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Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin]

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#1Jin Tatsumi 

Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Sat May 22, 2021 6:30 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin left the village of the elves behind but the land was still filled with strife. The light mage kept to the forest and moved along the brush and trees. The ground rumbled. Jin crotched, his body pressed against a tree. Deer charged through the wilds, leaping over the land.

Squirrelsraced down branches and flocks of birds filled the sky above all headed past Jin. A deer rushed by the light mage, the stink of the wild lingered in the air as it darted into the depths of the woods.

A whiff of burnt fur trailed behind. Smoke rose above the trees in the distance. Gunshots rang out over the cries of the animals. Jin's eyes narrowed. The corners of his mouth tightened. He raced toward the smoke, sidestepping deer left and right. Snapped branches and leaves cascaded to the ground from the rush of tree-running animals. Jin stumbled over a rabbit and small animals as he drove onward toward the threat. More gunshots followed.

All was silent as smoke began to fill the area. Jin covered his mouth as he closed the distance. Outlines of armed men paced back and forth, guns in their hands. A fire burned the length of two trees. leaves glowed crimson in the flames, turned black, and disintegrated into ash.

Jin slid the spear from his back and held it to the side. Ash fell along the shaft as he approached the fire, his mouth still covered with his sleeve.

Blood poured out of the bullet wounds of a deer. A wood elf hid behind a tree that was yet to catch on fire. So far it hadn't spread far but they were moving in. The wood elf's eyes fell on Jin who shook his head and with a quick nod, signaled for the elf to fall back.


Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Thu May 27, 2021 6:44 pm

"Fucking finally!"

Odin's exclamation was as loud as the roaring fire that had began burning through one of the many forests within Bosco. Of course, it wasn't good that the forest was on fire, as Hildegard of the Boscosi throne -the heir to whom Odin had pledged himself- was dedicated to protecting the environment of the country, as well as protecting the demi humans and elves of the land. She knew how it felt to be persecuted based on race, and that was why she had gained Odin's favour.

However, he had been bored until now. Many of her tasks involved protection: building houses for displaced elves, freeing dinosaurs in and around Stella, and generally be a friendly neighbour to the people in the area. As fulfilling as it was, it wasn't Odin's true line of work. This, putting out fires and killing those who dared set them, this was what Odin lived for. Well, 'lived' in the figurative sense anyway.

He reached the source of the flames to see two figures. An elf hiding behind a tree and a man, spear raised, ready to combat whoever had started the fire. With a bellowing voice, Odin shouted to them, "If you're unable to fight, get out of the area. If you are, get ready." First of all, they needed to put out this first fire, then came the fun part.

#3Jin Tatsumi 

Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Mon May 31, 2021 9:58 pm

Jin Tatsumi
The elf began to step back , with a hesitant foot fall. His eyes held fire, but loic told the elf he should listen. JIn waited for the wood elf to step away when another voice boomed through the forest and the flickering flames. The light mage squinted his eyes to see who it was and gripped his spear when it was clear that a lich stood near.

But the being spoke as if he was on their side. Jin lowered his weapon to his side. The elf's eyes glanced between the two mages and ducked into the bushes. With a light step, the elf moved back away from the fire. The animals were already scattered and all that was left were the enemies and the two mages.

JIn rose his spear back up and faced their enemiers, "Let's uh...Let's get to work then."He spoke with a slight stutter in his voice at teaming up with the being. Not that he was necessarily distrustful of the dark race being, but that his power was something unknown but he carried himself in a way that radiated power.

A flaming branch crashed to the ground. Embers smoldered on the ground and crackled on Jin's boat. The light mage slid to the side and shook off the ember only to see more flamming limbs falling from the trees. The fire had to be stopped but he didn't know how he could accomplish it. What skills did he have that would help? The rebels began striding away from the inferno.

"Any ideas about this fire? Jin asked.  as one of the trees snapped at the base. The wood splintered and sheared apart. The tree toppled slowly toward stretch of dry bushes. Jin darted over and cast a shield of light. The tree battered against the barrier of yellow light. Jin's feet dug into the ground. Luckily the tree was barely wider than the small shield. One of the few smaller ones in the forest. Jin winced and heaved as best he could to roll the tree off to the side, defelcting it from the bushes.

Wc 350


Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Mon Jun 07, 2021 6:24 pm

As could be expected, Odin's partner wasn't going to be completely trusting at the onset of their relationship. His almost reactive grasp on his spear and the stutter in his voice betrayed that well enough, but he seemed to accept that the Lich was on his side. Honestly, it didn't really matter to Odin as long as he didn't start actively trying to attack him. Infighting was not something he wanted to create within Hildegard's group regardless of how many people in the group wanted to take him down. They were in Bosco, no need to keep something like this going in a new country. They could deal with that in Fiore, not here.

With the wood elf having escaped the flames, all that was left now was for the two men to do their job. Odin would begin by unstrapping his shield from his back and placing it against one of the nearby, specifically not-on-fire, trees. He wanted to have some fun and it would be better to have a lighter load. He planned on dropping his staff as well, but he had a fun idea for dealing with the fire. After all, he could change the element of his spells. Holding the staff out towards the fire a single, yet devastating, bullet made of water would shot out from the tip of the weapon, blasting through a lot of the flames and dispersing them. Unfortunately, it would not be enough to completely remove the fire, but it was a start to help the spread. The second use of the staff would be in coating Odin's body with a blue, metallic sheen. Greed magic was Earth-based usually, but perhaps a coating based in water would allow him to deal with the fire better, and even possibly put it out.

With his skin completely coated, the red slits that could only be his eyes looked towards his partner, as he cracked his neck to either side, something only possible with the 'skin'-like coating he now possessed.

"Do you have a preference of fire or bandits?"

Spells Cast:

Project a (Water)
Greed (Water)

#5Jin Tatsumi 

Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Sat Jun 12, 2021 7:43 am

Jin Tatsumi
Jin stepped away from the fallen tree in time to see the lich drop his shield. The undead held a mystical staff outward and water burst forth from the tip. Jin ducked even though it was not close to him, the sheer magnitude of the spell could still be felt. He was certainly glad now that the lich was on his side.

The main fierce focal point of the fire was washed away along with some parts of the trees. "Oh. I'm pretty surprised you had such an effective way to deal with that. Never would have guessed water magic," He spoke with more familiarity now, not seeing the Lich as a threat to him, at least for now. He took a step closer to the lich but stopped and slid one step away as the being's body coated with water.

Jin half-looked away at the cracking neck and piercing eyes of the lich, more uneasy about the many unknown elements of the lich's abilities and the odd pseudo skin now formed around his body.

With the Lich's words, Jin looked down at the bandits that were ready to set fire to more trees and rekindle their inferno. "I'm no good with the fire. And I suspect you can fight the fire and those bandits at the same time. I'll go ahead and get a jump on them. Let's make 'em pay. Jin said and darted through the path of steam from the extinguished flames.

Two bandits whirled around to face the mage. One rose their torch high and the other brandished a sword. Jin clapped his hands in prayer and created a magic circle at his feet.

"They sent a healer," the bandit with the sword snickered. He rushed Jin and held the sword high. The blade flashed downward. Blood sprayed the air. Jin's hands caught the blade and it dug through his flesh. As the blade connected, a flash of light radiated from the light mage. The bandit glared with wide eyes at Jin struggling to hold the blade. His hand bleeding out around it. The light encaptured the two bandits. The one with the torch groaned and fell first. Jin watched the vigor fade in the sword wielder's eyes as he collapsed to the ground. The light sapped their life and Jin's wound stopped dripping, leaving behind nothing but a faint scar.


Against the Tide [support: Hildegarde][Jin and Odin] Empty Thu Jun 17, 2021 2:26 pm

Partially due to the actual strength of the spell, Odin had deal some of the fire and accidentally created a deep hole through some of the trees. Luckily it was most of the trees that were already dead from charring, so it wasn't really like he was hurting the forest. It also surprised the man who had joined forces with the Lich, who hadn't suspected the water magic. It prompted a little chuckle from Odin, as that reaction was exactly the reason he had created the combination that he possessed. Through his eye, he could copy any spell and, through his staff, he could change their element. No one would ever truly know what his magic was, or what he could do. "All thanks to the staff. I figured water magic would be the most useful here." He held it up slightly, before the two turned their attentions to the remaining fire and the bandits.

The man was proactive, something Odin appreciated in a compatriot. He knew what his role was, as did the Lich, and they both knew the best way to execute their task in the most effective way. It had only taken a glance at his magic, and yet Odin's new friend had worked out so much. His battle sense was incredible, as he moved to take the bandits by surprise.

Odin was a little later to the battle: taking the time as he passed the fires to touch the trees. His magic flowed into the fire and put it out with a slight touch, allowing him to run at his maximum speed towards the ensuing fight, arriving to see Jin... catch a blade with his hands? While the skull could never change its facial expression, inside the grin was real. Whoever this guy was, he had earned Odin's respect, even admiration.

As the two bandits were focused on his new friend, Odin appeared in front of the others. There weren't many of them, perhaps they had been tasked by a rival heir to cause this fire. Two of them fell at the use of his Fear aura, while two more came to attack him. They struck him with their weapons, and Odin let them. "Hey, this guy isn't that tough. Let's get him." The Lich said nothing as the now-reinvigorated bandits struck him again and again, slowly tiring and only after a few minutes realising their folly. Standing tall, the maniacal grin etched upon his skull, Odin grabbed the first by the hair and, using his superior strength, slammed the man's head into his knee, bringing the knee up to completely burst the man's head. He had been aiming for a broken nose, but there was little left of the man from the neck up, causing terrified screams from the remaining bandits.

Oh it felt good to do this again.

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