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Team Fairy!

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The Savannan viking walked from out of the crowd of fairy tail members that he had basically beaten to a pulp with a bored expression. The members behind him groaned and moaned, some even laughing. The fighting had finally stopped, thanks to him of course. It was loud in here, reminding him of home. With a smirk he shook his head- almost in disbelief. This was a light guild? The people were so wild. Nonetheless, he couldn't help but enjoy what he had partaken in. He wasn't too fond of fighting, but a friendly brawl from time to time was something he could get used to. "So...am I in?" Raza said as he walked proudly towards the green haired lady who stood with her hand on her waist in front of him.

She twisted her bright pink lips and rubbed her chin with her other hand. Her eyes scanned Raza up and down before clearing her throat. The Wood-Elf was breathing heavily, but was prepared for her to tell him to go another round. Luckily though, she didn't. "Well...I suppose you meet the criteria. You're obviously kinda strong..." Raza scratched his head. "There ain't no criteria, we need the members. Especially strong ones, just let em join." Some random fairy shouted from behind Raza. The elf chuckled. The green haired woman rolled her eyes before pulling out a magical stamping device. "Fine. Where do you want it?" She asked. Raza thought for a moment. He knew that people in this country were weird so he didn't want his tattoo in an obvious place. Then it clicked. Quickly he turned around and pulled down his pants, revealing his ass. "What the hell?"

"Right cheek please." The woman's face flushed with a reddish color before placing the stamp on his butt. There it was; a Fairy Tail stamp. "There ya go. Welcome to Fairy Tail. Now, don't bother me unless it's about money." Raza raised an eyebrow. "I guess." he said before pulling his pants up. As he turned around he was greeted by a bunch of cheering guild mates. They seemed happy to have another member. With a light smile Raza chuckled. I see now Vali...why you loved it here. Raza thought as he lifted his hand. "Alright, alright, haha." He said. He wasn't used to all this...love.

"Where's the ale!?"

- Exit -

Team Fairy! WZxDIIa

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