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Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla]

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Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 4:58 pm


It was fortunate that Esperia had arrived a few days prior to Valerie in Orchidia city, which gave the young vampire some time to set up things for her next course of action. First, she had gone to socialize with the people of Orchidia, her former status as Sentinel Syndicate advisor making it easy for her to gain their trust and cooperation, and afterwards, she decided to rent a nice apartment at the Horizon. It would take some time before she would be able to get a proper housing for her family and the guild they were going to make but in the meanwhile Esperia was making certain that they had a nice homely place to call their own.

For Valerie it must had been odd, considering she had been on the move her entire life, so Esperia genuinely hoped Valerie would be able to get used to this new way of living. Esperia had gone out of her way to welcome her and Hasani, decorating the appartment in a festive nature and tried her hand at cooking, albeit most dishes were either simple or horrible failures which led to Esperia realizing her chainsaw was better not used as a cooking utility.

With Valerie, Hasani and their caretaker being given directions to the appartement after they were able to rest from the trip Esperia already could see the trio's arrival thanks to her enhanced vision, leading the vampire girl to walk home and open the door.

"Welcome home darling~" Esperia chimed happily, gently rubbing the palm of her hand against Hasani's cheek as she led the trio inside the room. "Would you like dinner?" Esperia gestured excitedly at her laxluster result of a feast when she finally continued. "A bath?" Fortunately the bath in this appartment was quite big, almost a tiny pool that could fit all four of them if needed, and of course... Dashing beside Valerie she playfully nibbled onto the werewolf's earlobe, whispering tempting. "Or perhaps... me?"

Finally withdrawing from her teasing ambush Esperia chimed happily. "For now this will be our new home~ I'm currently in the midst of discussions with the people of Orchidia on where we can settle in the future, but that is a topic for later. For now we can relax in our new home, a home where our family doesn't need to hide and worry about the past. A place where we can build up a future together~"

It was clear Esperia was in a happy mood, even if her presence felt a bit weaker than normally, likely due to the fact she had not been properly fed the past two days.

"I hope the journey wasn't too harsh on you three? I wanted to be there but, in order to ensure we could start our life here together I needed to ensure the shadows of the past wouldn't come back to haunt us. Which they fortunately won't~ So... Welcome home darling~ Hasani~ Nasira~"

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 5:47 pm

Priscilla Ivalice
So far it was just what her partner expected, she still seemed to be recovering from the travel, In some way still tired, Hasani seemed perfectly normal and same with Nasira. So maybe how this played out was something in order of people's needs."I have not bath since the trip, But Hasani really need it more then I do currently, I will choose t-"she a yawn that she was still tired, but not shocked it might take a few more days of rest for Priscilla."to eat something."

Then still trying to keep herself composed."Nasira dear, I am trying to recover, could you please give him a bath."With that the Desertio woman walking over to pick up the small werewolf boy and bath him, before walking into the bathroom to bath him doing a moment where Priscilla was not looking, Nasira would give Esperia a note of what worrying things happen specifically during the travels here. She was not only looking out for Hasani but worried about Valerie too.

But after all everything would be as requested. It was a bit of personal time for the lover so to say."Food for now, I can bath after."With that scene of what was most likely going on, naughty things could have to wait. If anything desire could wait, So when it came for food for herself, Just before anything else would happen Valerie would walk over and pick up Esperia in a typcial semi-romantic way. Wrapping one arm around her hips lifting her off the ground slightly and sitting back in her chair.

When settling into her chair she would pull a section of whatever shirt she was wearing enough to expose a part of her neck or a shoulder."Come now, your feeding need is important. I could assume that visitor of yours did not manage enough blood to keep you healthy."This might have been typical but it at least lead into not embracing hug but her too, Even resting her head on a free shoulder of Esperia that would not block her path if she had chosen to bite what was exposed. Then again this was all just her guessing. That and it lead to this line."I understand you work in some manners like I do, I might but a little knowing before hand would have lovely, I was going to try to kill your help until she mentioned your name."it still seemed even if tired, she was happy.


Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 6:09 pm


Esperia smiled sheepishly as Nasira carried Hasani to the bathroom. She simply felt so at ease now she was back with her family, knowing she could just enjoy this peaceful period alongside her loved ones.

The note was quickly read while Priscilla approached the table, making Esperia ponder about the werewolf her desire for justice, perhaps something she would discuss with her later. However, for now she stashed the note in her pocket and was about to address her lover when suddenly picked up, the playful wrapping of the arm around her hips making Esperia be effortlessly be picked up by the werewolf who took her seat at the table.

Esperia smiled sheepishly at Valerie's words, whispering apologietically. "I wish I could have warned you beforehand, I'm truly sorry."

Esperia smiled kindly at her lover, her arms leaning up to gently embrace Valerie as she leaned up toward the area between the neck of the werewolf and her shoulder and whispered softly. "Thank you for the meal~" Softly she sunk her fangs into Valerie's neck, making sure to dig in slowly to keep the pain at a minimum and then started to suckle softly. It was odd, how despite this being considered feeding, it was an euphoric feeling for both of them, evident in the slight blush on Esperia's cheeks as she felt the comfort of hugging her lover, and as she drained her of some of her blood she listened carefully to Valerie's warning. It was after a few moments Esperia finally withdrew her head, licking her lips as she wiped away the last traces of the blood. "Waifu juice really tastes the best when it comes from the tap~" Teasingly poking out her tongue, she nodded her head attentively at Valerie's words. "For now we can stay here~ I plan to travel to Baska in the future to discuss some ideas with an associate of mine called Gunter. I hope to put him and his people to use in harrassing another dark guild. I'm not certain yet if I should hunt down a certain prominent bounty, he is quite a problematic and morally dangerous person, but in terms of combat I should be able to overpower him. But I want to make certain that if I do this, they won't be able to endanger you or Hasani."

A momentary silence followed as Esperia leaned lightly into her lover's chest. "Part of me wishes I could ignore their evil, but I can't, not while knowing that should he be able to continue, then people like Odin will continue to remain a threat to our future. The moment his attention turns Northwards we wouldn't be safe, and I swear that as long as we live, the North will be our home, our place to live and prosper in and I won't let anyone threaten that beautiful future I want to build with you and Hasani."

And that was a promise she would keep.

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
It was magical that they talked so to each other so normally about their life things for how oddly out of place the couple could be."I do realize in some situations, It is harder to warn."It was also most likely helpful to have a some what logical partner."Strangers asking of my blood, either figuratively or literally is not something most people, At least I almost consider that something far more dangerous then anyone else."It was alluding to murder which was a fair thing to point out.

It seemed so normal at least being numb to having being bite into, Then again it did help she was tired. It seemed the embracing hug seemed to also relax the werewolf, almost seemingly like she wanted to sleep a bit more now."It is like meat, Sometimes the best flavor comes from when it is most fresh and not watered down in any matter."It was strange talking about yourself as food to the person feasting on you so to say, To these two it was just normal.

It did puzzle Priscilla, only because she had yet to really learn of Gunter but is it was something to take note of."Is it a good idea, Are you sure he is entertain this idea and be willing to work with you?"In some way she was not arguing against it, If anything, After all in some manner as she listen she had the basic ideas of a plan made up. She was not going too far in deep, so far it seemed there was little to worry about. Then again something like that was still vastly risky."Just do be careful, Since I do not know Gunter myself, Nor the people who work with him, I am not one to consider trusting him right away."But she was a smart small vampire, she would managed what she could effectively.

So far, She seemed to be having ideas and plans done. In some way Valerie needed to act like a grounding wire in this moment."You do need to realize, sometimes you also need to think and claim the small victories as well to help fuel future progress."She was thinking of the small in the contrast to the large in some manners, It just seemed at least both had plans that could figuratively worked or were nicely talked about.

Nonetheless even if how they both talked about it shifting her head slightly she would kiss Esperia on the cheek since they were relaxing. Work and balance might be strange to deal with, At least they both seemed to want the change they wanted.


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Indeed, there was something magical about how they could talk so normally about the outlandish circumstances behind their lives. In a way it was endearing that they were so understanding of one another. "True, I wish they would have worded it a bit more properly... Like 'Please donate some of your blood so that your adorable vampire girlfriend won't get thirsty in prison' or something."

She chuckled softly as she nuzzled lightly against Valerie's body, even going as far as gently licking at the puncture wounds she had left, ensuring not a trace of blood remained and instead continued to simply snuggle the werewolf affectionately. "While I agree that you're delicious, I'd rather imagine you as a lovely pillow instead of a juicy steak." Esperia giggled sheepishly in response to the remark but Valerie's words did make Esperia cautious.

"You have a fair point. I do not know if he can be trusted, he is too much of an uncontrolled element in everything. A wild card that can be as much a benefit as they might become an obstacle."

Esperia closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to collect her thoughts on the matter. "At best he will cooperate, at worst he becomes an obstacle to be dealt with. I certainly prefer the former and avoid conflict as much as possible but should even he get the idea of invading our home then or betray me..."

Her eye narrowed slightly as she gazed toward the window. "I will not hesitate to slaughter him and his kin and turn them into a lesson for all who dare to entertain the same idea." After all, the North had been under control of Sentinel Syndicate for so long because people knew Kon would retaliate should something happen to his territory.

"But those are thoughts for another day~ I'm not going to spoil the delight I feel in my belly thanks to your delicious meal, nor the joy I experience at being here with our family~"

It reminded her of an idea she had been wanting to discuss with Valerie at some point, and thinking of it, now might had been a good idea to bring it up. "Which reminds me~ I was thinking: Would you like it if I helped you train from now on? It would do us good if you'd be able to grow even stronger alongside me, and through that we both become more capable of protecting our home, our family and each other by relying on one another to become even stronger than when we are on our own~"

However, as she felt the gentle kiss on her cheek Esperia smiled kindly, leaning up to gently kiss Valerie's lips and whispered softly. "But training can wait for another time~ Instead we're going to bathe after Hasani is finished, and then get a bit of rest~"

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
None the less the situation was pretty much in the past with in her mind now."No reason to worry about it now anyway."Their progress in trying to continue forward at least worked this way."For what was needed was done, She was at least polite about it."So some benefit, Not that there was a chance she wanted to ever meet said person again.

Not one to really judge how people work in the end, it just ended nicely so far.Moving on the casual humour between the two she would just remark."Oh yes how ever could I forget, you only go lay on me like a pillow whenever I go sleep."I guess it was fun to have some one sass at you all of the time, But she never stopped her because it was something that made them both feel comfortable and safe. Then again Esperia did not need to sleep."I know at least, Some one enjoys what I manage to keep appearance and health wise."When thinking of a Vampire and a Werewolf it was safe to assume situations like this were not going to happen.

The reality of work already being in the mind did not seem to bug the tired werewolf she just seemed to handle it."You at least have the right thing in mind, Which leaves me one less worry for the current moment."It was nice to finally have reality were work and life seem to be able to kept apart form what another.

She would not be as spoiled as easily as maybe most other people could be."I am sure that is something hard to spoil, I am fair to easy to deal with."At least in her view she was, It was always a changing view of different people.

It was a good thing to consider, if anything knowing she had put this all off for a while it might be a good idea to start getting stronger."I can agree, I had put off that for a long while."Given she was raising a child it might be why that was put off, with the total of three people now to help raise him, There was most likely time for that now.

It seemed she had various things planned out."Some one was a prepared for this day, are you planning some time in with him as well?"She laughed a bit about it because she had assumed most likely Esperia had some time planned with the small child as well, only really making a small joke about it because it just seemed to be fitting at the time.


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Esperia nodded her head gently, her smile lingering as she pondered a bit about the future. Truth to be told, what Valerie said made sense, there was no reason for her to worry about things for the time being. "What can I say~ Your pillows are part of your charming qualities." Nuzzling her head lightly against them, humming happily she couldn't help but smile sheepishly.

"Of course~ Your health is important to me! And I'm not one to complain about the beauty whose lap I'm sitting on right now.

Nodding her head excitedly as Valerie commented about her having the right thing in mind, it nonetheless was just pleasant to enjoy some comfort and silly times with Valerie like this.

As she spoke the vampire girl reached a hand to her chin, pondering quietly. "Of course~ I plan to dot onto Hasani until he falls asleep, then it's time for me to dot upon my awooh wife~"

A mischievous snicker escaped Esperia's lips as she leaned in to smooch Valerie's cheek and hopped onto her feet, playfully spinning around. "I guess I'll distract Hasani a little till he gets tired and dozes off~"

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
The affection left her tired companion with a peaceful content smile on her face as she left to go visit the child.

It would not really take much, Esperia would eventually enter to the woman watching Hasani needing to take a moment to bandage a bite she had given her, It seemed the young werewolf was learning what having sharp teeth was like, good thing was the bite was minor and would not take too long to heal.

But it seemed even if he just bite Nasira, The small werewolf boy seemed happy, When Esperia entered the room even if new the noise of a happy werewolf child trying to get on his walk and getting on his feet while until Esperia showed up his care taker had not been looking to deal with the bleeding of her bite.

This Desertio woman did seem to work hard. Sometimes it could be left to wonder if she enjoyed being behind in the scenes. But between the werewolf boy and the green haired Desertio woman, This was most likely an easy situation to deal with. They were just about finish with the bath and Hasani seemed to be prepared to be taken out of tub before the bite.

Taking a moment to eat some of the food made by Esperia, it was it her knowing she needed to eat herself, just however could telling thinking about it and feeling Valerie/Priscilla had not gotten enough sleep. So after eating what she considered good enough.

She would get up to walk over go some kind of chair and just sit in it, It would not take long for her to start falling a sleep, Since she starting just relaxing by the time Esperia had returned to see her partner again, she would be a sleep again in a chair in the living room.

She might have wanted to bath but it seemed a good time to pose, was she left to nap? or woken up to deal with that part.


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Esperia smiled briefly at the peaceful look on her lover's face, after which she would enter the bathroom that Hasani and his caretaker were in.

Esperia noticed the bandage, the faint scent of blood lingering around as the vampire sighed softly. She should have expected this, but she still wasn't sure on how to raise a child, so she tried her utmost to improvise. "Ha~Sa~Ni" Esperia hummed playfully as she approached the child and suddenly playfully bit down onto his upper arm. Not enough to be painful, but due to her fangs it would be akin to a light prick from a pin needle, after which she withdrew her mouth and gently pulled the child on her lap, nuzzling him close to her. "Hasani is getting strong teeth, aren't you?" Esperia asked with a smile as she explained further.

"Let your Espy-mama teach you a new lesson today~ Those strong teeth of yours? They are for nomming food, to protect yourself or those you care about. But you should never use them to play around. After all, you wouldn't want to hurt us, right?"

She could only hope that Hasani would understand, but having given the child back to the desierto woman she spoke softly. "Please put him in bed~ After that take a little rest yourself, I'll watch over Valerie in the meanwhile, if something happens I'll be over in the blink of an eye.

Having returned to the living room shortly afterwards, she spotted her lover being vast asleep, leading Esperia to ponder quietly on the matter. "Guess she must had been exhausted from the trip." And with that in bind she pulled her nearby cloak around her, approaching Valerie and gently nestled onto the woman's lap, snuggling up to her like a blanket and slowly allowed herself to drift off into slumber, oblivious to the slow metamorphosis her body was undergoing.

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
When Esperia did that very light nibble even if it did not do any harm to him in the end he did let out a sound of distress, The child cry in reality did not really last long considering what Esperia was doing entirely, It seemed her planned some what worked, The cry did not wake up the sleeping werewolf mother in the other room.

With his cry being quickly quieted by the nuzzling, it seemed to put the child at ease and quiet him quickly, To the interest of the lingering watch of their helper here. She seemed okay even with getting bitten, It would be completely normal that she said nothing and nodded agreeing to the request, Giving Esperia a bit more time with Hasani since it was viewed at important for the bonding time between them she was just use to Valerie dealing with this.

After the moment between Esperia and Hasani had been done, Nasira had set up and went to take the small one to sleep, She would rest in some manner either reading a book or seemingly continuing her practice of understanding the fiorian language. Eventually it seemed Nasira was slowly trying to be able to speak and write out the language here, Her only saving grace is her being able to understand it.

Maybe one day when the child was old enough to speak and understand things clear they would learn that these lessons worked, Hasani has tried to speak words but only got sounds out, much like his attempts to walk.

When cuddling with her partner, There was no movement side from the noticeable breathing functions that some one could pick up that some one was alive and breathing. It was, what everyone in this part of the building had wanted it to be. The peaceful the rest seemed to loom over nicely as the time passed for whatever changes were to come.

When it came to her mind returning to reality, Valerie was expecting Esperia to be on top of her, resting exactly where she was resting, placing on hand on the back of Esperia running it along her back and leaving place on the butt for just a moment, Letting out a bit of a yawn something had felt a bit different when she went to feel her partner like something was different.

Puzzled, Lifting up the blanket to see, it left her more confused."Ahh...Esperia?"Was there some kind of magic trick that happen? what had gone here, after all she fell a sleep to a white hair woman, woke up to some one with Black hair, Something was starting to seem amiss, Did some one change partners with her and did not know? was this a different woman or did Esperia during her time of rest get a lot more voluptuous in some manner? Valerie was hoping this was some one else new, or she had died in some manner and she woke up in the after life.


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Feeling the hand gently trail along her back Esperia slowly stirred out of her pseudo resting state, the confused call of her lover making the vampire slowly open her eyes and muttered softly. "mhmm? Morning darling~"

Hearing her different vocal tones Esperia blinked lightly in bewilderment, lowering her gaze toward her bust and then back up to Valerie. "Umm, surprise? Vampire growth-spurt?"

Esperia teasingly poked out her tongue as she shook her head lightly. "To be honest, I'm not sure what happened. It seems it might be a side effect of the blood that turned me. That mysterious merchant did mention it was the blood of some very ancient being." Pondering about it the girl finally shrugged her shoulders lightly, raising a hand to Valerie's cheek. "But this is fine, now I don't need to worry about the past catching up to me, nor do you need to worry about people thinking you are doing something illegal~"

Smiling playfully as Valerie the vampire climbed back onto her feet, stretching her arms lightly into the air.

"I'm tired of living and struggling for the sake of others. From now on I'll live for myself and my family, all I'll care about is you and Hasani, which makes me realize that we might want to consider getting some allies, to be honest, despite me believing that going to jail would clean this bounty off my head, it seems the Magic Council preferred to keep their trickery going, saw a bounty poster this morning. So if they want it that badly, I'll let them have a go at it~ but I only want to do so in a way that doesn't endanger you or Hasani, that's why I'm pondering... Joining a guild rather than making our own 'would' earn us some form of protection, I can do mercenary work for them, and you can focus on raising Hasani in the sanctuary of the guild."

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
It was even a difference in a tone of a voice it seemed a bit confusing still. It all still seemed like her. So unless something else became off putting for now she would be okay. Then again it just made her think a few things at the moment.

It all seemed normal to her now with how she acted, playful and alluring just as she remembered. So it was just Esperia but taller and more fitting for a vampire. At least in her view, nonetheless guess while they were trying to enjoy their time together slowly figuring out what their next course of action would be.

Not too long after getting on her feet, Valerie choose too as well, since she felt rested enough, Then taking a small sniff at her self she realized in some manner she smelt a bit stinky. So it would be something she would fix.

But first she had to check on some one, As well as do one thing. Walking up behind Esperia she would just simply walk into a embracing hug from behind and give her a few kisses on the neck on her right side leaving her arms gently and lightly around Esperia."I am going to check on Hasani and then going for a shower or a bath...whichever we have here."They had not been here for that long so she did not know yet.

Then again just because this is how she worked."Your are invite for both if you wish."Something in her mind made her assume she would choose one. Because it was just how situations like this seemed to work between both of them.

Then she would listen to her go on about plans they were slowly figuring out."I have no worry about your choice of action towards achieving your dream, Surely the sad reality before changing it around as it has was simple coming to terms that some one, some where will use you for something, You just need to know how to make sure it will benefit you."With that, Valerie would slip her arms away and go to start looking too see how Hasani would be doing."The black hair and purple eyes are  wonderful just to mention."It seemed, That almost any choice she seemed to be interested in making she had some one willing to support her, Must be a great relief for both parties.


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Esperia couldn't help but giggle gently at Priscilla's remark of her eyes and hair suiting her, leading Esperia to chime teasingly in return. "I'll take your word for it~ Since I can't look in mirrors anymore~"

Suddenly feeling the embrace that came from behind her, Esperia went quiet for a moment as she listened to Valerie's words. The fact that her lover would support her no matter what happened was a powerful reassurance, to know that even in a world as cruel and heartless as this one, she would still have an ally was truly a heartwarming feeling to the vampire lady who felt her eyes almost growing moist, trying to hold back the tears of blood that were gathering. "Thank you Valerie, for your trust and love~"

As she was released from the embrace and given a few tender kisses, Esperia turned around and followed Valerie to check on Hasani to see how he was doing. Surely after such a day the child was likely asleep, and afterwards she would take up Valerie on her offer to enjoy a nice long bath.

It was nice to know one had a place to return home to, comforting to know you weren't fighting alone in this world.

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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Priscilla Ivalice
It seemed like with such moment it showed the values of in which Valerie placed people who where around her. When going into the room even Nasira was still a sleep. looking upon the sleeping woman to check if during the time she was a sleep if there were anymore wounds so far she saw no signs of anymore blood, Walking over to were her son was sleeping he seemed sound a sleep as well. just leaning over upon the sleeping small werewolf she simply ran the index finger of her right hand across his cheek and then would quietly leave the room.

So far it seemed peaceful, Just as she wanted."I am always shocked she stays, Then again...she has nothing and knows nothing else."It seemed she was referencing Nasira. But they were done most of the things they set out too.

To Valerie's interest, following her was Esperia so as she was leaving the room she would just simply take her by the hand and they would be off to the second part of plan so to say."Sometimes, it takes one spark of hope or faith to keep a person going."That is just how she viewed it, Everyone was different.

Valerie was just thinking and hoping this was the case for other people. Then again other focuses currently since they had the time. After letting go of Esperia's hand upon walking to the bathroom, She would turn on the water to the bath tub to allow it to warm up.

Hopefully it was relaxing to bath with another, It had been something that was either rare or a nonexistence to the werewolf. Even if peaceful it seemed in anyway, Just as it seemed to be Valerie in some manner felt like she took the lead in these romantic things because it just felt normal to her in some manner.

Since the water warm up and the fill time for it to be enough for the both of them fit in, Valerie just simple closed the door to the washroom they are in, Then walking extremely close to Esperia, she would start well disrobing Esperia, if she was willing to let her, Then she would disrobe herself. It seemed they were already in some manner ending up this way, At least this time there was no rushing to complete it.


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The vampire didn't seem to mind letting Valerie disrobe her, yet the shadow cast in her eyes made it evident that Esperia was thinking quite seriously about certain things. As Valerie disrobed her, she would likely notice that despite the slight paleness of her skin, she was free of blemishes or signs of battle, a surprising trait for one with a bounty like hers, and yet should Valerie look at Esperia's back she would notice familiar markings. Even if faded by the passage of time and healing, darker traces along her back revealed to Valerie the telltale of werewolf claws, and judging from the faded nature of them one could tell the injury had once been severe.

However, Esperia merely smiled at Valerie, and mused softly as she was finished disrobing the two of them. "Let me tell you my greatest secret my love~" Esperia led Valerie into the bathroom where the spacious bath awaited them, and as she rinsed her body off underneath the nearby shower she spoke. "Ever since I became a vampire, my body changed. For better or worse, you could say I became close to immortal."

She paused for a bit, leading to her waiting for Valerie to get into the bath so she could enjoy her seat on the werewolf's lap. "Chop off my arms and I pop them back in place, sever my head and I just reattach it. Essentially there is only one way someone could ever, truly kill me."

She lightly raised a hand to her chest, where her heart was situated. "Should someone impale my heart with a weapon blessed with divine steel, then no amount of power could prevent me from recovering from it. It is part of why during combat I tend to focus on avoiding any blows to my torso, or try to wear armor despite it weighting me down a bit."

She smiled weakly as she leaned against Valerie's body. "But I don't need to worry, after all I'm strong... as long as I have you... I'm undefeatable." And with those words she closed her eyes, seemingly dozing off into a state similar to sleep.

Welcome home, darling! Would you like dinner? A bath? Or perhaps...me? [Priscilla] MHKs2Uu
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It was the small detail eventually it would be picked up it was simple to feel the details of the flesh even if it was not expected right away in some way, They were fairly open with one another it seemed if anything they were bearing it all in other ways."And here, I figured my missing eye was a scar to worry about."It was grim in some manner there was a few things this conversation would bring that could be consider a bit dark in some ways.

It did not ruin her view of her. After feeling the scars and knowing of them."Mistakes and scars make a person just as much as other things in life."It almost made her wonder how to make sure in this situation no matter she would realize it could be managed.

it was not really down playing in the end."It will just be how we get by that will count."The long bout of positive mind set was always strange since she had not been use to it.  Then again finding some one to attaching them selves to you much like Esperia did so to say, when both souls had something missing, it made both feel complete in some way.

She had let Esperia shower first, Then she would as they progressed their conversation. Even if Valerie was using it a moment to enjoy the view of how her partner seemingly shifted form, Esperia's beauty was still there to her. Then again at least with how they both were around one another, looking at one another was normal clothed or not.

So far keeping her thoughts to herself about Esperia's part of how far she would live and how long she would too, It did not seem to make much a problem for her.

They were pouring their worries into one another. so far it at least did not ruin the bath, as it stood so far she would just casually go and sit in the."It is a secret I would not have expected to learn, But I will wonder aloud why you told me."It was not that she was viewing it vastly negative, In some way it could be useful in the event things needed to be taken that way, something if ever brought up might be laughable.

As she settled on her it was an interesting question."Being able to live as long as you state, Do you fear what will happen upon me dying of old age?"It was a grim question to ask but yet again why hide it. It was a reasonable one to ask.

Nonetheless the romance still was not dead with in the moment they were bonding in as well. With Esperia learning on her, she would kiss Esperia on the forehead."No matter, What we do is what either of us feel is best for the life we wish."It was a nicer moment, Valerie would just leave one of her arms resting on her lover while she seemed to rest for a moment. It seem no matter the shape or form right now Esperia was still beautiful to Valerie. Taking to heart, This love was not just lust over the appearance of one another it was just a bonus and they both knew it.


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When Valerie asked her what Esperia would do when the werewolf died of old age, Esperia mused softly. "First I would make sure Hasani is living safely and happily." As her eyes started to close she whispered softly. "And then join you..." And with those words she drifted off into her slumber.

The next morning Esperia found herself stirred awake, finding herself in the comfort of a blanket and her favorite pillow, making her guess Valerie had carried her back to their bed earlier, and after getting dressed once more Esperia spotted the presence of a foreigner approaching the door, a light knock following on it as Esperia approached the door and found a Rune Knight looking nervously at her.

"Esperia? I bring a message from the Magic Council." Esperia's eyes narrowed as she was given the box, and opening it she found a package with a letter on top of it, and after reading the contents of the letter her eyes widened in disbelief.

"You got to be kidding me..." The Rune Knight had already darted off, making Esperia groan in annoyance as she stepped back inside the apartment and closed the door behind her.

It appeared that her next course of action was already made for her.

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Most situation the werewolf always managed and had pondered something to say in return to that but in this case, Maybe it was not needed. A hearts desire over ruled any logical thoughts, If Esperia wanted to join her when the time came to the after life. For once something she would not protest again, only because in the end, there was something about it that could make Valerie cry.

But good thing she did not, sure it was a wonderful thing to finally have some one who truly cared about her, But emotional breakdowns were easily controlled, Then again Esperia did fall asleep.

Nothing wrong with that, So with that they would leave the bath, so she could sleep Valerie manage to stay awake long enough through Esperia's sleeping to see the knock on the door.

But she just simply waited and watched what would happen. Since it seemed she had work things to do."Do they wish for your to kill some one or something dear?"It was a comment of humour really but considering she had always been unsure of the Magic Council and their options. Then again if she did not tell her it would not bother her at all if she did not know.

It did seem in the end she was annoyed."Keep in mind, it is only to work and deal with what you need to first, There will be time to spare later."Even laughing a bit, since she could easily just say."get the work done, Then rest on your favourite pillow later."It was a slight tease in the favour of her so to say, Then again it was more likely a pain in the butt to deal with."After all I can wait, it is a simple promise."

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