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Sherlock Holmes [Storyline Quest: Lee Only]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Sherlock Holmes [Storyline Quest: Lee Only] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 10:48 pm

Lee Nakamura
The dining room was empty with only the three of them. Her Uncle Simon and her father sat across from her. They were terribly confused about what this meeting is about. Eyeing each other then LeeAnn. All the attention was towards her as she sat down across from them at the table. A list of papers were stacked that were found in Astrid’s pocket. There were notes from Astrid’s observation and her own. The men were clueless from the lack of context she had given. They both looked at her for an answer.

“I assume you both haven't a clue why I called you here?”

Both men shook their heads in response, silently. The kitsune pulled out the papers for them to look at comparing notes of Solomon’s handwriting of two different documents. They studied it for several moments. She watched the color drain from both of their faces and turned to Lee. Their expressions showed their concern about the information they read. She knew they both withheld information from the rest of the family. Miles was out of the picture for her to ask about her eldest and long lost cousin, Solomon. The best person to ask was the two brothers. Simon was Solomon’s blood father and he knew best about how his children acted. “How...did you figure this out?”

Her Uncle’s face was a mixture of confusion and horror. It was hard to read exactly which was more apparent. She rested her forehead on her hand, thinking. “Yes. I put two and two together. Astrid found this before she was attacked. Tadashi brought this to my attention. Take a closer look at this list,” she replied. She slid the hit list that helped solve her question of who was behind these attacks. The two brothers took a closer look. It became clearer to them how dire the situation had already become. They in sync turned their heads up to LeeAnn. The demi-human slid her personal notes from the attack the night before and what events took place in order from memory. Little notes and highlighted information decorated the papers. The brothers took a final glance at each other then at LeeAnn.

“The subject about Solomon is a grave one. One that upsets your grandparents and Paisley. Solomon disappeared twenty years ago one a mission while he was an Apprentice in the Rune Knights. Years we have spent looking for him, but gave up. Though, he had radical beliefs into the church of Illumin and how the world is better off without non-human races. He had an obsession with dark magic, spirits, and demons. So much it was unhealthy,” spoke her father. The memory of his son caused him to pause to gather his thoughts. Silence lied between them before she spoke up again.

“Simon, you do realize the whole family is at risk. Please...as much as this hurts, you must tell me everything to prevent anymore bloodshed. Dad, do you have anything?”

Her father remained silent. She grew a little irritated with the lack of cooperation. A light slamming of her fist onto the table caused them to turn their attention to her. “Your eldest cousin attempted to perform satanic rituals to enter the demon world a few times in the basement. I caught him both times before I banned him from any spiritual shinanigens. He was incredible intrigued with Illumin. Actually, he wanted to become a part of the Holy Knights, the reason why he became a Rune Kni
ght in the first place, I believe.”

The final bit of the information was served. She was happy with the data she had collected from her father and uncle. Though, they didn’t look too comfortable with what they had already spoken. The whole time Simon was silent. She didn’t realize how sensitive the subject still was after twenty years. The only guess she could come up with was him trying to soak up the information. “Uncle Simon…”

He looked up from his daydream with a wide-eyed expression. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. I am. Just...trying to process the news that my son and his...antics have returned.” Simon was clearly having a hard time accepting the fact his son was alive,but probably corrupted. He was willing to do anything to gain power from the information. There was a small silence between the three of them. She remembered hearing Solomon's name one time as a kid. The reaction she would get asking about that name as a kid several times, but soon stopped due to the being scolded by her parents for mentioned it. It was not like she could understand when she was six or seven. A small silver of doubt they would give her more information. The very thought about what happened to Astrid made her quiver what this man was capable of. She knew that already. Though, she was not going to let them cower like she did with Astrid. Slamming her fists onto the table, she got their attention causing them to jump several feet.. Her eyes burned with rage.

"Are you going to let him win? Are you going to let your oldest son put your daughter's life in danger as well as everyone else's in this family," she asked. Simon was speechless by her words. He lowered his head, as if being submissive to the younger kitsune.

"I-I don't know, Lee," he spoke.

She cleared her throat. "Weight the situation, your son, who you know is a radical person, who attacks your only daughter and has made a hit list of everyone in this family plus more on it. People to kill, miam, or even worse, torture. What do you think is the right thing to do? I know he's your son, but sometimes you have to step in as a parent, even if he's old enough to know better," she said. Lee sounded more like a parent than the two men before her right now. Simon cleared his throat. "Fine. Just...Solomon is a huge believer in humans being the more supiorer race."

Lee sighed. "I know."



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