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A New Champion [Tournament Arc, B-Rank, Akushitsuna, Avianna]

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A New Champion [Tournament Arc, B-Rank, Akushitsuna, Avianna] Empty Sat May 15, 2021 12:33 am


Akushitsuna had found himself in a rather peculiar situation upon this day, but hoped to make the best of his shortcomings upon returning to Baska in the recent past. During his time outside of Baska he had managed to lose his title of champion by default, leaving the young man with no choice but to re-enlist in the Duos Tournament. Aku had thankfully found himself eligible to join the tournament with a partner of his choosing to compete against the current champions, solely due to his prior entries and outside pull of the tournament.

Aku found himself calling for the aide of an ally by proxy, via a currently forming guild that caught the interests of this young fighter. She went by the name of Avianna, and while they weren't officially of the same guild, he felt as though the two had formed some kind of a relationship during his incognito activities as of late between his own likeness and her guilds. The archer was surely nearby and ready to make her entrance, as it were nearing the time for the duo to enter the battlefield.

"Allow me to introduce our third and final group for the triple threat event! Allow me to reintroduce our former champion Akushitsuna! Also his newfound ally Avianna!"

WC: 215

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