia's attention and ignore it either. If anything the vampire had a bit of a bitter spot to nuzzle into.

Plus it did give a chance for Valerie to just light place her arms around Esperia to just enjoy the bodily embrace."Nasira has be a blessing to have around and do as much as she has done so far,I am unsure why she had stuck around."She was not avoiding Esperia mentioning her motherhood even as well just a step parent at this point."You have done well as well."Esperia was easily been a pretty good parent she had been able to get some more sleep because Esperia had gone to look after him a few times.

Love was always around between the small connections of people, Valerie cared about people in some manner, so did Esperia it kind of worked together. Before too long and her mind had gone a few places, She would just continue."But Sons and sun can wait a bit more time, There is always tomorrow if need be."

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