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Baska: Medicare[Solo/Quest]

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Baska: Medicare[Solo/Quest] Empty Thu May 27, 2021 12:56 am

It was a pretty good day, and so Keita was once again looking around for things to help the citizens with. He was still waiting for his official rune knight pendant, but in the meantime he had a small patch on the breast of his robe and so when he walked around, people figured, correctly, that he was some sort of Rune Knight in training, and so they were quite friendly, as was Keita in return. As he walked through the streets, he noticed that the hospital area was quite busy, and he wondered what was going on over there, and was going to see if he could help out in any way possible. As he walked over there, he saw the huge line of people, and he calmly and respectfully pushed past them, telling them that he was simply there to see if he could bring some assistance as a Rune Knight, and not that he was cutting the line. Who knows, maybe he could alleviate some of the stress and make sure that these people could be seen in a more timely manner? The people seemed to be relieved to hear this from him and so he walked past the crowd, explaining a couple more times on the way to the front of the line and to the nurse who was getting the patients prep[ped for seeing the doctor, and once she had heard the situation, she sent him right back to the back room as soon as the doctor was not busy with his previous patient. Keita walked in and the doctor simply started checking him for what was wrong with him, and Keita was being a bit too courteous to say that he was not there for that. The doctor soon figured out there was nothing wrong with him, and so Keita finally got to explain that he was there to see if he could provide assistance.
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The doctor was ecstatic that he was there to help him out with the current problems, which were things that were fairly simple, and at least someone could do the tasks pretty easily. The task was simply to take a couple of bags of prescription medication to a couple of his patients, as he was swamped with work here and could not get to the houses in any short amount of time to give them the medicine they needed. Keita agreed, saying that he would do it the fastest time possible, and the doctor thanked him, saying that he would reward Keita as soon as he got back from delivering the task, before handing over the bags of medicine along with writing down some simple instructions about their addresses and names so that Keita could deliver them quickly. Keita hurried off to the housing district of the city and started to look around for the correct address. He was not extremely familiar with this location, so he had to ask some people about where the address was, and so he found out fairly quickly. Keita then walked to the first of the two houses before knocking on the door and waiting for a bit. Soon, an elderly woman opened the door and exchanged pleasantries with Keita, thanking him for delivering the medicine her husband needed, before Keita moved on to the next house. A similar thing happened, but this time it was a young woman getting the medicine for her brother, and Keita wished them well and to have a good recovery, before heading back to the doctor to report back and get paid. When he entered the room, the doctor was once again going to check his pulse and such, but this time Keita stopped him, reminding the doctor that he was simply here to tell him that the deliveries were successful, and the doctor snapped out of his autopilot and talked with him for a few moments before giving him his payment.
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