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Name: Lillim

Age: April 29th X777

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual (someday, but not today)

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Boscosi

Class: Summoner

Race: Daemon - Virtue (purchase from Tsukiko Here)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Right shoulder, matching color of the guild symbol

Face: Yuko Yoshida - Machikado


Height: 1m 40cm

Weight: 36kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Amber

Despite the fact that Lillim is, by all means, a Daemon, there is no doubt that the girl's innocent appearance is quite easy to make people doubt the blood that flows in her veins.

Although she spend her childhood as a wild child, the recent dotting of her adoptive parents has led Lillim to look closer to a doll compared to a child who experienced the hardships of reality. A fair skin free of scars and blemishes, long red hair which she tries to maintain carefully due to the compliments she often gets from it and a youthful innocent look upon her face truly makes her look more like an innocent child rather than a young Daemon.

Although curiously enough, despite her age she does look more mature than most of her age, her feminine features being more developed, something she was told likely has to do with the demon whose Obscura flows in her veins.

In terms of clothes, she usually prefers to wear simple garbs that sit comfortable, but she does struggle with wearing more revealing outfits, something that is evident when one of her adoptive mothers tries to dress her up in similar outfits as her own.

Extra: has a pair of demonic horns and a thin tail~


The first thing people will no doubt notice when they first interact with Lillim is that she has projected the personality of her adoptive parents and by blending them together made something to truly call her own nature.

Lillim appears as a cheerful and easygoing girl that loves to experience new and foreign things. This type of adventurous spirit often makes her eager to take risks or do something reckless to see what would happen as a result.

Due to her affiliation with Summoning, Lillim seems to be quite fond of the magical beasts she can create, dotting on them as if they were her own pets. This protective and affectionate nature also seems to carry over toward those she considers friends and family. She can be very protective over them, and woe to the ones that try to harm those she hold dear.

Meanwhile, perhaps due to her upbringing Lillim does lack a certain sort of 'common sense', not exactly aware of personal space and proper etiquette due to a upbringing in the wild, and later on having adoptive parents who might not be the best role models in that regard.

In terms of her nature as a Daemon it seems Lillim's nature has yet to properly manifest, but judging from the kind nature of the girl she is likely contracted to a demon of the Virtue nature.


  • Plushies: Lillim absolutely adores soft and adorable things, and is known to have the habit of creating her own whenever she has time. Usually she makes them to resemble people she likes or her summons, and woe to the one that dares to damage them.
  • The outdoors: Adventurous at heart, there is no doubt Lillim is the type who enjoys traveling into the forests surrounding Orchidia and simply enjoying her time while being surrounded by nature.


  • Churches: They somehow inspire a sense of nervousness in her, also she genuinely believes the songs and prayers to Illumin hurt her ears
  • Being Mistaken for an evil demon: Doesn't help that she has horns and a tail, but truly don't judge her just cause she has Daemon blood in her veins, she is genuinely a good girl!


  • Discovering the Truth: Lillim secretly wants to find out what happened to her blood-relatives. Where did her parents disappear to, and why does the Obscura of a Demon inhabit her body?


  • Abandonment: Having had a taste of affection and a family, Lillim truly fears being all alone again, something which has led her to be extremely protective of her family.
  • Seraphim: Big nasty angels with flaming swords that will strike her down first and ask questions later? Yeah, they are terrifying!


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 11

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Demon Beast User

Magic Element: Dark

Magic Enhancement: Elemental Superiority

Magic Description:
The user is capable of using their affiliation to the abyss to draw forth creatures from the abyss. Simply said it makes her a demon summoner! Although due to the nature of this magic the entities are only summoned temporarily and upon defeat will be pulled back into the abyss.


It all began in the Worth Woodsea, or at least that's where the earliest of her memories trace back to. If one was to ask what her first memory was, then Lillim would have a disturbing story to tell. She remembered a gentle warmth, someone was holding her in their arms, trying to soothe her, yet further ahead the sounds of battle were clearly audible.

The sound of steel clashing against steel, pleas of mercy and then carnage. The memories were shrouded in a haze, but the first thing that became clear to her was that the warmth had dissapeared, instead creatures, neither demon nor truly beast were surrounding her, but there was no sign of hostility from them. It was the opposite in fact, judging from the armored knights that were slain at their feet, the creatures had responded to the carnage and saved her.

Where had that warmth disappeared to? Who did it belong to? Questions she had no answers to, and yet she longed to find out someday. Curiously enough Lillim found herself capable of communicating with the mysterious creatures, they considered her as kin and were calmed by her mysterious presence.

Over the years that followed Lillim lived in the wild with said creatures, learning how to survive thanks to them, and they helped her hunt for food, she was truly a wild child.

However, this all changed when 'she' arrived. The child watched with a mixture of awe and dread as the woman killed her pack, yet to call it murder or carnage was wrong. To her it looked more like an art, so refined there was a twisted beauty in the way the woman dealt with her foes.

As the last and most powerful of her guardians was slain the child hissed at her, the revolver aimed toward her as she stared at the woman's face. And then the unexpected happened. Rather than firing a shot the woman tossed her cloak over the child, withdrawing her gun as she crouched down in front of her and inquired if she had been the source of all those 'Demon Beasts' appearing in the forest.

This woman seemingly had been hired by a nearby village to deal with the Demon Beasts that had grown more violent and aggressive, but due to lacking interaction with humanity till now all she replied with were hisses and growls.

Curiously enough the woman had chosen to stay, repeatedly trying to talk to the child who started to slowly repeat certain words, and through interactions with the woman became at least capable of communicating with her. It was just like this that Lillim started projecting the attitude of the witch who at that time was still known as a Disaster: Esperia von Eisenberg.

In the months that followed Esperia had chosen to take her in, for whatever reason being only known to her, but nonetheless, the child had seen little reason not to follow her, oblivious to the misadventures she would get into.

Reference: Espy alt.

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Salutations Lillim,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • Race: Need to identify what contract you signed

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This character application has been approved.

Lillim Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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