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A quick detour [Traveling from Hargeon to Era]

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A quick detour [Traveling from Hargeon to Era] Empty Tue May 25, 2021 5:17 am


It had all happened way too quickly, the sudden message that was subtly delivered to her. It had led Esperia to tell Valerie that she would be taking a quick detour. It was for that reason she had chosen to take the quick detour on the back of her wyvern. Thanks to Ryuko she wouldn't need to worry about time, considering her destination was only about an hour away at most, less if they went at full speed.

It was for that reason Esperia quickly hopped on the back of her wyvern and took to the skies after explaining to Valerie that the same mysterious benefactor from before wanted to see her. Why she didn't know, but it was likely some matter of importance. Fortunately for Esperia her wyvern was flying into the direction of Era, the wyvern beating its wings repeatedly while Esperia thought carefully about the matter. She wasn't sure what to expect, but she did believe that no matter what challenge she had to deal with, it was one she could take on. After all, she was no longer fighting all by herself, and that was something the black-haired vampire considered one of her most powerful weapons.

200 WC, 50% travel discount makes me reach it.

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