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The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro]

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The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 3:42 pm

Keita had been in Oak for a day or so, just seeing the sights, before he invited his cousin out to the pub for a few drinks. He wanted to fully catch up and just hang out with his cousin. He wanted to get closer to him because they had drifted apart ever since Shichiro moved to Fiore a couple of years ago. Keita was suddenly moved into Fiore after he had successfully passed the qualification to be a Rune Knight, so this was the perfect time to catch up with his old buddy that was more like a brother to him than any other family member. The pub would of course wait until night time, which it now was, and he headed over after getting everything he needed ready.

This was mostly money, as even if Shichiro wanted to pay for him, Keita would refuse, and he also thought it would be the same for his cousin. Keita simply entered the pub and headed inside, watching the people casually drinking, a couple of people glancing in his direction as he walked to the bar and started talking to the bartender. "Hello barkeep, can I get some basic pale ale while I wait for a buddy please?"

#2Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 4:17 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Leaving the inn Shichiro was staying in, he had been invited to the pub by his cousin to hang out and get a few drinks with him. He was quite excited to catch up with him as it's been a long time since he's seen him. Making his way to the pub, Shichiro placed his hands into his pockets as he normally did because it was comfortable for him. Wearing his yellow button down shirt, navy blue pants and black shoes, he'd arrive at the pub in order to find his cousin. Walking into the establishment, Kizmaru looked around in hopes he saw a familiar face to which of course, he did.

His neutral face had turned into a slight smile as he began to make his way over to the counter where his cousin was most likely waiting for a drink. Taking a seat, Shichiro had turned to his direction, asking him, "Hey Keita, I just made it. Have you been waiting here for a long time?" He'd hoped he didn't take too long getting here as he probably should have quickened his pace instead of taking his time but he couldn't help himself as it felt like he didn't have a care in the world.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 5:28 pm

Keita did not have to wait very long, as it seemed that he was just poured his drink and started to sip it a couple of times when he noticed that his cousin here sat in the stool next to him at almost the same time. His cousin then asked is he had waited there long, and Keita felt the need to respond quickly, so he stopped drinking and set it down for a moment. "Not really, I had actually just gotten here and ordered this drink, didn't think you were going to be here for another few minutes." Keita enjoyed hanging out wqith his cousin since they were little kids, so he was a lot more open and frank with him than he was with anyone else, minus his parents of course. He enjoyed the relationship and wondered what they were going to do together in the Rune Knights, as Keita hoped he could become a pretty strong person in the future, and his cousin could help with that.

"One more for my cousin here bar keep." Keita would say, before watching the barkeep begin pouring the pale ale into the tall glass. "So, anything interesting happen lately?" Keita would say, wondering if his cousin here had any interesting stories from the Rune Knights as of late. If he did not, Keita could always find fun in the normal pub games such as darts or billiards.

#4Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 5:47 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Feeling relieved, Shichiro was glad he didn't make him wait at all and decided it was time for them to catch up since it had been awhile. He had only just ordered his drink and Shichiro contemplated getting one himself. As if his cousin had read his mind, he had taken the initiative to order another drink just for him to which Shichiro had nodded towards him. Smiling, he took his hands out of his pockets and placed them onto the counter top in order to be ready to receive his drink when the bartender came back. As they waited, Keita decided to ask him some questions as to what was going on in recent times.

"Well, things have been pretty hectic lately, crime is always unusually high around this part of Fiore. The kicker is, it comes from a single town and we happened to be sitting in it. There's always something to do and somebody to beat up. There's this real nasty guild around here called Eternal Nightmare. They're into some nasty things I tell yeah. No Rune Knight wants to be stationed here or another certain part of Fiore. Luckily you get to be with me all the time so there's no chance of ever getting stuck here, unless, of course, I say," Shichiro said, joking at the end.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 6:52 pm

Keita watched as the bar keep went behind himself to grab another glass and start walking over to a keg before his cousin here started speaking to him, answering his question about the recent goings on. Apparently this town was a bit of a crime infested shit hole, but that was fine with Keita, there were more people to help here, although he did not want to make it a permanent thing to stay here and take care of everyone like a baby sitter, but sometimes you had to do what you set out to do, and stick with your words. Keita was determined to at least help someone here before leaving, but for now he would just happily chat with his friend in this fairly special looking pub and have a good time. aside from the crime, it seemed that he could tell that his cousin here was joking about sticking him here, because he was a higher up in the Rune Knight's guild, so of course he had a bit of say in where Keita went for his station.

Keita nervously chuckled, before thinking back and commenting on the dark guild that Shichiro talked about a bit ago. "Hmm, Eternal Nightmare? What are they, angsty fourteen year olds?" Keita would jokingly say as he took another drink of his pale ale. "Still, I do hope that we can eventually crack down a bit and prevent them from sowing too much chaos." Keita said optimistically, but he had a bit of reservation about the whole thing, as he was still fairly weak. He only really knew how to move his wisps around.

#6Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 7:28 pm

Shichiro Uchida
As he continued to wait for his drink, Shichiro would continue on with his statement after Keita had interjected. The comment about the name 'Eternal Nightmare' did make him chuckle wondering if they were angsty teenagers. Could be entirely true.

"Yeah, that wouldn't surprise me at all but nonetheless we have to take them a bit seriously since they've made a name for themselves here so I guess that's something. I don't envy anybody that has to stay here for much longer than they'd have too. I won't let that happen to you of course because I need you to not waste your potential here. We should get out there and try some easier stuff of patrols, stopping two bit thieves and the like before moving onto raiding criminal organizations and stopping crime bosses. Hopefully, we can drop the crime rate a bit if we beef up security and crack down on the amount of activity they have. Can't really get many people to talk though. It makes this whole investigation hard but, I won't give up. Even if I have to march to their hideout and stop them all by myself," Shichiro had said confidently.

Though he was a bit overconfident with his words, he did have a reason to try and take the guild down all by himself, money.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 7:58 pm

Keita chuckled with his cousin about the joke he had just made, but he turned a bit more somber and serious when he had said that the guild should be taken seriously and that they had actually made a name for themselves here. Well, Keita thought that of course if they could actually stand as a guild here in Fiore without getting completely destroyed by the guild members of the light guilds, they should at least be somewhat competent, which was bad news for most people, as most normal thugs and the like were disorganized and incompetent. Competent bad guys would spell bad news for anyone in the area, but there was not much that Keita could do about it currently. This thought meshed well with what Shiciro said just then, which was that they needed to go and do simple stuff such as patrols and stopping the bad and opportunistic thieves that were around the area instead. 

This was much more up Keita's alley, as he was just getting used to the whole patrolling peacemaker thing that the Rune Knights were known for. He also hoped that the nobility that directly controlled them were competent as well, so that he did not need to do anything outlandish or against his moral code. “Yeah, let’s do something like that some time, and good job for not giving up.” Keita would nod to him before downing the rest of his alcohol.

#8Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 11:09 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After he had said all that he needed, the bartender had finally come around with the drink his cousin had ordered for him. A simple pale ale for him in a wooden mug. Shichiro grasped the mug in his right hand, bring it to his lips in order to drink the beverage inside of it. It wasn't much to his liking but a free drink was a drink, he thought to himself as he sipped and savored it since it was a courtesy given to him by his cousin. Placing the mug back down on the counter for a second.

He figured he'd take a second to think about all he's said after letting it all out. He's had a run in with them a few times but he managed to come out without too much injury. They weren't as bad as they say they are but he can see why they would be considered as dangerous individuals though. For now, he'd just grasp the mug again and finish the rest of his ale after replying to his cousin about doing what they had planned and being congratulated on not giving up on the town of Oak yet. Shichiro smiled a bit but he knew it was going to be a tall task. He had the sneaking suspicion they had a noble backing them up but he couldn't prove it so he let it be for now.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sun May 23, 2021 11:10 pm

Keita was simply talking to his cousin currently, and soon his drink came. It seemed like he was lost in thought for a bit while drinking his ale, and so Keita simply sat there, not saying much while they just sort of, existed. It was nice just hanging out with his cousin, they did not need to speak all of the time when they were together, there were only so many topics one could talk about to someone that was going to be hanging out with them for a while, so it was fine just to sit there and enjoy the drinks. Keita was a bit of a slow drinker, so his cousin's drink was around the same amount as his was when his cousin put it down and started contemplating some more. 

Keita would simply continue to sip his pale ale, before turning around on the swivel stool he was sitting on, looking around at the people in the bar. He liked people watching, and there were a few looks locking onto him, some of them nice, and some of them not, but most of them indifferent, choosing not even to lock eyes, as they did not care about him that much.

#10Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sun May 23, 2021 11:24 pm

Shichiro Uchida
Letting the mug down from his face, Shichiro thought of something else the two of them could talk about. He figured he could talk about his adventures regarding currently being in this town. He knows he shouldn't tell him this but eventually, if he gains ranks and favor in the Rune Knights, he'd be privy to this information anyway. Regardless of if it's classified information or not, he'd rather warn his cousin so he would be aware and stay out of danger. "Hey Keita, listen. I know I talked about criminals being able to run around freely in Oak and what not but listen, they aren't the only dangers here."

Shichiro had said this in a low tone but loud enough for his cousin to be the only one to hear it. "Rumors have it that the undead like to roam around at night and I'm sorry to say, those aren't exactly rumors. Those are true. I want you to be careful if you ever have to walk down these streets at night or early in the morning. They like to lurk around from time to time and feed on the essence and mana of humans so watch your back and take care of yourself," Shichiro had continued a bit concerned.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Sun May 23, 2021 11:32 pm

Keita had spun back around to the bar and signaled to the bar keep, and waited for him to come over and ask what he wanted. Keita simply started to order another pale ale, when his cousin interrupted him with some sort of talk. He spoke about how the criminal problem of them roaming around freely, but there seeemd to be something else at play there, and so Keita perked up and listened, which caused the bar keep to turn around and started helping someone else further down at the bar, asking them what they wanted instead because the two of them were talking amongst themselves.

Shichiro said that there were rumors that turned out to be true, and this was that undead were roaming around at night in and around the city, and that he needed to be careful. He especially needed to be careful, as he was not an idiot and knew his limitations, and he was unsure if he could actually take on undead, especially with his lack of experience in fighting, let alone his almost non-existent magic ability. "Well... that is unsettling that undead are actually wandering around, have they caused any casualties that you know of?" Keita asked, speaking in a slightly hushed tone as to not alert ev eryone else in the bar to what they were talking about.

#12Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 12:09 am

Shichiro Uchida
Before the bartender had turned away to fetch Keita's order, Shichiro had also tacked on his order of another pale ale. He thought he didn't care much for taste but after having one, he figured another wouldn't hurt. Who knows, maybe he's grown to like the taste of it. As he waited for a second round of his drink, Shichiro continued with the conversation by answering his question. "Yeah, a few townsfolk have been disappearing over the weeks that pass by. Unfortunately, that's not a jurisdiction that the Rune Knights can tread on whenever we please. it mainly has something to do with the church, some weird experiments that had been going on for a few centuries."

"It feels like only recently their deeds have come back to haunt them so they try their best to cover up their mistakes and leak cover up stories as to how people have gone missing or died. It's unfortunate but those are the times we live in I guess," Shichiro said with a slight shrug. He couldn't pretend to care about the people that went missing but he'd still try his best to prevent more people from ending up with the same fate as them since it was his job after all.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 1:38 am

Keita was listening intently after he had asked his cousin here whether or not any suspicious incidents or disappearances had been going on in the town related to the random undead that seemed to have been plaguing it lately, and his face turned fairly dark when his cousin said thast some of the town folk around the area had gone missing. It did not take a genius to figure out that these towns people would not be coming back, and Keita's heart went out to them. He ruminated on what was said while his cousin continued speaking about how the undead was most likely because of some strange experiments that the dark guild was doing in the town. 

This made Keita even angrier at the dark guilds, as experiments like that could even be considered standard for their life, at least in the battle between good versus evil, if you wanted to call it that, but the dark guilds definitely needed to leave the innocents out of it. "That is quite unfortunate. I really wish it could just be the good guys versus the bad guys, but real life is far more muddy than that. It should at least be an unwritten rule not to involve people who can not defend themselves." Keita would add on to hi brother's speech. After a bit of thinking about it, he simply shook his head and signalled to the bar keep to give him another drink. It would take several of these things to get him buzzed.

#14Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 2:03 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After giving his statement on the matter, the bartender had retuned to give Shichiro his refill of the pale ale that was ordered for him earlier. He had a lot of things to say on the matter but wasn't sure if he'd have enough time. He figured he just tell him all he knew before it was time for them to part ways briefly. Lifting the mug up from the table, and placing it at his lips once more, Shichiro took the first sip from his refill. Placing the mug back down he continued with the conversation by replying to his cousin.

"Yeah, I wish it were that simple but it never really is with the higher ups and the authority figures in the world. The thing is though, after some brief explanations and information got bits, I pieced it together to learn they've only experimented on recently deceased and animals. Sometimes they'll try and make a few attempts on the dead that have been gone for too long simply because of how powerful or famous they were in life. From the things I've been hired to clear under the church in the maze like catacombs, I'm surprised I managed to do them alone for the most part," Shichiro had said in a low tone. Once he finished with that statement, he'd once again take another sip of his drink.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 2:28 pm

Keita had been talking to his cousin for a while, and his cousin had finally started getting through his alcohol when Keita was now on his second one, as the bar keep had come over and poured him another during their conversation. It seemed that the dark guilds were going after people who they thought were strong when they were alive, which was strange to think about, as could the guilds that were in charge of that not simply move the strong dead people to a more defended place as to curb the enthusiasm the dark guilds had when it came to these things? Sometimes deterrence was simply having something appear undefended, but letting the potential thieves know that it would be far more troublesome than normal to go and get them. 

Keita did not voice these opinions however, as he figured that his cousin and the guild at large would have thought of these sorts of simple methods before he did, and there was obviously a good reason for them not to do so. "Damn, you've had to do these sorts of requests alone? Or was it that you did them alone on purpose? I know that you used to not play nice with others." Keita would say to the fact that his cousin was doing the missions of clearing undead alone, a slight joking and mocking ton in his voice, just ribbing hsi cousin a bit.

#16Shichiro Uchida 

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Shichiro Uchida
Pushing his drink a bit, Shichiro had found himself swirling his mug slightly as he listened to his cousin's joke. Thinking back, he was pretending to be fearless and all but it was still somewhat frightening when he discovered fairytale monsters were true such as undead and the like. What was even more ironic, was he was a werewolf for a short amount of time before he had his blood cleansed when he was discovered by that colossal dragon that appeared to him in what seemed like a nightmare. He knew now that it was real and decided to accept training from it but, who knew it would be so weak from the get go.

Brushing those thoughts aside, he didn't know if the dragon could read minds or not so he stopped thinking about it altogether and went on to answer his cousin's question and jokes. Chuckling a bit, Shichiro had said, "Yeah, most of the time. Occasionally, I had a partner or two but the church is very secretive and selective when it comes to who they decided to ask to clean up their mess. Believe it or not, I can get along with other people too. Unfortunately, I get along with the more seedy type of people which speaks wonders about my own personality, doesn't it?" Shichiro then chuckled once more, for once reflecting on himself and his morals that led him to where he was today.


The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 2:51 pm

Keita was enjoying his time in the bar with his cousin, just shooting the shit and catching up, and now they were jabbing each other a bit, more so Keita jabbing his cousin, but he was sure that his cousin here would get back at him, sooner rather than later, as this was sort of their dynamic. It made his feel pretty good catching up like this, especially because it seemed like they just went back to being kids and hanging out. Still, there were still things that needed to be done, and especially because there were quite a few incidents making the world particularly unsafe, and more so for Rune Knights, as they were most likely going to be on the frontline of any conflicts going forward, should the proverbial shit hit the fan. 

Keita was definitely underqualified and not ready yet, but this would change soon, as he was practicing some martial arts as well as his magic, and soon he would attempt to grow his magic abilities so that he would not be in over his head when the fighting actually started. "Of course you would." Keita jabbed at Shichiro again when he said that it was easier for him to get along with the more seedy types. "Still, I'm glad that you can hold your own. This makes me more confident in the Rune Knights, plus hopefully I'll be growing in strength soon and can actually help you out." Keita mused, a bit talking to himself out loud, before drinking a couple of large gulps of his new pale ale.

#18Shichiro Uchida 

The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 3:15 pm

Shichiro Uchida
After a brief reflection, Shichiro had heard him agree that he would fit in with the more seedy types, causing Shichiro to roll his eyes before just throwing back his last mug of alcohol. "Ah, whatever. Forget it," he said in response to this as he grinned before wrapping one of his arms around his cousin's shoulder in a one armed hug. he began to laugh now before feeling a bit relieved that he still had a conscious somewhere in his body. he really enjoyed this talk with his cousin a lot more than he would have thought before telling him.

"Yeah, I'm glad you've found new faith in the knights, or more like new faith in me," Shichiro had said, snickering. He then continued, "In all honesty, I'm glad you moved to Fiore and joined the Knights. Now we can see each other almost everyday and hang out, like the good old days of us being children. Then I can take you on the tougher assignments. Oh shit! Speaking of assignments, I have to get ready for one tomorrow morning. Hate to cut this short but I got to run. Unfortunately, it involves one of those uh, issues I just mentioned. Catch you later, cuz. Also, I'm staying at this inn while I'm in town." He then gave Keita directions to where he was staying and what room he was in.

And with that, Shichiro had taken his arm off of Keita, gotten up from the stool he was sitting on. Reaching into his left pocket, he fished out some change to pay for the drinks he ordered or to pay his cousin back for. Either way, he was just going to leave it on the counter for one of them to collect. With one more wave to his cousin, he had exited the establishment, heading on back to the inn where he was currently staying.



The Lovers Tarot: Keita [Shichiro] Empty Mon May 24, 2021 3:49 pm

Keita was having quite a bit of fun talking to his cousin, they were chatting back and forth, and he let out an audible laugh instead of a chuckle when his cousin just up and gave up a bit. Keita calmed down a bit on messing with his cousin, and then started nodding when he listened to the small speech his cousin had done, especially when he said the first sentence about having new faith in him and the nights. He looked quite excited when his cousin was talking about him taking Keita on the more tough assignments so that he could advance quicker in terms of standing in the guild. He would also get quite a bit of money when he was done with these quests, which was important for increasing his power in general as well, so this was going to be fun.

"Yeah, that will be great." Keita said, before he got a bit sidelined by what his cousin said right after. Keita was sipping the last of his second ale before his cousin said that he had some sort of quest he had to be on. they had been speaking for quite a while, so it was fine when he suddenly got up and left. Keita yelled after him, "Alright, seeya later Shichiro, keep in touch." before downing the rest of his drink, paying the bar keep, and then getting out of there himself.

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