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Babysitting [ Quest Solo ]

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Jikan grinned as she put away the earnings from her previous task that she completed. She quite liked being a mage, it definitely made handling these type of physical task and dangers a lot easier than if she attempted to do so with no magic. As much as the female wizard had pride in her ability to defend herself physically, she was fully aware of the reality of things in the world that was just above her scope, granted that scope was reducing when she began using magic, and would hopefully get even smaller as she grew, but that factor would remain. She needed power to keep her freedom, for the magic that flowed through her veins filled her with newfound confidence at never again to be pressured to do something against her will. Just what she wished and agreed to, granted laws and rules applied still, but she was happy to be fine with that, it was her choice.

Not only was she free to complete the tasks that interested her most, but each new job also came with their own unique set of challenging experiences. And each experience gave her a new goal to aid to her list, but finding her brother was still amongst the top of the list. Soon enough, her work would take her away from Hargeon, either due to it being time to move or from her finding a new piece of information of his location. At least, that was the hope. It was hard to tell when exactly “soon” would be. She had not been in Hargeon for terribly long— long enough that she was just beginning to grow comfortably familiar with the town, yet still somehow long enough that the Women was beginning to get stir crazy. Granted, it was a less worse than before when she was trapped back home with her "parents".

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But that was something she did not want to think about right now. She was free of them, and they could not control her, she proved that when she first returned home when she heard the news. She would control her life, she would control her destiny, not anyone else. It was sad, really, now that she thought of it. Being stuck with having that relationship with the people that gave birth to you and raised you. But they had made their decisions, and those decisions had effects.

It is what it is, the Auburn haired lady thought to herself as she did her hair. Three sections of the mage’s red-black hair were woved together to progressively form a simple braid. She supposed that there was nothing she could do. The life interactions that happened between them were in the past, and nothing could change the past. She could only move forward, take care of herself, and her younger siblings. One day she hoped to return home one day and bring any of her siblings that wished to come with her. Have fun, explore the world, go on few adventures, as long as they had fun.

She was beginning to woulder if she should or if  she could do these things within a guild. The cost of living catches up on you quickly. Granted, she did not imagine it paid nearly as nicely. If she wanted to go on big adventures by herself, the funds would have to come out of pocket. And given how she was not able to get that many high paying missions or really that many of exciting ones, she had a lot to catch up to do to be allowed t. The path to her brother was still unknown to her. God knows what he was up to nowadays.

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She needed funds to find him, and to rationally pay for her food and lodging. For that, she would need to start gathering her funds for God's know what. And for that Jikan started heading for a request board or a person in need somewhere. She had no idea for when she would get new information, that would change the situation of things immediately. Because of that, she frequently found herself in a new stage of her adventure, who knew, that could be the case by the morning. So she needed to always be prepared to cover general expenses and eventual trips to other towns. But before that, if she just so happened to pick up a request that brought her to a different city, she would have to find a way to cover travel expenses. Luckily, that did not seem to be the case so far

The request that Jikan had selected most definitely was not out of town, and it offered a modest payment for what the task seemed to entail. Seeing that it had been put out by a noble was all she needed to read to understand why it offered such high pay. An easy job for good jewels. That made Jikan's decision a lot simpler. How hard could taking care of a little girl be? If she was sick, she probably would not have a ton of energy to do many things anyway. It was understandable why she would want to get out of the house though. Bed rest was important, but it was boring. Some fresh air was important too, however, so Jikan did not really see the harm in any of this. Upon meeting the child though, she saw the harm it could do to her peace of mind. A lot.

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To put it bluntly, the child was a spoiled brat. She was not sure how someone raised by such a kind and beloved lord (who, for that matter, the child seemed to adore) could turn out to be such....a pain in the ass. Jikan had not expected the girl to be so blunt, in a rude way, and demanding, especially when she was supposed to be sick. With her attitude the child was practically normal. In fact, the first duty Jikan had to do as her babysitter was to collect every single seashell she could find along the shore. “Every single one?!?” Jikan asked, surprised. The girl firmly nodded her head. “Yes, along the whooooooole shoreline,” the girl said while doing an big outward swing of her arms to emphasise. "Uhmmmmm, wouldn't you have more fun if we did it together? Sort of like a game you know? We could both collect them and see who has the largest and who got the most?", Jikan hoped the task would be acceptable, she was getting paid but no way did she want to go searching the beach for shells by herself. It would be easier, maybe a little fun with the girl, or better yet, it may make the girl change her mind and lose interest. The girl seemed to think about that proposal for a second, "naaaaah, you just do it". Jikan took a deep breath, sighed, and did as the little noble said. Why she wanted so many seashells, the womna did not know. Half the fun was collecting them yourself after all. The child would continue to be annoying though. Complaining about the wind chill and such. Taking that as a sign to end the day, Jikan held the young girls hand as she brought her back home and put her to bed.

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