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Support: Brunhild The Divine [1] (Tempris)

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Ariael's travels had somehow lead him to a country entirely separate from Fiore. He had traveled through Northern Fiore and entered Bosco's borders only the night before. During his time travelling, Ariael had come across a group of priests who were out searching for supporters who would help a woman by the name of Brunhild. Having helped out so many people in Dahlia he would only decline the priests' offer, but the promise of great riches were enough to peek in his interest.

Dressed in a simple white collared shirt and some jeans, Ariael would make his way towards a village in a forest where a group of cultists were suppose to be located. His handy shield that he had acquired only hours before was hanging tightly on his back. He doubt that he would need to use it, but one could not be so sure... Right? According to the priests' words, he was suppose to meet up with a woman around these parts who would help him take out the cultists.

"I sure don't like working with other people. I wonder what kind of woman she will be." muttered Ariael while placing his hands in his pockets.

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"NO LET ME GO. I CANT RETURN TO THEM. Please for give me. I promise to never disrespect his name again." A woman cried why tied to a rope by a girl in dark blue veil with a gold cloth over her forehead. She wore a dark blue battle dress with gold trimmings on her skirt which came down half way to her thighs. On her back was an golden embroidered symbol of Illumin on her back with and a hook which held a large golden sword on her back. She wore brown boots and tan socks which were both covered in ash. The girl reeked of smoke though she wasn't complaining.
"But you must be judge miss. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be forgiven... at least when you see Illumin himself." She giggled before handing the rope to one of the members of the church. It was then that she was directed to help a Nephilim. Tempris eyes glowed with excitement. She only met one other one before, to meet another who was recognized by Illumin himself. This was definitely a gift from him to reward her for her hard work.

She walked over to the meeting spot looking for this Nephilim. She tried her best to remain calm but she couldn't help but break into smile ever so often. What would they do together? When she arrived to the meeting spot, she saw a guy standing alone. Filled to the brim with excitement, she decided to act first to find her Nephilim ally.
"Mister~ Have you see a man name Ariael? He's a Nephilim and I get to help him. Oh, maybe if I do really good, he might help me get favor with Illumin."

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The sound of a girl’s voice had caught Ariael's attention as he walked through the forest. As she spoke, he couldn’t help but to take in her words. With a quick reaction Ariael would turn to face the girl and would be met with a child that barely looked like a teenager. His mouth would slowly form a frown, but he would his best to not judge a book by its cover. He knew all too well that age could be a disguise for even the most powerful individuals.  

Ariael’s nose twitched as he stared at the girl for about fifteen seconds. He was attempting to smell the air. Wherever he went it wasn’t hard for him to find prey. Was this girl going to be his prey in the future? His tongue would shoot out his mouth and travel across his lips. “Yes, I’m Ariael. Are you the one I’m suppose to be teaming up with today?” asked the silvered haired man.

He would find himself walking closer towards the girl, leaving a distance of four feet in between them. “If so, could we begin this mission. I still have business to attend to in Fiore and I would rather not be stuck here for longer than I’m needed.”


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Wait, this man was the Nephilim? Tempris eyes widen with excitement. She turned around briefly to gain her composure. "Oh oh, calm down, calm down," she mumbled before turning around. She forced herself to stop smiling hoping to appear mature. "Yes yes. I am Tempris Ashflare. To think Illumin wills us to work together. It must be fate! Don't ya think. Oh, most exciting!" Tempris caught herself rambling and coughed to force herself to stop. Her fan girl mentality prevented her from realizing the man disappointment in her. However, that was probably a good thing.

"Oh most definitely. I exist to serve Illumin's will to rid all sin off the world. So when those heretics come," Tempris pulled out her sword letting the holy flames set it ablaze. A sadistic grin grew on her face, "I will be sure to free them from their miserable existence." She started giggling slowly as she imagined her flames engulfing the sinners. "But it wont take long. Just tell me where to point my blade and I will paint you a path of holy fire."

If the man didn't have any questions or started moving, she would follow. After a brief pause of silence, she would let her excitement get to her. "So, uhh How does it feel to be so close to him. It must feel awesome to be loved by Illumin."

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Although Ariael could care less about the child's words, he still found joy in watching her curiosity be displayed. How one could come to know of his recent descent only intrigued him. However, he only hoped that curiosity wouldn't be the demise of the small kitten. "It's true those of my kind walk the path of light, but when you stray far from that path.... then you will only begin a plummet that can't be stopped. A believer I am, but I doubt I'm loved by even the most holy." said Ariael with a riddle of words.

Upon seeing child's blade bathed in flames, Ariael would take in its design and study it briefly. "Although you're here to assist me... It seems that you already have some knowledge of this land, so I'll follow you instead. Lead the way and let me behold what that blade of yours can do. Unless its just all talk little Tempris." Ariael hoped his words would rile the child up. True he had came to Bosco to complete several missions, but he could still get some fun out of it. And watching a child send a village to hell was probably the most fun he would get for a while.


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The man's words were weird. Was he not of holy decent, accepted by Illumin? Tempris found her own enthusiasm waning a bit but she fought to keep up the act. Closing her eyes so she could better keep the smile on her face. Her confusion made her tremble, but she finally pushed forward. There was only one explanation for this feeling. Even Nephilims could be sinners. This man was one of them. An itch in her hand screamed to skewer the man for destroy her hopes, her dreams. However, this was not Illumin's will. No, they had cultist and demon worshipers to deal with. The greater sin was more valuable. Then this one corrupted one. "Illumin will always forgive sinners. However, it is up to us to seek out the truth hidden in flame. Only there can one find the most holy." Tempris turned around, unwilling to keep up her last minute charade.

"Rest assured. I will show you the path of fire. Ariael, maybe then you recover Illumin's Grace." She dropped her smile after facing away from the man. Her body felt cold knowing that she would never get what she wanted from this man. That made him useless, though maybe he could redeem himself when the arrived at the demon worshiper village.

It wasn't hard to find. Tempris had her weapon on her shoulder burning brightly in the darker forest. From afar it probably looked like a torch but the blue and white flames would easily signal something wasn't right. That made the village exceptionally quiet with no one moving around.
"Doesn't look like anyone is here. What do we do?"

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Listening to the child's words, Ariael could visibly see that she was shaken. Whether it was fear or disappointment, he found himself unable to pinpoint the exact nature of her feelings. Only nodding as a response, he would follow behind Tempris as they made their way deeper in the forest. The flames that danced across her blade was a beacon of pure magical energy. Even while standing next to it Ariael couldn't help but to feel a little overwhelmed. Across the world there were various magical items that were carried by the strongest of mages. In some way her blade was like his shield, but even he could tell that it could be far more powerful if used correctly.

Soon they would find themselves walking into the village. Ariael could see that it was empty or at least that was what it seemed. "I'm sure they are around here somewhere. Your blade is emitting so much light and mana that they probably couldn't help but to go cower in some hidden place. Let's split up... I'll alert you if I find there whereabouts. You do the same." said Ariael in a commanding tone. He had subconsciously taken up a leadership role. Turning away from Tempris, he would continue deeper into the village in order to find where the heretics may have ran to.

The clouds above were slowly gathering together. Ariael could tell that sooner or later a storm would pass through the area. It would be best they find the villagers before then. If not.... Then any tracks that they may have created would simply be washed away.


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"Ayeeee~" Tempris lazily responded in a cutesy voice. Splitting up wasn't a bad idea. However, she would miss out on seeing what her false hero could do. For all she knew, this could be a trap. It wouldn't be the first time either. She remembered that last cultist tried some silly trick to get out of being cleansed. This man could be doing the same thing. Still, that ended up so much better because of it. So many souls purged. This time would be no different. She would do her job and if he acted up, then well... extra credit.

A sinister grin grew on her face as she walked away from the man. Her first target was going to be a small house. It was the closest and it would be a good warm up for this forest. Maybe the man would watch her and that will motivate him into working harder. Working hard equal more souls saved. She stood at the door wondering what was the best way to do this. Burning the place from the outside was the most efficient, but she liked to do things in person. So she knocked on the door.
"Hello~ Can we talk about your lord and savior Illumin?"

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After going their separate ways, Ariael would find himself travelling deeper into the village. As he roamed he would start to see several footprints leading up to the village behind the woods. His eyes would slowly scan over them, trying to figure out exactly how many people had ran away. Ariael could tell that at most four people had escaped into the forest. Maneuvering his left hand, he would reach for the shield on his back and would begin his walk into the forest. The villagers probably wouldn't pose a threat, but one could only be so sure about those sort of things.

While walking he thought about calling out to Tempris in order to tell her about the tracks he'd found, but his voice would only alert the people he were following. A small smirk would come to appear on his face once again. It had been a couple weeks since he last chased his pray. Would today be a day where he would have fun? He didn't have his new shield for that long... Maybe it was time to test it out? The questions travelling through his mind only increased his urge for blood. The demonic energy travelling throughout his body would begin to clash with the holiness of Illumin.

It wouldn't be long before he found the four escapees and put them to their death.


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There was no answer, no sign of life. Clearly these people were stupid. Here she was trying help these suffering souls escape this cruel suffering world of ignorance and they refuse to even open the door. Tempris shook her head and smiled. Then she kicked the door several times with her last kick knocking the barrier off of its hinge. If the people wouldn't let her in, then she would just have to do it her self.
"Coming in~ There's no need to hide. I promise to only bring freedom, salvation, love from the highest being in existence."

Still there was no sound. She could see the kitchen with a table and 4 chairs. To her right was a wall and an opening to what she assumed was the living room. Knowing how tricky the cultist were, she was sure there was something hidden but what was it. She walked forward pushing the chairs around with her boot. Then she inspected the ceiling. There didn't seemed to be some entrance to the floor above. She rubbed her hand against the walls but she couldn't feel any gaps signaling a hidden room. So the game of cat and mouse countinued.

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It was at this time that Tempris heard the footsteps of sinners. They thought they were slick but no sin could escape her. So she dragged her sword along the ground lighting everything behind her on holy fire. The house roared with the flames, filling the air with smoke, ash, and sunder. When the footsteps overhead began to echo. Tempris rushed to the stairs blocking the exit in fire. She laughed before slowly climbing up the stair. A man appeared at top of stairs and pulled out a sword. He then charged forward but ended up tripping. Tempris backed to the side, deflecting the man as he fell down the stairs. He landed into the growing flames and vaporized into ash. Another soul saved by the holy flames. Tempris chuckled before moving back up.

Tempris made it up the stairs and found 3 other men cuddled up in a corner. They were scared hopeless and praying. None of that would save them. Only holy flames will rescue them from this hell on earth, only Tempris could bring them salvation and so she did.

Standing outside Tempris watched as the building was reduced to ash. She Looked around for her partner but he was no where in side. So she returned to the church so she could receive her next mission.

(48 Hours)

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Soon time would pass and Ariael would come to find himself finding the four runaways. Well technically they weren't runaways. They were just running away to protect themselves. Right? Anyway, he would proceed to stare down the four individuals. They were a family from what it seemed. A mom, a dad, and two twins boys who appeared to be no older than fourteen. A low sigh would escape his mouth as he began to cover the distance in between them. Ariael was growing tired of hunting down people who would not put up a fight. There was no fun it at all.

With a quick lunge, Ariael would appear in front of the family at a tremendous speed. As he lunged, his right hand was aimed for the father's jugular. The motion alone would cause the neck to snap and throw the man backwards for at least five meters. Screams would engulf the area. Using his hand that carried his shield, Ariael would force the edge of it towards the mother's forehead. A loud cracking sound could be heard while he crushed the woman's head. The only ones left were the twins. He would take care of them as well effortlessly before making his way back towards the inner parts of Bosco.


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