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Siban Agnusdei

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Name: Siban Agnusdei

Age: January 1st, X779

Gender: Male

Sexuality: hetero-romantic asexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian,

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class:The Spellsinger

Race: Nephilim (Guardian)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Right cheek, in gold

Face: picrew - unknown creator


Height: 4'7

Weight: 70lbs soaking wet

Hair: black

Eyes: orange/red

Overall: Siban is a tiny, malnourished child, small in frame and stature. He has small, delicate features like a porcelain doll with wide eyes outlined by beautiful long lashes. Siban always looks scared and miserable, as if he is incapable of smiling and always just one bad day away from sobbing in a dark corner.

Siban wears simple, baggy clothes in dark colours that make his skin look even more sickly pale than it really is. He holds himself as though constantly cowering, and flinches like he expects to be attacked at any moment. He walks as if tip-toeing on egg shells and talks quietly with a stutter.

Extra: While the only mar on his face is the Rune Knight guild symbol, Siban's body from the collar bone down - excluding his hands - is covered with years of scars. Most appear to be more than a year old, stretching as far back as a decade, but there are a few gashes that look like cuts from a sword across his left side stretching from his spine to the front of his hips.


Personality: Siban is a very scared child. He panics at the slightest of problems, breaks down into tears easily, and flinches at even the gentlest touch of a butterfly passing by his cheek. Siban always seems to be in some kind of distress as his default state, but is hesitant to say anything if he is uncomfortable for fear of being punished. He doesn't trust people to have good intentions, apologizes for the smallest of his perceived faults constantly enough to be annoying, and seems entirely incapable of standing up for himself. At any passing glance, Siban is a thoroughly broken soul traumatised beyond repair.

Even so, he still has a serene innocence when absorbed in a good book, or when he watches a bird sail past the windows. Siban wants to do his best for the people that show him even the smallest amount of kindness, even if he doesn't understand what is expected of him. Siban associates obedience with affection, and withholds any shred of opinions in favour of pleasing the person he currently views as "in charge". Any time someone expresses a disinterest or negative emotion towards Siban, he assumes that it is his fault that they feel that way and he did something wrong to cause it.


  • Birds: While he doesn't know all their names, Siban admires the freedom of the birds and can recognize a lot of the native species by appearance and by their calls. He collects feathers when he can, and preserves them in the few books in his possession.
  • Headpats: Expressions of affection are rare to Siban, and while he is largely uncomfortable and even terrified by many expressions, the one he appreciates most, even if he still flinches away at first, is a very simple pat on his head. He finds it reassuring, without being overwhelming like hugs or compliments.


  • Affection: Siban does not understand and is often conflicted by the intent behind displays of affection. It scares him to be constrained within a hug, and he is unused to compliments encouraging him. He expects displays of affection to precede or follow after some form of punishment.
  • Purity of Faith: Siban is taught that all races except Humans, Nephilim and Seraphim are bad and must be wiped out for the preservation of humanity, no matter what they may seem like on the outside. The most heinous of all species are the Demons and Daemons, followed closely by Vampires, Liches and Werewolves


  • Flight to Illumin: Siban wants to know what it feels like to fly like the birds, free from terror and obligations. He doesn't know how he will reach that point, or if he ever will, but he strengthens his magic because he believes that when he is powerful enough he will be able to soar so high he joins his mother in heaven with Illumin. Siban believes that if he manages to learn to fly, he will be blessed by Illumin to never feel pain agian.


  • Punishment: Siban fears doing things wrong, and by extent the punishment that follows. He does everything he can to avoid making mistakes, and panics to the point of complete immobility when something unavoidable happens.
  • Interaction with strangers: Siban was taught to fear outside parties more than he fears those who "care" for him, as a method to dissuade him from seeking help. He was taught to believe that strangers would only approach him in order to kidnap and murder him and that the only people he can trust with his safety are the ones with power over him.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 4

Endurance: 13

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Blessings of the Divine

Magic Element:  Light

Magic Enhancement: Focused Healing & Buff

Magic Description:  Siban's eyes flash with bright golden light when he casts spells, which glow with a warm, radiant light that appears from his magic seals looking almost divine in nature and feels like basking in a summer sun beam. Siban's spell types range from Healing to Supplementary, with the occasional Defense and even rarer Offense. His strongest spell type is Other-Buff. "Blessings of the Divine" is a Light element magic, and as such is weak against Nature magic.


Siban was born in an isolated community, commonly referred to by outsiders as "a cult". His mother, while not the most stable of individuals, loved him very much in her own way. The cult worshipped Illumin, but loathed the acceptance of species such as the wood elves, claiming they were not pure enough for Illumin's love. They gathered with like minded individuals and secluded themselves in the mountain where, out of sight, out of mind, no one thought they would cause problems.

When Siban was two, the cult began practising rituals on him to endow him - and several other children - with the holy power of Illumin. It was intensive, and morally unethical practises, some of which involved physically carving his skin. His mother supported the rituals, proud that her son would be one of many to receive the grace of an angel. She praised him for every wound, every hour spent receiving torture from cult leaders to purify his body in preparation. He learned quickly that the best way to make his mother happy was to do what the leaders wanted, because any time he disobeyed them his mother would personally lash him to "exorcise the sin from his soul". She would cry as she beat her son, and praised him for being such a good boy.

By the age of seven, Siban could recite entire sermons from heart and endure hours of flagellation and torture. Half of the children who had been chosen alongside him had died in the last five years through blood loss, infection, or beatings. His mother praised him for being a chosen of Illumin before continuing the torture, and praised him for being such a loving son when she dressed his wounds. She would tell him stories of Illumin's love and a land where no one ever felt pain and how he would be the one to guide them there. He began to learn to control his mana on top of his 'education' from the cult leaders, and within the next two years, two more of his fellow 'chosen' died in the search for "Illumin's chosen son". Only he, and a boy one year older were left to carry on.

Occasionally, Siban watched as a bound and gagged person was paraded through the community before being placed on an altar at the very center, surrounded by flammable materials, where he and the other boy were handed torches and told to light them aflame. He was told they were strangers who had come seeking to take the power of Illumin, to take him from his mother, and if their souls were to be saved, Illumin would salvage them from the fire and they would be accepted into the community. None of them were ever saved from the raging fire, and Siban wept while their screams of pain echoed down the mountains. After one such ritual, Siban noticed his fellow chosen sobbed as the figure was paraded about the community. When it came time for them to light the fires, the other boy climbed atop the altar and set himself ablaze alongside the sinner. Siban realized, as he listened to the traumatized sobs, that the figure he had just set alight was one of their own. The mother of the child who sacrificed himself in hopes that his mother would be saved.

That night, Siban's mother showered him with praise for disposing of that traitorous sinner, hugging and kissing her child who was now the only remaining chosen. The only chosen son of Illumin. Siban was more worried that if he ever did anything wrong, especially now that he was the last one with the eyes of the whole community upon him, that he would be forced to light his mother on fire that same way.

He dedicated himself to being the perfect son, the perfect follower of Illumin. His hardened skin allowed him to survive, and his broken heart prevented him from even daring to dream of leaving. He grasped onto the story of Illumin's love and the land where no one ever felt pain with all of his faith, his very life dangling from that thin, fragile thread. The cult finally succeeded in imbuing Siban with the grace of a Seraphim, effectively turning him into a Nephilim. At age 11, Siban's final task was the trial of flames encompassing an entire, small town at the base of the mountain.

Everything burned so much faster when the fire was fueled by Siban's powers, feeding into the strength of the cultists as they rampaged and burned every last house, every last soul in the tiny town. Siban watched in horror as families burnt to ash, his power enabling the cultists to rain powerful magic down upon the 'sinners'. For three days he cast his magics to prevent his cult leaders from running out of strength, but the attack was not unnoticed. The local Rune Knights, coming from hours away to aid the effort to control the fire, showed no mercy to the people of the cult. It was a slaughterfest on both sides, where Knights cleaved through cultists without a second thought and cultists burned through civilians as they chanted prayers to Illumin. On the end of the fourth day, as Siban stood covered in soot with streaks down his cheeks where the tears had run, he had completely run out of mana and he had lost track of every person he knew. He wandered for hours in search of his mother, crying out in a tiny, broken voice as he coughed up ash and rubbed blood from his cracked lips. He never found her, or at least, nothing identifiable as her, before the rune knights found him.

It wasn't hard for them to identify him as a cultist, with the ceremonial robes and the feathered crown on his head, but they seemed to take pity on him - the last living member - and chose not to immediately end his life. Perhaps they felt ashamed murdering a helpless child, maybe they could sense how valuable he would be, but they gave him a proposition - join them and be safe, under the protection of the true church of Illumin, or wander freely across the earth by himself and be a victim to whatever misfortune sought him out. Terrified, alone, and traumatised by the knowledge of what he had done, Siban readily agreed to join the Rune Knights.

Little did he know, the knight who offered to take him in had seen what he had done to the tiny mountain village, and had ulterior motives for 'rescuing' the small child.

Reference: Main Character: Destin Eaves

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Salutations Siban,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • Please link the thread where you bought Neph. Then we will be good to go.

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The url has been embedded in the race section~


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This character application has been approved.

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