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Tempris D-Rank: Baska City - No Stone Unturned

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Tempris D-Rank: Baska City - No Stone Unturned Empty Sun May 23, 2021 9:07 pm


Tempris was walking through the city as was instructed, Her cloak hid her face from the greedy eyes of the people who questioned why she was out and alone with such a large weapon. It was most annoying but at least with this cloak, most people confused her for a dwarf which meant less attention. It was great until a man walked up to her.

He seemed like a rough character covered in scars and bruises. Most people would consider him scary but Tempris just saw another poor suffering soul. "Hello sir~ You look lost."
The man chuckled, "Sorry pip squeak. I'm looking for a woman carrying a large golden sword."
Tempris dropped her smile, seeing that the man was underestimating her.
"Oh... might I ask her name."
The man laughed again before looking down and and seeing a large object under the cloak of the girl. It was gold and looked like the bottom of a sword. Given his description of the girl, he quickly became quiet.
"Wait. You are this Tempris?"
Tempris answered with only a smirk, thinking if she needed to show the man a lesson. Normally she would have already struck him down but she still haven't found the client. If this was said client then well, that would be why he was still alive. It turned out he was and so she followed him to the hideout.

It was here that she met Mattoro. He explained that there were three contractors who were going to meet up in about four days. He had a plan for them but he needed to figure out where the meeting was taken place. He needed Tempris to find these men and get their description.
"So find them and get their description in 3 days when they arrive." She repeated. The man nodded and so she was off.

Her plan was simple, she was going to pretend to be lost and and bump to each of them. From there she would get there appearances and there names and social behaviors. It would not be too hard since people still doubted her abilities as a powerful mage. She guessed in this one instances, it was a good thing to be underestimated. So she left the building and prepared her scheme.

The 3 men were Kalaus, Giroud, and Frankan. Kalaus as a very skinny man who was jumping and just itching to twitch and react. He was the most dangerous of the group because he completely freaked out when Tempris bumped into him. He was very scrawny with blond hair, green eyes and tanned skin. His clothing seemed to be extremely worn down trench coats and a few piece of wealth hidden on his person.

Giroud was a large dark skin man who was very kind and had a booming presence. However he was a bit uppity in that he thought Tempris was a beggar. Now tempris knew she wasn't wearing her best clothes but she felt a little insulted and almost blew her cover but she held it in... for now.

Frankan was just a normal guy. Grey hair olive skin. Quiet, observant, tempris had a difficult time being around him and his questioning demeanor.

End the end she got the descriptions and returned to the Mattoro. She was rewarded and then went off on her way.

WC 500/500

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