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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo/Request]

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Fantastic Fabrics [Solo/Request] Empty Fri May 21, 2021 3:12 am

Keita was wandering around the beautiful Baska city center, simply having a good time and wandering, as he liked to wander around the city so that he could find new things, such as small holes in the wall that had some good food within them. This was when he saw a large piece of paper set up on a board that was a hilarious color of pink, which brought Keita’s attention to it immediately, and so his natural curiosity got the better of him, and he walked over to the board to get a closer look. As he glanced at the big pink piece of paper, he noticed the large and gaudy signature of a person named Fernando. Apparently Fernando was semi-famous in the area for his amazing fashion sense and the clothing that he had made, but Keita did not know anything about him, but it seemed that he needed some help with looking around for the right fabric to use with his new clothing line, as he was hoping to become extremely famous and sign with a powerful family and be their personal designer. Keita liked helping people achieve their dreams, and this colorful character was the perfect person to go and help, so he was off right away in the direction of the shop that the pamphlet, if you could call it that, noted. Soon Keita saw his shop, which was actually not as tacky as he thought it would be based on the flier that the person put on the board, and the shop was a nice and cozy little boutique that was nestled in between a barber shop and a general goods store. Fernando immediately looked Keita up and down and started suggesting some clothing options, but Keita cut him off after a few sentences and said that he was here to help him with his request, showing him the flier.
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Fernando seemed to be ecstatic at the mention of the flier, and noticed that there was a crest of the Rune Knights on Keita’s belt, and so he was a bit more respectful, telling Keita a sob story about he his dream was to become a part of a large family and be their personal fashion designers, but he had yet to realize it because the dream fabric he had in mind was not here with him, but he was too busy to go out and get it himself. That was where Keita would come in, and so Fernando showed him around the clothing store, and he had a look at various textiles and clothing options, and listened to Fernando detail an insane amount of things about his dream fabric, and Keita listened intently. Not only was this person interesting, he had a great deal of passion for his work, and Keita respected that to the utmost degree, and soon Keita was off. There were quite a few shops that sold artisanal and specialty textiles, but fernando needed something unique and flamboyant, something that would give his new fashion an edge over everyone else’s, so Keita did not look at the normal shops, as they would not have the normal wares. So, Keita thought outside of the box and headed towards a store that sold textiles related to animals, and he had found a wonderful looking fur from the Curily, which had a beautifully soft spotted texture on it, and so he haggled a bit before buying it outright from the man. Keita was quite good with words, and buttering people up, especially when he wanted something from them, so he actually got quite a good deal, plus Fernando was going to reimburse him for his work anyways, so there was nothing to lose here, but he still did not want Fernando to lose out too much on this. After returning, Fernando thanked him profusely, as this was something exotic that he was looking for, and he was going to dye it pink, but Keita stopped listening after a bit, and Fernando paid him and sent him on his way.
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