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Jikan C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC  Empty Wed May 26, 2021 2:28 pm

As the sun shined above the skyline across the skyline as Jikan walked into the stadium she thought about how she got into this situation. In her recent arrival to Baska, she once again found herself in need of a temporary home and source of income for food and water, and extra necessary items of course. And in the process of trying to find a solution to her situation, she found herself walking the streets of Baska within mere minutes of getting here. And in that attempt, see found a tournament! A nice juicy cash prize for first place and some minor rewards for the other positions. Jikan was partially hoping to see Destin here, or at least get seen and thus, get a position to get some more awareness of her wizard powers. ....the additional idea for cash for money was an additional appetitizer as well. So here she was, this was it. Jikan was here at this tournament last minute and was aiming to win. Hopuflly the excitement of this would be a major improvement from the normal simple errands she had done in the past as missions. The attention and hype of this tournament was easy to see even for a new wizard and tourist within the city. A very competitive sport like competition, a guy even was yelling outside the stadium and by the sign up stands saying that if someone was actually able to beat the current champion, there would be a bonus! Jikan had no idea if the guy was just a competitive person and wanted the champ to lose to someone he was rooting for, or maybe if he was the promoter for the champ or event or something, and was trying to add fuel to the fire. Regardless, Jikan was already planning to sign up...he just gave her a slight push.

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Jikan C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC  Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 11:35 am

From Jikan's understanding, the tournament rules were simple and straightforward. It was an eight grouped bracket tournament where participates signed up weeks in advance, a few spots were left so the tournament throwers were running trying to fill the last few spots. From what they told her, no weapons or magics were allowed but everything else was all full game. A bit lame, she wanted the chance to use her magic. But unfortunately, she had to begrudgingly follow their rules to participate.

The first round seemed easy enough. There was another person, a man, standing across the stone ring from Jikan. From the looks about it, he looked around the same age of her maybe a bit older, so probably in his early to mid 30's from her guess.

It was a boy with a bandage on his face and a lot of spunk. He probably thought he was fighting some weak girl but Jikan knew she was better than that. She was far more than that. She was a fighter, and a wizard. All be a guileless one but still a wizard nevertheless. And if this guy thought this was going to be just some cake walk then he was going to get something else. Taking her lightly would only make her see him as trash, and it was time to clean house.

With fire in her eyes see was ready for when the match would begin. And that was exactly what happened. When the bell rang and the boy charged forward to jikan yelling. Jikan took a few steps forward and shifted herself into a lowered stance. Side stepping out of the way of the man's wide punch. Then she grabbed his chest using his t shirt and pulled him close, throwing back her other arm before throwing forward in a punch aimed at his cheek.

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Jikan C-RANK: BASKA - TOURNAMENT ARC  Empty Tue Jun 01, 2021 12:23 pm

The blow connected. Knocking the man's head backward as his body flipped backward in the air, the momentum from his gallop reversing, resulting in him rolling backward after landing on the ground. Ending in a heap with his left cheek inflating from swelling as his left knee twitched randomly.

The crowd exploded with laughter. The noise seeing to awaken the flattened warrior who jumped up with a roar. If his cheek was hurting he was not carrying about it, his hurt pride taking more of a president for him. He lunged back at her attempting to grapple Jikan and hold her down. But the female wizard ducked out of the way, causing the man to fly above her as she stuck her leg out and tripped him. Stand up quickly, Jikan spun on her toes before throwing out a wide heel kick. The man picked himself up the ground in time to only get smacked squarely on the back of the head. The impact knocking the man off balance once again and making him fall face first into the floor. The sound of a painful groan could be heard in the stadium with the combined sight of the man rolling back and forth a few feet to the left and right as he held his noise. The sight not doing the man any favor in redeeming or protecting his image nor stoping the building laughing of the by standers. Jikan was actually starting to feel sorry for the guy, was he really a fighter or just a guy hyped up to join the tournament due to some friends?

The sight made her feel some sort of level of sympathy for the man. Given that, when he finished his comedic endavor and charged forward to Jikan, once again without a plan, she let him land a punch. And sold it she did. The punch was aimed at her side, or at least where she could tell the guy's aims was off. She had to move a few inches to give him a realistic opportunity to hit her. She let the blow hit her and fell to the ground on her side in a hyperbolic fashion. "Ha! How you like that little girl?".

Little girl....LITTLE GIRL?!?! OKAY THEN. Jikan jumped up, as if the blow was nothing, it was nothing after all. The action seeing to cause the man a nerous look and fear as Jikan began to stomp her way over to him. It seemed that he had only realized too late what the reality of the situation was. Gripping him by the ear, Jikan pulled him to the edge of the ring before kicking his butt and knocking him out of the ring. The crowd laughed once again but Jikan just looked down on the man from her higher position in the ring. "Next time, don't run ya mouth....little man." A wide grin creeped onto her face, smug.

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