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Flaming Power {Training | Tempris}

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#1Destin E 

Flaming Power {Training | Tempris} Empty Tue May 18, 2021 7:35 pm

Destin E

Destin's punch thudded weakly against the scarecrow. He was supposed to be training - or at least pretending to so that Rosalie would stop complaining that he was going soft. She wasn't entirely wrong, although Destin had never been truly dedicated to his fighting skills to begin with. In result, Destin was half-heartedly assaulting a training dummy that he had given a hat and coat and a poorly drawn face on the burlap. He'd barely even managed to knock off the hat once. That was a showcase he was truly losing his edge.

"To be fair," Destin told the scarecrow, "fighting doesn't have the same meaning after you've killed someone in cold blood."

Destin launched another half-assed punch towards the scarecrow, this one barely making the support rods wobble. It was boring, exhausting, and frankly embarrassing.

"Are you happy now, Thierry? Your pathetic little brother is exactly the kind of coward you said he was."

Destin's next strike carried the full force of rage; he struck the dummy's failed attempt at a face, snapping the support behind it. Destin stared at it with a mix of confusion and disappointment, shifting out of his attack stance to sigh.

"Control yourself, Alcide, control is the most important factor in a fight."


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Holy flames of blue and white covered her hands and feet and propelled Tempris through the air. However, she was the opposite of grace and form. Her arms and legs flailed as she screamed in horror. She loss control of the spell and was blasting through the air. She couldn't change her direction and she feared stopping and hitting the ground. So she was stuck in this game of chicken with herself fighting for  mastery of the spell while minimizing the damage to herself.

As she flew, she saw Destin, of all people, Attacking a dummy. She didn't have time to comprehend what was happening. All she could do was prepare for the crash. "STOP STOP STOP, ARGHHHHHH." If Destin didnt move, Tempris would crash into him. If he did move, Tempris would crash into the dummy. Either way, she was crashing and would explode in holy fire magic. It wouldn't do any damage but a few embers would stick around and watch as the girl flew into the air and crash several feet back.
"Ouch... stupid dummy..."

Tempris would lie on the ground dizzy in a dark blue veil with gold cloth on her forehead, dark blue shirt and skirt with a gold Illumin symbol on her back, and dark brown boots. Embers would dance on her arms and legs fighting with the little bit of mana left in there form. "Illumin... did I fail... why does failing hurt so much?"


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#3Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin heard screaming from the skies, and barely had enough time to adjust his stance in time to catch the tiny child. He braced himself for impact, arms wrapping tight around the small figure as he swung himself around to release some of the momentum before collapsing to the flowers.

Admittedly, playing the hero was a bad idea. It hurt.

The child had crashed into him like a derailed train, it was rather lucky that neither of them had broken anything. It might have left a few bruises on the impact zones, though the damage was probably minimal. If he had learned nothing else from training with overly aggressive monster hunters, it was how to control the momentum of a strike.

"I believe the term you were looking for is 'fore'."

He chuckled at his own joke, wincing slightly at the dull pain. As Destin sat up, letting Tempris tumble into his lap, the hunter rubbed his chest and stared down at her with a raised eyebrow. He reached out and patted a few embers out of Tempris' hair.

"What were you thinking, kid? Tempris this is no place for shooting yourself out of a circus cannon, you could have crashed into a building. You could snap your spine at that speed."

The hunter, satisfied the embers were out, flicked Tempris' forehead as he frowned down at her.

"Failing only hurts if you don't know how to fall."


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"Four?" Tempris repeated, "I dont think saying stop any more times would of helped." She noticed the guy was under her, but her body was still in shock from the collision. She was helpless to tumble into the man's lap as he sat up, but she made an extra effort to roll onto the ground. She didn't need the Sinner thinking he saved her or anything. It would get annoying very fast. Unlucky for her, he went a different direction. First he patted out some of the holy embers off her body. Then started scolding her lightly.

"Look, I saw this one guy sliding around on lightning and it looked like an aweso... very useful tactic. I wasn't trying to just copy him or anything. I just wanted an easier time chasing heretics." A flick on her forehead returned control of the girl's body. "Ouch..." Rubbing her head she sat up herself.

"Well... I dont fall. I only rise, ascend," She picked herself up to her feet and grinned, "If  you want to help me, I'm sure Illumin would bless you. Else, Imma keep trying to master this move." Tempris picked a location then position herself as if she was going to sprint. The she raised a foot and flames erupted over her limbs, sending her forward a few feet. Sadly she lost control once again and crashed into the ground tumbling the rest of the distances and leaving a trail of holy flames. She stopped with her face in the ground and her but in the air. "ARGH. STUPID HERETICAL GROUND." her voice screamed out of the dirt before she lifted her head.

WC:282 (527 Finished training )

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#5Destin E 

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Destin E

"You're talking about the man who went bandit hunting with Gunter, right? What was his name... A... something or other. I wouldn't call that sliding though, so I suppose not..."

Destin's thoughts trailed off as he mused, flopping back into the grass. The girl was off running again, but she didn't get far before she bit the dirt agian.

"The ground isn't moving, cheri, that's just you."

Destin rolled over, propping his chin on his fists. He watched the girl, now covered in grass stains. She was adamant that she would successfully accomplish this move. Destin thought she was adamantly going to swallow a worm whole next time.

"Have you tried running laps first? Or maybe wearing shorter skirts so there's nothing to trip on. You're off balance, off center, and frankly, out of your mind if you think you can learn something that way."

The hunter sighed and stood, wiping the grass off his shirt.

"Try running before you start the spell, and be careful to watch your movements, don't over extend. Think aerodynamics, like cheetahs, not fire and brimstone like a cannon ball. Control momentum."

Destin held up his arms agian, motioning for Tempris to run at him. It'd be safer for her to crash into something soft like him, instead of tripping into the field. At least this way, if she had everything under control he'd get little more than a slight bump, and if she didn't control it, she'd avoid cutting herself on any hidden rocks.


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"Doesn't make it any less heretical." Tempris started to whine, "Now my clothes are all dirty and covered in green marks. Stupid grass. I hate this." Tempris stood up while wiping off the dirt and clingy grass. This was not love. The ground was cold and she despite it. If she had a large enough spell, she would fry the earth. Sadly her magic was way behind, thus the reason why she was working on this new spell. Maybe something more offensive would have been better though. She gritted her teeth and kicked the ground, nearly slipping due to the huge weight on her shoulder.

"My skirt is not that long! If it was any shorter..." Tempris started to blush thinking how her underwear would be much easier to see should she actually shorten her skirt. "It would be sacrilege if not sinful. I think... Look I wont do it!" She shouted working up her anger even more. "Besides. I'm not running. I'm like flying or something... no! Im sliding. I'm sliding in the air but using my holy flames to push me forward. Its totally different than running." She folded her arms and raised her head as if overcoming the battle of intelligences with the sinner.

"I guess... I could try it, though I don't know what a cheetah is or an aerodynamics." Tempris took her running stance. Then she closed her eyes and prayed. "Please Illumin, bless me with the knowledge of sliding like Aku." She opened her eyes and then bolted forward. Once she was balance, she activated her spell. Flames engulfed her limbs and she shot forward 5 meters before hitting the ground sliding. A wide grin spread across her face as she watched the flames light the ground behind her.

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#7Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin leaned away as Tempris skidded to a halt in front of him, lifting his hands to protect his face from flying dirt clods. He paused for a minute, then clapped energetically.

"Exactly, cheri, just like that. A marvelous cheetah you are. Remind me to show you to the zoo in Crocus, if we ever visit at the same time. I think you'll have a marvelous time."

Destin grinned and gave her a pat on the head, ruffling her long golden hair.

"An inspiring display. I don't think you've seen my magic, yet, but I'm sure you'll enjoy this."

Destin pulled Tempris close, her back to his chest and practically stepping on his toes. He warned her to stay still as a bright pink magic seal burst up beneath their feet, and a wall of flames soaring easily above Tempris' head sprung up surrounding them. The flames, with flickers of bright pink and white near the base, surrounded the two with a tight circle and obscured their view of the field around them. Aside from the tight quarters, the swirling funnel of flames was surprisingly comfortable - they looked like real fire, and genuinely seemed like it if Tempris reached out to touch them, but gave off no more heat than a warm summer's day and did not burn anything within the circle.

Destin, however, wasn't satisfied with just the bare minimum. He knew the spell could be larger. He'd seen it large enough to surround an entire house. The hunter pushed with his mana, straining against the confines of the juvenile spells he started with. The flames seemed to wiggle, though perhaps that was all within his own mind. Regardless, he continued to push through it, stretching his spell circle like an elastic band, waiting for it to snap in on him and lash out. It gave him resistance, and stretching it was not the most difficult aspect when he worried about not stretching so thin it might chose to collapse in on the two standing at the center.

That, however, would have been an unacceptable end. He was trying to impress his guildmate, after all.

The flames grew warm, for a moment, before dying down to a small, knee height circle of purely pink flames. Slowly, creeping by millimeters, the blackened circle of grass expanded. No smoke rose up from the ground as it expanded to nearly a half  meter in all directions, before violently snapping back to half the distance and suddenly snuffing out.

Destin swore, in words that would seem foreign to Tempris but still identifiably violent curse words. He rubbed his face, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow and stepped away from Tempris. Perhaps, he thought to himself, it would work better if he was on the outside.

Motioning for the girl to stay in place, Destin stepped to the edge of the burnt grass. He motioned agian, this time casting the magic seal beneath Tempris' feet alone. He was sure it was just a trick of his eyes, but the hunter could have sworn the seal was larger. The flames lapped up again, obscuring Tempris from view, but Destin laughed breathlessly as he circled around the flames. It was definitely bigger. It was probably stronger, too, with the amount of mana being poured into it. He'd managed to exceed his own expectations for this training session, let alone the expectations of the housekeeper that had sent him out here.

Destin flopped into the grass butt-first. He knew that Tempris was some sort of pyromaniac, so he hoped this was enough flame to distract her for a moment; it was something to keep her from darting about the town with that firey sprint of hers. Heaven knows what would happen if she ran into someone, or several someones, in a crowded marketplace.  

Destin kept up the flames for another minute or two, before releasing the spell with a lazy grin, no sign of having ever been inconvenienced despite the beads of sweat cooling on his brow in the chill spring breeze.

"An inspiring spell as well, yes? I had hoped to cast it a tad larger, but ah, c'est la vie. We can't have everything we want."

Name: Okamoto
Rank: C
Mana Cost: 50
Requirements: Lécuyer's blessing.
Type: Defensive
Element: Fire
Range: 10 Meters
Cooldown: 2 Posts
Duration: Sustain


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Tempris "normally" didn't allow people to just touch her but being recognized for how great you were wasn't the worst thing in the world. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Destin then pulled Tempris close to him and what came next was a miracle. A wall of pink fire rose from the ground and surrounded the two. Tempris's started laughing, falling into a trance by the dancing flames. She wanted to touch it, to feel its warmth. She was sure Illumin's love powered the fires. But at last, Destin couldn't keep up the spell and it broke. As the flames fell, so was her excitement with her regaining her original disappointing face.

"Next time my flame." She mumbled.

Luckily it was not over. Destin told her to stand still and he backed up. A magic circle formed around her and the magic and the flame wall reappeared. A smile returned to Tempris face and she started walking to the wall. "Warmth is love." She repeated till she leaned the wall. Everything suddenly became cool causing Tempris to reactively push the barrier. Because of her strength, the barrier broke and Tempris fell forward onto the ground.
"Ouch... why did it break? Why was it cold. Cold is not love."
Tempris pushed herself up so that she was sitting on her knees.

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#9Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin shrugged at Tempris and leaned back into the grass. He watched clouds pass by above him as he exhaled a rugged sigh. The hunter was glad to have expanded his repertoire, especially if half his guildmates and possibly himself were to become wanted criminals.

"It wasn't the most stable spell, It had to break at some point. Maybe someday you should learn the spell yourself, it's generally simple. There's another one I think you might like, but I can't say I remember how it works. Give me a moment to recall."

Destin patted the ground beside him as if telling Tempris to sit next to him. Whether she did or not, he would keep speaking. He did this more as a way to stall for time, his head still rung from the snapback caused by the spell, but he was genuinely curious what made his guild's founding member tick.

"I really shouldn't be surprised a kid your age is stronger than me, I never put much effort to competing against my siblings, but cheri, what is with you and fire? I see the appeal, yes, but as one says, if you play with fire you will get burned. It seems a curious way to show affection."


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Tempris was not impressed by the hunter's answer. How does one blessed with the ability to produce warmth not understand there own gift. It was blasphemy but now wasn't the time go on about it. Destin would be important in her mission of saving the soul of those who suffering under sin. This magic, while not holy, was still the preferred way to cleanse these souls.

"My magic must be strong and warm so that those suffering of sin can feel the bless of release before seeing Illumin," Tempris preached while clasping her hands. Most people did not understand her, nor did they want to. So, she didn't need to hear affirmation of her ideas. Though it would be nice.

When Destin called her over, she took a deep breath and went next to the man. She was weary of Destin at first, but his magic really made her change her mind. It was so pretty, if only he would do more things and follow Illumin and herself on the path to cleanse sin.

"What cha mean. Fire brings warmth. Warmth is Illumin. Warm..." Tempris felt an icy force run down her back as she accidently went into to the icy vault of her memories. She folded her arms as if she was huddling for warmth. She needed to finish her sentence. "The flames... they kept me alive. Illumin freed me with them. They burn away sin... all sin. Most people don't understand, but since you use fire. You understand right?" She peeled one of her arms away from her body so she could swirl the heretical dirt in front of her.

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#11Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin winced at Tempris' body language. It brought to mind the way his younger siblings cowered when they had to be in the same room as him. They had used to be so bright and cheery when he spent time with him, but by the time he left...

The hunter reached out as if to comfort Tempris, but there was a visible twinge of guilt in his eyes and he withdrew. He sat up agian, avoiding looking directly at the poor girl.

"Awe, kid, I'm sorry. Whatever happened to you.. I'm sure I'll never really know how you feel. But yeah. I get it. My family has those beliefs too."

Destin blew out a tired sigh, like he was feeling the weight of the world.

"The magic I have is a hereditary type. Passed down from father to son for decades. They made us learn it when we were little, but all the attention went to the oldest two boys. Completely skipped over the eldest child, because she was a girl. Damned fuckin' patriarchy. Beyond the point, though, let me try explaining this better."

Destin shook his head violently, like he was chasing away a dark cloud. He shifted, to look at Tempris directly.

"The foundation of Lécuyer's blessing is a legend passed down in my family. It's a load of bullshit, there's nothing special about it, but they always claim the first mage consumed holy fire to gain the ability to hunt monsters. Warriors wielding the holy flame of retribution, they call it. It's dumb, I don't believe it myself, but I understand why you would, if only superficially.

Let's do something fun. I feel like my skin will turn blue if I have to talk about this more.

Destin's last proclamation was a rather abrupt, paired with a very sudden jump to his feet. He could remember his father making them train this spell until they passed out from exhaustion, but he'd never been able to manage it before. Now, though, with someone he genuinely wanted to fight alongside, he thought it might be nice to improve his competence in a combat against other mages.

His last fight had really just been a fluke, if he thought about it. Perhaps Illumin had decided to support his smiting of blasphemy. Destin chuckled at the thought and raised one hand to the sky.

The spell circle was supposed to show up above his hand, but it took a few moments for even the slightest glimmer of red to show in the sky. The hunter clicked his tongue with annoyance when the spell failed. He continued with another attempt, then another, never managing anything greater than a measly spark spiraling from mid air.

Name: Money Shot
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Lécuyer's blessing.
Type: Offense AoE
Element: Fire
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant


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"It doesn't matter what happened to me." Tempris gripped the dirt before standing fighting the desire to tremble, "All that matters is the path Illumin lights for me. As long as he wills it, I don't need the past. It's all hidden under the blazing glory that is my destiny." Yet she felt the cold hand still creeping in her mind. Not matter how many times she said it, it was still there. It still wanted to come out. It still wanted to freeze her heart and make her cold. Tempris lowered her head fighting this building sensation that came with memories fighting to resurface. In the end, she gave up and just rubbed her eyes with her arm.

As Destin spoke about his past, his family relation. Tempris wasn't sure she understood the different things he said. It was blessing as it took her mind off her past for a moment. Why did one have to be a boy to learn something. What was a patriarchy. She turned to him but kept looking away unsure how devoted she wanted to be in the story. The story of his magic sounded like blasphemy, but all flames purify sin in the end.
"All flames are special. To be able to bring salvation to others. You cant... I... its what... its what they told me." She turned away losing color in her face. Several darker memories flooded her head. When Destin suggested doing something fun however, she found strength to at least stand up.
"I suppose..."

She turned to the man but felt drained from the cold feelings. The man looked to be trying to shoot out something but only fizzles and sparks came out. She sighed, with her mind still dreading the talks. If only something could happen that would let her be free from these thoughts. "What are you trying to do?"

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#13Destin E 

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Destin E

"It's supposed to be a shooting star, I think. The head of the family only ever used one giant one, but I never really understood when he explained it. Perhaps if I..."

Destin's thought trailed off as he lifted his hand agian, this time creating the seal of purely pink magic. It felt so much cleaner, so much more powerful when he used his own instead of conforming to the standard red of his father. The magic circle lifted until it was well above his head, shooting up like a rocket to the sky. When he attempted to drop his hand, though, he found that the seal simply vanished like an interrupted cast. Destin hissed through his teeth in frustration. It should work. There was no reason why it wouldn't. And yet, there he stood, hand thrown to the sky like an idiot.

He sighed and muttered, reminding himself to stay balanced. The hunter shifted his stance and once again lifted his hand. This time the seal fully formed, but Destin didn't immediately lower his hand like he had previously. This time, he held it up and scanned his surroundings. It would be rude to throw something at Tempris without warning. Everything else was too flammable to be a target so he settled on the scarecrow dummy; its head was still flopping limply in the wind and the broken support pole was beginning to stab through the burlap.

Destin glowered at the scarecrow, focusing his whole attention on it. A second magic seal formed surrounding the target and only once he was sure that his spell would strike only there, he dropped his arm with a determined force. The spell was still not flawless, but it was complete. It was efficient.

It worked.

Four blazing spheres manifested within the seal above Destin's head and launched towards the scarecrow. It took them only half a second to impact with the ground, two landing to the right of it, one crashing into the dirt just before where the stake was planted in the ground. The fourth, and the only one to strike the target, hit the scarecrow square in its chest and lit the dry straw and burlap ablaze in the following seconds.

Destin stared at the growing fire with disbelief as though he had expected the spell to fail again. He stood slowly, the magic seals already gone as he crossed to the training dummy.

"Tempris, you saw that too, right? It worked?" Destin's joyous laugh was a little infectious, after the sour mood had changed. "I did it. I fucking did it."

Name: Money Shot
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Lécuyer's blessing.
Type: Offense AoE
Element: Fire
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant


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"Shooting... star." Tempris did not seem to impressed. She was not really into to watching the starry night sky on a cool quiet night. Even as a child, she always preferred the warmth and safety of an open flame. With her interest slowly draining, The girl yawned lazily moving her hand to her face, before a cold chill jolted her awake.

She slowly turned back to Destin only to see him starting to cast a different color spell. There was a small sparkle in her eye. Was the man going to be successful with his spell? It was! 4 large orbs of pink flames shot out of his hands and engulfed the dummy.

Tempris clapped her hands, in support of the man's excitement. "Beautiful flames. The dummy is so lucky to experience such love." She grinned thinking about what would it look like if she were to create her own spell. "So that's the shooting star? I will admit... its better than I thought. But anyone can hit a standing target." Tempris dropped her sword off her back and started walking over to the dummy. It was time to take an more active roll in this exercise. She wanted to experience this pink warmth for herself, see how worthy it was to be considered "holy."

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#15Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin raised an eye at Tempris, his eyes following her across the field to her position at the training dummy. He had no objections, but was she sure that was what she wanted to do? Destin supposed it would be mutually beneficial if it meant she had a chance to practice her dash more. The hunter sighed and shrugged, nodding along. It wouldn't hurt to try.

As Tempris got into position, balancing herself for the speed she anticipated, Destin raised one hand skyward, making all the little mental calculations needed as he directed his spell. He didn't want to hurt the child, and he was fairly certain even at top speed it was too short a distance for her to dodge. The best response would be to back away slowly until Tempris was only just within range, and cast the spell a little to the left of where she started. Tempris started running; Destin's hand crashed down and the meteorites flung themselves across the field in a direct line towards Tempris' ankles. Each meteorite landed within the dedicated magic seal, a few tendrils of smoke spiraling from where they had toasted the grass to a crisp black. Destin didn't think any of them had genuinely hit her - at least two had fallen rather wide - but he watched her movements anyways, hoping she wouldn't notice how deliberately he had tried to make it seem like she was untouchable. Try as he might, Destin's expressions still betrayed his concern for the girl's safety.

"Are you alright?" Destin called across the field, still watching for any sign of a limp or a piece of singed fabric. "I think I've got the hang of it now, how about you? Ready for a snack break?"

Name: Money Shot
Rank: B
Mana Cost: 100
Requirements: Lécuyer's blessing.
Type: Offense AoE
Element: Fire
Range: 15 Meters
Cooldown: 3 Posts
Duration: Instant


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Tempris pretended that she was going to dodge the guy's spells but her motives were actually the opposite. See the girl wanted to get as close to the flames as she could and feel the warmth that came with such a pretty fire magic. Right now she had just the tool to do so. Her phasing cloak would make all spells go through her so she would be able to safety experience these so called holy flames and judge them to her standards.

When Destin raised his hands, Tempris noticed the magic circle. The flames were about to come so she began running towards Destin. However, when the spell went off, Tempris stopped moving and pulled her collar. The magical pink fire balls exploded all around her, but she was... phased by the glorious flames. Such heat, such love. She could safety experience it all. She smiled while taking in the smoke of the newly singed grass and ground. As it started to die down, she walked forward with her child like signature smile.
"So warm. They are not as perfect as my flames, but I enjoy experiencing Illumin's love through them."

It looked like they were finish and destin wanted to have a snack. Tempris didn't mind.
"Illumin wills it... Oh do you have tea?" She quickly stopped her excitement, "Not that I'm looking forward to it or anything."


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#17Destin E 

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Destin E

Destin stared in moderate disbelief and major concern as Tempris walked out of the circle - not ran, but walked out of the circle, with not a single scratch on her. No singed clothes, no burn marks, just a cheery, innocent grin.

"You could have warned me. Almighty, kid, you could have at least pretended to dodge that."

Destin shook his head at Tempris and clicked his tongue. A wild kid. Destin wondered if this was what his family had felt like to send him off so suddenly. The hunter sighed, paused, then tilted his head back and laughed. It didn't matter. It was more exciting out here. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he wondered if his aunt knew he had joined a guild yet, but he knew Rosalie better. She was here because she wanted to be, not because she felt the need to spy on him for his father.

"Alright, Tempris, let's go. Knowing my housekeeper, she's already got a pot going anyways. Just don't burn the house down, I'm rather fond of it."

Destin shooed the small child in the direction of the summer manor, barely convincing himself to collect the smoldering training dummy. As a testament to their training, clearly. Rosalie wouldn't be able to chastise him if he had proof, after all.


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