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Nothing to see here, move along [Port Astera to Orchidia City]

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Nothing to see here, move along [Port Astera to Orchidia City] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 3:36 pm


Despite her wild goose hunt, Esperia unfortunately didn't find anything that could lead her to the source of the mysterious presence. Feeling mildly annoyed the girl returned to the outskirts of the port where her wyvern had just finished the meal she had left for it. Good, with her mount having rested up and regained its strength she could soon resume her journey toward the North of fiore. Her wyvern was happy to see her, as evident in the excited stomping of her feet as Esperia climbed onto its back, a light affectionate pat being given after which they took to the sky again.

It wouldn't take long for them to reach Orchidia City, and once there she could start working on things in earnest. She possessed some useful new tools to make her work a lot smoother, but she would have to wait with trying them out in earnest. In the distance the lush green forests surrounding Orchidia came into view, making Esperia smile briefly, a soft whisper escaping her lips. "Orchidia city, the place that we shall call 'home' from now on." And woe to the ones who would be arrogant enough to try to harm her home...

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Nothing to see here, move along [Port Astera to Orchidia City] 9SJZlYO
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