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Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 2:31 pm



Name: Ariael Griffiths

Age: 99 (August 12th, X691)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Sinese

Class: Spellsword

Race: Daemon (Incomplete)

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Middle of Back (Red)

Face: Kaworu Nagisa | Neon Genesis Evangelion


Height: 6'1"

Weight: 187 Pounds

Hair: White/Silver

Eyes: Red


Ariael is not extremely tall, but still has a little height to him. His skin is extremely pale, almost vampiric in nature (though he is not far from one). His hair is wispy silver, and flows lightly about his head, neatly kept, with a few stray batches thrown about here and there. His eyes are a dark red, and the pupils can sometimes be rather difficult to see unless one can get very close (this is, understandably, a rare occurrence). These eyes constantly hold a look of apathy, though they will be moving almost constantly, straying to examine the room, at all times, with that dull stare. When Ariael opens his mouth one can usually detect fangs within his jaws.

He often adopts a very laidback pose, shoulders slouched and his face is usually set in a bored expression. This may change however, to reflect the Daemon's true nature. At the sight of blood, or someone Ariael may treat as prey, his demeanor shifts. He holds a much more assertive pose, and often can seem quite imposing to his “target” when he does this. His eyes will also light up, losing their apathetic dullness, which is replaced by a sinister gleam. It’s the look of a predator stalking its prey.

Ariael himself is not physically intimidating. His thin frame, and stature does not lend the image of a terrifying individual. Nonetheless, he can exude an unsettling aura through his mere mannerisms. He is not the terrifying monster in the room (at least until he chooses to be). Ariael is scary in the same way the creepy kid in the corner is scary. He's unpredictable and you're not quite sure what to make of him, all you know is that you're probably better off keeping your distance.




Ariael’s personality can best be described as simply off-putting. He has an unsettling atmosphere about him that often throws others off. On the surface, Ariael can be mincingly polite, and analytical, but often speaks in a condescending tone. He generally sees others as little more than prey, even those who are stronger than him, and speaks in such a tone that reflects that. He dislikes using more effort than is necessary and can appear lazy upon first glance.

However behind that, is an incredibly twisted and sadistic personality. Ariael enjoys watching other people suffer immensely, and finds quick deaths disappointing. He especially loves it when others beg for mercy that he is all too happy to withhold from them. As such he likes tormenting his victims when he has the chance, and loves the prospect of fighting weak opponents so that he can truly exercise his craft upon them.

Ironically despite this, Ariael keeps an honor code and will not kill weak foes most of the time. Provided they do not enrage him. If that happens, then god help them. While he greatly enjoys tormenting weaker opponents, he will often leave them alive so that they can grow more powerful, and so that if he encounters them again, he will gain more out of killing and devouring them. In addition to this, Ariael can string out the battles longer and torment his poor victims throughout the battle. He can work his craft to scar their very minds, and it would be a waste to simply kill one that he has put so much effort into breaking.

Ariael has a great respect for those he sees as fellow predators, and he is unusually keen at picking up a predatory instinct in others. Such people are the only ones in which he will convey a tone of respect towards. Fellow predators. Strength is not enough to garner Ariael's respect. In his eyes a great warrior is no different from a whimpering child. Both are little but food. A master swordsman and maid are on the same level, and thus, deserve to be looked down on. They do not possess the instincts of a predator. They are not of Ariael's world, they are below it but, if he does have the fortune to encounter another predator, all who witness him will know it. It will be one of the rare occasions that Ariael can speak with someone as an equal, rather than... well... As a spider talking to a fly, to say more accurately.

Ariael is a believer that the ends justify the means, and as such, he will stoop to extremely low standards in order to accomplish a goal, if need be. He feels little shame in doing so as well. This is not to say Ariael does not have morals himself, but more than he is willing to go against them if it means he can achieve a greater goal. As mentioned previously he does enjoy a general code of honor, and while his fighting style is eccentric and unorthodox, he takes no great pride in fighting dirty. But, for the good of the mission (his own survival) he will cast these things aside if he deems it necessary. He will not necessarily take joy in fighting dirty, or breaking his code of honor, but he will do it. Because that is not what is most important to him. The ends, his survival, sating his hunger and growing in power, are ultimately more important than his morality. And it is this quality above others that can render Ariael a despicable individual.

With all this said, there is one final quality that defines Ariael. Unpredictability. He has the capacity both for patience and calm, but also great violence and brutality. His honor code, his respect towards other predators, all this can change in an instant under the right circumstances (or "wrong" circumstances as it may be). Ariael can be volatile and dealing with him is a lot like handling raw explosives. Make one error in doing so and it will explode in your face. His personality can change gradually, or on a dime, but that danger is always there. And this is the most important thing to keep in mind when dealing with Ariael. He is unpredictable, and that makes him extremely dangerous.


  • Killing: The moment at which the life drains out of Ariael's adversary’s eyes causes a certain satisfaction to emerge from within him. It is the feeling of a mission accomplished, no matter how small.

  • Elegance: Elegance is such a fine thing to Ariael. Something that should be strived for in all aspects of life. To live a life of elegance and grace. For to do something elegantly is to do something easily, and is that not the pinnacle of skill? To apply that skill to any situation with ease and well... Elegance?

  • Conversation: It is a rare pleasure to encounter someone who can actually carry a conversation about matters unrelated to violence, pillaging or murder. Perhaps someone to discuss the fine arts with. The fine art of swordsmanship technically counts in this instance, or of martial refinement.


  • Being Looked Down Upon: This is something that irritates Ariael to no end. Being looked down on means that he is weak, pitied, or ignored. Ariael will be enraged and fight without holding back to be recognized by any means.
  • Watching Others Be Happy: Ariael extremely despises the sounds and expressions a person makes from being happy. Near the beginning of his life he had to sacrifice all that he loved, but since then he hasn't felt the love nor joy that others felt.


  • Strength By Any Means: With power comes with the ability to make a difference and maintain control over one's own destiny. Ariael learned this fact from each of his failures. It was because he was weak that he failed, and when he failed each time it cost something important to him. So with this he believes that the ends justify the means in terms of gaining power. Humans are limited by their physical abilities as Wizards are limited to their own mana. Crossing over to different forms of power will help increase the overall strength that he possesses.


  • Failure: Failing means utter death for Ariael. He has only failed two times in his life and each time costed him something or someone important. From this was where his personality was formed.
  • Weakness: It took losing what he loved to gain the power he possesses. To let go of that power and any other he obtained along the way scares him above anything else.


Strength: 11

Speed: 11

Constitution: 3

Endurance: 4

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: Arcane Reaction
Magic Element: Arcane

Magic Enhancement: Spell Fury

Magic Description: Arcane Reaction is a simple magic that is used by the user forcing there mana out of there body with concussive blows. This mana can be shaped as the user likes into any type of shape. The mana the user uses appears as a grey light.



Born and raised in the country of Caelum where he was taught the ways of Illumin, Ariael's upbringing was one consisting of immense love. A person would think different because of his personality, but someone always have to experience something in order for them to turn out that way. Right?

During a time where Caelum was growing more and more with riches, it didn't take long before various amounts of bandits groups started popped up trying to take what wasn’t there own. Cities and even outskirt villages were being ravaged daily. In the village where Ariael lived, none of the people were fighters. They were followers of Illumin who practiced the religion nearly everyday. They felt that since they were protected by their god then no harm would ever come to them, but they were wrong. The bandits invaded Ariael's village not long after his twelfth birthday. They caused bloodshed that he had never seen before and it frightened him a great deal. All he could do was hide under his bed and pray to his god to be saved. As he prayed, Ariael could here a voice in his mind ask him a single question.

"Do you want the power to overcome your fears?"

Without hesitation the child said yes and had succumbed himself to a power that was unlike any other. Within moments would he enter a state of extreme bloodlust and begin to tear apart all of the invaders. However, the killing didn't stop there. A power he thought had been gifted by his god was so demonic and evil that it had took over his own being. He flew across the village, ripping and consuming any that he saw. It wasn't long before he had caught sight of his own parents and did the same. After the power left his body, the only thing Ariael could do was look around the village at what he had done. The voice in his mind told him who it was and that he was simply a servant now. Ariael having grown up on the teachings of Illumin knew full and well what he had accepted, but having done so in fear, he hoped that Illumin would find someway to forgive him. Signing a deal with the devil was one of the greatest sins.

After the events in his village, the killing didn't stop. Ariael found himself roaming the lands of Caelum hungry for power. He took whatever he needed and caused destruction wherever he appeared. For years would he carry out the deeds from the voice that would appear in his head. Not soon would he find himself entering the country of Fiore in search of beings who held greater power than the ones he previously fought.


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Salutations Ariael,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • I am assuming you are a new player. Please know that you will not get your perks until you buy them for your race. If this is an alt, please post a link to where you bought this race for this character.
  • Change your race to Daemon (incomplete)
  • For the magic section, please delete the questions and right none.
  • We will tackle your backstory (if it needs changes) after this round of changes are made

Please bump when changes are made

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Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 5:50 pm

Everything fixed Temp

Also made a switch to Spellsword


Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 6:54 pm


  • Can you change your birth year to X691. This will allow you to be 99 years old.
  • Your magic name in the description doesn't match the magic name in the title.
  • I am verifying something regarding your backstory.

Please bump when changes are made

Ariael  Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 7:01 pm

Ok that’s fine, fixed everything else.


Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 7:36 pm


  • Can you change the word construct into shape. Construct implies that your magic can create solid objects and that is not allowed for Arcane type magics. I believe the word shape will allow you to shape your magic into what every you want it to be without being misinterpreted.
  • I am verifying something regarding your backstory with the admins. The potential conflict is that you are saying Calcium was in a war and that is lore altering for the site. We need to verify if that was the case or not. If you want to say your town or village was tackled by bandits or something smaller, then there will be less of an issue.

Please bump when changes are made

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Ariael  Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 7:41 pm

Fixed the magic and changed the war thing to bandits


Ariael  Empty Wed May 19, 2021 7:47 pm


This character application has been approved.

Ariael  Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

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