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River Cleaning [Support: Hildegard]

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#1Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Another day in Bosco. Raymus was slowly getting used to the life in the foreign country. It was no Fiore but in that sense it gave him more freedom. He didn't have to conform to the Blue Pegasus manifesto, he didn't need to humor the people he didn't like. For once he could be his werewolfy self and help other people of his kind. He was enjoying himself, even if the new missions he was being put on were slightly more difficult.

One in particular still had him reeling. It had meant to be a simple scouting and recruiting mission. See how the elves and demi-humans of some remote villages were and ask if they would support Hildegard with the whole succession thing. It quickly turned into a bloodbath, one Raymus did not particularly enjoy.

Today however it was going to be a much more tame and relaxed mission. Hopefully. This one was fairly straight forward, today Raymus and whoever was showing up to help would be cleaning a local river that some of the Rebels thought would be a great idea to pollute. However being as shallow minded as they were they did not think of the consequences other than "Hah, screw you scum! Lets see you manage without your drinking water!" And while in a sense the succeeded, they also destroyed the drinking water for the local fauna. Enter Hildegard who graciously offered to help clean these messes as well as tend for the wildlife directly affected.

With what looked to be a pool skimmer and a first aid kit in hand, Raymus waited for his partner before he began. Or rather that was the rule. Given that the rebels were the ones who caused the mess there was a goo chance they could reappear and there was to be no one supporter to be by themselves in case of any altercations. But so long as he wasn't with that woman, Raymus wouldn't mind too much if that was the case. Wait, whose that coming over the hill...?

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Genevieve was riding on cloud nine but her face presented a calm facade as she walked the streets of Bosco's capital to her next destination. She had been in the country for a little bit now and it was a great escape from Fiore. She missed Odin but she knew he was in Bosco, doing the same things to achieve the same goal. She hoped she would run into him sooner rather than later but she figured no matter when she did see him it would still be great. As she let thoughts of him fade, new thoughts about her day going forward began to pop up. She was doing more work in the good name of Hildegard and that was turning out to be fun.

Today's task required some cleaning and she had no problem with that. It would be a relaxing task but she still wanted to fight something. That last bout she had with those dirty rebels put her in such a good mood she was still feeling the effects today. She would be working with a partner again today and as she came up to the meeting point her calm face turned into a sweet smile. Well, well look who it is. Ray right? We had fun last time, I'm glad we got paired up again. It's much easier to do things with someone you've already been acquainted with.

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#3Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Ray's blood went cold at the sight of the woman. Are you serious, again?! His face tried not to drop with disappointment and luckily the fear the woman evoked in him stopped any major visual change in his facial expression. His eyes couldn't hide the terror though, darting over and back and blinking multiple times.

He studied her face and instantly notice her happy expression. The werewolf's mind began to wander as to what she could have possibly done to put herself in such high spirits. Or rather who she maimed and tormented.

Stifling an awkward dray laugh and smile, Raymus nodded his head to her greeting a few more times than he should of. "Y-Yeah, it's Ray. Um Eve? Yeah it's Eve, right?" He'd ask trying to keep the facade of being cool and breezy, as if the images of her sadistic enjoyment weren't still firmly stuck in his head. As if her name came hard to him like he hadn't been trying to gather information on the woman. "Let's get going then! Oh wait, you need your gear, you can get some over there." He said, pointing at a small marquee tent pitched just a few meters from them. "When you get your stuff we can start." Attempting a friendly smile, Raymus would wait for her to leave for the tent before quickly power walking away towards the river.

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Once she got close enough she could see something was wrong. She couldn't pinpoint it but it was like he was avoiding her gaze, or was he nervous? Something about his whole demeanor was off. She dwelled on it for a moment but soon let it pass through. Whatever he had going on was none of her business nor did she really care. I figured it would be easier to remember Eve than Genevieve, glad I was right. She was already ready but apparently, they needed tools for this job. Walking over to where the items were she grabbed them and practically glided over to where Ray was.

Today she has dressed much more appropriately with thigh-high rubber boots on that hugged her legs so that water won't get it, a pair of dark pants, a simple long-sleeved shirt, and even a pair of rubber gloves, two pairs actually. Pulling the extra pair out of her back pocket she offered them to Ray. If the two of them were gonna be cleaning a mess it was best they were as safe as they could be right? The gloves were dark and they came up to a person's elbow, very good for the job they were about to do. Well, I'm ready, you leading the way?

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#5Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Eve had gotten the supplies faster than he assumed and she quickly came back asking if he was leading the way. As she came back she would see his back was already turned and his posture in that of a walking one but once she spoke he stopped dead. "Uhhhh yeah, I said that, didn't you hear me? It's fine if you didn't come on." shit.

Now that the two were kitted out in the cleaning gear it would make the actual job easier. Raymus himself was wearing a waterproof black jumpsuit with a hood that he hung around the neck and a pear of clear safety glasses. Like Eve he had a pair of plastic boots but his reached up to just under his knee. It seemed overly cautious but given the pollutant in the river one could never be too careful.

"So, uh how have you been since our last meeting? Do anything fun or meet anyone interesting? He'd ask trying to keep up the light and breezy act. Although in doing this he was probably showing how anxious he was. Raymus would normally never engage in small talk let alone start it unless it was with someone else from his guild. But lets just say he didn't want to have this woman bored less she find some other way to entertain herself...

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Oh yea something was absolutely up, and it wasn't just something that she didn't care about, it was directed at her. Raising an eyebrow at Ray's movements she gave him an obvious look that asked " are you really ok? " He didn't even take the gloves from her which prompted her to shove them in his hands. I promise you are gonna need these gloves. Yea, she wondered what happened between the time of their last job together and now. Genevieve didn't understand, did she do something wrong? Say something wrong? She thought back to when she was last with him but couldn't wrap her head around it.

Oh I just kept myself busy speaking with the locals. Really just trying to see where their heads were when it came to this royalty thing. Seems a lot of em just want to live peaceful lives and they pick whichever they think can do that for them..It's a mixed bag. How about you? She wouldn't pry too hard but eventually she planned on asking him straight out what was going on with him and her. At first, she didn't notice how he was acting towards her but now she could see it clearer and clearer.

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#7Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Raymus had been so preoccupied with trying to please Eve that he didn't even realize he was being give a pair of gloves until they were thrusted into his hands. His adam's apple bobbed up and down in his throat as he gulped hard, cringing at his incredible error. Maybe she would just dismiss this error as some uh lack of concentration? Yeah! That made sense! He looked fairly dim witted anyway! "Huh? Oh sorry! I was miles away." he said trying to give his face a blanker stare than usual as he took the gloves. He opened his kit and threw the gloves inside, landing beside the pair of gloves he had already gotten but forgot about until just this moment. Great.

As they moved on and Raymus began to make some small talk, the two would feel many eyes on them, gazing from the trees. Raymus made sure to listen intently this time around to make sure he didn't miss any crucial details in her dialogue.

Eve went on to describe her time since they last met which seemed fairly tame. She eventually began a mission more akin to the one they were last asigned to hefore the sudden switch which sounded like a much safer time. For all sides of this war.

On his toes this time around, when he was asked what he had been doing he answered quickly, almost cutting over Eve. "Oh! You won't believeit but I was paired up with a major Criminal in Fiore. A Lich of all people! I bet you can guess who I mean just from that alone." he said as the rustling around them became a bit louder, the ryes that had been trailing them becoming larger as they ventured closer to the two.

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All was well on their walk with the two making small talk and pleasant conversation. She didn't notice the same things Ray did, not at first anyway. She was oblivious to the world around her and anything that wasn't Ray. She would have ignored the louder rustling indicating that someone was following them but once Ray brought up Odin her eyes lit up.

Lord Odin! You are truly blessed to have been graced by his presence! I'm surprised you didn't die. What did you two do together? What did he talk about? Did you treat him with respect? I sure hope so. I can't wait to see Lord Odin again, I miss him so much. I made a fool of myself in front of him recently, Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is?

She didn't even need to hear his name to know who Ray was speaking about. Her heart fluttered when she thought of him, even her pale skin was flushed pink and her eyes looked to be in a dreamy haze. Ah yes, how she wished to be in his presence even now, but he was off doing whatever it is gods do. She couldn't keep holding him back. At some point, Genevieve noticed how close they were to their destination. The rustling getting loud enough where she couldn't ignore it but she still wouldn't address it. Her mind was already stuck on Odin, a topic that was hard for her to bounce away from, even in the face of danger.

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#9Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Lord Odin? As in Master Odin? As in Guild Master Odin? As in he was her Guild Master, that guild being the Dark Guild Eternal Nightmare? Why was everything slowly making sense. This realization made Raymus's face loosen in a mixture if shock and surprise as Eve went off the rails. I mean how she lovingly spoke of her guild master. Raymus was in all honesty afraid to talk on the matter further. For one Eve assumed he should already be dead and for two if he spilled the beans that he knew she was isn a dark guild she might attack him in her own self defence. Even if the laws of Fiore didn't apply here in Bosco there was still a chance she could just do one of the many things she did to those rebels to him to get away.

"Whoa whoa slow down, ine question at a time." He said waving his hands in front of himself now looking increasingly more worried. "Like me and you, we had to do a mission for Hildegard. We were sent to Stella for it though. Kinda like this one we'reon we had to help the wildlife, being Dinosaurs. And uh of course I gave him respect! I-If anything I'm sure we became good friends by the end of it. Yup! Now what else did you ask about?"

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She didn't know if she was happy or jealous that Ray had been with Odin but she couldn't dwell on those feelings as the two entered the area they had to clean. For starters, they were not alone as a group of men and women blocked their path to their destination. These men and women had the Stellan flag on their clothing which caused Genevieve to chuckle. I see you people never learn. Why are you here? and what do you want? Her voice held a pretty nonchalant tone as she really didn't see these people as a threat of any kind. This was especially true after she slaughtered a good lot of them for the shit they tried to pull the other day with that little invasion.

You filthy foreigners have no idea what you are doing here, who you are fighting for, yet you attack us! we will kill you and free ourselves from Bosco's oppression! One man came forward, he seemed to be the leader of this group. What she ignored before was becoming painfully clear as the trees rustled and more people came out from the woods around them. They were surrounded. Genevieve smirked as she raised her hand in the air, her wings taking on a green aura.
I can see you are all pretty eager to die. I'm merciful though, I'll give you one chance to go back to your homes and live another day. Or do I have to give you an encore?

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#11Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
"You people? What's that supposed to mean?" He asked breaking character with a more natural display of Raymus's true feelings. It wasn't until the people from the forest came out from their hiding spot to surround the two. With the stench of the river, Raymus never even picked up the scent of any humans around. So this sudden appearance of the rebels was a surprise enough to get him to once again worry about what Eve may due to them.

This time Eve was gracious enough to give them all a warning. Straightforward and to the point, stretching her magical wings as she did. Many of the rebels looked on with horrified faces, whispering among themselves. "T-That's here! The woman with the green wings who tore our men to shreds!" That alone was enough to cause more than half the army to hesitate moving forward. "She's the one who killed all those men, but then that guy? Whose that? I heard there was some filthy Werewolf with her too, one that was even worse!" Another said causing Raymus's ears to perk up with surprise. How was he worse than the one who killed all those men. "Yeah, we are those people. If you want to fight fine, sign your own death warrant while you're at it." He declared, his features beginning to shift. "Kinda like what you did to those other elves and demi-humans. Karma's a bitch huh?"

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It seemed the last words of Raymus angered the leader of this little pack so much he decided to go on the offense. Genevieve watched as the man clapped his hands together followed quickly by everyone else in the group. Magic circles began popping up all around them and without wasting another moment Genevieve scooped Ray into the air. With nearly a second to spare the two narrowly avoided being burned alive as fireballs from each person just flew out from the magic circles. Now it would make sense that these people would have killed each other but they all seemed unharmed, even the area around them seemed to go unscorched. Genevieve smirked she didn't remember them using magic last time.

Oh you all came prepared this time huh. Good. This will make things much more fun.

The group below quickly broke off from their formation and soon balls of fire were being shot upwards at them both. Usually, it would be easy to maneuver around but with extra weight in her hands, it was becoming difficult. So difficult in fact it caused her to get hit one too many times for her liking which in turn caused her to drop Ray over the group.

Well, I'll sleep well knowing I gave you all a chance.

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#13Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Of course they wouldn't listen. Stupid stupid idiot humans. His warning fell on deaf ears as there was a domino effect of claps all around them, magical circles appearing all around them. But before he could even react Raymus found himself being scooped up by Eve, again. "If you're gonna make a habbit of this you should give me a warning. Or code word or something." He chastised before the onslaugt of fire balls began to soar towards them.

Whether she did this from his last comment or because dodging all the attacks while carrying the dude was becoming too tough, but she dropped him like a sack of potatoes, right into the thick of the fight. Before he reached the ground, Raymus took the fetal position in the air, inhaling deeply. "WE WARNED YOU!" He snarled, hitting the ground hard, causing a cloud of smoke to billow around him. Unlike Eve, he did not sound too happy about this but instead angered and disappointed.

Before the dust dissipated, Raymus lunged out, going straight for their leader. From above, Eve would no longer see the human looking Ray, but instead a large more animalistic version of him, tuffs of blue fur over his exposed skin, pointed ears coming from the top of his head and a longer mouth than normal and his almost claw like fingers were wrapped around the throat of this little group of Rebel's leader, claws piercing his flesh. The next second however, the circle of Rebels would be knocked back all while their leader remained in the hand of Raymus. "NOW LEAVE!" He howled in the face of the semi conscious man before throwing him to the ground and watching them run away. Falling to his arse, Raymus decided to reamin in his fully transformed state as the animals in the forest began to gather around

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She didn't know what Raymus would actually do when she dropped him. She didn't even think about it actually because once she dropped him she was prepping herself to kill some of them herself. When she saw him transform, the impact of his landing, and the way he made them all flee she could only frown. Why was he letting them go like that? They were sure to crawl back into whatever hole they came from, lick their wounds, and return either with stronger or with more people or both. She didn't like his passive tactics and slowly came down to the ground with arms folded to stand in front of him

Why did you let them go alive? You didn't even bother to thin out that bunch of idiots. Why? you clearly have the power to do so. Don't you know they'll come back and make more trouble. Rebels fight until they are wiped out. They fight for their own causes. And clearly, they don't like being under Bosco, so you know what they are gonna do? They are gonna keep doing everything in their power to break free from Bosco which means they'll keep attacking it.

She was annoyed. They still had a job to complete but she knew later on down the line those rebels will be more of a problem than they are worth. She wished Odin was here, he wouldn't have let them live, but this man clearly had a weak conscience. As she waited for his answer she found herself holding her hand out to him in order to help him from the ground. His monstrous form was a curious thing for Genevieve who had never seen a full-blown werewolf. It made her even more coruous as to why he let a bunch of humans live.

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#15Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
The werewolf remained seated as the rebels he did not hit ran away, their tail between their legs not even daring to look behind them for fear the beast that had been dropped from the sky could be following them. His transformation had made the clothes he had worn before tear in places as his body expanded due to his transformation. His body elongated so his legs and torso were now much longer than before however his body filled out also in almost pure muscle, his veins flowing with mana to sustain the ability so he didn't look too lanky or scrawny. His exposed skin had all but turned to fur too, navy in colour on his forearms and an inch or two longer than the white fur on his under side and chest. While his arms were on full display, his torso was mostly covered by his top with a few tears in the fabric. Needless to say his jumpsuit probably wouldn't be doing it's job too well anymore.

Tilting his head upward as Eve began her descent he could already imagine her displeasure of his actions and prepared himself for his inevitable lecture. His eyes were no longer slit, his pupil still small though as he made eye contact with eve, his crimson eyes looking much calmer now. His face was much different than before. It was no longer flat and pink and instead his nose and mouth protruded out, much like that of a wolf, the nose now black while his face was almost entirely white fur which stopped roughly at his hairline where it then turned it's dark blue colour.

"Are you asking to be polite or do you really want to know?" He'd ask, no longer concerned with entertaining the witch in front of him. It was no wonder she liked that Lich Odin, both seemed very similar even if one acted more aggressive in their approach than the other. It was this similarity that made Raymus ask her the same question he had asked her guild master the other day. He was curious to hear her answer and he was planning to reply to the question she asked first, even if it turned out she didn't care.

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I very clearly asked you a few questions. At no time did I ever ask you to be polite, so stop being funny and answer the damn questions Raymus Her hands went from her chest to her hips, she was starting to get annoyed and it was starting to show. Her voice dripped venom and for once she wasn't about to let this man off easy. How in the world did he even survive around Lord Odin, his actions, or rather inaction was unacceptable! Realizing that they were losing daylight she held her hand out to him to get him off the ground. They were capable of multitasking so they could walk and talk in order to get this job done so she could be rid of this man. In the end, though she realized she didn't care what he had to say, she knew he was physically strong but to her, he was mentally weak and couldn't care about the simple task of killing, probably because he had some sort of moral code. She was all ears though and wouldn't interrupt him while he spoke. Genevieve might had been a lot of things but disrespectful she was not.

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#17Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
"Heh." The dry laugh escaped his lips before he realized it. Eve's reply was quite different than Odin's to the point where they almost contrasted. It made sense given what he knew of her already and in a sense he expected Odin's reply from that question to. Still he was no longer in a position to delay things much more given the position of the sun. Taking her hand, Raymus lifted himself off the ground, now feeling very tall n comparison to Eve.

"Well to start I'm in a light guild back in Fiore." He began hitting his chest, where the Blue Pegasus emblem was mostly obstructed by his top. "Oh but don't get me wrong that's not the only reason or I'd be long gone. I know you have a point in all this Eve I'm not just being blindly obedient." He explained, picking up the small box of cleaning supplies he had dropped earlier and the gloves beside them. "My main reason is because I'd be proving those stupid humans right. They think Werewolves, Demi-Humans, Liches even half elves are all monsters. And why should we just lean into that sterotype? I don't want to win by proving them right." His own voice had an air of aggression to it now, his fangs bared as he spoke which was a little hard to hide given his new look. "Even if they still fight forever some of the less idiotic ones will have to realize we aren't all killers. Hildegard is doing it for everyone's sake not just for the other races. And I don't want to be the one to mess that up by killing the competition in her name." He looked directly at Eve when explaining this point. While it was true Eve was probably making good headway with stopping the notions of resistance, Raymus seen it as she was also darkening the name of the Beast Master. "I won't stop you with whatever you want to do and I won't lecture you on it either. We aren't even in Fiore so I literally can't do jack about it, lawful guild or not." He sighed once they got to the foot of the river. He'd wait to hear Eve's reply before getting on with their work.

The River itself seemed to have been transformed overnight. The crystal clear water was now oozing green sludge. It flowed slowly down the hill and reeked of dead animals. Opening his box, Raymus took out the pool skimmer from earlier and began to sweep it through the water. "Everything in there is a magic tool to help clean the river, use whatever you want. Oh and I think we're meant to put any of the animals we find in the box itself to help clean and revive them." he explained as the thickness of the sludge began to diminish with each swipe of his skimmer.

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Ugh. He was right. She hated when people were right. She understood where he came from but she still thought her way was the best way. Even though she knew her way could be seen as detrimental to the cause she just couldn't get over being even a tiny bit wrong on this. She was sure as fuck that she was far more correct but even she couldn't ignore what he had to say. Rolling her eyes and picking up her own cleaning supplies and following him to the river. Unlike Raymus she still had all her clothes intact so she went into the deeper end and began cleaning it out. She was boiling inside because she didn't want to say aloud that he was right and that she would calm down with her overly violent acts towards the rebels. She let the silence between them fill the air as she worked, cleaning out sludge and moving aquatic animals into the box Raymus had talked about earlier. The damage that had been done here was extensive and they might be here all damn night.

I hear where you're coming from. I don't like to admit it, but you're right..So, a light gulild member huh. I guess that makes sense.

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#19Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
Eve was surprisingly quick to admit the werewolf was right which in all honesty shocked the werewolf. In fact he wasn't expecting her to admit he was right at all let alone for her to do it so quickly. For a woman like her to be set in her ways the blue haired mage was incredibly surprised she'd even acknowledge that much. Then again she did seem pretty honorable all things considered. Even if she was a fairly active murderess she seemingly only killed those who asked for it like the rebels from earlier. That and she was ya know, helping all the other races around Bosco and Stella by siding with Hildegard. Maybe I was a bit too harsh and judged her a bit too quick...? He wondered to himself as he continued to sweep his skimmer through the murky water.

"How do you figure?" He'd ask when she mentioned that it made sense that he was in a light guild. Granted he did agree with her, given his outlook on murder and all but one didn't need to be in a light guild to not want to take another's life. It seemed strange to him that he, a werewolf could be considered an obvious good guy type, to the point where it was obvious he was in a light guild. It made the werewolf somewhat happy to hear in all honesty, his large blue tail wagging behind him as he asked his question. Oh yeah his tail had popped out when he transformed, did I forget that?

Regardless of that though the river cleaning was going rather slow but both were making progress. The Slime that bubbled had all but dissipated but still left very murky water, almost like muddy water with quite a few animals still trapped in it. While both managed to rescue some fish, both would find themselves taking out ducks too as well as some small birds. "Those Rebels really didn't think too far ahead when they went and polluted this huh?"

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It made more sense why you stopped me from killing the rest of them the last time we worked together. At first, I thought you just lacked stamina but now I realize that you were protecting them. Speaking as she worked to clear out the muck from the water she kept the focus on her task. The pair worked quickly and in doing so the water began to look more clear. Genevieve at one point found herself chasing down a duck family, something the mother duck wasn't too happy about which in turn had her being chased. It was comical, to say the least, but eventually, she safely got those ducks into the box she was instructed to place them in.

Mmm they just wanted to do damage it probably really didn't matter to them what they did either. Shrugging she figures that the rebels would do anything in order to pull Bosco's attention away to weak them but little do they know the foreign powers at Bosco's beck and call are taking care of all of that. It was a futile battle for the rebels but she knew they didn't care, which was something that made her more than happy.


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#21Raymus Kouris 

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Raymus Kouris
"Oh you noticed? And here I thought I was being subtle about it." Raymus said through a light panting chuckle. He wasn't fatigued or anything but given he was still in his werewolf form it seemed almost appropriate that he laugh like some kinda dog too. In all honesty though, the blue haired mage found it surprising that Eve managed to pick up on that. Granted he wasn't exactly being very secretive of his actions but he assumed since she was so blood thirsty on that mission that even a rather obvious subtly like that would have flown over her head. In any case she didn't hold any resentment and was simply speaking her mind and the realizations she came to now that everything of his was out in the open.

Eve agreed that the Rebels had a very one track mind when it came to destruction although it was hard to gauge the full effect of her words, after all she had just been in a chase with some ducks which seemed to lighten the mood. Not only that but not long after their comment the two had all but completed their assignment, the river water looking as clear as it once had. Before putting the revived fish back in however, Ray threw in what seemed to be a bath bomb which caused the river to fizzy slightly before settling down once more. "Counter spell I think. Stop this from happening again." He explained, sliding his box of fish, frogs and other aquatic animals back into the river. With all that said and done, both would make their way back to the tents they came from to report their job done as well as the run in with the rebels, finishing their day.


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