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Oración Seis

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Oración Seis

Oración Seis is an individualistic group composed out of six members that do not push a specific agenda together. In that regard, they are not even an actual guild. The name itself is a term used by the Council to refer to six dangerous individuals that have the same potential as a small guild. Therefore, those dubbed as Oración Seis, may not have seen each other ever.

Since Oración Seis is not an actual guild with a Master, they cannot ally themselves with other guilds. They may, however, offer their personal services. It is not uncommon for some of them to help out other individuals or guilds in return for coin or favors. While it is an unspoken rule among them that they do not interfere with the personal operations of each other, it is not uncommon that they may find themselves standing on opposite sides sometimes and battle themselves.


  • The user must be A-rank.

  • The user must have an Infamy of 5000 after the Fame reduction.

  • The user must have an Infamy ratio of 2:1 to their Fame.

  • The user must be more active than the least active person to enter it if there are already 6 individuals listed as Oración Seis.


Level 1:

  • Underworld Connections: The user has become well-connected with some underworld figures and can use their underworld relationships to get their hands on certain information. Once per week, the user can use this to find the location of a person and become aware IC where they are located.

Level 2:

  • Menacing Shop Discount: The user strikes fear in the hearts of merchants. In order to appease the user, merchants discount their prices to stay on their good side. The user receives a 10% discount in the shop on Magics, Weapons, Armors, and Accessories.

Level 3:

  • Underworld Operations: The user can run an operation in a location that is already conquered by guilds. The operation sets up or takes control of some underworld activity in that location. In order to do that, they must perform the same methods as conquests. They get 1/2 of the rewards compared to the conquest reward of that location. This includes the jewel rewards and the discount. The user must maintain their operation monthly similar to conquests to receive the rewards. There can only be one Underworld Operation by Oración Seis at a location. The user may still conquer it and take it over from another Oración Seis member, however, it may turn their relationships sour as a result. In addition, it may not be freely settled somewhere Crime Sorcière runs Support Operations. There can either be a Crime Sorcière or Oración Seis operation running at a location. Should the user want to settle there anyway, they must conquer it according to the Conquest Regulations.

    • Military: 10% discount on Helmets and Armor.
    • Merchant: 10% discount on Accessories (excluding Earrings) and Magics.
    • Industrial: 10% discount on Weapons

Level 4:

  • Move Around: With the authorities chasing the user, they are always on the go and never too long at the same place. The user receives a 20% word reduction on travel topics.

Level 5:

  • Underworld Conqueror: The user expands the territories of their Underworld Operations. They may choose another location to settle one more. The stipulations presented in Underworld Operations still apply. In that regard, should the user select a location with the same type of reward as the previous one they will now be able to get a full Merchant, Industrial, or Military. Of course, they are free to have two different types under their control and have 1/2 rewards of both of them. Unlike others, they are not forced to have the two locations within the same region, however, they do not receive Majority Region control jewel rewards either. Instead, they receive 2x Location rewards (50,000J x 2).

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