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Guild Revision

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Guild Revision Empty Sat May 22, 2021 9:55 am

Neutral Guilds

  • Neutral is determined by the total number of fame and infamy in the guild by its members. A neutral must be composed out of at least 80% fame in their total count. Any less and the guild is considered dark instead.

Chaotic Neutral Guilds

  • An exception is made for chaotic neutral guilds. Since they sacrifice both their Lvl. 1 and Lvl. 3 perks for premade ones, they can remain neutral as long as their fame consists out of at least 60% of their total.
  • When a chaotic neutral guild exceeds their infamy and doesn't have enough fame anymore they will become listed as a dark guild.
  • The guild will receive an alert that they must fix their total within a certain amount of time or risk becoming dark. Once a guild has gone dark, they can't return to their neutral status anymore.

Neutral Guild Levels

  • For regular neutral guilds the Lvl. 1 perk is determined beforehand. They must select this perk in their creation
  • For chaotic neutral guilds the Lvl. 1 and Lvl. 3 perks are determined beforehand. They must select those perks in their creation.

Neutral Guild Levels Lvl. 1 and Lvl 3.

  • The user can do both Good and Bad quests.
  • The user can hunt both Contracts and Bounties while having one themselves, however, they receive half the reward.


  • When a guild is being founded, the fame and infamy of the founder along with the members interested are taken into consideration for its status.
  • When a neutral guild becomes dark, they must reapply for a new Lvl. 1 and/or Lvl. 3 perk based on whether they were neutral or chaotic neutral.

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