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Ale's Well That Ends Well

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"Snap, where is my wallet?" Duncan said with a slur in his speech as he patted himself down to find his missing pouch. Did he perhaps get robbed? Duncan let out a groan followed by a deep sigh. It had been a long and tiring day and poor Duncan was really in need of a beer. He couldn't wrap his head around searching for his missing pouch while being sober. With a sad frown on his face, he looked around to see if he could see anyone willing to buy him a beer instead.


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It was always magical how the life of these more peaceful and quiet places, The Boar Hut Inn was just about how expected.

It seemed fitting to leave Alistair outside since, highly doubting she would be able to fit him anywhere in the building, So she would have to bring him something later.

But going for a drink for the pub was always nice, Even if the more typical things were not exactly her fancy, so she would take her time to choose a drink in which she wanted to enjoy.

Maybe she would have an idea by the time she would meet the bartender, Then she over heard some one, For now the benefit of the doubt hearing of some one maybe missing their wallet, the kind side Judina always had.

So even if she did not know her name yet, Judina just would say."Until you find it. I can buy you a few."Then again it seemed she would also just ask. Even if she was buying him a drink or maybe two."Maybe then I can help you find your wallet too."Hopefully this was not entirely a ruse or getting trick out of her money, For now however she would just express kindness.

It would be good to meet and talk with people, given how he looked it might be a case of learning a few interesting stories.

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Duncan was pleasantly surprised by the generosity of a kind stranger. She not only offered the poor fellow a drink but also some assistance with the search for his wallet afterward. "Much appreciated, fair maiden," Duncan cheered.

"Unfortunately, I don't have much to offer in return. I've been told that I'm an entertaining conversation partner though. Perhaps we could share some stories over a few drinks?" The jovial drunkard pointed at a table that had just been cleaned. "Let's sit over there."


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He has politeness and manners, It seemed delightful surely most of the time it should have been expected, Then again an always second guessing mind did expect something different."I always have told, kindness is never wrong to give some one upon a first meeting."So far did not really lead Judina wrong for the most part.

It would going to be an interesting conversation if he was telling the truth."I would be interested to hear what you have to say, Or what stories you have to tell."So she would join him and going over to sitting with the old drunk looking man.

A clean table was always nice in some manner, Then again as long the chair was a nice Judina could easily over look how a table was because she never really use them often."A few drinks in general as always never hurt anyone."I guess it was something she was use too seeing or being about people who generally just had a few drinks everyone once and a while."I am curious, hopefully you will not mind me asking, What drink do you prefer most?"Judina did not mean anything horrible with, More starting a common understanding with him.

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"I have nothing particular in mind. Perhaps you could bring up a subject and I'll see if I have any stories about it," Duncan replied. He sat down at the table while listening to the girl. Did he have a favourite drink? "My travels have made my tasting buds become acquainted with many alcoholic drinks. I've tasted the Sypha Syrup made by the Wood Elves from magical trees. Once I found myself in the halls of a great Dwarven King drinking Dwarven Stouts with him and his kin. Oh, and this other time a bearded fellow with an eyepatch gave me a strange mead from his homeland. One of my less prouder moments was when I accidentally drank a rare wine that was sanctified with Grace by the Divine. It was supposedly reserved for a holy ceremony." Duncan continued on rambling about the various types of drinks that he had encountered during his travels until he realised that he never gave an answer to her question. "Sorry for the rambling. I guess beer."


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This all seemed to almost lead to basic and plan information, but it unlocked a road to things that Judina had yet to ever hear before. Almost had to make her wonder if she was really the type to be having this conversation or she should really be her mother since she prefer these details.

Nonethless containing the interest hearing from a man speaking about things she had never really had a chance to dive into before."Well, All of these sound interesting I might not know the cost of any of them, Yet again it posed questions by Judina."Sypha Syrup- given have you mention it does not sound alcoholic in nature given what types of tree syrups i have been use to in my life. Am I being lead to this not being the case?"That being the first thing he mentioned seemed to stick out the most because it sounded interesting.

The Stout story also was interesting."How was well, I have met a dwarf but never say i have met the ones you have, I do wonder what their king and his kin were life."Getting to know the other races and how they were like would always be of Judina's interest because she like to dive into these things." In my case I would assume the door ways are far too small." Making a lighthearted joke about it because it seemed fitting hoping that did not ruin anything.

An eye patch and unknown mead. Well she also had to dig into it now."Well...I can assume the mead did not endanger your life, If your are still talking now, Did it do anything horrible to you?"She could just assume it had a interesting flavor.

Then well the final part she almost felt like she really needed to learn this one."Wait...how does one accidentally drink such a wine? This one I can admit interest me the most."The wonder of honesty. But it lead into her normal kindness still showing."A beer for you it is then, I wanted to be sure what you wanted."

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Tempris Was sitting in the tavern wearing a dark blue veil with a gold cloth over her forehead. Most of her hair was tucked under the cover of the veil but a several strains slipped out due to her not fasten it correctly to her head. She had on a much simple dressed died dark blue with a gold band that held her dark blue skirt around her waist. On her back was a hook that held her sword, and she had on all her equipment. She wore brown boots with white socks and a black cloak which covered her back and the bulk of her sword.

Her mind was trying to forget a couple recent events from the resurgence of some repressed memories and her interactions with the Cold Colliers. It was all for the end game she told herself but in the end, she cheated a man out of his baptism. She felt cold, alone, so she decided to try and relax in a more lively place.
"Another warm milk."

Tempris looked around to see everyone so lively after drinking their weird drinks. Even the grumpiest man would revert back to a child like bliss after a few gulps. However she couldn't do that. She didn't want to lose control again. Plus, what would the others think. She sighed resting her head on her arms, poking out her head to take sips out of her milk. Only when she poked her head out, she heard an interesting statement.
"Rare wine that was sanctified with Grace by the Divine," Tempris repeated to herself before looking and seeing an... interesting dressed man with woman sitting at a table. Tempris left some jewels on the counter and slid of the stool with her glass of milk.
"Hi mister~ I think... I over heard you say something bout a drink, sanctified, and Divine? May I ask your relationship with them?" Tempris forced a huge smile on her face. Her memories scratched in her head but she really wanted to learn something about this man, at least his relationship with the church given his... stature. "I heard many things about the Divine and the church but I haven't been bless to interact with them..."

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5000J has been charged by the Boar Hat Pub for the drinks placed on the table.

"I'm not exactly sure how they do it. I've been told that they extract the syrup from the magical trees and through a fermenting process turn it into alcohol," Duncan replied. He grabbed the beer and raised the heavy mug towards the girl to show his appreciation. "Cheers!" Glug. Glug. Glug. Memories flashed through Duncan's mind as he became inebriated again. Running through a meadow with others, standing underneath a waterfall while viewing a rainbow in the distance, sitting on a plateau of a high mountain, and finally lying down in the streets of some city with a bottle of liquor in his hand.  

"I met a worthy adversary in King Bandor of the Marchen Mountains. He and his kin can drink incredibly large amounts of alcohol without getting drunk easily. They drink, sing, and fight at their feasts." Duncan chuckled at the maiden's remarks about their gates and thought that she deserved to know a bit more about them. "You'd be surprised. The gates to the halls of King Bandor are carved out of a beautiful stone somewhere in the Marchen Mountains. Supposedly, the halls of King Bandor was originally inhabited by a powerful Dragon many centuries ago. This was way before they moved in. With a hole that large, they needed a gate that big.

Duncan looked up to the ceiling of the Boar Hat Pub while leaning backwards in his chair as he tried to recall what happened that night. "I don't remember much about the mead story anymore. All I remember is that it tasted delicious. Something out of this world almost."

Duncan had many stories involving liquor. Some embarrassing moments were bound to occur at some point in his lifetime. Such was the case with the sanctified wine. "So, have you ever been in a building and found out that you really needed to take a whiz? Searched everywhere, took a wrong turn, entered a wrong door that was not intended to be opened and so on? Well, that's basically the story."

Suddenly a child appeared at the table inquiring Duncan about sanctified wine. "No relationship, kid. I had to pee." Duncan started to laugh out loud while slapping his knee over and over. "Since it took place over here in Fiore, I guess it must've been been blessed by Zaira the Divine. There is also Brunhild the Divine from Bosco, Blanche the Divine from Ministrel, and Isolde the Divine from Caelum. There used to be only one Divine representing the Illuminian religion, however, the four countries that mainly worshipped Illumin ended up having their own Divines a long time ago."


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It seemed like a processed used for other things, then again Elves do work fairly different than humans. So since she was comparing it to what she knew."Is it anything like maple syrup like human use? They might serve different purposes, It is something close enough for me to try and see if I can understand how it could taste with out being able to try it myself."Now Judina was just hoping she remembered these conversations for later for it would be interesting to talk to her mother about.  

At least when he said cheers it was just the wonderful feeling of it just how this was all going."It is my pleasure."After all it seemed as this man drank she learned a few interesting things. She should consider getting on for herself but it seemed as if there was other things making things vastly more needing to stay sober for.

So this mans entire life was based on who he could drink with? well she should have guess given upon what they were drinking over now."Given the only dwarf I have met, I get the feeling a fair amount of them are like that."Judina could admit, She got that feeling from the one she had met, But her thoughts of him could be different from what she was reflecting now because it has been a long time a go.

When mentioning the hall however it was more of Judina's Fancy."Hm.. means I could ride my Cattian through there then."It was a casual mention about it only because well it seemed fitting to throw thing of a person in conversation, So far the halls sound like something she would like to see one of these days."Sounds like a sight tobehold,maybe one day I can see it myself." It was relaxing to hear of these, it was far better the stories she carried from days in the rune knights or being in Nerva's. So few things caught interest was that more about seeing the world.

There always had to be one miss with in her many wonders."Dang, That one did sound more interesting, But other times or other drinks."Judina chuckled slightly in delight about it, she already got plenty of enjoyment from this.

The wine part was interesting, Even if it started with just needing to pee."I can empathize at least, I alas can not say i have had to do the same."Just honestly mentioning that in return, But the information of the divines."Hmm..Interesting each nation having the same religion but different divines, I wonder why it ended up being that way." Judina normally was not a the rude time she had not mean to ignore who was joining in she just was interested in the conversation."Do you think the rising numbers of the divines was because of each nation had their places of worship be far a part from the others?"It was a simple and most likely and obvious answer to it, in some ways she might be checking if it was that simple answer or if there could be a key for a different reason entirely.

Then she just would simply ask."Hopefully my pondering is not too annoying, Would you like another drink?"Judina asked as since she was enjoying herself. Even just now dressing the new person."Also I do not personally mind if you sit in and join us, Just do be sure the other party is okay with it."The other party was plainly Duncan, just if he said yet then Tempris would be safe to join them.

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The man's first comment was a little disappointing. Sure he was a sinner, but such a ridiculous answer did not sit well. It felt insulting, disrespectful, a was of blessing. Tempris managed to hold back her feelings and just smile at the mans comment, closing her eye and tilting her head to maximize her focus. The next statement from the man would easily excused his previous blunder. To think there was 5 divines in all. She already met one of them, Brunhild. Maybe if she could meet the other 4, she could obtain more of Illumin's favor if not further her goal of cleansing the world of sin.

If there was more this man had to offer in knowledge then Tempris had to know. In fact, it was fate that she know, the will of Illumin. While still stuck in her starry eye trance, the woman asked if she wanted to sit with them... sort of. It was not exactly an offer, more like saying it was acceptable for her to be there. All she needed was the man's permission. Tempris fought the urge to grin, "Mister~ would it be okay if I sit with you all." Tempris clasp her hands and looked up to the man. Should she be allowed to sit down she would add more more question.

"Oh... um, I never your name Mister. You too miss. I am Tempris."

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10,000J has been charged by the Boar Hat Pub for the drinks placed on the table.

"I guess it's similar to maple wine yet at the same time it isn't," Duncan replied. He didn't mind sharing his stories over a few drinks. It was the least he could do. Though, most people weren't interested in his stories. In fact, most people thought that Duncan made up the stories to entertain them in return for drinks. Nothing more than a liar. Fortunately, Duncan didn't care. Perhaps he did make it all up. Perhaps it all actually happened. It was hard for him to determine due to a constant brain fog from always gradually falling into a drunken stupor throughout the day.

"Originally, the Illuminian Church had a single Divine. As the religion spread, it became harder for the Illuminian Church to connect with their believers from a single seat. They built many churches across the nations but with the Divine residing in Crocus some nations felt distanced from their faith. Truthfully, I think the rulers all had their own reasons."

He took a short break to finish his drink while signing the bartender to bring more. When the bartender got the signal, Duncan pushed one of the chairs back for the little girl to take a seat with them. "Of course," Duncan said. She reminded him of someone. It was a weird feeling. Unbeknownst to him, it was a familiar feeling. As his mind was about to drift off, the bartender placed a few more beers on the table. Duncan quickly shook off the sensation and gulped down another beer. It was a close one. He had almost opened the door. "Duncan, they call me Duncan," he quickly followed up.

"See, Caelum's ruler at the time, Henry, resisted the influence of the Divine for personal reasons. Due to a disagreement, Henry separated the Caelish Illuminian Churches from the authority of the White Divine. Thus, the Scarlet Divine came into existence. A young maiden selected from their own to assume the role of the Divine for the Caelish people. Bosco, on the other hand, simply didn't want the White Divine to have influence over the Boscosi citizens through the Illuminian religion. From within their own family, the Sachsenwalds selected a Divine to pass on the role with each generation. This resulted in the existence of the Black Divine. I'm not sure what happened with the Minstreli though."

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It was not much but it was something she could feel was close enough but not really be able to understand unless she had it herself."Hmm..it does sound interesting, I may have to indulge my curiosity and try it myself if I am ever able too."It would not be dug into too much more, it seemed so far it would not lead to much, Then again there was many things to learn. In the end something that would have been nice to tell her mother did not yield something she could fully mention, Not that it was entirely a bad thing in the end, Who knows when she would be meeting her mother again anyway.

The explanation of the church was insightful. So far with what was explained and why it seemed as it was so far."I am sure there are always various reason, Between each nations. After all each nation has their own needs."It was the simple way of viewing it, since she did not know each person themselves it was most likely the simple and easy way to go about it as well. Now the group was slowly getting to know each other, close enough to know each other by their first names.

Judina however stuck in the cycle of that in which her mother taught her."I am Judina Karlinus, It is wonderful to meet you both."It was always the general way this was gone about was something delightful, Then again this was slowly becoming a history lesson to Judina about things in other nations, Exactly it the effects of the happening of what exactly that would be going on, at least figuratively."Hmm.. interesting."In some manner she wanted to about if the Black Divine was different from the already stated White Divine and how differently they were."I can assume with the name Black Divine, It is a vast contrast in mission and way of being then The White Divine."She figured it would be puzzled more lightly then just an out right question.

However with Tempris joining them, She had to be sure."Did you want something to drink Tempris?"After all she had bought Duncan and herself drinks she would extend the offer to her as well. Given how young it seem, it would be simple to get her something however morally Judina would not give Tempris anything like herself and Duncan were drinking, Her starting impression of Tempris however was that she would most likely not order anything like they have.

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It was all really useful information and Tempris was happy to hear it. However, Tempris was starting to feel uneasy with everything. The talks of the church were unfortunately cracking the mental barrier that was put up so the girl could learn more about everything. She could feel the cold feeling in her heart slowly take over. Sweat started to drip down her face and the girl's face appeared pale as if she was getting sick. That would not be too far off as the girl was sick of her own memories and their constant attempts to surface. She hated it, hated those moments in her life where she was forsaken. She hated anything that did not bring her warm. She felt really bad about the woman and the man, for they were really nice to her, however their sinfulness did not help her feel better. Maybe if she could purge them, she would be able to forget but this wasn't the right time or place.

The public atmosphere would become too chaotic and honestly, she just was not feeling it. She wanted to return to the sun and recharge her own self.
"Sorry... I... I... just remembered. There... is... is something i have to do. Thank you for the help and stories Mr. Duncan and thank you for letting me listen Ms. Judina and speak with you both. I hope Illumin bless thee with a warm day."

With that, Tempris made her way out of the bar and ventured out to find a place to relax and rest her thoughts

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10,000J has been charged by the Boar Hat Pub for the drinks placed on the table.

"That is a pretty accurate guess, Judina," Duncan said. "The White and Black Divine don't see exactly eye to eye on how the religion should be preached and practiced." Duncan had a lot of stories and he didn't mind sharing them with her to teach her a thing or two about the world. Perhaps one of his stories could lead her to her next adventure and riches untold. Unfortunately, little Tempris had to leave already them to embark on his own adventure. Before she could leave, Duncan shoved his hand in his bag and pulled out a pair of boots. He forgot how he ended up with them and what they could do, but he wanted to gift them to the little girl to help her out on her journey. All he knew was that he was the life of the party when he wore them and that could never be a bad thing, right?

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Tempris has received the Boots of Riverdance. In the following 20 posts across Tempris' topics, Tempris must perform the riverdance. Riverdance while walking, riverdance while talking. The riverdancing doesn't occur when Tempris is engaged in combat versus other players. When Tempris has reached a total of 20 posts doing the riverdance, the boots fall off his feet and riverdance away into the night.


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So far it was just still the wonders of this conversation that just seemed to keep Judina interested, If anything the mention of being good at guessing only seemed to carry her slight interest further."I have worked and interacted with people had taught me enough between the various knight sects, I had worked for and the guilds I have been in, It is only a slight guess to lead to that."She would never claim to know everything in the end, it was kind of a pointless thing to ever say, None should ever know everything, It would was something that an interesting internal debate if given a chance too have what would happen to a person.

Nonetheless it was for now as much as Tempris would have been nice to speak to it seemed that they would leave. it was not super upsetting, if anything in Judina's internal mind she pondered if she came off a bit too stern and stiff still. Dealing with adults where sometimes simple, Dealing with young or children where different to her. For now pondering aside."I have yet to ever explore outside of Fiore,If i am entirely honest about it, It was not something majorly on my mind to consider, These lands are large enough for me."

She could admit if asked, Exploring the unknown might not be up her ally. Then again it was not something super needing to explore topic wise yet. So for now she would continue with the subject at hand."Either way, other nations aside,Something more casual to continue for the moment,What would you consider the best you have ever had?."Maybe this part could give some insight for Judina, Since some hints from Duncan seemed to show he might know.

After this around with drink finished and wonders answers, Judina peacefully departed, with the pleasant time she had in her mind.


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