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The Village [support: Hildegarde]

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The Village [support: Hildegarde] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 2:53 am

Requiem trekked along the road in Bosco, warily studying the surroundings. Ordinarily, she wouldn't have bothered with the affairs of another kingdom but upon learning that Brunhilde, calling herself The Divine, sought to enforce a theocracy in the name of Illumin, Requiem became incensed. How dare someone use the holy name as a cudgel against others? To force people to follow Illumin's teachings was against the very core of His Light.

Up ahead of her, she saw a group of men and women harassing an older couple. Cries of "heathen", "heretic", "beast worshiper" and other such denunciations made her frown as she got closer, dagger loosening in its sheath. A rotund priest in ornate robes was getting the crowd worked up into a frenzy as stones and filth was thrown at the elderly people. A sickening crack and glazed look from the woman made Requiem break into a sprint, "ENOUGH!"

It always amazed Requiem how easy it was to cow a mob. Cowards the lot of them, "is this how you show your faith in Illumin? Acting like rabid animals? You're a disgrace to the church."

"These elf-blooded fiends have tainted our land long enough!" The priest screamed, his triple chin bouncing and flouncing all over the place, "By the blessing and decree of The Divine we will cleanse our village and spread the holy light to all corners of our kingdom!"

Requiem grabbed hold of her magic as wisps of shadow started floating off her form. This… this was no different from what she had heard as a child. Rage built up in her as she stepped between the mob and the couple, "You. Dare. Profane. Illumin's. Teachings?" Her voice was deadly soft, "You're not children of His Light. You're cultists." The dagger had left it's sheath, "you had best go back while I'm still feeling merciful."

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The mob stepped back fearfully like the cowards they were, "what? You're brave enough to group up on a pair of old people but an armed woman is too much for you? Leave if you value your life."

Requiem was torn between hoping they left well enough be, or giving her an excuse to let out her pent up rage and guilt. She quashed that particular line of thought as the priest shook with rage. His face was turning a rather impressive shade of red actually. The villagers looked like they couldn't decide if they were more afraid of her, or him. Requiem decided to tip the scales and flicked her hand, launching a Bitter Tear at the ground near them, "last chance." The mob fled, spouting curses as the priest went from livid to dangerously calm, "we have the blessings of Illumin and Brunhilde with us, girl. Your dark witchery won't save you in the end.

He walked off seemingly a completely different person. The way he carried himself reminded Requiem of… something. She warily kept an eye towards where the people had gone as she helped the woman stand again, "thank you dearie, you really shouldn't have done that though. Maurice has always had it in for us ever since he arrived. Hates anyone that isn't pure human with a passion."

Requiem snorted as she wrapped the cut on the lady's head, "I kinda figured. If you don't mind my asking, when did he first show up? And how did he get everyone to do… this?"

"Well, that's a tale and a half. The short version is a few years ago he shows up and things start happening. It really wasn't that hard for him to get people to believe that the others like us in the village were responsible for the happenings so they started changing people out bit by bit. They rest, they say, is history. Look, you seem like a nice girl you really shouldn't get mixed up in all this."

Requiem grinned, "oh, we're past that. Mr. Fatpriest has my attention now."

She wondered if there was something about her grins that looked unnatural considering how the old couple looked at her, "w-well...if you insist. There is one thing I'd like to ask of you. In the cellar of our home is a small box, could you get it for us if you get the chance?"

Requiem nodded, "I'll take care of it."

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Requiem silently drifted through the lengthening shadows as night came to embrace the world once more. She could practically feel the raw, unfiltered MALICE that seemed to permeate the air. Keeping to the deeper shades of the buildings, Requiem worked her way towards the house where the couple had left their box.

"Look, all I'm saying is something ain't natural here. Have you ever seen Father Maurice back off like that?"

"What, you think she's some big wizard?"

"That bitch was terrifying with how she looked like she was gonna kill us."

"I think you're overreacting. Father Maurice has the best healing magic around, no way she could hurt us if we keep our faith."

Requiem ground her teeth. These people were sounding more and more like a cult than Illumin's faithful. She waited until the two men separated and grabbed the rearmost one. One choke out later and the sleeping victim was tossed behind a pile of rubbish. Another person, a woman, quickly joined him.

Her movement to the house, incapacitation of people she could sneak past, and entry into the house went unnoticed by the villagers as they seemed more concerned about something with the church rather than their missing neighbors. A bit of information to file away for later. The house was smashed when she finally arrived. Requiem slipped through one of the broken windows and felt around on the floor until she found what she was looking for. The box fit the indentation perfectly and was light enough that she could remove it without problem. Slipping back out, she glanced at the church again. It felt...wrong.

So. Very. Wrong.

Requiem turned her back on the profanity that was surely happening and escaped the village as quietly as she had entered. At the edge of the forest, the couple waited for her expectantly, "oh thank the spirits. You're unharmed."

She handed over the box, "where will you go now?"

"We have family in Stella, it'll be safer there than here. What about you? It's not going to be safe for long."

Requiem smiled gently, "perfect, I'll be around then."


My pain will never ruin my smile
And my darkness protects my light
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