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B-back again?? [ Pirates Solo #2 ]

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B-back again?? [ Pirates Solo #2 ] Empty Tue May 18, 2021 9:39 pm


Ahhhh, a soft sigh escaped the lips of the red-black headed woman who found herself reclining on a nice piece of slanted wooden furniture which itself rested on the beach of Hargeon, with the hot sun beating down upon her comfy bikini dressed form, Jikan Supesu could only feel her stress and concerns flowing away like a leaf dancing in the breeze within the air, and found herself practically immobilized by the sense of enjoyment that she felt.

This....…Is...... perfect. Dressed in a rather stylish and flowing blue two-piece that allowed for a balanced portion of her stomach, arms, and back visible, while keeping the secret of her body imaginable but yet unseen and mysterious. The open spots of her skin allowed blissful rays from above her to rest upon her and kiss her skin with an encouraging warmth that relaxed her even more. The blue-green-eyed girl had even seen fit to sport her hair into a hair due today, changing from her regular hair down approach or ponytail into a rose-shaped braided bun with being held into place with a hair tie.
She had not a single care in the world, for right now, she was not worrying about what was to happen this day, she needed rest. The sound of the sea and strength of that shining sphere in the sky were denying her any kind of worry, or at least all but the most important ones.

Well, almost… But she’s a dedicated woman who could take a few hours off. Looking from one side to the other through eyes that were barely more than narrow slits and feeling just a pang of loneliness due to the absence of something. She still understood so little of the circumstances of her family since she left as a child, the time back home great, but doing nothing to answer or resolve the pinging questions in her mind. She was a logical sense person, and everything just felt like nonsense no matter how she looked at it. It was frustrating, though she tried not to let that fact get her down too much.

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A day of relaxation was just what the doctor ordered… Instead focusing on the luxury that was a spot of laziness in the most luscious locale that her new for now home town could offer her, while she was usually one who craved a little excitement in her life right now she was content with having an easy day, and to her mind felt she had earned it. Unfortunate it was then that it seemed she was not going to keep it for much longer…


An ear splitting scream filled the air, the means through which the perfect peace that Jikan was enjoying was broken, after a few more minutes of nice relaxing lounging and perhaps even the threat of drowsiness claiming her soul for a short slumber the girl found herself being alerted with quite a start as someone a none too considerable distance away from her seemed to shriek in such a shrill order that completely dened her any effort of being able to ignore it.

Oh what in the world..... The red-black haired beauty practically flipped out of the chair. Quickly gathering herself and stepping onto her feet, practically bouncing in place because of the sheer density and strength of the screech that caused a slow and steady beat of her nerves to pulse giving way to something that was far greater in pace and intensity. Her eyes scanning as her head turn to see several worried contorted faces looking at a gathering of a bunch of individuals around a number of an ordinary man with a few pretty young woman. The attitude and display of actions they were trying to attempt were, "rough" in the politest way, a complete understatement. Disgusting, in their looks and their behavior. If the woman's spirit could be seen it would be in a fiery orb right now, the scene aggravating her to a extent she had not know was possible before.

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The blue-green gaze of the girl seemed to narrow as she looked at what looked close to a half dozen people in bandannas and mismatched clothes pulling at the frames of several feminine figures' arms. Perhaps if it seemed like things were only rowdy she wouldn't mind. but from the faces of the girls and boys being targeted and the few people around them Jikan could have assumed all was well, but the ruffian oaf-ish words of the men and the uncomfortable looks of the group, it was not done in fun.

Seems like someone is needed to de-escalate the situation. After a short sigh and a eye lock to her task the beachside auburn began the trek over. " Ya know, when they say try ya best, they don't mean to this extent fellas. Personal space and all ya known", Jikan said smoothly as she walked into the middle of the mob that surrounded the women and men and those who seemed to seek to 'talk" to them so rudely. “I daresay you fine fellows might be coming on just a tad strong for the tastes of these young ladies~”, she said sarcastely. “Though luckily for you I’m much more at home with roughness, so maybe you should try me for size??”. That moment of the ground of men seemed to reconize her. She was the one that beat them up not that long ago and confiscated all the stolen goods they had accoumulated, their ship too! The confusion on their faces were quickly erased and replaced with anger. The emotional state they were in was perfect though, for the aware mind of of the aburan witch was ready to take advanatage if she could. Trained in the art of battle far due to life experience and need to better her survive by this point thanks to all those secluded years traveling and living alone. Jikan smirked as she hopped into the air after strike out a random gut punch and swung her foot around like it was the tip of a whip to lash at the face of the fool nearest to her, felling him with one fell swoop and then eyeing the rest eagerly; showing that she to, did not forget about them.

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The moment of astonishment she created was enough to fell one of the fools quickly but the rough bunch apparently not about to stand there and let all of them be popped without a response, as a coarse voice called out with a desire to cull the efforts of the blue-green eyed warrior the faces that wore looks of surprise, confusion, and then recognization twisted to look that bit nastier, though the bodies that belonged to them did do one nice thing; they let the other girls go.

This making the fight to come that little bit easier since the scared souls that these brutes were harassing showed themselves eager to escape the battlefield, as slim figures scrambled away from the bastards that tried to drag them away Jikan smirked and called out to the gang with little intimidation for their number or ability thanks to the caliber of opponent she was used to.  An entanglement of punches and kicks ensued, Jikan dancing around the reach of the angered pirates as she threw out elbows and knee strikes. Aiming for the weak spots of the human body, the nose, jaw, solar plexus; all were open and targets for her to use. The blows causing howls of pain to erupted through the beach bloody noses were beginning ri be held and body tossed. She was making these guys learn a lesson, again, just how many would she have to teach them though? A part of the young warrior woman felt a tinge of guilt for causing such harm she quietened it with her mind through the reasoning that they would do much worse to herself and others if given the chance, and continued on her path to quell the lot before her. The first falling to the ground behind her as she bounded forward and brought both hands above her head before slamming them down onto the right shoulder of an approaching pirate.

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She was perfectly capable of dealing with a bunch of guys like this using her magic but on this occasion choosing to rely on her hands rather than the spells that she could command, just to prove a point that last time was not a flook. The blue-green gaze of Jikan narrowed, taking the form like that of a sharp edged sword as she faced a couple more idiots rushed toward her in tandem, cursing as they approached. She waited and allowed them the chance to reach her as them coming in so recklessly provided her with an ample time to take a window opportunity to test the skills, or more precisely a recent spell of hers that she had not yet gotten the chance to use.

"It is nice to know I can still handle myself, but again. You guys need to learn personal space!!". Perhaps in her own way wanting to prove and improve her skills. Maybe she was just treating this as training, who knew? She certainly did not.

Starting from Jikan's feet a whirl of wind began to be created, beginning to expand as the men skid to a stop but it was too late, they were already to her. Throwing out an arm in front of body, the wind began to expand, reaching up to her chest height and exploding outward in a sudden rush. A white magic seal 0.25-Meters in diameter was seen below Jikan's feet as she casted this spell. She was happy to see that she could easily keep up and surpass the men's capabilities, but it was beginning to be time to put a end to this in her mind. The wind gust flew out, hitting the men easily as they tried to turn around and run away. The impact funny enough knocking the wind out of them, flinging them several feet away to the ground with sand in their gaped mouths unconscious.

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