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I LOST THE RINGS?! [Travel with Priscilla from Orchidia to Hargeon]

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I LOST THE RINGS?! [Travel with Priscilla from Orchidia to Hargeon] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 11:26 am


It all had been a perfectly prepared plan, to the point the young vampire lady was quite proud of the accomplishment. She had made certain that her wyvern would be willing to carry Hasani and his caretaker along the journey to Hargeon, and she had prepared a super-secret but wonderful gift for Valerie. While she had presented Valerie a ring upon her return to Orchidia, the truth was that Esperia had prepared a special gift, a wedding ring that looked exactly like a powerful relic she possessed.

The One Ring was a relic only a handful of people had ever known about, a ring of power forged by the High Elves of Earthland, and gifted to her by Odin in return for her deeds in Asgard. Although some of its power had weakened due to the fact she was one of the mortal races, it still would be quite a powerful boon to Esperia.

Not to mention, the idea of having a second one forged as a replica to give Valerie a matching ring sounded so hopelessly romantic to her.

There was just one problem: In the morning when she prepared to pick up the rings from their hiding place, they had been missing. It left Esperia in a state of inner panic, flailing around her wyvern as she spoke. "To think I lose them! I even secretly hid them before Valerie could see them and now they are gone!"

The wyvern looked sympathetically at Esperia, while the girl's panic continued. "To think I lost them on the day of our trip, uguu... I'm a failure of a wife! Who would even trust a wife with her life if she can't even protect their rings?!"

It seemed Esperia was clearly panicking, to the point that Valerie could likely sneak up on her if she desired to do so...



I LOST THE RINGS?! [Travel with Priscilla from Orchidia to Hargeon] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
For the day of travel had finally arrived, it seemed to be a fairly quietly day as they were packing up and preparing to sort out their arrangements. Talking before hand being laid out was the plans that Hasani would most likely be unsure or scared to ride on the back of Ryuko, Even if she knew she was harmless to anyone she knew, But it was prepare for that situation.

The morning was peaceful, Valerie and Esperia had spend a long time playing with Hasani and continuing to help Hasani learn to walk, Even in some manner Valerie had started to try and teach her son how to slowly make sounds. Slowly Hasani was being a big boy, just like his mother wanted.

After clearing up with Nasira what all needed to be looked out for. Valerie would slowly head out to travel with Esperia alone,  it was a nice thing to do. Then again, It was suggested by Esperia to go along, Almost like either she wanted time alone with her.

In reality it seemed Esperia had other plans with this travel and Valerie was just sneaky and rude enough to alter them in a more fun way. Even if Esperia attempted really hard to keep her plans quiet, The ever listening ear she knew what she was up too, and for the fun of it, Valerie just wanted to spin this in an interesting way.

was it cruel? kind of but it would end well, Since She learned how it all was intended, which ring was who's and the main why she could go about it.

Just how did she lean into this. Well while Nasira was loading up Hasani and Esperia seemed to be a panic. so sneak up form behind and hugging Esperia it just seemed like nothing was a miss to the werewolf."Good day dear, It seems like a nice time to travel."

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Esperia couldn't help but let out a little yelp, surprisingly enough being startled by the sudden embrace, but recognize the presence of her lover quickly enough to not consider the sudden hug an unwanted gesture.

"hehehe.... yes, it's a beautiful day indeed." Esperia chimed softly, yet inwardly her mind continued to scour around for some sort of solution or answer to where the rings could had disappeared to. Nasira surely wouldn't have stolen them, that seemed like something the woman wouldn't do, but then did Hasani possibly eat them? Mistook them for candy?! Both hands raising to her head she groaned softly. "Nono, there is no way Hasani would have eaten them, right? Not to mention I doubt they would look tasty to him..."

Muttering absently Esperia's gaze lifted up to her lover as she smiled weakly. "I think the strategist her strategy failed this time~ I had prepared a surprise for you for during our trip but... Something disrupted my grand plan~"

Sure, the rings could be replaced, but considering the value of them she was quite worried about the matter to be honest. Not to mention, if the High Elves who forged the ring learned of its absence she would be in quite a problematic situation!

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I LOST THE RINGS?! [Travel with Priscilla from Orchidia to Hargeon] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
As her partner seemed to be going on about something she had already planned and in mind, Valerie would simply take her right hand, even if she was still standing behind her."Oh did you truly have a surprise for me dear?"It was a bit of play along as she nuzzled into her lovers to continue either distracting or keep her mind busy. she would go for a moment.

Then sneaking the right into her own hand, she would take Esperia's hand and sneak it away."I am sure it is a magical one, as always."Then since sneaking that right arm away making sure the hand was open, trying to continually super embarrass so she would not try and pull that right hand away from her."Did we need to have some alone time before travel leaving?"then putting the ring on and letting go.

The trick was over."Or could you look on your hand now."Valerie was laughing at the thing she pulled off, the entire situation could be figured out now, Taking the moment of time to put on the copy ring that looked nice.

"You do forget I was once a lady who knew how to sneak and be quiet on her feet right dear?"
in some way She expected this to go horribly wrong, but it was a fun thing to do."That work you had hired for making them is wonderful i must say."Then well with that magical moment over it was a nice embrace with a kiss on the cheek."I do love the effort you put into the things you do."She was wondering if this would make the situation worst for her or not, Most people don't take sneaking things and ruining surprises in good light.



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Feeling her hand gently grasped Esperia gazed up at Valerie's face and inquired with a smile. "Of course~ I had prepared a great surprise for you, but unfortunately it got disrupted..." Feeling the gentle nuzzle against her neck Esperia smiled innocently, yet feeling Valerie's hand gently pull her own along Esperia's, while she declared with a sheepish grin. "Some alone time is always welcome~"

A mischievous giggle looked at her lips as she turned her gaze toward her hand, the sudden sight of the ring on her finger making Esperia's eyes widen in surprise.

"I almost forgot about that~ You're indeed very swift on your feet, and know just the right ways to use your hands~" Giggling softly Esperia enjoyed the feeling of the kiss, her gaze turning at the ring of power, a gentle sigh of relief escaping her lips.

A momentary pause followed as she turned around and gave Valerie another gentle embrace, following it up with a gentle kiss on her cheek after which she leaned back and clapped her hands together with an excited smile.

"Time to depart, shall we?" Esperia hummed happily as she started to make her way toward the white wyvern, gently patting the creature's neck as it started to fly up into the air.

Meanwhile, Esperia started to walk back up toward Valerie, a hand grasping hold of it and started to walk toward the road up ahead. It was clear she was looking forward to the trip.

"I'm excited to show you around at Hargeon~ There are so many things to see. Now, what should we do once we're there?" Humming happily Esperia suddenly took a step backwards and cuddled up to her lover's arm, clearly in a very happy and goofy mood.

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I LOST THE RINGS?! [Travel with Priscilla from Orchidia to Hargeon] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
It was almost like there was a magical how it all worked out."I would not entirely say disrupted, It is still a wonderful surprise in the end."Then again alone time even if welcomed could always wait then again."There is always plenty of time for us alone, If you really need it I am sure we can manage at some point in the travel."Would they have to sneak away if need be? Who knows it depends if the need really stuck out during the travel to Hargeon after all, no doubt if needed be the rest of the traveling party could understand if that came up.

All the wholesomeness was just how peaceful the life was wanted to be.Taking a hold of hand that wanted to hold her own, Which she would comply and do so. Leaving it posed to her. In her mind she had to wonder what was all there, she had never been to hargeon as far as she could remember."I would not know personally Dear, Any thoughts in my memory draw a blank to were we are going."So in other words, she had never really been to Hargeon and she would be going to a new place.

At least it was a family trip."So maybe you need to show me what the place is like and what to do, I am sure no matter what it will be wonderful."It was not just holding her hand and walking to Hargeon magical moment in time, Surely it could be nice time.


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[Exit to Hargeon.}

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