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Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita)

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#1Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 4:03 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Another day, another task in Bosco for Shichiro to prepare for. Once again he was tasked with defending some merchants from highwaymen and bandits while the merchants sold their wears somewhere in the middle of nowhere where a few settlements had been packed closely together. Not close enough to where they could see each other but close enough to where it wouldn't take more than a day to reach in less than twenty four hours. The bright side of this was that since he met his cousin in Bosco, he could at least draft him to accompany him on this task so that's what he'd do in order to make this task.

Waiting for his cousin to arrive, Shichiro decided to check out the perimeter to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happened while he was waiting. Doing a quick patrol, he saw nothing he could consider suspicious so he just went back to the center of the merchant camp in order to wait for his cousin like he originally planned to. Placing his hands into his pockets, he kicked a pebble out of his way and proceeded to wait a bit longer for him. As he did so, he made sure to keep a vigilant eye out for any suspicious person that may or may not bring harm to the merchants.


Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 5:12 pm

Keita had done a mercenary type mission that involved delivering a group of goods to a nerby city so that Reiner could have a bit more supplies for whatever activities he was doing to further his agenda and goals, and Keita enjoyed it. It was fairly simple and he was helping out a prominent figure that wanted to change the country for the better, especially when it came to technology. Keita was doing another one of these mission type things, and he should correct that he was simply guarding the people that were actrually taking the goods where they needed to go, but it was still an important task. No one could say for sure that these goods would not get ambushed and attacked by bandits, or even worse, mages that were on the side of his rivals. 

Keitta needed to be vigilant, and he was as he made his way towards the meeting spot, a small spot in the middle of nowhere where the merchants had set up camp. As Keita made his way there, he noticed a person that was very out of place, his cousin Shichiro. Keita waved him down in the distance before meeting up with him. "Heya Shichiro, I wasn't told where we're taking these guys, which way are we going?" Keita would ask when he got closer.

#3Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 5:22 pm

Shichiro Uchida
It didn't take long before his cousin, Keita arrived on the scene. Looking at his general direction, he could see his cousin waving at him. Pulling out his right hand from his pocket, Shichiro waved back towards him, greeting him as he walked over towards him. Keita then inquired about where they were heading with the merchants this time around.

Shichiro just shook his head and then responded, "Nah, we aren't going anywhere this time. The objective is here. Seeing as this is a time of turmoil, the merchants figured it would be best to try and sell their wares between the five opposing parties. They're currently neutral but Reiner figured, if he assisted them anyway, regardless of their opinion, he could potentially change their minds and gain favor. They were hesitant at first but now, it seems they are just gonna set up camp and try to sell their wares anyways. They normally hire their own kind of mercenaries so we're essentially doing this job for free this time around. Well, more specifically, Reiner. We're getting paid for this of course," Shichiro said, chuckling.

He wasn't capable of doing things for free unless it was something happening spur of the moment that he might get rewarded for later.


Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 5:35 pm

Keita nodded as he spoke with his cousin here, and soon the entire situation was explained to him in a way that was very easy to understand. Reiner wanted to gain a bit of favor by selling to everyone in a neutral spot even though they were all vying for the same position. It should be assumed that there would be a large amount of opposition between the parties involved, and they should look more to sabotage each other than to help each other, so it was strange for Reiner to still sell to everyone during such a tumultuous time. This would no doubt gain the favor of some that still needed the goods that he sold even if they lived under the rule or favor of another party member, so Keita thought that this was a wonderful strategy. 

Keita nodded along before responding. "Ahh I see, so we just have to sit here to guard the merchants instead of baby sitting them to their destination. This is better I think, as this ios even less likely to get attacked and robbed than on the road, as we have had time to set up defenses and there is essentially nowhere for any enemies to suddenly jump out at us." Keita weighed in with his opinion. The addition of mages attacking them muddied things a bit, but simple traveling merchants like these should not attract the attention of mages, right?

#5Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 5:48 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Nodding to Keita's reply, Shichiro had agreed this was indeed an ideal strategy for Reiner, albeit a generous one. His ideology would have been something along the lines of, if they did not support him at his lowest, he wouldn't have the ear to hear them when he was at his peak. I guess that's what separated the two of them. Regardless, he still respected the man since it seems their goals for the future would be the same. Taking his other hand out of his pocket, Shichiro folded his arms. "Yeah, I guess this is better since I don't have to suffer the tedious task of walking too far back to where Reiner's main encampment was for tasks. Unfortunately, I can't slack off in a wagon and just wait for somebody to yell out for help when push comes to shove seeing as we seem to have some competition. These merchants bought their own sort of protection and we sort of need to look as if we're better than them, even if nothing happens. This kind of sucks," Shichiro said, complaining a bit to his cousin. He wanted this job easy like the previous two where he would just ride from Point A to Point B.


Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 6:32 pm

Keita was thinking about the political side of everything, and it seemed that his cousin had thought of the more money making side of things, as he had pointed out that this way he did not need to walk so far back to go and get to the camp that Reiner used to hand out the tasks to people. In this way, Shichiro could go ahead and get more money by taking more and more actions from Reiner, and he would also be able to extend the ways that Reiner could influence what was essentially a democratic election for a king or queen. That thought alone stuck with Keita, and it made his face turn a biut weird in confusion. It did not seem that every member of the ryal house that could ascend to the throne would do so with the military or subterfuge.

Keita then voiced his opinions on the matter to his cousin, after letting him finish up what he was going to say. "Hmm, I didn't really think of that point. I was more hung up on how Reiner was garnering support with this move, not quite making money. I really should be thinking about that though, it is incredibly important for me right now, haha." Keita chuckled responding to the first bit. "Still, making ourselves seem better than these people will be difficult without anything happening." Keita then responded to the rest, unsure as to how the request should proceed.

#7Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Mon May 24, 2021 6:43 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Inhaling and exhaling through his nose, Shichiro had gone on to say, "Well, yeah. Of course I personally will only think about the money making side since I'm just the hired help. If Reiner wins, there will be more jobs to go around for people like and and I can do mercenary work while still having the authority of a rune knight. Though that won't be for quite a while. I heard rumors he was planning to close off Bosco should he ascend to the throne so unless you're directly working under him, access to the country as a whole will be difficult. But for him, he should think of ways of reaping profits from these merchants so he could fund his little expansion campaigns and pet projects. I really would like to see how far he could push the technological world. Who knows, maybe if it's good enough, I could change my profession from a Blacksmith into something else that deals with creating weapons or tools of war. Not saying that I hope we will become a war torn world in the future." Shichiro had said. He really wanted Reiner in on the throne even if he doesn't directly benefit from it immediately. He's most definitely banking on the long run.


Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Tue May 25, 2021 9:54 pm

Keita listened to his cousin start talking and explaining why he had the views that he did. It was particularly insightful, as he spoke about how the money was the only thing actually important for someone who was the hired help in a mission that was just to guard, but Keita did not see it quite that simply. There were always other factors in play with a request like this, and they needed to be able to see all of the situation before they had a way to react correctly to it. He was not going to tell his cousin anything like that, and simply listened to the reasoning, and also nodded along, as he was the inexperienced one here out of the two. 

Keita could see the merit in keeping one's nose out of the political side of things and only focusing on making money, but they you might run into a situation where no one really cared if you died. Poking your nose in a bit and helping out the right person through the actions could get yourself a powerful backer in the future, making other major forces have to think twice before making a move against you. "I see, well I hope that we succeed and I get to see one of these fancy weapons you can make later on. I'll also hope for some sort of discount." Keita said, chuckling as he did so.

#9Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Tue May 25, 2021 11:01 pm

Shichiro Uchida
As Shichiro continued to talk and banter with his cousin, he was interrupted by the wail of one of the merchants that was setting up their wares. Turning his head into the direction it came from, Shichiro quickly stood to attention. "You hear the Keita, sounds like there might be something for us to do after all," he said as he began to run in the direction of where he heard the scream. Approaching somewhere near the edge of the encampment one of the other guards had been struck down by some bandits, four of them to be exact. Looking around, Shichiro wanted to see if anybody else had been harmed as he made his way over here.

It seems like only one of the personal guards that had been hired by the merchants took any kind of damage. Other than that, it was time to get into action. Fastening his bruiser's gauntlet, he figured it was time for him to do his job. "Hey Keita, I guess it's time to earn our keep now. Even though these are normal bandits, it seems the normal guards are just as incompetent," Shichiro had said with a smirk. He then decided it was time for him to walk over towards the bandit.


Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Wed May 26, 2021 3:49 pm

Keita was simply looking around and talking to his cousin when there seemed to be a commotion. Keita noticed it after Shichiro did, as his senses were quite a bit more dull than his were, as Shichiro was quite a bit more experienced and involved in conflict than Keita ever was. Keita only had a bit of experience getting in small scuffles with the local kids, and that was really rare in and of itself, not to mention it was over ten years ago that those event even happened. Shichiro informed him that there was something that they could do to prove themselves and show off a bit, and so Keita leapt into action. He saw that Shichiro was heading towards one of the bandits that had struck one of the caravan members down, and there seemed to be more than one in that direction. 

"Yeah, hopefully I'll be strong enough soon to be able to actually compete with you someday." Keita said, before going in the opposite direction towards a lone bandit, as he was not quite skilled enough to take multiple people on at the same time, Small black spheres the size of soft balls floated around Keita as he walked towards the lone bandit, before the bandit seemed a bit panicked and rushed him with a saber. The man was trying to avoid the wisps, but there wasn't much space to maneuver around, and so was hit, throwing his aim off before Keita used that and some leverage top throw him over his shoulder onto the ground.

#11Shichiro Uchida 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Wed May 26, 2021 5:34 pm

Shichiro Uchida
As he laid eyes on the bandit, it seemed Keita would be the one to take down the first bandit that had arrived and struck down one of the hired guards of the merchants. This was fine as it took off less of the burden of having to deal with all four of them by himself. Even though there were other hired goons of the merchants, after the first guard had gotten taken out, fear had settled into their mind and they no longer had the will to fight them off, with some of them even running off. It was just four guys of varying weapons, Shichiro thought to himself as he lunged forward to deal with the other three.

As they saw Shichiro lunging towards them, the bandits had drawn their weapons in preparation to fight. After meeting with the three of them head on, Shichiro had made quick work of the three before, typing the four of them up and heading back to the center of the camp. Shichiro made sure to see if the guard they had struck down was okay in which he was fine other than a scar. He'd then walk back to Keita and have a conversation of the events that transpired until they were no longer needed for guard duty.



Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Keita) Empty Thu May 27, 2021 1:15 am

Keita had quickly dispatched one of the bandits, as they were not quite paying enough attention to what he was doing, as the wisps of dark energy were swirling around him. This was a pretty decent distraction, as his magic was not quite good enough to cause any substantial damage, there was no real reason for the bandit to pay attention to it, but the element of surprise was definitely ruining the bandit's chances against Keita. The first one was slammed into the ground fairly easily, before he got tied up by some rope that he carried with him for just such an occasion, and then looked towards a couple more of the bandits. There were only two of them left after he had dispatched one and Shichiro ran after a large group of them, and so Keita ran towards the two. 

He was only confident in doing so because some of the caravan guards ran over towards those two as well, and Keita essentially rounded one of them up on his own and started top one versus one them while the caravan guards flanked and harassed the other one until he was taken out of commission. It was pretty easy to take the remaining bandit down, as he was still wary of the magic and thought that Keita was going to do a take down maneuver, which was easy to feint into a punch to the throat. It was going to be an interesting walk back talking to Shichiro because of this.

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