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Reconstruction [Open to Cassia Supporters]

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#1Cassia Sachsenwald 

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Cassia Sachsenwald
Reconstruction [Open to Cassia Supporters] XAy3rRF

"Oh, Lady Cassia...!!", a voice resounded through across the streets, alerting the populace to her arrival. The princess in charge of these lands had come for a visit.

The dragon attacks had been sporadic, but predictably destructive in the cities unfortunate to have been hit the hardest... This was one such city, but as one found their way inside, they'd be hard pressed to even say so.

"At ease everyone... I'm here as just any other visitor today~", she spoke, waving her hand soothingly, resting her hand on the shoulder of the nearest person, a shopkeeper who'd left his business to join the few who converged around the voluptuous vision of violet who just surprised them with her presence, "Fufu~... Wouldn't want my advisors to find out I slipped out of the castle hmm?"

As a princess, she still had the luxury of time, to stroll around the city with a smile on her face to mingle with the commonfolk as they went about their daily lives... Poised, and graceful as befitting a woman of her status, yet not ostentatious in any way - clad in a breezy, classy white dress adorning her full figured form, fit for a day outside and not the stern political endeavors her role demanded. If she became Queen as she and her supporters envisioned, days like these would become few and far between. The responsibility of ruling a region weighed heavily on one's shoulders, yet didn't quite compare to that of ruling a mighty country like Bosco, held together by the shared interests of their ruling class, which could just as easily pull the country apart if mismanaged:

"Thank you for all the help you've given us, Lady Cassia. Our home is finally rebuilt...!", spoke one woman, a grocery saleswoman as she slipped to the front of the crowd, earning a smile from the princess as she couldn't help but nod thankfully to one of her advisors in turn.

"I'm glad to hear that... You have Sir Gottlieb's hard work to thank for that as well.", she spoke, resting her hand on the woman's smiling, "We endured this calamity together and we'll continue rebuilding together. The city looks more beautiful than ever~"

Indeed, even surrounded herself by her people, Cassia accompanied herself not by armed guards, but a handful of assistants and trusted advisors. For all her playfulness, she never truly forgot her position and the power it held, all the more so if she secured the necessary enough support to rule. At he end of the day, Cassia was just one woman. She dedicated her life to her role as a ruler and not so much to other pursuits, to studying the rule of law she'd want her country to live under, just like the proper progressive nation it was. She knew the constitution and monarchic law better than anybody in her court, but for every other matter deferred to those who knew better than her... And as she continued on her stroll, she couldn't help but admire the hard work of those responsible for rebuilding and developing the land, small devastated towns into prosperous, burgeoning cities once more. But even her open mindedness didn't stop her from questioning her advisor's decisions, such as when she walked right past a bustling street, and turned left to find an utterly levelled city block.

"Oh dear...", her hand raised over her mouth, appalled at the sight before her... City block felt more like an understatement really, the area stretched out as far as she could see past the rubble, looking quite literally like a dragon had raged through it. Almost immediately, her brow furrowed, arms folding under her chest as she turned to the same advisor she'd praised no more than a few minutes ago, "Jürgen, I remember you informing me reconstructions were almost complete?"

"...T-That quarter is...", the man jolted, awkwardly as she rubbed his temple and glanced away in shame, turning towards the destruction and sighing, almost exhasperated, "That part of the city is devastated beyond repair. Not just the metalwork, but much of the stone seems to have melted by dragonfire. It stretches out quite far too, so the best we could do with these resources was to slowly clear around it and make our way in."

"What about the citizens...?", she inquired, not remotely interested in what could be rebuilt, not nearly as much as the lives that would be affected.

"They've been relocated to the other parts of the city for now..."

Cassia turned to the man at his wit's end, away from the problem in front of them, her look stern yet not strict as she rested a hand on his shoulder:

"How many times have told you, don't sugarcoat the truth for me... Problems may surprise you when you least expect them, that's only natural...", she chided him, in the end just smiling as she added, "...But we can't really solve them by turning a blind eye now, can we?"


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What a site to behold, this was. Raza hadn't seen anything close to what he was seeing now since Iceberg, when the dragons ruthlessly attacked many of the villages. Actually- perhaps that was a lie in itself. Iceberg was a land where war between humans was the normal way of life. So, Raza was quite used to seeing whole villages turn to dust, but even moreso after the dragons invaded. Still, this moment was slightly different than those he experienced in his home country. Because Bosco was a more upscale land and because the economy was so much better, one would likely not have expected to see miles of buildings missing or turned dust. The dragons really did a number on this country. he thought. The Savannan wood-elf plainly stood with his Gryphon beside him, taking in what he saw. His loyal steed was patient and sat silently, also looking at the mess that used to be homes. Although this wasn't Razas country, he couldn't stop himself from empathizing. With a sigh, the dragon slayer crouched, swabbing his finger on the ground to pick up some of the particles. The Dragon that trained him would have never done something like this, for that dragon was a being of light. Although he could have been wrong about her all along. Even so, this was definitely the work of Zagan's minions. They were destroying everything. The blue haired Viking balled his fist in anger, clenching his jaws in frustration. One could only imagine how many innocent people were killed because of this.

In a sense, the people of Bosco were still lucky compared to the people of nations like Savannah and Iceberg who were already struggling to survive even before the dragons attacked. While this nation was preparing to get things back on track, other nations would continue to suffer- most of them in silence. The royals of this land were fighting for power, but others were fighting to survive. Despite being the son of an Jarl, Raza wasn't someone who desired to be an Jarl at all, or a King for that matter. His late younger brother Vali was good for that type of thing- but not him. Although now as his fathers only heir, his father would likely attempt to plant the idea of becoming a leader in Razas head. In the end the elf really just wanted people to have real equitable and sustainable lifestyles. You didn't have to be a king to make that happen... you just needed to be a decent person. Where exactly were the nobles of this nation now anyway? How could they sit idly while their people suffered, he thought. Slowly the elf brought himself up. He sniffed the air, sensing multiple entirely different scents coming towards his back.

Raza turned his head to see another sight to behold; one of the princesses of Bosco. Ironic. His eyes widened slightly as she stopped to witness what used to be homes and businesses. Raza was about 40 feet in front of her and her partners. This was not his nation, so he would simply nod to show his respects if she even bothered to acknowledge him and turn forward again. After all, he had decided to comitting himself to helping her take control of this nation. It was the only reason he was here. His father sent him here to support either Hildegard or her, because the other royals wanted to turn Bosco into a nation that could potentially harm Iceberg in the future. Raza chose Cassia, not just for Iceberg, but for the civilians of Bosco. She just seemed like the right option.

Whatever was being talked about between Cassia and her subjects at the moment most likely had nothing to do with him, but he was listening to the conversation anyway. He wasn't trying to pry but they weren't that far behind him and they weren't exactly whispering either. To Raza's surprise, Princess Cassia seemed truly concerned with what happened here. Sure she publicly stood for justice, one still couldn't be too sure about anyone these days. It almost felt strange to hear the genuineness in the voice of a Royal. To think that there were people born into power who cared about anyone other than themselves. Nonetheless, it caused Raza to smile while still facing forward. He gently moved the cloth on his head from out of his face, then extended his hand to rub his winged companion. His matching cream colored thobe flapped in the wind. The elf remained silent, watching little creatures crawl over the rubble. Still listening.


STR: 25 + 60 [Pyaar earrings] = 85 (A rank)
SPD: 104 + 20% [Wood-Elf] = 124 (15 m/s | 30 m/s
CON: 121 (4 S rank)
END: 121 (2 S rank)

Reconstruction [Open to Cassia Supporters] WZxDIIa

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WORDS: 450 | The Return of the Timber Temptress

Whew… I knew there was a town underneath all this…? Reminded of something her mother used to say to her whilst washing her face after she had come home from a day of heavy adventure when she was just a little girl, Sofia Serena sighed softly as she took a step back and looked around herself, and as she did so was happy to see an ounce of normality returning to the scene around her. Working alongside a mass of volunteers and a squad of concerned handymen and women for that matter as she tried to help the plight caused by despicable dragons and rowdy rebel forces, though she was certainly far from a woodworker or builder the brunette could certainly put her well honed form to good use to despite her shortcoming in skills, and the trip she had taken had turned her into an expert labourer by all accounts as she lugged timber and cut and stacked stone. However, today it seemed she was going to run into a challenge she never expected.

Princess Cassia…? I didn't know she'd be making the rounds… The emerald eyes of the enchantress growing wide when she happened to turn her head and see the shape of quite the celebrity heading her way as she worked, whilst many involved in this effort would likely have been happy to see the beneficent beauty who seemed to support and sponsor efforts like this, Miss Serena was not among their number.
I wonder if I should make myself scarce…? Instead feeling a note of panic as she looked to someone whose lilac locks and dignified manner looked discomfortingly familiar to her, a figure on the run like this foreign fox couldn't help but sense an element of danger in seeing someone that she could have sworn she had met at some point as part of a diplomatic action, and as such while she had plenty of admiration for this fine figure of a femme she also felt rather intimidated by her.

“Oh right, sorry…” Tempted to use her magic or just her feet in order to cast herself into flight and hope that she could do so without being seen, unfortunately such an intent seemed to be curbed as the stout man she was working with struggled with yet another support beam he needed to place, and while still worried about her profile the petit pegusi strode forward to help him.
“Here you go~” That green gaze of the girl lingering on the familiar face in the hope that she wouldn't be spotted as she did so as well, Sofia ducked behind the trunk of timber like a tree as she sough a sense of anonymity, and hoped she could be overlooked. After all, right now she could be just anyone, your average concerned citizen loaning her time and strength to a worthy cause… Right?

~Stir Up Some Excitement~

"~Make every day its own adventure~"
- Sofia Serena

credit to nat of adoxography.

#4Cassia Sachsenwald 

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Cassia Sachsenwald
Reconstruction [Open to Cassia Supporters] XAy3rRF

"Well, if we lack enough manpower to fix this part of the town, then how about our foreign supporters? I hear many of them are mages of impressive skill, surely we can find some among them with the skills we need?"

Indeed, Cassia knew little about the nitty gritty details, of how her advisors came up with measures and strategies to solve the country's problems, or how her ministers went about implementing them... But she always had a good head on her shoulder a detailed recollection that let her memorize the myriad Boscan laws, and most of all, a keen ability to keep her calm under pressure, crucial to encourage those working with her and bring out the best in them. Exactly what she was doing here as she spoke to her advisor:

"We don't have enough of them, especially not in this part of the country...", the man shook his head, "Many of them have their hands full fighting rebels across the region."

"Assuming you had all the available resources you need. How many mages would you need to clear this area?"

"If we had two or three earth mages, we could clear it out in a week. Even without Earth magic, a handful of mages of sufficient skill, working together, could achieve much of the same."

"Then, can we afford losing five mages in our efforts to capture the rebels?", she spoke to another of her advisors, a man clad in a distinctively military uniform.

"We could spare them for roughly a week or two before the rebels retaliate. Right now the rebels have been under constant pressure from the mages, and can't safely leave their strongholds. We can't ease the offense too long without giving them the breathing room they've been waiting for."

Indeed, her advisors were experts in their respective fields... Cassia picked them for that exact reason. But their expertise in one area meant they often missed out in others, which is what Cassia ultimately excelled at: With her memory and knowledge of the country's laws, she could coordinate efforts between them and make the most of their respective skills. If her brother Wilheim was someone who prided himself in taking matters into his own hands, Cassia was the one who held the most brilliant minds in this country together, and prided herself in that. The Bosco she envisioned should have a Queen acting as an arbiter first and a commander second. It didn't stop her taking matters into her own hands when it came to enlisting other capable collaborators, but in this case, something else drew her attention, the rumbling of a steel beam hitting the ground as a stout man carried it along... But what caught her attention was not the man but the beautiful brunnette rushing over to her:

"That face...", leave it to a woman with perfect recall to recognize the face of someone she'd only seen a handful of times, for a princess to recognize someone who worked among the commonners, after only having seen her a couple times on diplomatic events.

But as she looked at her, Cassia felt an unmistakable sense of Deja Vu... She knew the woman now standing before her, she'd seen her once, and even if she took a while remembering where exactly, she understood she'd seen her before, enough to approach the woman the moment she laid down the steel beam:

"Excuse me... I can see you must be quite busy with reconstructions, but...", her eloquent politeness contrasting with her regal bearing, nonetheless the princess' posture certainly shone through as she didn't for a moment imagine the woman now standing before her would refuse her summons, "I don't suppose you'd give me a moment of your time?"

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