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Tournament Arc [Esperia - A-Rank NQ]

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Having just arrived in Baska for her job Esperia had found it difficult to figure out the right way to approach this mysterious assignment, so instead, she had chosen to spend some time wandering through the city to see its current state of affairs.

So far it seemed that despite the fact Eternal Nightmare had conquered the City Center, there was yet to be any sign of their presence causing any visible lasting harm on the people. Meanwhile, it appeared the recent promotion of Shichiro to Captain-Commander forced the few corrupt knights within the city to tone down their activities, no doubt fearing the consequences should the former mercenary find out about their actions.

For a moment Esperia couldn't help but find herself smiling, and as she watched a patrol walk past her she raised a hand toward them. "Is the Captain Commander still within the region? If so, could you please congratulate him on my behalf for his promotion?"

The words made the guard blink in bewilderment as he asked her who he should mention, but Esperia merely continued walking, a playful sway of her hand being made. "Feel free to tell him a secret admirer said hi~"

And with those words, she made her way toward the next section of town. Her destination? The Great Baska Rock. Walking along the path leading toward the area Esperia spotted a young man fidgetting around near the path, his gaze fixated on the direction she was approaching from. To her surprise Esperia suddenly saw the man locking eyes with her and dart over toward her. "You seem to be a strong person miss! Are you here for the tournament as well?"

Esperia tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion, inquiring with a smile. "There is a tournament happening?" Interesting, she had not heard of such an event the last time she was in Baska.

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The man nodded his head in excitement, explaining further. "There is! A large tournament is happening right now where the winner gets a hefty sum of jewels! But there is a steep entree fee to join the tournament." Esperia pondered about the idea for a bit. To be honest, she kind of wanted to train a bit, see how far her body had developed after she had been turned into a vampire.

"If you're interested I'm willing to sponsor you, in return for getting back the entree fee from the price money if you win. It's only a meager 5th of the price money, but in return, you have to beat the reigning champion!"

It was an attractive bargain to be honest, but she couldn't help but find herself curious why someone would be willing to sponsor a stranger. "Is there a particular reason you're looking to win the tournament?" The man shook his head lightly. "I just want to see powerful warriors fight!"

Esperia couldn't help but chuckle at the remark, feeling the irregular beat of the man's heart. "O really?" The suspicion in her voice and the dismissive look in her eyes was enough to make the man gulp slightly. "Fine! Fine! It's that Champion Leon! The bastard has been winning for five times in a row and to make matters worse he is a chick magnet! Thanks to that guy I lost my girlfriend! So I want him taken down a peg or thousand!"

Esperia shrugged her shoulders lightly, not caring too much about the personal circumstances of the man. "Is that Leon strong?"

To which the man replied with a firm nod. "Very strong! He is a werewolf who could likely block the bolt from a ballista!"

Esperia couldn't help but snicker at those words. "Most would die from being hit by that, fine I'll take part in your plan." Hopefully, she wouldn't regret this.

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