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Crawling Chaos (WIP)

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#1Günter Von Wolf 

Crawling Chaos (WIP) Empty Sun May 23, 2021 1:03 am

Günter Von Wolf

Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F Crawling Chaos

For years, Fiore and the other countries have been rooted in corruption. A corruption that has never fully been dealt with. Dark guilds continue to pop up, light guilds continue to do nothing, and kings and nobles continue to use and abuse their power. This guild and its goal is to bring peace to the world, wiping out corruption at its very core through any means necessary. They believe in unity. Most guilds don't seem to truly work together for a common goal. Most of the time they split apart and do their own thing in order to get to that goal. It's respectable, but it doesn't get the job done.

Crawling Chaos is a guild that focuses on the unity of individuals working together to bring true, lasting peace to the world. They accept all races, all walks of life, regardless of bounty. Though this is a religious guild that worships cosmic entities, they are accepting of individuals that may want to worship different gods. To Crawling Chaos, that is absolutely fine. The reason that this guild is seen as a dark guild regardless of its morals, is due to the fact that they simply do not accept the law that is in place. The law is often used by corrupt individuals for their own goals.

In order to reach the goal that this guild seeks, its members will do whatever it takes. That means that they will slaughter, annihilate, and crush any obstacle in their path regardless of the brutality. Their goal is to bring in an age of dark, forcing the light guilds to get stronger in the hopes that they will one day be able to combat any adversary that would arise, and if they are unable to, the corruption of this world has truly rooted itself into the very core of Earthland. This guild will purge it, sending it back into the void for life itself to become anew once again.

Members of the guild will have a tattoo with the appearance of an octopus.

 Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F REGULATIONS

  • The user may not take Good quests.

  • The user must never reveal sensitive information about Crawling Chaos to others for as long as they live, with the exception of guild master approval.

  • The user may not kill or seriously harm other members of the guild without first consulting the guild master or Team Leaders, and it must have guild master approval.

  • Recruitment can only officially be performed by the master or Team Leaders. However, non Team Leaders may suggest and recommend users they think will suit the guild's needs.

  • Upon joining the guild, new members will be assigned a Team that they will travel with. This is decided by the guild master and Team Leaders based off of their skill sets. This is done to ensure that members, brothers and sisters never travel alone. If a member is assigned to a Team they hate, they may refer to the third rule, where all troubles go away or they can request a transfer.

  • Visitors to the guild, so long as they do not take hostile actions against the guild, are to be treated with utmost respect. Failure to do so may result in punishment by the guild master and Team Leaders. That being said, this rule is only to apply so long as those guests are within the guild and sight of the guild building.

 Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F BUILDING

Located at the top of Sieghart Mountains is a cluster of small ruins that used to be part of a temple to Illumin. This temple was also a safe haven for artifacts of a more void-like nature. In the center of these ruins sits a black pyramid-styled object with four spikes protruding from the ground. All recent expeditions into how this pyramid works have been met with failure. Through Gunter and the efforts of a few individuals, Crawling Chaos was born. As to how they activated the guild building is a secret, just in case there are future ruins with such occult items around. They caused this black pyramid to rise.

As the guild building reached the surface, corruption started to spread, causing a thick mist to surround the area, driving the animals mad and causing dark races to find the surrounding area more favorable. Obviously, due to Crawling Chaos' nature and due to the fact that dark races are allowed within their halls and within their area, there is an acceptance. Monsters accept that they are there, and Crawling Chaos accepts them to live in the surrounding area and live peacefully.

The corruption that spreads from this black pyramid, however, has started to corrupt the very earth, causing the stone to darken as if the the mountain is being transformed into onyx. This does not mean it's killing living creatures, however It is starting to have unforseen side effect's on other individuals that may live in the outskirts, causing birth defects and deformities in such individuals such as third arms, eyes in places there shouldn't be, and even tendrils for limbs. But that does not matter to Crawling Chaos, for all are welcome, and all are loved.

Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F MASTER

Gunter has chosen to make this guild and to become guild master due to his past experiences with the world. Being someone that lost his family at an early age due to corruption and heinous nobles, fleeing to Fiore and finding himself in a land rooted just as much in corruption as it was back home, is disheartening. Unlike most guild masters, Gunter is very much a wild card. When it comes to combat experience. He is a tactical leader that will watch, wait and study his opponents carefully, getting to know their motivations, who they are, why they fight, and everything else about them. He does so to use that in an art of war.

Being that he was raised by a tactician as his father and warrior as his mother, he's no stranger to war. He knows that loss will happen, and that he will lose members. However, with enough information, and with enough training in his guild mates and friends, he knows that any opposition and anyone that stands in his way will be crushed under an iron grip and thrown to the void.

In the guild, to his guild mates, he's a very caring and understanding individual that will not stand in the way of their own motivations. Gunter is even accepting of guild mates that want him dead if that is their goal. He will not stand in their way, but if that's something they choose, he lets them know that they only have one shot. So they better make it count.

 Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F TITLES

  • The Smiter: User is capable of using Consuming Void. This spell does not take up a spell slot of the user.

  • The Watcher: User is capable of using Blind Dreamer. This spell does not take up a spell slot of the user.

  • The Corrupter: User gains access to the Corrupting Chaos ability. This spell does not take up a spell slot of the user.

    Guild Spells/Abilities:

 Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F PERKS

Level 1:

  • The Grind: The member may apply for one extra Neutral Quests per week.

Level 2:

  • Black Market: The user receives a 10% discount in the shop on magics and items excluding Companions.

Level 3:

  • Abyssal Legion:  Bypass travel to  respond to any hostile guild conquest/invasion, or guild raids as long as it's in guild hall's city.

Level 4:

  • Dark Tribute: The user receives an additional 20% experience from completing Good, Bad, and Neutral Quests.

Level 5:

  • Hivemind: The user is part of an eldritch hivemind that automatically grants in-character knowledge of things that took place in concluded topics of other Hivemind members, even if they weren't there to experience it. You can only tell other Guild members the info you gain through Hivemind, also if you leave the guild you forget anything learned through Hivemind.

 Crawling Chaos (WIP) W0VTx2F Members

  • Founder: Tempris Ashflare

  • Founder: Fala

  • Founder: Rinni Faithe

  • Member: Avianna Brandt

  • Member: Destin Eaves

  • Member: Alistair Morningstar

  • Member: Akushitsuna Mono

  • Member: 

  • Member: 

  • Member: Ikazuchi Kumo

  • Member: Jikan Supēsu

  • Member: Glory Nakamura-Halphien

  • Member: Blake Vanderdekken

  • Member: Shichiro

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