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Letter then Action [ Travel Haregeon to Baska ]

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Letter then Action [ Travel Haregeon to Baska ] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 2:59 pm


It was a long day for Jikan, a week or so of her being in Haregeon had her doing tasks, the results of which had the starting to get a little bit comfortable in the town. Doing missions for the people, interacting with them, she was getting to know them slightly, and the goodwill they showed towards her made her motivated to return that favor. But those actions required energy, none that she had any more of at the moment.

Returning to the inn of her temporary home, the female wizard tiredly opened her door once again before kicking off her shoes. It was darker than she would have imagined for it being just 8 o'clock. She was preparing to lay down on her back when she noticed a piece of mail laying on the floor, the symbol of one of the informants she was in contact with!

Scampering over the shoes and random objects, Jikan quickly bent over to reach and rip open the latter. An excited smile was on her face and an impatient eyebrow raised, she wanted useful information hopefully, and she was eager to find out what it was after all this time from her last letter.

A yelp could be heard from her room, multiple sightings of her brother's movement were confirmed, in Baska. With that, a storm tore through her room, Jikan moving about getting ready to take what she needed and getting going. Time was of the essence.

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