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Alistair (Returning Character)

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Name: Alistair Morningstar

Age: October 5th, X773 [18yrs Old]

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstreli

Ethnicity, Mother: Stellan

Class: The Paladin

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Crawling Chaos

Tattoo: Radius

Face: Tsurumaru Kuninaga - Touken Ranbu


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 160lbs

Hair: Light Blonde

Eyes: Dandelion Gold

Overall: In front of you is a man, about five feet tall. His long face is exceptionally handsome, with a full head of straw-colored blonde hair. It’s messy, though in an attractive manner, and some of his locks of hair come down below his eyes. He has thin eyebrows and yellow eyes that remind you of a rising sun. He’s mostly clean-shaven, except for some stubble near the base of his pointed chin, and he has a strong jawline.

He’s wearing an elaborate white tunic, with a diamond pendant attached to the front. The pendant has a golden chain attached to it, and it looks quite expensive. Beneath this tunic is a vest, which is closed by golden pins, and beneath this vest is a collared blue shirt. It has long sleeves, which he has pulled back to the elbow.

Around his waist is a white belt with a bronze-colored clasp. He’s thin, and the belt seems too large for his body. On his hands are fingerless black gloves with bronze plates on top of them. Below the belt, he’s wearing black pants, which are a little wrinkled. On the whole of it, the man is definitely attractive, His strong face and jawline give off the appearance of respectability and power, while his tousled blonde hair makes him seem approachable and friendly. The clothing is elaborate and ornate, though not gaudy, and the jewelry is interesting for its uniqueness. This is clearly a man who is both admired and respected by his peers.

Extra: Alistair usually doesn’t carry anything of little value, he rather not burden himself with miscellaneous items. Though he never parts anywhere without his golden pendant. The item holds a strange glowing stone in its center and though he doesn’t fully understand its purpose, he holds it very dear.


Personality: Alistair has an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets him apart is that he is not an idle dreamer, but a person capable of taking concrete steps to realize his goals and make a lasting positive impact. He tends to see helping others as his purpose in life, but while people with this personality type can be found engaging in rescue efforts and doing charity work, his real passion is to get to the heart of the issue so that people need not be rescued at all.

Alistair has very strong opinions and will fight tirelessly for his beliefs. He is decisive and strong-willed, but will rarely use that energy for personal gain. He acts with creativity, imagination, conviction, and sensitivity not to create an advantage, but to create balance. He finds it easy to connect with others, and has a talent for warm, sensitive language, speaking in human terms, rather than with logic and fact.

It makes sense that his friends and colleagues will come to think of him as quite extraverted, but they would all do well to remember that people with a personality like his need time alone to decompress and recharge and to not become too alarmed when they suddenly withdraw. Alistair takes great care of other’s feelings, and he expects the favor to be returned. Sometimes that means giving him the space he needs for a few days.


  • Stars: Millions of people stare at them every night. Hoping to find some kind of answer in their light. Perhaps they stand as a reminder of how small we actually are or what we have the potential to be. Alistair stares at them and praises their natural ability to shine through every single night despite what might transpire around them. In admiration, he secretly hopes to be strong enough to shine upon everyone he cares about.
  • Crystals: Alistait loves crystals, the beauty of their forms and formation; liquids, dormant, distilling, sloshing! The fumes, the odors good or bad, the rainbow of colors; the gleaming vessels of every size, shape, and purpose. The physical qualities of crystals make them stand out among other stones. Its ability to refract light and its transparent but dark appearance is partially the reason why so many different cultures and societies ascribed magical powers to the stones. But what Alistair loves the most about them is how they only reveal their hidden structures when broken. Crystals and hearts would lose all their merit in the world if it were not for their fragility.


  • Losing: Alistair has spent his whole life mourning everything he had lost. For this reason, alone he takes everything a bit too seriously. Every game, every race, and every fight is a chance for him to win and feel good again, instead of being reminded of his weakness, his inability to save all those he cared for.
  • Blasphemy: For years Alistair has been raised by the church to the point he ended up fighting for them. Though in the end, he did end up fighting for his guild instead. Unable to understand his feelings he fought harder believing it would be the answer, but later he realized he loved being a holy knight more than he did serving the church. After losing them all in one battle he couldn’t be part of the simply broke, but not his love for them. To this day there is nothing he hates more than hearing lies against the holy knights. Which in truth was the main reason he used to get into so many fights.


  • Self Actualization: Achieving one’s full potential. The stronger he gets the better he will be able to protect those dear to him. He refuses to become a burden himself. He dreams of becoming a relentless shield that protects and heals those around him.


  • Impotence: The fear of being forced to see someone he deeply cares about die and being unable to do anything about it scares him to the point of madness. The scars of a childhood event have traumatized Alistair and so he closes his heart to protect himself from ever having to experience such a horrific event.
  • Commitment: For years Alistair has conjured strong barriers to protect others, but the strongest ones yet lie around his heart. Unable to open up to others or say what they want to hear makes him come out cold sometimes, but innocently Alistair does this to protect others from what he truly believes to be a curse, a curse the holy knights willingly once took yet now one he will have to carry alone.


Strength: 1

Speed: 1

Constitution: 1

Endurance: 1

Intelligence: 3


Magic Name: Starlight Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Enhancement: Body Defense

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Magic Description: Starlight magic is a golden color light magic that has star like glyphs drawn into the spells. The magic circle is the same color as the default light magic. It specializes in defensive spells but is capable of offensive and supportive measures.


History: Alistair’s parents were headed to Minstrel as they ran away from a very dangerous guild that was on their trail. But as powerful as they were, it was too much for them. Running away constantly was bound to be the end for the little Morningstar.  They couldn’t afford to run any longer. It was painful, but they decided to leave Alistair in the hands of the church. There he grew up as a devoted and faithful servant with little knowledge of the outside world. The priests kept a secret about his parent’s identity, scared that whatever trouble followed them would eventually catch up to the young child. When he turned ten he was considered the best in the order and matured enough to handle the truth. As predicted Alistair took it a bit hard, but he understood the position they were in at the time. He decided to focus on the present, that’s all he could do.

A month had passed and he heard rumors of a place called “The Tower of Heaven” and how supposedly slaves used to forcefully work there. But what caught his ear was news of a stellan woman being dragged by some cultist out of shore and into this tower. The old man remembers little, but some prisoners managed to escape. After a year of searching, he felt closer than ever to find what’s left of his family, or so he thought. There was no point searching at the tower since it no longer exists. Instead, he tried his best and searched for those who did survive. He found little to nothing, no matter how hard he tried everything led to a dead end.

Till one day, one of his friends found a man claiming to be a survivor of the “The Tower of Heaven”. Sadly the old man didn’t have much time left. The young Morningstar rushed to the place. Alistair explained everything about him and asked the man if he knew anything about his mother. The aged man had a stunned look on his face, he held Alistair closely and whispered “The path you're on will only lead to darkness. Despair awaits!”. Soon after the man held his chest tightly and collapsed, he was no more. Soon after recovering from what he had just witnessed, his friends came screaming that their village was under attack. Alongside his friends. He rushed to the village as fast as possible. After arriving he found the whole town under fire, adorned with screams, pain, and death.

He rushed towards the church building hoping to find everyone safe inside, but all he found was fire and ash. Mysterious cloaked figures begin to surround him and his friends. One of them had a silver mask and he alone approached Alistair. He said that this was the price for meddling where they shouldn’t. His friends charged bravely in his aid and though Alistair tried to stop them they did not listen and died one by one, all in front of him. Slowly the masked stranger continued to drag him away. At that moment the young Morningstar broke into tears and screamed as if trying to shout his reality away. Instead, he unleashed a powerful force of light that expelled from within him blasting away every dark cloaked figure in his radius.

The poor child rushed towards his friends and though they had already passed away he talked to them as if they were still alive. His tears fell down and onto their hollow corpse; he cried and mourned in that spot for a whole day. A white knight comes at dawn; on his dark stallion, he begins to study the scene. He got off his horse and helped him rise, cleaned him up, and shared whatever was left of his rations. He then took the boy with him on his journey where eventually Alistair would come to earn a place within the Holy Knights.

After joining the Holy Knights, young Morningstar becomes very fond of the guild and its members. It was like he had finally found his place in the world. But questions and past events still hunted his mind. Three years have passed and Alistair has begun taking quests. Life is simple and sweet for our young Morningstar, only time will tell the torment that will constrict the light of the young sweet knight.

The Holy Knights have waged war against the Demon clan in an alternate dimension. Young Morningstar was forced to stay behind. Instead, the knights scattered and their great house taken to safeguard what would be left of the guild. Not long Alistair stubbornly tries his best to bring everyone back, but he realizes that with his current power level there is no way he can open the dimension again. Although he tries with all his valor and uses all the available resources. Still, his feeble methods turn out to be useless. Reminded of his past and his current loss, he began to lose hope.

After many attempts, he has given up all hope of bringing his guildmates back. The people of the town have many theories on what happened to the members of the guild known as the Holy Knights. Some say that they died fighting the demon clan, others believe they are still alive. But to our Morningstar, they still wage on fighting an endless battle with no way of him helping. Alistair took up a habit of drinking as he felt useless and that he had no worth in this world anymore. The people often referred to Alistair as the Star Crossed Knight, which he hated, as it was a reminder of all his failures. This used to get Alistair in many fights. One night Alistair, as always,  got into a nasty brawl, but to his misfortune this time his opponents were much larger and stronger compared to him. Beaten badly, near death, a strange man makes a sinister entrance and whispers to the others. They all trembled in fear and left at once. The strange man approaches Alistair. It was unmistakable, up close he could identify the man to be the renowned Gunter Von Wolf. He came to offer Alistair a place within his dark guild. Being from a light guild himself his initial response would be to refuse. But he can’t deny it, he is intrigued when he offers information and aid in his long, exhausting quest. After so long, hope makes his eyes water. He smiles gratefully in return. The light denied him help, so it would be in the darkness where he would shine the most. After so much time had passed Alistair rises once again to meet a guild ready to receive him.

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Salutations Alistair,

I will be reviewing your application. Lets work hard to get you on the fields of this fairy tale.

  • Your age and year do not line up with the current site timeline. Please adjust it so that your birth year and age equate to either the current year or one less with you being born after the current season.

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This character application has been approved.

Alistair (Returning Character) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1n Let all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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