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Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Kon)

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#1Jove Augustus 

Mercantile Support: Support for Reiner (Kon) Empty Sat May 15, 2021 9:38 am

Jove Augustus
Bosco was a neighboring county to Fiore, and although that would normally mean that Jove wouldn't be here, today was an exception. Like it or not, he had been requested to support in the transition of power of the neighboring country. Usually foreign citizens would not be allowed to participate in such activities, especially not a member of a nationally recognized organization such as the Rune Knights. Yet here he was, invited to the country to serve a man he had never even heard of, in order to help him win control of the country. It was quite a unique setup, but rather than complain about it, Jove figured it was best to get it done.

Oddly enough he had someone he was suppose to be working with. They were part of a guild he had heard of before, and was an individual that Jove never expected to work with in a cooperative way, yet here he was. Standing just outside of one of the Bosco city centers, he was waiting for the individual to approach him. They were sent here to offer their help to merchants in the name of Reiner, and had only been given each other's physical description and names. The man he was waiting for, Konyo, should be here any moment.


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As though he were nobility himself, Kon walked into the villa donning his battle-ready yet fashionable attire accompanied by the perplexing addition of his pilot cap over his heavily layered lilac hair. He had come to Bosco at the behest of a prospective successor to the throne, Reiner the bastard. It was most curious as to why he had requested him, perhaps his untested allegiances and the hatred for the monarchy were known to the man and enough for the man to summon the Grand Wizard.

His call had come at the perfect time with the dragon conflict simmering to a close and his services as a dragon slayer becoming less and less needed. Now Kon would try to shift from the blood-soaked warrior to the diplomat he had failed at so many times. Fortunately, he would be accompanied by another, a Rune Knight. Who the man was he didn’t know just that he was nearby through the use of his extrasensory abilities. “Curious, a man so powerful, you’d think there’d be more to learn about him…” Kon thought to himself as he cast his gaze upon whom he suspected to be his partner for this skirmish. Wasting no more time, Kon reached out his right hand waving to the man. “You must be Jove.”

#3Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Jove was dressed in the same type of clothing he would always wear. His outfit consisted of a tan striped suit with a navy blue under shirt. He wore a yellow tie that could only just barely be described as fitting. His brown dress shoes finished the look by making him look completely unable to perform in any sort of physical capacity, as was the intent. In reality, his outfit was specially tailored for his type of job, and allowed for good maneuverability and durability. His sunglasses could hardly be described as a part of his outfit, but nevertheless they aided in hiding his thoughts, if only slightly.

Turning his attention and seeing the wave, Jove decided it best to mimic and respect the distance set. Rather than shaking hands, he waved to the powerful mage. He wondered for a second how he'd dared to think he wouldn't recognize this man. One of the most famous, and dangerous, mages in all of Fiore. Yet Jove did not act scared, or even to acknowledge it. Instead his voice sounded completely cold, almost tired, and deadpan. "And you must be Konyo. I'm looking forward to working with you." With that said, he turned and matched the wizards pace into the town. Pulling out a pack of cigarettes, he held it up and looked to Kon. "Do you mind if I smoke while we walk?" He was being respectful as an equal, not fearful to a superpower, and that much was clear in his very normal manner of handling himself.


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Compared to his counterpart, Kon was otherwise overly dressed but with good cause. He was within a country that saw him as a traitor and stood opposite a man who should for all intents and purposes be attacking him. Perhaps he knew enough about Kon to know it would be ill advised to do so but still why choose to meet him and help Reiner? Was there something else afoot?, A trap waiting in the winds for Kon to fall into?, No matter he would just fly his way out of there, fight if it came down to it. For now, it seemed Jove wanted to remain courteous to the Dragon Slayer, commenting on his desire to smoke as they walked to their destination.

“Of course, puff away, mimic the dragons who have come back to plague us.” He joked, scratching his craggy ear. Eager to know just where they were going, he continued onward as he followed Jove’s lead. “So what’s your thoughts on this Reiner individual?, Personally I’ve never been a big fan of the whole monarchy business, a person gaining power through the luck of being born into the right family, just feels wrong to me…”

#5Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Taking one of the cigarettes from its box, he placed the filter between his lips. Placing the box back into his pocket, he removed a box of matches and took them out. As Kon spoke, Jove didn't react as one may have expected. He wasn't trying to get Konyo to lower his guard, nor was he trying to bait him into a false sense of friendship or companionship. He was here for a job, arguably instructed by his leadership to support Reiner regardless of how so long as it didn't involve killing innocents. It was a line he'd be reluctant to cross anyways, so that order was one that just affirmed he could act how he wanted.

"He's a rich man, disassociated with his peoples, fighting against other rich individuals disassociated with their peoples." Jove's voice was deep, his voice carrying the same tone as a teacher answering a question to one of his students. It wasn't that he seemed disrespectful, but rather that it was pretty obvious that he was older than the Grand Wizard, and spoke as such. "To your point, it could be argued that the five are competing with their power in their own way. Who can bring in the best support, utilize it the best, enact their plans the quickest. We're pieces in a chess match that seems to be heavily favored in other directions. As far as the man, well," Jove pulled the lit tobacco from his mouth, exhaling into the air as to avoid blowing it in his companions face. "Win or lose, I'm just doing my job."


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With a piercing gaze, Konyo scanned the man before him up and down. Something was definitely fishy about this man. Why was he willing to work with him, Konstantin Sokolov, Former Guild Master of the Sentinel Syndicate? His decision to work for Reiner was fine, but his reason to work with him made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up, or lack thereof. Instead, Kon would choose to part ways with the man early, before they had even begun their shared duties. “I’m afraid I can’t continue on any further, Jove, I just don’t trust you enough…” Acknowledging the Rune Knight before him. Rummaging through his jacket pocket, Kon plucked out his nondescript skeleton key, waved it in his wouldbe associate and bid his farewell.

Tipping his head down slightly to gesture his farewell, he headed to the closest door before disappearing in a powerful flash of white light overwhelming everything originating from the keyhole of the door. With wisps of smoke radiating from Kon’s clothes, Kon coughed as he took in his new environment. A beautiful lighthouse overlooking a harbor town in Fiore, it was none other than Port Hargeon. “Back here again, was this one of that Merchant’s strange tricks he was playing on him?”


#7Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
Kon had backed out, and it made sense. He was a well known individual, and Jove was a Rune Knight. Their working together was minimal, and that was enough to make him nervous about this whole situation. For all he knew, Jove had been leading him into some sort of trap or attack. It was a reasonable assumption, but obviously not the way that the rune knight operated. He was here to work for Reiner, nothing else, and to support the merchants as he had been instructed to do. Perhaps, he wondered for a moment, he was the bait to lure Konyo in? Maybe he was being used for a trap and didn't even realize it; For that alone, he couldn't blame the dark wizard.

Instead, he would continue on to the merchants and do the work he was asked to do. In supporting them, he ended up spending the day as basically just a surge support worker. He carried boxes, helped organize supplies, and aided in keeping the peace while Merchants prepared for what they needed to do. An added benefit was that they were able to work quicker too, knowing a Rune Knight was there to protect them. At the end of the day, Jove left the area, ready to support again at a later time.


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