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To kill a Doctor [Red]

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#1Valentine Stevenson 

To kill a Doctor [Red] Empty Fri May 14, 2021 2:41 pm

Valentine Stevenson
A couple of years ago, Valentine made a deal with a doctor in Baska, in exchange for some jewels and small favors, the doctor would continue to supply Valentine with medicine to help heal his wound. For the most part, Valentine trusted the doctor with his life, and the doctor did a good job of making sure that the medicine came at a reasonable time. However, a week or two ago, Valentine got into an argument with the doctor, and since that argument the doctor has not sent the medicine too Valentine causing to cough hard and have trouble breathing, there were multiple nights that Valentine thought that he was not going to survive. Fortunately, Valentine was able to find a different doctor to prescribe him the medicine in Oak. When he was better, Valentine decided that it was time for him to teach the traitorous doctor in Baska a lesson, and so left Oak late at night to travel to Baska so that he could kill the traitorous doctor.

The first thing that Valentine did when he got to Baska, was to go to the doctor’s apartment and check to see if he was there, this was during the middle of the day, and Valentine broke into the apartment with a wave of sand that slice the door open. The doctor was luckily at the apartment taking a nap, an amused and gleefully Valentine pleasantly tied him to the bed and waited for nightfall to arrive. When it was nightfall, Valentine would take the doctor to the outskirts of the city, muffling his mouth with sand and bound his hands and legs together. There he travels to the river, and threw the doctor down with his head faced into the river and Valentine’s foot on his back. The sand that was around the doctor’s mouth fell onto the ground, and the doctor started to scream for help.

With an evil grin, Valentine transformed his hand into a blade of sand and finished the corrupt doctor. Unfortunately however, it would seem that Valentine was not alone, and he had been followed by a group of rune-knights seeing that he was cornered Valentine tried to fight back but the rune-knights were a bit too much for him and after a long and grueling fight one of the Captains finished him off, slicing him in two and sending his body down the river.
[401. Exit/Death]

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